Aurora Aksnes
Aurora Aksnes


Season 1 2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 1 of Creeped Out premiered on Oct 31, 2017.



1 - Slapstick 02017-10-31

Fed up with her embarrassing parents, Jessie heads to the beach to blow off steam and meets a puppet who makes her a tempting offer.
Cat Food

2 - Cat Food 102017-11-07

After faking a fever to stay home from school, Stu spies on the cat lady across the street and becomes convinced that she's up to something sinister.

3 - Trolled 102017-11-14

Boarding school student Sam can't resist spreading lies about his friends online. After one mean post too many, his trollish ways catch up with him.

4 - Marti 5.82017-11-21

Kim's thrilled when her new phone makes her more popular at school -- until she realizes the phone's AI, Marti, is a little too invested in her life.
A Boy Called Red

5 - A Boy Called Red 02017-11-21

While exploring his aunt's house, Vincent stumbles on a portal back in time and meets his father as a boy. Could their friendship change the future?
The Call

6 - The Call 02017-12-05

As socially awkward Pearl prepares for her 15th birthday party, mysterious whispers lure her to the water, where she discovers a hidden talent.
Bravery Badge

7 - Bravery Badge 02018-01-09

On a Hedgehog Rangers campout, newbie Dent and junior leader Janie race to escape an epidemic that's turning the other girls into humming zombies.

8 - Spaceman 102018-01-16

After moving to the countryside, Thomas heads into the woods with a neighbor and finds a curious crash site -- and a creature stranded far from home.

9 - Kindlesticks 02018-01-23

Babysitter Esme loves to trick kids into going to bed early by telling them scary stories. But one dark and stormy night, she meets her match.
Shed No Fear

10 - Shed No Fear 02018-01-30

When Greg sees his former best friend behaving strangely, he follows him to a spooky shed, where a supernatural force lurks in the shadows.
The Traveller

11 - The Traveller 02018-02-06

A box that freezes time gives mischief-makers Jodie and Brandon new ways to prank their neighbors. But they soon realize their fun comes at a price.
Side Show Part 1

12 - Side Show Part 1 02018-02-13

When a newcomer joins his circus troupe, star performer Ace wrestles with nagging questions about the outside world -- and the family he left behind.
Side Show Part Two

13 - Side Show Part Two 02018-02-20

Using the images from his dream as a guide, Ace sets out to find his family but faces a disappointing setback. Indigo risks everything to help him.
Season 2 2019 | 10 Episodes

Season 2 of Creeped Out premiered on Apr 24, 2019.


One More Minute

1 - One More Minute 02019-04-24

There's nothing wrong with playing video games. But how long is too long to play?

2 - Itchy 02019-05-01

When headlice begin to infest his small town, Gabe may be the only person who can help.

3 - Help 02019-05-08

Artificial intelligence can be helpful. But does it have access to too much information?
The Many Place

4 - The Many Place 02019-05-15

Three siblings on a rainy vacation in Australia explore their mysterious hotel.
The Unfortunate Five

5 - The Unfortunate Five 02019-05-22

What if instead of punishment you had yoga and mindfulness exercises?
No Filter

6 - No Filter 02019-10-04

When selfie-obsessed Kiera downloads an app to erase all her flaws, a shocking side effect sends her running to her tech-savvy sister for help.
Only Child

7 - Only Child 02019-10-04

When Mia's baby brother comes home from the hospital, strange things start happening around the house -- and Mia gets all the blame.
The Takedown

8 - The Takedown 02019-10-04

Just as Alexa gets a chance to compete against the boys for a spot at wrestling regionals, a mysterious text message offers her a special "gift."
Tilly Bone

9 - Tilly Bone 02019-10-04

Vlogger Cass's birthday sleepover ended in disaster. But why? Rewind through the footage for clues.
Splinta Claws

10 - Splinta Claws 02019-10-04

A holiday mishap leaves friends Lawrence and Mikey locked in a department store after closing time -- with a creepy mechanical Santa on their trail.


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