Yutaka Aoyama
Yutaka Aoyama

Hannibal Barca (voice)

Yuichi Nakamura
Yuichi Nakamura

Toyohisa Shimazu (voice)

Naoya Uchida
Naoya Uchida

Nobunaga Oda (voice)

Mitsuki Saiga
Mitsuki Saiga

Yoichi Suketaka Nasu (voice)

Specials 2016 | 4 Episodes

Specials of Drifters premiered on Jun 06, 2016.


Drifters: Special Edition

1 - Drifters: Special Edition 02016-06-06

Bundled with the fifth manga volume. It contains edited footage from the first two episodes of the television series.

2 - Rewrite 02017-12-23

The day after the battle in Verlina, Nobunaga and Saint-Germi think of strategies for the future. Meanwhile, two spies from the Octobrist Organization sneak into a castle town of Northern-Wall where Ends army have been staying. (Episode 13 released as a Blu-Ray special.)
Bring on a War

3 - Bring on a War 02017-12-23

The merchant guild Gu-Binnen led by a noble man Shylock VIII crushed the Orte Empire Navy with the cooperation of one of Drifters, Yamaguchi Tamon, a rear admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy. Nobunaga asks Saint-Germi for the diplomatic negotiations with Gu-Binnen. (Episode 14 released as a Blu-Ray special.)
The Outlandish Knight

4 - The Outlandish Knight 02018-12-30

Kan'no Naoshi has unified anthropomorphic animal tribes as a god. He heads for Gu-binnen with Scipio Africanus as soon as he got a letter from Tamon. And now, Ends army launch a full-scale invasion into human countries. (Episode 15 shipped with the special version of the manga's sixth volume, will feature the march of the "Black King Army.")
Season 1 2016 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of Drifters premiered on Oct 07, 2016.


Fight Song

1 - Fight Song 72016-10-07

In the aftermath of the Battle of Sekigahara, warrior Shimazu Toyohisa is suddenly thrust into a mysterious world where he is shocked to encounter the supposedly Oda Nobunaga and the historical figure Nasu Suketaka Yoichi.

2 - Footsteps 82016-10-14

As Orte sets the Elven village ablaze in the distance, Nobunaga and Yoichi are dragged into action by Toyohisa's fearless forward charge. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the march of the Black King is about to Commence.
Army of Ours: Sortie at Dawn

3 - Army of Ours: Sortie at Dawn 92016-10-21

The Black King’s army is marching on the Northern Wall of Carneades while the Octobrists attempt to convince Carneades' defenders to hand over control of the defensive force to Hannibal and Scipio. This will be the "Ends” debut on the battlefield.
Active Heart

4 - Active Heart 102016-10-28

The Black King is dealing with the aftermath of the conquest of Carneades. Simultaneously, on the other side of the empire, the Drifters are preparing for backlash and starting to grow their own ambitions.
Bring Back Love

5 - Bring Back Love 92016-11-04

As the lord's suppression force marches into the seemingly abandoned Elven village, a trap laid by the Drifters waits to be sprung. As a result of the clash, the lack of Elven women in the village is explained, and the flames of vengeance ignited.
Men of Destiny

6 - Men of Destiny 82016-11-11

As the Elves tear apart the magistrate’s castle, a new player with unknown allegiances looms. Meanwhile, Oda starts work on creating the final nail in Orte’s coffin and bringing about a change that will shatter the foundations of this world.
Chaos Diver

7 - Chaos Diver 82016-11-18

As Toyohisa and Joan clash in the moonlight, the strings of fate that tie the Drifters together start to converge, and the strength of their alliance is revealed. As the dust settles, the identity of the leader of the Octobrists is unveiled.
Mystery Call Me

8 - Mystery Call Me 82016-11-25

With the dust settling throughout the battlefield, Toyohisa declares that he acts based on his own rules. Far from the battlefield, the axis powers of World War II reunite, and proceed to fall apart. Elves liberated, next up...the Dwarves.
Serious Bomber

9 - Serious Bomber 82016-12-02

Gadolka begins with the culmination of the effort spent on black powder and ends with a paradigm shift in the warfare of the new world. The full extent of the Dwarves suffering reveals itself, and a new cog is added to the war machine.
Baba Yetu

10 - Baba Yetu 92016-12-09

After freeing the Dwarves, the Drifters’ plans continue getting derailed as unexpected guests show up. Meanwhile, far to the north, the Black King’s plan continues to unfurl as the Ends regroup and recover in preparation to strike back.
The Adventure of the Pistol Daimyo: Bullet Counting Song

11 - The Adventure of the Pistol Daimyo: Bullet Counting Song 92016-12-16

The coup begins yet right from the start there is an unexpected wrench thrown into the plans. The roar of muskets now rips across the new world, and the Drifters find their places leading armies.
Staring at Shinsengumi: The Song of the Fervid Kyushu Man

12 - Staring at Shinsengumi: The Song of the Fervid Kyushu Man 82016-12-23

As Toyohisa and Hijikata dance a deadly duet in the inferno of a capital, Nobunaga slowly moves to turn the tide. As the ashes settle on the city, a Pyrrhic victory is achieved with the line between victory and defeat not being so clear cut.

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