Kenjirou Tsuda
Kenjirou Tsuda

Nicolas Brown (voice)

Junichi Suwabe
Junichi Suwabe

Worick Arcangelo (voice)

Mamiko Noto
Mamiko Noto

Alex Benedetto (voice)

Tetsuo Kanao
Tetsuo Kanao

Chad Adkins (voice)

Kaito Ishikawa
Kaito Ishikawa

Cody Balfour (voice)

Ami Koshimizu
Ami Koshimizu

Constance Raveau (voice)

Katsuhisa Hōki
Katsuhisa Hōki

Daniel Monroe (voice)

Tomohisa Hashizume
Tomohisa Hashizume

Delico (voice)

Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hiroyuki Yoshino

Doug (voice)

Tetsu Inada
Tetsu Inada

Galahad Woeho (voice)

Specials 2015 | 1 Episodes

Specials of Gangsta. premiered on Sep 06, 2015.


9.5 (Recap)

1 - 9.5 (Recap) 02015-09-06

A special program looking back on the TV anime series "GANGSTA." which centers around Worick, Nicholas and Alex, who run the "Handmen", which handles tasks ranging from parcel delivery, escort and "cleanup" jobs. Recap episode.
Season 1 2015 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of Gangsta. premiered on Jul 02, 2015.


Naughty Boys

1 - Naughty Boys 82015-07-02

Worick and Nicolas work as "Handymen" in Ergastulum where is under the control of 4 organizations. One day, they take destruction on the rising crime syndicate at the request of police.

2 - Hundemarken 82015-07-09

Alex started working in Handymen's office as man the phones. Nina who is the girl works in Dr. Theo's clinic, asks Handymen for help. She said, there is a Twilights in men who came to threaten Dr. Theo.

3 - Ergastulum 82015-07-16

Alex delivers drugs named Celebrer with Nicolas. She has many questions while working. What happened to Worick and Nicolas in the past? What kind of city is Ergastulum? What's the "Twilights"?

4 - Nonconformist 82015-07-23

Detective Chad Adkins took Worick and Nicolas as material witnesses for abandonment of many corpses. Then Worick receives contact from Daniel Monroe.

5 - Sanctions 82015-07-30

Worick and Nicolas fight against men who make an assault on Monroe Family. Meanwhile, Gina Paulklee who is the boss of Paulklee Guild receives disturbing news.

6 - Thorn 82015-08-06

Nina treats Nicolas's injury in Dr. Theo's clinic. On the other hand, Worick speculates that a chapter of accidents are closely connected with the 4 organizations.

7 - Birth 82015-08-13

Worick suffers a same nightmare over and over. Detective Adkins heard the coroner's report of Twilights' corpses from Dr. Theo, and he has a question.
Evening Dress

8 - Evening Dress 82015-08-20

Worick asks Alex to go to an evening party under the auspice of Cristiano Family.

9 - Siblings 82015-08-27

In Ergastulum, there are signs that Anti-Twilights raise a riot. The evening party should have been held safely, but it's not so.
Land of Confusion

10 - Land of Confusion 82015-09-10

Morning has come. Alex reflect on last night, she feel keenly that she couldn't understand about this city and her friends.

11 - Absence 82015-09-17

Alex takes shelter in Handymen's office with Loretta, she remembers her past little by little. Meanwhile, the enemies invade Paulklee Guild.
Odds and Ends

12 - Odds and Ends 82015-09-24

The peace of Ergastulum will be broken by the attacks of the radicalizing enemies. The enemies called "Esminets", what's their purpose?

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