Junichi Suwabe
Junichi Suwabe

Kyousui Tougoku (voice)

Yuichi Nakamura
Yuichi Nakamura

Tokitaka Nagae (voice)

Daisuke Ono
Daisuke Ono

Gregorio Valentino (voice)

Daiki Yamashita
Daiki Yamashita

Tsubaki Nakao (voice)

Season 1 2018 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of Yotsuiro Biyori premiered on Apr 11, 2018.


Welcome to Rokuhoudou Café

1 - Welcome to Rokuhoudou Café 02018-04-11

Rokuhoudou is a quiet café run by Sui, Gure, Tsubaki and Tokitaka. Guests come expecting tea, and are treated to excellent hospitality..
The Teahouse's Secrets

2 - The Teahouse's Secrets 02018-04-18

The café is in search of a new tea vendor to supply their shop. There’s a couple that catches their attention, but they have a questionable reputation
Sweets Trap Collection{

3 - Sweets Trap Collection{ 02018-04-25

A strange man offers Rokuhoudou the opportunity to show off their work at an event at the department store. It’s a good opportunity, but the team is intimidated – especially Tsubaki
Tempura Bowl Survivor / An Incident, Meow

4 - Tempura Bowl Survivor / An Incident, Meow 02018-05-02

A man stumbles into Rokuhoudou with an acute, potentially terminal craving for ten-don.
Love for the Lost Sheep

5 - Love for the Lost Sheep 02018-05-09

Isago is a journalist at a magazine publisher, trying to put together an article on the best snack shops in town, but his shyness keeps him from working as well as he could. Tsubaki and the gang know how to help.
It Begins with Omurice

6 - It Begins with Omurice 02018-05-16

A pleasant day Sui sits in the sun, where he begins to remember how he decided to take over Rokuhoudou like his grandfather, the original owner of the store.
Vegetable Power / I Love Ice Cream

7 - Vegetable Power / I Love Ice Cream 02018-05-23

Kozuru wants to say goodbye to her friend Gin-chan with a delicious home-made ice cream, so she will ask Tsubaki for help.
Expresso Espressivo

8 - Expresso Espressivo 02018-05-30

Gure meets every day with a young student in the park. At first she seems a young scholar because she is always reading, but his colleagues make him see that she could be in trouble and decides to help her.
Clumsy Hero / Mont Blanc Boy

9 - Clumsy Hero / Mont Blanc Boy 02018-06-06

The Cafe's Napolitan

10 - The Cafe's Napolitan 02018-06-13

Episode 11

11 - Episode 11 02018-06-20

Episode 12

12 - Episode 12 02018-06-27


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KBS Kyoto






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