Yūki Kaji
Yūki Kaji

Kosuke Kanzaki (voice)

Daisuke Ono
Daisuke Ono

Handa Sei (voice)

Rina Endou
Rina Endou

Hina Kubota (voice)

Rumi Ookubo
Rumi Ookubo

Tamako Arai (voice)

Nozomi Furuki
Nozomi Furuki

Miwa Yamamura (voice)

Koki Uchiyama
Koki Uchiyama

Hiroshi Kido (voice)

Megumi Han
Megumi Han

Akihiko Arai (voice)

Fumihiko Tachiki
Fumihiko Tachiki

Kazuyuki Sakamoto (voice)

Junichi Suwabe
Junichi Suwabe

Takao Kawafuji (voice)

Hiroshi Ito
Hiroshi Ito

Kosaku Kotoishi (voice)

Atsushi Ono
Atsushi Ono

Iwao Yamamura (voice)

Seiya Kimura
Seiya Kimura

Kentaro Ohama (voice)

Suzuko Hara
Suzuko Hara

Naru Kotoishi (voice)

Kōsuke Meguro
Kōsuke Meguro

Seimei Handa (voice)

Yoshino Takamori
Yoshino Takamori

Emi Handa (voice)

Hiroomi Sugino
Hiroomi Sugino

Yuujirou Kido (voice)

Specials 2014 | 13 Episodes

Specials of Barakamon premiered on Jul 03, 2014.


Mijikamon: Episode 0

1 - Mijikamon: Episode 0 02014-07-03

Mijikamon: Episode 1

2 - Mijikamon: Episode 1 02014-07-06

Mijikamon: Episode 2

3 - Mijikamon: Episode 2 02014-07-13

Mijikamon: Episode 3

4 - Mijikamon: Episode 3 02014-07-20

Mijikamon: Episode 4

5 - Mijikamon: Episode 4 02014-07-27

Mijikamon: Episode 5

6 - Mijikamon: Episode 5 02014-08-03

Mijikamon: Episode 6

7 - Mijikamon: Episode 6 02014-08-10

Mijikamon: Episode 7

8 - Mijikamon: Episode 7 02014-08-17

Mijikamon: Episode 8

9 - Mijikamon: Episode 8 02014-08-24

Mijikamon: Episode 9

10 - Mijikamon: Episode 9 02014-09-07

Mijikamon: Episode 10

11 - Mijikamon: Episode 10 02014-09-14

Mijikamon: Episode 11

12 - Mijikamon: Episode 11 02014-09-21

Mijikamon: Episode 12

13 - Mijikamon: Episode 12 02014-09-28

Season 1 2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of Barakamon premiered on Jul 05, 2014.


Cheerful Child

1 - Cheerful Child 92014-07-05

Handsome young master calligrapher Handa Seishuu has been exiled to a far-western island for punching a critic. He plans to focus on his writing in solitude, but rambunctious little Naru won't leave him alone...

2 - Annoying 92014-07-12

A week after coming to the island, Handa is trying to focus on improving his calligraphy. However, he keeps getting interrupted by Naru and her friends, including middle-school girls Miwa and Tama, who want their old base back!
Mochi Thrown in Celebration

3 - Mochi Thrown in Celebration 92014-07-19

Tama hides a deep, dark secret, and meeting Handa may have led her to reveal it. Is it too late for her to save her reputation? Meanwhile, Handa is suffering his own angst after not placing first in a calligraphy competition. Maybe a friendly mochi-picking session with the villagers will cheer him up...
Island Dads

4 - Island Dads 92014-07-26

After his computer and cell phone break, Handa's only link to the outside world is the phone at the general store. He decides to focus on his entry for the upcoming Naruka Institute competition, but hits a wall. Can a job from Miwa's gangsterish dad help him break through it?
Going Swimming at the Beach

5 - Going Swimming at the Beach 92014-08-02

After the job from Miwa's dad breaks his artist's block, Handa's ready to get writing! But some distractions come up, in the form of the girls demanding penmanship help, a day taking the kids to the beach, and Naru's Grampa's addictive pickled daikon...
Guys From Tokyo

6 - Guys From Tokyo 92014-08-09

Handa's only friend, Kawafuji, arrives with a kid named Kanzaki Kousuke in tow, but their trip to Handa's house ends up being very roundabout. Why does Kousuke want to meet Handa so badly, and why did Kawafuji agree to bring him?
A High-Grade Fish

7 - A High-Grade Fish 92014-08-16

To make up for the turmoil of the previous two days, the village kids and Handa treat his guests to a fun day of fishing before bidding them farewell.

8 - Onde 92014-08-23

It's Naru's birthday, and Handa wants to present her with a new rhinoceros beetle. However, Kenta not only refuses to help him catch one, but also declares a battle to get Naru the best bug! Later, Handa is invited along for a visit to the Kotoishi family gravesite, but finds the local Obon customs unusually cheerful.
Almost Got Badly Hurt

9 - Almost Got Badly Hurt 92014-09-06

It's only two weeks until the Naruka Exhibition. Handa waits for inspiration as he deals with a broken bath heater and various scuffles with the kids. Unfortunately, not long after inspiration falls, so does Handa...
Dacchi Ikode

10 - Dacchi Ikode 92014-09-13

After Handa submits his "Star" calligraphy despite some trepidation, he gets roped into helping to build a stone wall and then into taking the girls to the summer festival. Meanwhile, Kawafuji gets the exhibition hall director to agree to welcome Handa back to Tokyo. How will he bid farewell to the kind islanders who've taught him so much?
I am in Tokyo

11 - I am in Tokyo 92014-09-20

Handa has returned to Tokyo, to show his new "STAR" calligraphy to the gallery director he had punched and ask for forgiveness. However, Handa doesn't feel quite right about the work, and ends up smearing it before the director can. Could some inspiration from his time at the island help him create an even better work before the deadline?
Glad You're Back

12 - Glad You're Back 92014-09-27

With his calligraphy exhibition entry finished, Handa wants to return to the island and the people he cares about there. Unfortunately, his mom is dead set against it. How will he convince her to let him go?

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