Junichi Suwabe
Junichi Suwabe

Juuzou Inoui

Manami Numakura
Manami Numakura

Mary Steinberg

Inori Minase
Inori Minase


Yoko Hikasa
Yoko Hikasa

Olivier Juan de Belmer

Marika Kouno
Marika Kouno

Scarlett Gosling

Daiki Yamashita
Daiki Yamashita

Tetsurou Arahabaki

Yōji Ueda
Yōji Ueda

Hugh Cunningham

Masashi Ebara
Masashi Ebara

Christina Matsuzaki

Ken'yuu Horiuchi
Ken'yuu Horiuchi

Tokisada Mega-armado

Yūya Uchida
Yūya Uchida

Cronen von Wolf (voice)

Yūko Sanpei
Yūko Sanpei


Season 1 2019 | 24 Episodes

Season 1 of No Guns Life premiered on Oct 11, 2019.


Renegade Extended

1 - Renegade Extended 02019-10-11

Meet Juuzo Inui. An Over-Extended who deals with the problems of other Extended, people who have gotten enhanced body modifications. One night, a mysterious Extended "visits" his office with an unconscious boy from a shady orphanage...
Extended Remote-Control Device

2 - Extended Remote-Control Device 02019-10-18

Juuzo makes a move to get Tetsuro back and carries the Extended boy to a place where Berühren cannot easily reach. While Tetsuro is unconscious, Juuzo wanders around town looking for his favorite pack of smokes. A man named Cunningham greets him.

3 - Puppet 02019-10-25

Tetsuro is now awake and Mary works on his rehabilitation. A man named Huang comes to visit Juuzo and offers him a job to resolve a certain Extended case. Children in the Kyusei Pit are being attacked and each time, a message is left...

4 - Trigger 02019-11-01

Tetsuro took over Juzo's body and found the culprits to the puppet casses. However, the culprits were children like him. They were experimented on and used as tools by the Berühren company. He tries to save them, but he cannot do it alone.

5 - EMS 02019-11-08

Ever since the incident with Ende, Berühren has not made any movements. Even so, Tetsuro is worried about involving Juzo and the others. Especially since Juzo could lose his immunity license, which is exactly what Olivier plans to do.

6 - Hero 02019-11-15

In exchange for taking care of the issues he's caused and to have Olivier protect his friends and client, Juzo accepts her request to hunt down a renegade Extended named Hayden Gondry. As Juzo searches, he realizes Gondry's connection with his past.

7 - Overheat 02019-11-22

Juzo and Kronen face Gondry, but he escapes. Behind the scenes, Olivier is removed from her position as Director. Her superiors move to erase Gondry to sweep this incident under the rug. Kronen walks away with new orders and Juzo is left behind.

8 - Will 02019-11-29

Juzo faces off against Tokisada, who wishes to eliminate Gondry and keep the secrets of the Nightmare of Norse Scott buried. At the same time, Tetsuro and Olivier speed toward the memorial park to get Juzo his cigarettes before it is too late.

9 - Reverberation 02019-12-06

Days after the events at the End of War Commemoration Park, things begin to settle down. Though tension is still high, everyone goes back to Christina's building and continue their daily lives. There, Tetsuro meets a man named Colt.
Phantom Limb

10 - Phantom Limb 02019-12-13

Colt cannot stand the vapid eyes of his dear little sisters. He takes on a job that will give his family a future. Tetsuro and Mary go after him, hoping to stop him from going down a dangerous past. Meanwhile, Juzo hunts down Saryshagan.

11 - Owner 02019-12-20

Pepper and Seven greet Juzo at his office to ask Juzo for one thing, himself. Though Seven isn't happy about it, it seems Pepper wants to add Juzo to her collection. Their little scuffle creates more questions and brings back some memories as well.

12 - Specter 02019-12-27

A client named Danny Yoe requests Juzo to protect a girl named Rosa from the ghost of an Extended. Mary makes him take the case, but Juzo thinks the whole situation is a bit suspicious. It seems this "ghost" is searching for something...
Turning Point

13 - Turning Point 72020-07-10

Tetsuro and the others get attacked by unknown assailants while Juzo is out getting the data from the memory medium he recovered from Rosa. Mary runs into her long-missing brother, Victor, during her escape from the attackers...

14 - Client 62020-07-17

Mary begins to question her memories with Victor. Maybe she never really understood him at all. In order to confirm things with her own eyes, she heads to the Kyusei Pit with Juzo, who happened to be going the same way. There, Lefty greets them.
A Place to Call Home

15 - A Place to Call Home 72020-07-24

As Juzo faces Victor as Mary is shocked by how much he has changed. The war and what he saw there seems to have turned him into some kind of monster. If someone has to stop his maniacal rampage... At the very least, it should be her.

16 - Engineer 62020-07-31

Avi Cobo has once again appeared and now he's taken Mary hostage. Juzo watches as the two men clash. Each and every one of them... They all just keep getting in the way of his job. Now, he's not going to just stand back and let a girl suffer.
Noble Rot

17 - Noble Rot 52020-08-07

Juzo and the others try to get back into their normal lives as things have seemingly resolved with Spitzbergen. A mysterious man watches from the shadows as Juzo goes downstairs to get his maintenance done. The time has finally come...
Traces of Crime

18 - Traces of Crime 62020-08-14

A woman name Emma appears at Inui's office and asks him to find her husband. The mysterious Edmund seems to be looking for Juzo as well. Juzo is taken aback when they meet. It seems, after all these years, he's come to settle an old score.

19 - Scar 72020-08-21

Tetsuro struggles with his task to take control of Juzo. The appearance Edmund pulls up Juzo's past and forces Tetsuro to face even more of the absurdity in this world. Unsure of himself and his own past, he turns Juzo for direction.
I'm Dreaming

20 - I'm Dreaming 72020-08-28

Juzo, pretending to be controlled, runs away while leaving Tetsuro's body behind with Professor Wachowski. The two of them have a discussion about Berühren once more. Tetsuro struggles with his decisions, both from the past and in the present.

21 - Degeneration 62020-09-04

Juzo continues to hold Shimazu and Kunugi back while Tetsuro finishes things up. During the struggle, new players appear at the scene and Juzo finds out that Kunugi may not be on Spitzbergen's side, after all.
Imprisoning Binds

22 - Imprisoning Binds 72020-09-11

Without a Hands, Juzo is fighting a losing fight. Even so, he doesn't budge from his ideals. Even though Tetsuro knows Juzo will get mad at him, Tetsuro uses Harmony on him once again. There, Tetsuro discovers the reason for Juzo's decision.
Trigger Again

23 - Trigger Again 72020-09-18

While Tetsuro speaks with Juzo, things get out of hand outside. The EMS, Security Bureau, and Berühren rush to the scene to control the situation. There, Pepper whispers to Seven that she wants everything destroyed. As Pepper's gun, Seven complies.
Earnest Desire

24 - Earnest Desire 62020-09-25

Pepper wakes up at the Reconstruction Agency hospital without her Hands device. Juzo meets with her to finish things up after taking a job from Seven. Yet again, Berühren has managed to slip away and Juzo continues his days with Tetsuro.







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