Season 1 2019 | 3 Episodes

Season 1 of I Am... premiered on Jul 23, 2019.


I Am Nicola

1 - I Am Nicola 02019-07-23

Hairdresser Nicola is searching for her romantic ideal, but she's stuck in a coercive relationship with her partner Adam.
I Am Kirsty

2 - I Am Kirsty 12019-07-30

Kirsty is struggling to keep afloat and protect her two young daughters. Working as a cleaner, she is having difficulties paying off debts and, after a frank conversation with a colleague, she contemplates sex work as a means of earning money. The film explores the sacrifices she makes for her family — and how far she’s willing to go to ensure their survival.
I Am Hannah

3 - I Am Hannah 02019-08-06

Hannah, a woman in her mid-thirties, reaches a crossroads in her life. Facing impediments both within and beyond her control, Hannah is confronted by a crisis of aspiration and identity.

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