Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings

Jumpy Squirrel

Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett

The Man with the Yellow Hat

Rob Paulsen
Rob Paulsen


Kath Soucie
Kath Soucie

The Renkins

Elizabeth Daily
Elizabeth Daily


Annie Mumolo
Annie Mumolo


Frank Welker
Frank Welker

Bill's Bunnies

Debi Derryberry
Debi Derryberry


Rino Romano
Rino Romano


Specials 2006 | 9 Episodes

Specials of Curious George premiered on Aug 17, 2006.


Curious George 2006 Movie

1 - Curious George 2006 Movie 02006-08-17

The man with the yellow hat named Ted Shackleford works at a natural history museum that's fallen on hard times. The museum director's son wants to turn it into a parking lot, but Ted offers to bring back a mysterious idol from Africa that's guaranteed to pull in crowds. Unfortunately, the idol turns out to be three inches tall. But Ted accidentally brings back a lonely yet irrepressible monkey, soon dubbed George. They set off on a non-stop action, fun-filled journey through the wonders of the big city toward the warmth of true friendship.
Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

2 - Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas 02009-11-21

George and the Man with the Yellow Hat have a great time preparing for Christmas.
Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!

3 - Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! 02010-11-24

George escorts Kayla, a blue elephant lonely for her family, from coast to coast.
Curious George Swings Into Spring

4 - Curious George Swings Into Spring 02013-04-22

George has spring fever and wants Hundley to have it, too, but Hundley's too busy to enjoy the outdoors. Later, while looking for a lost Hundley in the country, George winds up in hot air balloon that drifts over the city.
Curious George Back to School

5 - Curious George Back to School 02010-11-01

Curious George: Zoo Night & Other Animal Stories

6 - Curious George: Zoo Night & Other Animal Stories 0

While visiting an adorable baby panda, Curious George accidentally gets locked in the zoo and meets some new animal friends in one of eight episodes included in this collection from PBS's charming educational series, based on H.A. and Margret Rey's books and narrated by William H. Macy. The show features a mix of animated shorts and live-action segments and focuses on teaching math and science skills to preschoolers.
Curious George Comes to America

7 - Curious George Comes to America 01982-01-01

Curious George Goes to the Hospital

8 - Curious George Goes to the Hospital 01982-01-01

Curious George Royal Monkey

9 - Curious George Royal Monkey 02019-09-10

After disrupting a meeting with a stuffy royal family, George accidentally trades places with the king's snooty monkey, Philippe. While Philippe puzzles Ted with his flawless manners, George travels to the castle where his fun-loving antics raise eyebrows and bring shy Princess Isabel out of her shell.
Season 1 2006 | 60 Episodes

Season 1 of Curious George premiered on Sep 04, 2006.


Curious George Flies a Kite

1 - Curious George Flies a Kite 02006-09-04

George wakes up on a windy day in the country. His friend Bill introduces him to a kite, which George wants to fly. However, Bill must go home and George cannot play with the kite until he returns. His curiosity gets the best of him and he soon finds himself flying around the countryside, even taking his friend Jumpy Squirrel with him. This is the pilot episode for the series.
From Scratch

2 - From Scratch 02006-09-04

On their way to the museum, the Man with the Yellow Hat and George discover that Gnocchi the cat has been accused of scratching the booths in Chef Pisghetti's restaurant. George isn't sure that it was Gnocchi and sets out to solve the mystery. George uses reasoning to find out that the scratches he had seen on the booths were not like scratches he had seen Gnocchi make on the door and he uses pieces of food to measure the length and depth of the scratches.
Curious George's Home for Pigeons

3 - Curious George's Home for Pigeons 02006-09-05

George has found himself a new friend in the city, Compass. One of the Doorman's homing pigeons which he keeps on the roof of the apartment building. But the only thing is, Compass has a bad sense of direction. So when the Man says George is not allowed to let pigeons inside the apartment, George decides to build Compass a new home on the balcony outside their apartment, eventually deciding on a tree. But soon George finds out building a tree is not as easy as it seems. Where do trees in nature come from if people don't make them?
Out of Order

4 - Out of Order 02006-09-05

One day George is walking the street of his apartment building trying to find something to do when he notices a woman leaving numbered boxes outside every building. He decides to be a helpful monkey and return them to her until his friends Steve & Betsy tell him that she is a postal worker and that leaving boxes for people is her job. So they go on a race to see who can finish returning packages first. Winner plays Steve's video game. Steve has a plan to simply run fast but George and Betsy come up with a plan to sort all of the packages by the number of the buildings they go to.
Zeroes to Donuts

5 - Zeroes to Donuts 02006-09-06

On a sunny city Saturday, George and the Man decide that it is a good day for donuts and eggs. The Man tells George to write down the number of eggs they have in the refrigerator but George does not write anything because they had none. The Man then realizes that after teaching George everything for so long he forgot to teach him about nothing! He says that zero alone means nothing but when added to smaller numbers makes them bigger. The Man then sends George off to get the donuts with a paper that has an order of 1 Dozen Donuts. But George does not know about a dozen and changes the order to 100 dozen donuts. But after seeing just how many donuts 100 dozen make he tries to do anything to get away with only 1 dozen.
Curious George, Stain Remover

6 - Curious George, Stain Remover 02006-09-06

George and The Man have just brought home a new rug. The Man thinks it is so perfect he would like to take a picture of it. But when he runs out to get some camera batteries George decides to have a drink of grape juice and spills it on the rug! George knows how to clean it up, though—a lot of soap and water. But he uses so much he fills up the whole house with suds and water. Luckily he knows about the time his friends The Renkins' basement got flooded and they cleaned it out with a pump. George finds the pump at their house but has no easy way to get it back home.
Buoy Wonder

7 - Buoy Wonder 02006-09-07

George is off to the country boat building contest but on the way, he sees something interesting: a boat that carries cars on the water. Bill shows George his boat and has him watch it for him while he has to run off. But when an accident causes Bill's boat to sink and is no longer able to float, George has to build him a new one so he can use it in the contest instead. But all of the boats George build seem to have the same problem. So he decides to look at how the boats made by the other contestants were built so he can build one that floats.
Roller Monkey

8 - Roller Monkey 02006-09-07

The owners of the local city toy store have a problem. They are not selling any roller skates. So when they see George they decide to give him a few pairs to ride around in and advertise for them. Fortunately, George has been curious about wheels on feet since he saw the man roll on a toy car. George loves his skates but realizes he needs practice. He is getting good when the Doorman's wiener dog Hundley sees that he would like to try it as well. Later on, Gnocchi also tries out roller skating and uses Hundley as her skateboard when she sees kids doing it at the local skatepark.
Curious George On Time

9 - Curious George On Time 02006-09-13

George's friend Professor Wiseman has a pretty interesting habit-building and fixing clocks. She has just finished work on a very interesting clock where a band comes out and plays every hour. But when Compass comes flying in and George tries to show him the clock he accidentally breaks it and then winds up taking it completely apart when he tries to fix it. George goes to the library to try to find out how to fix it but not from a book. The library has a big clock tower on top that the whole city depends upon. But when the clock's chime scares George he winds up breaking the big clock as well.
Curious George's Bunny Hunt

10 - Curious George's Bunny Hunt 02006-09-13

George is in the country seeing Bill's new bunny hutch. Bill is the proud owner of six bunnies and their rabbit mother. George wants to pet one of the bunnies but Bill has to run off on his paper route before he can let him do that. George tries to pet one but when he opens the hutch they all run off leaving George in a big game of hide and seek to find them all.
Curious George Takes a Job

11 - Curious George Takes a Job 02006-09-14

George is on a city-wide smelling spree when he comes across Chef Pisghetti's kitchen. Chef Pisghetti is cooking a meal for a famous restaurant critic. Then George comes across some pasta the chef was cooking and had placed in a pot. He notices that it had been crisp but is now all floppy. George then decides that kitchens are magic and finds other things to place in the "floppification pot".
Curious George Takes Another Job

12 - Curious George Takes Another Job 02006-09-14

Continuing from the previous part, George wants to continue helping Chef Pisghetti in his kitchen but the chef has no work for him. But the chef has a friend named Mr. Glass, a billionaire who owns an apartment building called the Glass Palace and has a love of all things unique. He hires George as a window washer. Things go well until George sees some shadows in one room that look like jungle animals and decides to paint them. As a result, this causes Mr. Glass to get angry and orders 2 painters to chase George but is rescued by The Man With The Yellow Hat. Although Mr. Glass appreciates the room with the jungle animals and decides to rent it out.
Curious George, Door Monkey

13 - Curious George, Door Monkey 02006-09-15

The doorman has to go away for an errand and leaves Hundley in charge. But soon George arrives and puts on the Doorman's uniform. This makes a deliveryman sign off a bunch of packages to him thinking he is the doorman. George opens all of the packages, which contain autographed balls, thinking they are all from him. But when the person who was supposed to receive them sees them, George realizes his mistake. He and Hundley must then work together to re-package them and stack them up.
Curious George Goes Up the River

14 - Curious George Goes Up the River 02006-09-15

George and The Man with the Yellow Hat go to the country to feed ducks but have to put their plans on hold when the Renkins' chicks are missing and they must find them. George, however finds a raft on the edge of the river and soon, along with Jumpy Squirrel, finds himself-literally-going up the creek without a paddle. They eventually find a way to stop but they must now find their way back home to the Renkins' farm.
Curious George And The Invisible Sound

15 - Curious George And The Invisible Sound 02006-09-18

The Man with the Yellow Hat is studying insect behavior in the country. George eventually tires of watching and decides to go to bed, but a strange and annoying sound in the house keeps him awake. He tries to track down what the sound is but he cannot seem to find it Then the Man tells him it is the sound of a cricket. George then tries to track down the cricket and remove it from the house so he can get some sleep.
Curious George, A Peeling Monkey

16 - Curious George, A Peeling Monkey 02006-09-18

It's Professor Wiseman's birthday and The Man with the Yellow Hat has bought her a present which George is determined to open. The Man decides to take George's mind off of the present by having him unwrap some oranges for a salad. But soon George wants to know all about different kind of wrapping which leads him down to the department store.
Curious George, Dog Counter

17 - Curious George, Dog Counter 02006-09-26

Professor Wiseman is taking George to his first dog show which, to his disappointment, is not a show performed entirely by dogs. But when he gets home, The Man with the Yellow Hat wants to hear about all the dogs but George can only remember three. So he goes back to try to take note of them all and eventually brings them all home where he must find a way to organize them to count them easily.
Squirrel For a Day

18 - Squirrel For a Day 02006-09-26

The Man with the Yellow Hat has a predicament. He has to write a tribute speech for Professor Wiseman. Also, the country house cupboards are too small to hold all of their food. Then when Bill tells him how squirrels store food in the ground after seeing Jumpy Squirrel do it, George decides to do the same thing to their food. When the Man finds out, he tells George that squirrels bury nuts, seeds and things that grow. So George decides to plant and grow various objects around the house including the Man's speech which he wants to grow the rest of.
Curious George Discovers the Poles

19 - Curious George Discovers the Poles 02006-09-27

George has gone to his favorite country place, Lake Wanasinklake, where he finds Bill fishing in the lagoon. Bill has caught not fish, but tadpoles and he asks George to look after them as they grow up because "they do some amazing things". But when George figures they are growing tired of the same, small fishbowl, he decides to release them into the lagoon. Later he tries to do anything to get them back but only catches a small green creature which is not one of his tadpoles. Or is it?...
Curious George Finds His Way

20 - Curious George Finds His Way 02006-09-27

George has to stay with Hundley in the lobby as the apartment gets cleaned but Hundley does not want George to eat his messy snack in the lobby. After George and Hundley get locked out in the alley behind the apartment building, Hundley runs off trying to find a better way in. George follows him and they eventually meet in a place very far away from home. They decide that, since it is dark out and they can not see their way home, they can hear their way home instead.
Water to Ducks

21 - Water to Ducks 02006-09-28

After a rainy country day, George finds a flock of ducks that have taken refuge in a puddle and spends the day playing with them. The next day George sees that the puddle has shrunk and the ducks are flying off one by one in search of more water. He is determined to do anything to get them to stay around. Then he sees his pool, filled with water and empties it out to get it to the top of the hill where the ducks are. But afterward, he must find a way to re-fill it.
Animal Magnetism

22 - Animal Magnetism 02006-09-28

George has finished drawing the greatest drawing ever, but The Man with the Yellow Hat does not have any good magnets to hang it on the refrigerator with. So, he and George go to the museum to find more and discover the museum's new magnetorium where George learns all about magnetism. He learns that only certain thing attract to a magnet and that any metal that is attracted to a magnet can be turned into one. Soon, George loses his drawing and his quest to find it leads his to the junkyard and a powerful electromagnet.
Doctor Monkey

23 - Doctor Monkey 02006-09-29

The Man with the Yellow Hat takes George to his checkup. George has never seen a doctor's office or a doctor before and becomes curious. After the doctor has to take a break, George puts on his coat and uses his equipment to try to track down a strange "bloopy" sound he had been hearing and, along the way, has to help several patients such as a woman with allergies a man with a broken arm and a woman with hiccups in the way only a monkey can.
Curious George the Architect

24 - Curious George the Architect 02006-09-29

There is a big construction project going on on George's street and George is curious as to what is going on. He comes upon a very active and noisy place and sees everything that is going on. When he returns the next day to find the site abandoned, he winds up going on a quest with Gnocchi and Compass to retrieve a loose $10 bill. Along the way, he needs to use several pieces of equipment, such as jackhammers, excavators, and cement mixers, to get it out of a few tight places.
Zoo Night

25 - Zoo Night 02006-10-06

After watching a live video of the new panda on the zoo website, George rushes to the zoo to see it, but gets accidentally locked inside. George tries to find the exit, but mistakenly opens the wrong doors and finds himself surrounded by giraffes, meerkats and penguins. George must put the animals back in their homes.
Charkie Escapes

26 - Charkie Escapes 02006-10-06

George is trying to get up his game and practice soccer, but Steve & Betsy's Aunt Margret says he must dogsit their dog Charkie. Charkie is very wild and playful and does anything she can to run away from the back alley where George is trying to practice. It seems like every time George has an exit covered, Charkie find another way out. George has to find a way to get her to calm down and sit.
Curious George's Rocket Ride

27 - Curious George's Rocket Ride 02006-10-09

The Man with the Yellow Hat is about to become the world's first untrained person to fly into space so he can deliver food along with several experimental capsules to the International Space Station. But the spaceship designed by Professor Wiseman's assistants Professor Anthony Pizza and Dr. Alvin Einstein is only designed for someone with four hands. So, George winds up being the world's first monkey in space. George is told that he must activate the system that releases the goods for the station at a certain point and that his spaceship is in an orbit around the earth so he will eventually get back around to the station.
Curious George, Train Master

28 - Curious George, Train Master 02006-10-09

George loves his toy train set. When The Man with the Yellow Hat tells him that Bill will be riding home on a train, he takes him to the train station so George can see how a real one works. The Man's friend Mr Quint has a brother who owns the train station and is the station master and shows George how each train has a number on it and must arrive at a certain time. When Mr. Quint and his brother have business to attend to, George is left in charge of the station and must arrange the trains so they all arrive in counting order.
Curious George and the Dam Builders

29 - Curious George and the Dam Builders 02006-10-10

George is having the time of his life playing with his toy boat in a large pond. After one day of playing, though he comes back the next to see his pond almost empty. George finds out that the water is being held back by a dam that was built by a family of beavers, and they will not let him play in their pond. So George gets the idea to build a dam of his own to make a new pond. He later finds out that water is just as important a part of a beaver's home as the dam.
Curious George's Low High Score

30 - Curious George's Low High Score 02006-10-10

George comes across his friends Steve and Betsy playing basketball in the city. When George tries to play, he finds out he is not very good and winds up losing the ball when it accidentally lands on a moving pickup truck. They then decide to play miniature golf instead. After Steve tells him that when playing basketball, the winner is the person that has made the most baskets has the highest score, George figures it is the same way for golf. Then Betsy tells him that in golf, the lowest score wins. Since they find the park mini golf course too hard, they decide to build one of their own.
Curious George Sees Stars

31 - Curious George Sees Stars 02006-10-11

George wants to be the first person, or monkey in the world to count every star in the sky after Bill tells him that no one has done so. The only problem, though is that George can't stay up at night to count all of them. So he finds a system to keep track of which stars he has counted because, since you can't see stars in the day, he can only count at night. Later on upon returning to the city, George finds that he cannot see the stars even at night because the city has way more light at night than the country.
Curious George Gets a Trophy

32 - Curious George Gets a Trophy 02006-10-11

The Man with the Yellow Hat has just won another trophy and George really wants to have one of his own. After helping Chef Pisghetti, though, George winds up getting one! It is the Chef's own Ice Cream Gnocchi! But it seems like it is always melting or splattering because he does not handle it correctly.
George Makes a Stand

33 - George Makes a Stand 02006-10-18

George and The Man with the Yellow Hat are looking at the Man's old childhood pictures when George sees one of the man's old lemonade stand. The Man with the Yellow Hat tells George about the time he got a new soccer ball because of it. So, George decides to make one of his own to replace his busted up soccer ball. First George has trouble finding a good location to set up shop, and when he finally finds a good place, people give him money!
Curious George Sees the Light

34 - Curious George Sees the Light 02006-10-18

One country day, George sees that a new traffic light is being installed along the road. Never having seen one before, not even in the city, George becomes curious. He sees that cars stop at a red light but not at a green light making him guess that most people preferred a red light to a green one. Since the light is always changing, George is disappointed because there is not much time for people to enjoy one color. So, he changes the light so that all of one side is one color. This winds up confusing drivers on the road until Officer Quint shows up and explains how a traffic light works. It is good for drivers but not Jumpy Squirrel who can no longer cross the road on a tree branch which was cut in front of the light and can't cross the dangerous road itself.
Candy Counter

35 - Candy Counter 02006-10-19

George has gone to Mabel's Department Store where they find that a girl named Cayley has opened up a new candy counter. George notices that all of her candies are unique, each in a different shape and color After Cayley has to run out to buy more ingredients she leaves George in charge of the counter. George is trying to examine the different types of candies when he knocks over all of the candy displays and must now find a way to count all of the candy and re-stack it.
Curious George, Rescue Monkey

36 - Curious George, Rescue Monkey 02006-10-19

George's antics have caused him to become caught in some bars on his balcony. The Man With the Yellow Hat is forced to call Rescue Squad 86 to help him out. After saving him from his sticky situation George becomes curious as to how firefighters do their job and all of the tools they use. But it seems like every time George tries to help out in the station he only ends up causing trouble. Soon, though they get called to the museum where it seems Compass the Pigeon is stuck in a high place and it seems like only a certain monkey can help.
The Truth About George Burgers

37 - The Truth About George Burgers 02006-10-20

Chef Pisghetti has come up with a new recipe for Giardino Burgers-hamburgers containing no meat. He trusts George to take a box of prepared burgers out to his truck to get sent to the annual firefighter's picnic but George accidentally puts them on the wrong truck. Having lost the burgers George recalls that the chef's recipe was all pictures. He finds the notepad where the chef had drawn everything and finds the recipe for the burgers. Or is it the Chef's plan to expand his rooftop garden?
Curious George in the Dark

38 - Curious George in the Dark 02006-10-20

George is playing with his ball in the country when he winds up losing it in a dark cave. He goes inside to look for it and gets scared by what he sees as monsters in the cave. Seeing that the same kinds of monsters are in his room, George becomes scared of the dark until The Man with the Yellow Hat tells him that the "monsters" are just the same objects as they are in the light and gives him a nightlight. But then a thunderstorm knocks out the power to the country house making him scared again. Remembering what The Man said, George returns to the cave with his trusty flashlight and Jumpy Squirrel to find out if the monsters really are monsters.
The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat

39 - The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat 02006-10-23

The Man with the Yellow Hat has just gotten his yellow hat back from the cleaners and it is clean, fresh, and perfect! But George's antics wind up nearly blowing the hat away and wind up with a twig caught in the hat. George tries to fix it and winds up pulling a thread loose, making a stain, and then a hole in the hat. He then needs to find a way to fix the hat before The Man comes home so they can go to the new Planetarium. First, George tries to make a new hat but everything he tries doesn't seem to work. Later, he realizes he just needs to fix the hole in the old hat.
Bee Is for Bear

40 - Bee Is for Bear 02006-10-23

It is a fall country day and the Renkins have just gotten the latest fresh batch of honey from their own bee farm. George loves to eat it on warm toast until he sees a bear that eats his snack! He also runs into a bee that stings him, making him afraid of bees. Later, George and Bill find out that all of the bees are in a beehive in Bill's backyard and he is determined to get rid of it so they don't hurt his bunnies. Then, the Renkins show George how bees make honey. George also tries to tell everyone that he saw a bear but nobody believes him because a bear has not been seen in the area for many years.
Surprise Quints

41 - Surprise Quints 02007-01-15

It is Mr Quint's birthday and his wife wants to throw him a surprise party. To keep him out of the house to prepare for the party, she sends him to George's house where George must keep him busy with his favorite snack, fish crackers. Later, though, he learns that there are 5 quints-quintuplets. With Mr. Quint there is also Officer Wint Quint, Clint Quint the station master, Sprint Quint the jogger, and Mint Quint the government money printer. George must evenly divide the fish crackers to feed all 5 of them long enough to not know about the party until it is time.
Muddy Monkey

42 - Muddy Monkey 02007-01-15

George could not take a bath without his favorite bath toy, Sproingy the bubble-blowing frog. Which is good because he often winds up needing several baths a day! He soon runs into Steve and Betsy's pet washing business and learns all about bubbles and how they always wind up round. After losing his bath toy, though, George needs to find it and will not take another bath until he does. This is not good because he is dirty and is tracking dirt everywhere he goes.
Curious George Takes a Vacation

43 - Curious George Takes a Vacation 02007-01-16

George and The Man with the Yellow hat are going on vacation in Hawaii. But when they get to the airport, their plane is delayed. George receives a small toy airplane from the ticket woman but winds up losing it. He goes on a quest to try to hunt it down before they must board their flight but it seems like everyone in the airport is out to stop George from wandering around or causing trouble. Note: One of the workers at the airport says that they are in Chicago, hinting that The Man and George live in Illinois.
Curious George and the One That Got Away

44 - Curious George and the One That Got Away 02007-01-16

George learns all about fishing from Mr. Quint at Lake Wannasinklake. Unfortunately, George does not catch any fish in the lake and only catches junk thrown in by other people. Soon, though, George finds an American eel and wants to catch it. He becomes even more determined when Bill says he wants to catch him to "take him home". George would like to catch it but he does not have a fishing rod.
Ski Monkey

45 - Ski Monkey 02007-01-17

A large snowstorm happened overnight in the country and George wants to go outside and play in the snow But it seems like the snow is too deep to even walk in. Later he comes across a group of kids playing in the snow and they give him a pair of snowshoes as well as a sled to quickly move through the snow. Later, Bill gives him a pair of skis. Soon, George comes across a pig that had wandered out the night before and has to find a way to get it home.
George the Grocer

46 - George the Grocer 02007-01-17

In the city, George wants an oven, (much like an Easy Bake Oven) but the Man with the Yellow Hat says it is too expensive. So, he goes to the grocery store and, without the owner's knowledge, helps shoppers and improves the business. When the owner notices he awards George Employee of the Month and pays him, which makes the Man proud.
Keep Out Cows

47 - Keep Out Cows 02007-01-18

George has come across a big field of beautiful wildflowers in the country. He decides to share the wildflowers with Leslie and the rest of the cows but Leslie eats them and they go after the rest. George wants to save the flowers from being eaten by cows. George tries communicating with the cows, distracting them, and building a wall, but nothing seems to work until he uses a strong wall to save one of the flowers causing the cows to not get past the wall. The failed items George uses to save the flowers is arrows but cows go through them, a scarecrow that has an angry face but the cows eat it, and hanging newspapers that the cows crash into.
Curious George and the Missing Piece

48 - Curious George and the Missing Piece 02007-01-18

George has taken interest in the new dinosaur skeleton in the museum. Professor Wiseman tells him that the skeleton was dug up over time from different bones, which were later assembled together. George decides to find a skeleton of his own and digs a hole where he finds a bone. He then tries to figure out what kind of animal the bone came from. The only problem is that Charkie keeps stealing his bone!
Camping with Hundley

49 - Camping with Hundley 02007-01-19

The Man with the Yellow Hat takes George camping. George becomes excited to go again and soon, goes camping with the Doorman and Hundley. But the Doorman has a very different way of camping with a trailer with "all the comforts of home". Soon, a thunderstorm knocks out the power source to the trailer and also floods it. The Doorman now has to camp in the traditional way but has no idea how. Fortunately, George remembers everything from his previous camping experience.
Curious George vs. The Turbo Python 3000

50 - Curious George vs. The Turbo Python 3000 02007-01-19

At the amusement park, George wants to ride the Turbo Python 3000, but he is too short. George has a measurement tool of sort on him-a whip of licorice. George has to grow the length of one licorice whip in a day so he can be tall enough to ride. Meanwhile, The Man with the Yellow Hat has a problem of his own. He wants to overcome his fear of roller coasters.

51 - Housebound 02007-02-19

George's curiosity about bones leads him to climb the dinosaur skeleton at the museum but he ends up falling off and breaking his leg. George must wear a cast for a few weeks and stay home. Hundley stays with him as his monkey sitter. George begins in a wheelchair and does not know how to use it, but Hundley teaches him how to navigate around the furniture in his apartment. Soon, George can walk on crutches and Hundley helps him out in the same way. Later, once George can walk on his cast, he goes to places like the park with Hundley.
Curious George Rides a Bike

52 - Curious George Rides a Bike 02007-02-19

George sees Bill riding his bike and doing his paper route which make him want to do the same. The Man with the Yellow Hat finds his old bike and adjusts it for George before teaching him how to ride. But George forgets to look where he's going and crashes his bike, breaking it. Fortunately, Mrs. Renkins is quite the handyman and fixes his bike. After the Man buys him a George-sized bike, Bill entrusts him with a paper route which goes well, until George sees several ducks in a pond and wants to make paper boats like that time he went to the pond with The Man.
The All-Animal Recycled Band

53 - The All-Animal Recycled Band 02007-02-20

The Man with the Yellow Hat has a hobby playing the tuba in Rescue Squad 86's firehouse band. George becomes excited at the thought of a band, but the Man will not let George play his tuba. George then decides to make his own instruments and that his animal friends will be the ones playing them. The only problem is that his animal friends seem to get distracted too easily and, after causing a loud racket on the roof of the apartment building where they are practicing, someone calls the fire department.
The Times of Sand

54 - The Times of Sand 02007-02-20

George loves the country house. But sometimes he wishes he could live in something else, like a country castle. When The Man offers to take him to the beach to build sand castles, George decides to try to build the world's biggest sand castle. At the beach, they run into Bill and Mother Rabbit who loves to burrow. George has trouble building his sand castle because the sand does not want to hold together. Later, Bill tells him that only the wet sand down by the water is good for building. George tries building by the water but his sand winds up being washed away by the tide. Later, The Man tells George how to get good wet sand away from the water and he along with George, Bill, and Ma Rabbit work on the world's biggest sand castle.
The Elephant Upstairs

55 - The Elephant Upstairs 02007-02-21

George has been hearing some strange noises from the neighbor's apartment upstairs. He figures that if The Man with the Yellow Hat lives with him, why wouldn't their new neighbor? But The Man is determined not to let George spy on the new neighbor to find out. George guesses that with a loud noise like the one he is hearing, the new neighbor has an elephant. But then George hears some different noises. What is that neighbor's elephant up to now and how can George get The Man to believe that an elephant is living upstairs?
Being Hundley

56 - Being Hundley 02007-02-21

George has been getting a little tired of The Man With the Yellow Hat telling him what to do. So, he decides that he will live his life like Compass the Pigeon, but George soon finds out that the differences between monkeys and pigeons are too great for them to act like one another. So, George decides to act like a creature more like him. Acting like Gnocchi, the cat doesn't work for him because he can't lick himself clean with getting a furry mouth. Then George finally decides, he would like to be just like Hundley because it looks easy being a lobby dog. But after he, Hundley and the Doorman wind up trapped in the elevator, George discovers that when it comes to being a monkey, things come to him naturally.
George Fixes Betsy's Wagon

57 - George Fixes Betsy's Wagon 02007-02-22

George has to take a pile of stuff down to the recycling center. He comes upon Steve who is holding Betsy's wagon. He has a package for Betsy that he is picking up from the package delivery right next door to the Recycling Center. George places all of his stuff in the wagon but, after an accident, one of the wagon's wheels pops off and Steve later winds up sending it rolling off on its own. With the wheel lost, Steve and George must find a new one that is the same size as all the others because, if one is used of the wrong size, the wagon does not travel straight.
Curious George Takes a Dive

58 - Curious George Takes a Dive 02007-02-22

George is helping The Man with the Yellow Hat dig in the country garden when he finds a pile of worms and wants to keep them. But The Man tells George about a similar experience with a turtle from back when George first learned how to dive in the lake. George remembers how Bill had first taught him how to dive in Lake Wanasinklake to locate a lost throwing disc. George finds a turtle trying to go into the lake and tries to remind it that it needs to hold its breath when it goes in. After it does not listen, George decides that is trying to clean itself, so he takes it home to give it a bath and decides to keep it as a pet. But it seems like whatever George does, he can't get the turtle out of its shell.

59 - Unbalanced 02007-02-23

It has just become Springtime in the city and Chef Pisghetti's friends the Balancing Zucchinis are in town. George is excited seeing what they do and he would like to become a Zucchini. But of course, his trying to be like them messes up their practicing for the big show. Later on during the show, The Zucchinis volunteer Chef Pisghetti to be in an act of theirs. But Gnocchi, always going to the chef whenever she sees him, starts walking across a tightrope to their act upsetting one of the Zucchini's who is allergic to cats. It is up to George to walk across the tight rope and retrieve Gnocchi.
Curious George vs. Winter

60 - Curious George vs. Winter 02007-02-23

It is early winter in the country and George wants to play outside. But the problem is he has toys for summer and snow but no toys for just plain cold. He decides he will have fun by playing with Bill's bunnies but Bill is taking them to his grandmother's house for the entire winter. Bill wants him to leave out nuts and seeds for Jumpy Squirrel all winter and George wants to find a way to have fun in the winter cold. Later, after he sees how the water in his pool is frozen, he finds a way to have fun outdoors AND give Jumpy the food he needs.
Season 2 2007 | 40 Episodes

Season 2 of Curious George premiered on Sep 03, 2007.


Up, Up and Away

1 - Up, Up and Away 02007-09-03

George arrives in the country for some of the Renkins' fresh blueberries but soon finds out something else: Mrs. Renkins is setting up a hot air balloon. She offers to take George and the Man up and down a few times. Soon, Bill shows up and he and George accidentally send the balloon skyward an untether it. George and Bill are then left soaring across the country sky and have no clue how to stop and land.

2 - Skunked 02007-09-03

George is in the country eating a sandwich when he sees a strange-looking animal stealing his food! After trying to scare it away he winds up getting sprayed with a stinky fluid. The Man tells George that the animal he met was a skunk and that they spray to defend themselves. Bill finds the skunk to be living under his front porch and seals up its home. That leaves the skunk to nestle in the basket George and the Man brought to the country and they wind up accidentally bringing it home to the city.
Monkey Underground

3 - Monkey Underground 02007-09-04

The Renkins' are having a problem with their grape yard. A group of gophers have made their home in the ground under the garden and are stealing the grapes. Upset with the problem, Mr. Renkins calls Calhoun the Gopher-getter, an exterminator, to come and catch the gophers. George does not like the idea of somebody catching the innocent gophers, even if he does plan to release them again. So he decides to build a connecting tunnel between his house and the Renkins' garden so the gophers can escape.
Cat Mother

4 - Cat Mother 02007-09-04

George has another job in the city. He has to take care of Professor Wiseman's new kitten, Lucky for a day. Lucky appears to have a crush on Hundley, which is unfortunate because Hundley is allergic to cats. When the Doorman tells George to keep Lucky away, he decides to build a version of Hundley which will not make Lucky sneeze. When things do not work out, George decides to use something of Hundley's, making him mad. When Lucky hears Hundley barking through the air vent, she goes inside the walls of the apartment to try to find him.
Up a Tree

5 - Up a Tree 02007-09-05

Where can you paint on the walls and butter corn with your feet? Not in the country house! George sets out to build a tree house where he can set his own rules, but along the way he accidentally steals Mr. Quint's nails and Ms. Renkins' scrap wood. And in George's house the rules are that you have to paint on the walls and butter corn with your feet.
Curious George and the Trash

6 - Curious George and the Trash 02007-09-05

The Man in the yellow hat is trying to get ready for his photo on his new licence but when George tries to help, the ensuing chaos ruins the Man's hat! The hat is cleaned and restored like new and the Man puts it on the kitchen counter right next to an identical looking box of trash. In a rush, George accidentally throws out the box with the hat and must go on a city-wide spree to find it. Unfortunately it seems like every trash can and dumpster in the city George finds has already been emptied by the garbage truck. George finds some disposed items at Pisghetti's restaurant but Chef Pisghetti tells him that it is not trash, it is recycling. He tells George to go look for the hat in the landfill.
Curious George Gets All Keyed Up

7 - Curious George Gets All Keyed Up 02007-09-06

Betsy has to play her xylophone in the school recital but she has to get her hair dressed and does not want to take her xylophone to the hairdresser. She entrusts George and Steve to get the xylophone to the school. Unfortunately when George knocks the xylophone over he must put it back together. He remembers how the notes, when played in order, sound like they are climbing stairs. But it seems like no matter how he sets up the bars, he can't get them in order. He realizes he needs to count in order from one to set up the xylophone properly. But George cannot count past 12 and the xylophone has more pieces than that.
Gutter Monkey

8 - Gutter Monkey 02007-09-06

The Man in the yellow hat is competing in the country town bowling tournament at Bowlmore Lanes but it seems like George does not have any luck getting the ball to hit the pins because it keeps falling into the gutter. When he sees The Man polishing his bowling shoes because they make it extra lucky, George decides to polish his bowling ball too. After George polishes the ball he decides to give it a test roll. However, the yard is bumpy and the driveway is a hill so he just cannot get the ball to roll straight. That is until he keeps the ball so long that The Man forgets it and George sees the road from the country house to the Bowling Alley is like a big bowling lane with gutters.
Grease Monkeys in Space

9 - Grease Monkeys in Space 02007-10-08

The Man With the Yellow Hat is about to get a big job! He is going to go up into space to fix the Einstein-Pizza Space Telescope, which is broken and pointed right at Pizza's kitchen window. Dr. Einstein and Professor Pizza explain that the spaceship has a self-locking air lock but they accidentally forgot to make a way to open it from outside. George has to tag along to push the button that would let him in but is forced to go outside and do the job when the Man's tether breaks. Worse off, George is told he has only 2 minutes of air to complete the job.
Piñata Vision

10 - Piñata Vision 02007-10-08

George is at Betsy's birthday party and sees that they have something he has never seen before, a piñata! After George is told how to play, he goes on a free-swinging spree and winds up breaking everything in the backyard BUT the piñata! Aunt Margret tells George to stay outside and play with Charkie and asks him to put his blindfold on and follow her around the backyard with his other senses. Charkie soon escapes the backyard and a blind George begins to follow her around the city in a way other than seeing her.
All-New Hundley

11 - All-New Hundley 02007-10-09

George is pretty mad at Hundley who will simply not let him play in the lobby and wishes Hundley could be more like him. One day though, he notices that Hundley is barking loudly and acting bouncy and playful, much to his wish! He then notices that Hundley seems to go back and forth between acting bouncy and playful, and acting like his normal self. Realizing that something is not normal about Hundley's split personality, he tries to figure out what is going on.
Signs Up

12 - Signs Up 02007-10-09

George and The Man run into Steve at the local movie theater taking down signs for the old movies, which the manager lets him have. Steve tells George that he collects all of the posters which makes George want a collection of his own of sorts. When he sees a guy taking down a sign, he decides to collect various signs from around the city. So he goes around the city taking every sign from the park, zoo, and science museum. When he goes back out to look for more, he notices the park in chaos. Realizing that it is because the signs are gone, he decides to put them back. George puts back all of the signs but does not put them in their original places causing more chaos. The Man then tells George that each sign has a meaning and they are not just for decoration.
Color Me Monkey

13 - Color Me Monkey 02007-10-10

Mr. Glass is looking for something unique for the lobby of his Glass Palace. Mr. Zoobel, George's upstairs neighbor tells Mr. Glass that he knows of a painter named Soo Berm who lives at the zoo. But it turns out Soo Berm is not a person, she is an elephant! She makes paintings with her trunk and gives them her signature trunk print when she is done. Mr. Glass buys one of her paintings and brings it back to the Glass Palace but Charkie accidentally rips it. George has to get a replacement painting but it turns out that every painting Soo Berm makes is unique and one-of-a-kind. This leaves George to make his own copy of the painting. The only problem is that the painting has colors like green and lavender and all George has are red, white, blue, yellow, and black.
Special Delivery Monkey

14 - Special Delivery Monkey 02007-10-10

George and The Man are playing George's favorite game after an afternoon lunch at Pisghetti's, but George seems to be confused with how to count. The Man keeps reminding him that when you count, you don't count from where you start and you must count on. Meanwhile, Chef Pisghetti has gone off for a special presentation but has forgotten his pie. So Netti assigns George to deliver it to him, giving him specific directions how to get to him. Unfortunately, George forgets what The Man tells him and gets lost, getting off on bus stop earlier than when he was supposed to and not being able to find the building where the chef is located.
Free Hundley

15 - Free Hundley 02007-11-19

Hundley is very itchy. It is the middle of flea season in the big city and the Doorman goes to give him a bath. After Hundley's collar winds up getting lost down a storm sewer, two women from the local animal shelter think he's homeless and take him away. George must find a way to break Hundley out of the animal shelter. He brings along Gnocchi, whose cuteness would make a great distraction and Charkie, who could probably figure out how to open the cage being the escape artist she is. George must also figure out a plan to sneak in, free Hundley, and sneak out.
Bag Monkey

16 - Bag Monkey 02007-11-19

George's room is getting very messy and George needs to clean it. The only problem is that when George crams everything into his closet, it just spills back out. Later on at the local supermarket, he sees the grocer's son practicing for a grocery bagging competition. He explains to George that a lot of stuff can fit into one small bag if it is put in just right, somewhat like putting together a puzzle. However, during another practice run, the grocer's son accidentally hurts his hand with one of the food items. He then enlists George to compete for him in the competition and must train him to bag properly.
Monkey Stagehand

17 - Monkey Stagehand 02007-11-20

It is time for the annual country talent show. After hearing the Man with the Yellow Hat's frog impressions, Bill decides to sign him up. But the problem is that The Man has stage fright. Bill also shows George the system of ropes and pulleys that control the flat scenery as well as he curtain on stage. He also shows George the trap doors on the stage used to drop props below the stage. When Bill, The Man, and Mr. Quint come face-to-face with two skunks backstage, it is up to George to keep the show going.
The Magic Garden

18 - The Magic Garden 02007-11-20

The Pisghetti's have a problem, they do not have as many fresh vegetables for their dishes. When they decide to investigate why, they show George and The Man their rooftop garden, where they plant and grow all of their vegetables, on the roof of their restaurant's building. Chef Pisghetti discovers weeds growing in the garden and explains to George how they use of all of the nutrients in the soil so there is none left for their vegetables. After hearing the story of "The Elves & the Shoemaker" he decides to do some secret elf work of his own and weed the garden. But in the process he pulls everything green out of the garden and throws it away, including the vegetables. Luckily the chef has seeds, but George has the fully-grown vegetables at home and is willing to bury them.
Curious George, Plumber's Helper

19 - Curious George, Plumber's Helper 02007-11-21

George is tired of the same old tub toys. When he tries some new toys in the tub and drains it afterwards, all of the toys get washed down the drain! After trying to fill the tub with water again it backs up. The Man decides to call his plumber who always fascinates George with his work. The plumber fixes the clog and leaves, and the Man also leaves, to buy George some new bath toys. Afterwards, George is faced with another clog, this time in the dishwasher and decides to fix it himself, dismantling not only the plumbing in the apartment but also in the basement. After turning the plumbing back on, George winds up flooding portions of the apartment building.
Curious George Takes a Hike

20 - Curious George Takes a Hike 02007-11-21

When Bill and The Man With the Yellow Hat are stuck on a cliff, George has to find his way back to the ranger station.
The Fully Automatic Fun Hat

21 - The Fully Automatic Fun Hat 02007-11-22

George tries to find a hat that is as much fun as the Yellow Hat, and ends up creating a hat with blow up animals, frisbees, pictures of dachshunds, a rotating fish, bubble blower, and a raisin dispenser. But the Man accidentally wears it to a convention and George has to deliver the yellow hat! When Bill tells George it was a possum that ate the bird food from the bird feeder, George stays up to see what a possum looks like. But then he notices that it has lost its family, so he looks and finds it. Along the way he meets more nocturnal animals and makes almost everyone in the country think he is "The Lake Creature of Lake Wannasink Lake".
Creatures of the Night

22 - Creatures of the Night 02007-11-22

When Bill tells George it was a possum that ate the bird food from the bird feeder, George stays up to see what a possum looks like. But then he notices that it has lost its family, so he looks and finds it. Along the way he meets more nocturnal animals and makes almost everyone in the country think he is "The Lake Creature of Lake Wannasink Lake".
Scaredy Dog

23 - Scaredy Dog 02008-01-21

A mysterious noise in the basement scares Hundley and George until George investigates it.
Say Goodnight, George

24 - Say Goodnight, George 02008-01-21

When George is disappointed hat he has to go to bed at 7:30, he sets the clock back. But when that causes him to miss a blimp ride, he thinks otherwise.
A Bridge to Farm

25 - A Bridge to Farm 02008-01-22

The Renkins' chicks get stranded on a tiny island, and George has to improvise a way for them to get to land, using some items he picked up for a cookout.
Monkey Fever

26 - Monkey Fever 02008-01-22

The Man With The Yellow Hat has come down with a cold and George is helping to take care of him. That is until George realizes the man is showing the same symptoms as Betsy's friend's pregnant cat.
Curious George, Spy Monkey

27 - Curious George, Spy Monkey 02008-01-23

When The Man goes to buy George a toy, George spies on him to find out what it is. George and The Man go to Scotland to visit Uncle Tam and work on their golf swings. But when George loses his golf ball, he has to to pry open windows, move bookcases, and work a drawbridge to get it back.
Castle Keep

28 - Castle Keep 02008-01-23

George and The Man go to Scotland to visit Uncle Tam and work on their golf swings. But when George loses his golf ball, he has to to pry open windows, move bookcases, and work a drawbridge to get it back.
Robot Monkey Hullabaloo

29 - Robot Monkey Hullabaloo 02008-01-24

When George dresses up as robot everyone thinks he's a real robot.
Curious George and the Slithery Day

30 - Curious George and the Slithery Day 02008-01-24

When a snake and two mice get loose in the lobby George has to round them up but things get crazy when Hundley gets involved in the chase.
Curious George, Web Master

31 - Curious George, Web Master 02008-02-18

George is impressed by a spider's web and wants to build his own "monkeyweb".
The Big Sleepy

32 - The Big Sleepy 02008-02-18

When George gets cold during the Winter he tries to hibernate but he keeps getting disturbed and wakes up.
Curious George Sinks the Pirates

33 - Curious George Sinks the Pirates 02008-02-19

Hundley dreams of a sailing adventure--but when Yellow Hat the Pirate tries to take over the ship, and First Mate George nearly sinks them all, the dream becomes more of a nightmare.
This Little Piggy

34 - This Little Piggy 02008-02-19

George gets a piggy bank and uses it to save money for a toy boat.
King Doggie

35 - King Doggie 02008-02-20

Hundley is mistaken for a lost aristocratic doggie, and George must prove he isn't the right dog.
The Lucky Cap

36 - The Lucky Cap 02008-02-20

George becomes fixated on a "lucky cap"; when the Man shrinks it in the wash, he is concerned that he won't be able to meet Steve's hopscotch challenge.
Curious George, Sea Monkey

37 - Curious George, Sea Monkey 02008-04-21

George and The Man With the Yellow Hat travel on a boat with Professor Wiseman as well as Professor Pizza and Professor Einstein to retrieve a weather satellite that has fallen from space into the ocean. The only problem is that the satellite has fallen into the middle of a coral reef which is very brittle, so George dives down to retrieve it himself.
Old McGeorgie Had a Farm

38 - Old McGeorgie Had a Farm 02008-04-21

George and The Man With the Yellow Hat travel on a boat with Professor Wiseman as well as Professor Pizza and Professor Einstein to retrieve a weather satellite that has fallen from space into the ocean. The only problem is that the satellite has fallen into the middle of a coral reef which is very brittle, so George dives down to retrieve it himself. George wins a contest to be a conductor in the symphony orchestra when they preform in the park. So he is taught how to read music and conduct an orchestra and is ready to conduct in the park until Charkie mistakes his baton for her toy. Mr. Rankins is going with his pig, Oscar to a contest and has nobody to watch the farm in his absence. So, George and The Man With The Yellow Hat volunteer. But after George accidentally deactivates the Man's alarm clock, he has to take care of the farm himself and he learns just how hard farm work really is.
Curious George Beats the Band

39 - Curious George Beats the Band 02008-04-22

George wins a contest to be a conductor in the symphony orchestra when they preform in the park. So he is taught how to read music and conduct an orchestra and is ready to conduct in the park until Charkie mistakes his baton for her toy.
Hats and a Hole

40 - Hats and a Hole 02008-04-22

The Man With The Yellow Hat is digging a deep hole in the front yard of the country house. He winds up digging a hole so deep, he needs the help of Mr. Quint and his brother Flint's ladder to dig it out. But, after the three go to the train station with the ladder to fix something, George drops their hard hats down the hole.
Season 3 2008 | 22 Episodes

Season 3 of Curious George premiered on Sep 01, 2008.


Ice Station Monkey

1 - Ice Station Monkey 02008-09-01

George and the Man with the Yellow Hat are having a blast on their research assignment in the Antarctic! Professor Wiseman has enlisted the pair to help find the nesting grounds of the Chinstrap penguins. Equipped with a video camera, two-way headsets, and a photo of the penguins, our two explorers set out in different directions. George meets a Chinstrap penguin, only to lose his camera to a pesky sea otter who swims away. The Man finds George, and they chase the sea otter by jumping ice floes...and discover too late that a blizzard is approaching! George and the Man find refuge in a cave. When the blizzard passes, they emerge on the other side of the island in the middle of the Chinstrap penguins' nesting ground! Mission accomplished!
The Perfect Carrot

2 - The Perfect Carrot 02008-09-01

George and Bill run out of carrots while feeding the rabbits. When Bill pulls a carrot out of the ground, George can't believe it! George wants to grow his own carrots. Armed with a packet of carrot seeds, and guidance from the Man with the Yellow Hat, George plants his garden. After 66 days of tending, watering and keeping Jumpy away, George has a prize-winning carrot! It's so perfect in size, shape, and color, that George carries it around in a fancy telescope case to protect it. George visits Bill's house to show it off, and he learns that the bunnies have gone missing! George joins the search and finds them hungry and scared in a cave. It's a hard decision to make, but George sacrifices his perfect carrot for the bunnies to eat while he finds help. Thanks to George and his "carroty hero," the bunnies are saved and fed.
Curious George Meets the Press

3 - Curious George Meets the Press 02008-09-02

George and the Man with the Yellow hat are lending a hand picking apples at Renkins' Farm, George takes an apple coveted by Jumpy Squirrel, who snatches it back and hides in the barn. George follows, and when he reaches for the light switch, accidentally turns on the giant cider press! All of the apples they've collected are being washed, chopped, and squished into liquid! Not wanting the Renkins to be mad with the sticky mess, George fills everything he can get his hands on with the apple juice squirting out of the machine. When the Man with the Yellow Hat and Renkins' arrive, they're astonished to see the entire harvest bottled up! Much to George's relief, the Renkins aren't upset — they're thrilled. And Jumpy, much to his relief, finds his perfect apple.
Snow Use

4 - Snow Use 02008-09-02

It's the hottest day of the year, and to cool down, George wants to build a snowman! But how can he build a snowman when there's no snow? George experiments with crushed ice cubes, but they melt too quickly. Mud... but it doesn't stay in the right shape. And rocks, which are too heavy to lift! George is stumped. What sticks together, doesn't melt, and wasn't heavy? Of course, sand! George convinces the Man with the Yellow Hat to drive him, Bill, and the Renkins to the beach, where they can all cool off and George can finally build his summer snowman.
For the Birds

5 - For the Birds 02008-09-03

George loves feeding the birds, but they must be starving, because all the seeds keep disappearing! Perplexed, George returns with more food, only to find a big, bushy tail sticking out of the feeder. It's Jumpy Squirrel, caught in the act of eating all the seeds! George tries to squirrel-proof the birdhouse, moving it further from the tree trunk, clearing away freestanding objects, and even developing a pulley laundry line system to hang it from. But to no avail - that squirrel can climb - and apparently eat - anything! Why does Jumpy keep taking the seeds? Has his appetite suddenly grown — or maybe they're not all for him?
Curious George-Asaurus

6 - Curious George-Asaurus 02008-09-03

Professor Wiseman needs the Man with the Yellow Hat's help to assemble some rare dinosaur bones into a skeleton in time for an important archaeologist, Dr. Raj Desai, to see them. Wiseman and the Man finish the task and meet Dr. Desai for lunch. Meanwhile, George and Gnocchi play outside with a toy plane, which floats though a window--landing on the newly assembled dinosaur. When George climbs the fragile bones to retrieve it, the entire skeleton collapses! Using another dinosaur as a model, George is able to organize, sort, and piece together the bones back into its proper form. But how will Dr. Desai feel about a monkey working on his precious dinosaur bones, especially when the wrong head ends up on the dinosaur's skeleton?
Mulch Ado About Nothing

7 - Mulch Ado About Nothing 02008-09-04

The secret to Bill's amazing garden is the compost he uses to feed his plants. George decides to make compost for his hungry plants...so George empties the entire contents of his fridge in the backyard. The next morning, George realizes that instead of making plant food, he's made a stinky mess! The Renkins teach George that proper compost consists of dirt, water, and air with only certain foods (no meat or dairy). Back at the apartment in the city, George sees that all the plants need food. George prepares a hearty "meal" ...using every container that he can find. When the Man with the Yellow Hat wakes up to an unusual smell, he follows his nose to the compost! To the neighbors' delight, George made enough for all the plants in the building.
What Goes Up

8 - What Goes Up 02008-09-04

It's "Reuse Your Junk Day" and George and the Man with the Yellow Hat have one last pickup before they go to the lake. But when they arrive at Renkins' Farm, they find a mountain of junk piled in the Renkins' living room. There's no way they'll finish the job before the suns goes down, which means no lake for George. While the Man is taking a load to the collection center, George discovers that he can use the ironing board as a lever to launch the junk out of the living room and onto the front yard. Soon, all the pigs, chickens, and squirrels are ducking for cover! George's ingenious invention got all the junk outside, but it's scattered everywhere! Did this little monkey cause more work for himself?
The Amazing Maze Race

9 - The Amazing Maze Race 02008-10-13

George is an expert at navigating the maze on the placemat at the Y-Go-By Diner, but his skills are put to the ultimate test when the Man with the Yellow Hat takes him to the Annual Amazing Maze Race at Renkins Farm. The Man and George follow their map precisely, but how can they compete with the Quint's computerized navigation device, Bill's system of leaving a trail of corn, and Sprint's speedy disposition? It's not until George gets a bird's eye view of the maze that he is able to line up the landmarks on the map and figure out where to go. But when Leslie the cow eats their map, they need to figure out a more creative way to get to the finish line!
The Color of Monkey

10 - The Color of Monkey 52008-10-13

After a bubble bath, George promises the Man with the Yellow Hat that he will stay clean until their picture is taken for the cover of Bird Watchers Magazine. But when George helps Steve and Betsy dye eggs, he falls into a pot of food coloring, and turns completely yellow! Trying to keep his pledge of staying clean, he experiments with the different dye colors to see which ones he can mix with yellow to turn him brown again. In the process, George turns himself orange, Charkie turns blue, and Compass turns red! Can George figure out how to get back to his original color, or will the bird watchers return to find a rainbow colored monkey?
The Man With Monkey Hands

11 - The Man With Monkey Hands 02008-11-28

After warning George about the poison ivy lurking in the park, the Man with the Yellow Hat loses his balance and lands hands first in a brush of the itchy, poisonous leaves! With his hands bandaged, he'll need help with everyday tasks such as brushing his teeth, making dinner, even typing a letter. So being a clever little monkey, George invents some ingenious ways to make the Man's life seem normal — like wearing swim fins to assist in picking apples off the floor and taping salad forks to his arms to act as temporary hands. But George's creations are put to the ultimate test when the Man has to present Professor Wiseman's newest invention to the science board, salad forks and all!
Whistlepig Wednesday

12 - Whistlepig Wednesday 02008-11-28

Mr. Glass' unique version of Groundhog Day is an annual city tradition of predicting when winter will start. Every year on the last Wednesday of August, Sherry the Whistlepig emerges from her burrow. If she sees her shadow, it means cold weather is coming. But what makes Sherry's shadow so special? To find out, George and his animal friends camp out at Sherry's burrow, but fall asleep while waiting for her to wake up. At the shadow ceremony, Mr. Glass mistakes a sleeping George and each one of his friends for a whistlepig and presents them for the world to see. But does a monkey, dog, cat, or pigeon shadow count?
George Digs Worms

13 - George Digs Worms 02008-12-01

Why is Bill yelling at a mound of dirt? He's worm racing! George turns to a pile of decomposed leaves to find his own prize worm and challenges Bill's "Fast Freddy" to a race. Pretty soon, the entire countryside catches worm-racing fever and watch as George's worm, named "Ooh Ooh Ahh Ahh," races its way to the championship. But when Mr. Quint takes the wrong lunchbox on his fishing trip, George's worm farm is in danger of becoming fish bait! Can George save his slimy friends in time for the championship race?
Everything Old Is New Again

14 - Everything Old Is New Again 02008-12-01

The city is awarding the "Golden Arrows Award" to the building that collects the most recycling. George is eager to help—once he learns what recycling actually is, of course. The building's Doorwoman next door turns out to be tough competition, so George hunts down recycling materials from everywhere he can think of. The only problem is, he doesn't know that he only recycle products after they've been used! Will the tenants with the missing recyclables forgive a monkey who's not just trying to win a contest, but also save the environment?
Wheels on the Bus

15 - Wheels on the Bus 02009-02-16

The Man With The Yellow Hat is running late to an appointment to show an important scientist some of his work, so he and George decide to take the bus to his appointment. But when George wanders off of the bus to get a map of the bus routes and the Man follows, leaving his work on the bus, they both wind up splitting up and each trying to find a way to find the bus and retrieve his work all while trying to arrive to his appointment on time.
Seed Trouble

16 - Seed Trouble 02009-02-16

George and the Man offer to grow vegetables to help Chef Pisghetti, whose restaurant never has enough. Compass and his pigeon friends, however, chow down on the seeds, causing George to dump what's left into a jar for safekeeping.
Fun-Ball Talley

17 - Fun-Ball Talley 02009-02-17

The toy store introduces a new toy called the Super Fun-Ball and a contest. Whoever can guess how many Fun-balls are in a display case closest to the actual number will win the display. So, George finds a container of about the same size as the display case and fills it with marbles about the same size as the fun balls. Doing so, George hopes he can win the contest.
Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight

18 - Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight 02009-02-17

After George hears the legend that a red sunset means a day of good weather and sees The Man With The Yellow Hat painting a red sunset picture, George decides to draw pictures of the clouds and watch their movement to predict the weather. He soon also learns that other animals have way of predicting the weather, such as the speed of a cricket chirping. Soon, he learns how people predict the weather.
Shipwrecked with Hundley

19 - Shipwrecked with Hundley 02009-02-18

George, The Man, The Doorman, and Hundley go out on the sea for a day on the doorman's sailboat. But, when the boat sail breaks, the group stops at an artificially rendered tropical island to look for parts to fix it. Soon, George's curiosity and Hundley's habit to keep everything neat and orderly causes the boat to wash out to shore with them in it. They find their way back to the island but must now find The Man With The Yellow Hat and The Doorman.
Chasing Rainbows

20 - Chasing Rainbows 02009-02-18

On a weekend trip to the country with Steve, Betsy, and Charkie, George hears a story about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and waits to see one to find out if the story is true. When a rainbow finally does appear, George, Steve, Betsy, and Charkie go on a long hike to catch up to the rainbow and find the end of it to see if the story is true.
Night of the Weiner Dog

21 - Night of the Weiner Dog 02009-04-22

George has a sleepover with Hundley for the night and the Doorman has made a list of instructions for how Hundley normally likes everything. George has to follow the list and rearrange some of the apartment's furniture to make him feel more at home.
Animal Trackers

22 - Animal Trackers 02009-04-22

It's Nature Week and George is taking pictures for a big exhibit,and when looking for a fawn that Bill saw,he sees other ordinary animals such as raccoons,squirrels,and bullfrogs,but he also sees footprints that are a cross between a colossal snake,he decides that there is a duck-billed dinosaur on the loose so he decides to lure it by using fruits and vegetables,and he finds new things and clues along the way.The footprints turned out to be made from something far different from a dinosaur!
Season 4 2009 | 18 Episodes

Season 4 of Curious George premiered on Sep 08, 2009.


Curious George, Personal Trainer

1 - Curious George, Personal Trainer 02009-09-08

Professor Wiseman is too busy to keep an exercise routine. So when she signs up to run in a fund-raising footrace, she enlists George as her personal trainer to help whip her into shape. George quickly learns there is more to exercising than meets the eye, and teaches Professor Wiseman that the keys to running are stretching, keeping hydrated, staying motivated and pacing yourself.
Sprout Outing

2 - Sprout Outing 02009-09-08

George has just been made an Honorary Junior Sprout of Country County and is thrilled to be on his first trip with the troop. But when the troop gets lost in the woods, George not only finds himself separated from the group but he also discovers a man sawing branches off a tree — a clear violation of Sprout rules! Can George prevent the man from harming more trees and earn his Sprout stripes along the way?
Gnocchi the Critic

3 - Gnocchi the Critic 02009-09-09

After days of Gnocchi choosing to eat cat food over Chef Pisghetti's famous creations, the Chef decides to stop cooking and close the restaurant! Not wanting to lose his favorite ravioli, George follows Gnocchi to find out why she stopped liking the Chef's food, but all she does is take naps, roll in the dirt and sneeze an awful lot. Her sneeze sounds an awful lot like the Man with the Yellow Hat when his flower allergy flares up. Can George diagnose Gnocchi in time to save Chef P's restaurant?
George Cleans Up

4 - George Cleans Up 02009-09-09

Armed with a cool new monkey-sized vacuum, George watches with amazement as his new "toy" sucks up everything in sight... including some of Mr. Stamp's rare stamps! Inspired by a TV superhero, George dons a cape and embarks on a citywide "cleaning" spree, using his little vacuum to suck up everything from bird food to dog biscuits to a winning lottery ticket. When the townspeople can't catch up to the cleaning monkey, will they view George as a Superhero Vacuum Monkey or a Super Villain?
George Meets Allie-Whoops (AKA: Girl Meets Monkey)

5 - George Meets Allie-Whoops (AKA: Girl Meets Monkey) 02009-10-12

George opens the chicken coop at the Renkins' farm and finds - wait -- a little girl?! Mrs. Renkins introduces George to Allie, her 5-year-old granddaughter who's spending her summer in the country. Allie is thrilled to meet George and practically runs out of breath asking him a million questions. She wants to know what it's like to be a monkey, and George spends an entire day showing her, which includes climbing high in a tree to see where Jumpy squirrel lives. When George climbs down the tree though, he finds that Allie is afraid to follow him. Not that Allie minds being stuck in the tree…she speaks squirrel, you know. Still, George knows girls can't live in trees. He needs to bring out Allie's inner monkey and get her down from the tree!
Hundley's Great Escape (AKA: Curious George Ramps It Up)

6 - Hundley's Great Escape (AKA: Curious George Ramps It Up) 02009-10-12

Hundley takes it upon himself to return the toy a baby dropped in his lobby. But when George sees Hundley racing down the street with the toy in his mouth, George thinks he wants to play, and this delays Hundley. Hundley is not happy to see the baby drive off in a bus sans toy and is even more upset when Gnocchi, who wants in on the fun, grabs the toy and disappears through Pisghetti's basement window. George and Hundley follow Gnocchi into the basement, only to have the door lock behind them. Uh-oh. George and Gnocchi can climb up and out the window, but Hundley can't. George comes to the rescue by constructing a ramp leading to the window that even the littlest Dachshund legs can climb. Now they just need to figure out where that baby went.
Juicy George

7 - Juicy George 02009-11-23

George has never seen a farmer's market before and finding one on his doorstep is just about the best thing ever -- until he drinks Juicy Jay's special blended juice and then that's the best thing ever! When the farmer's market leaves and there's no more juice, the Man with the Yellow Hat and George decide they need their own juicer. As they start to unpack their new purchase, the Man gets called away. A smart monkey can figure out a juicer on his own and recreate the special juice, right? It's certainly not as easy as it seems and certainly not a mess-free process! Although he has a few missteps (amazing how mushed vegetables can fly all the way to the ceiling), George masters the juicer. But will he be able to make the juice he and the Man think is the best ever?
The Big Picture

8 - The Big Picture 02009-11-23

George loves imitating the Cerulean Warbler's distinct chirp and is aghast when the Man with the Yellow Hat tells him that his favorite bird is on the endangered species list. Not to worry, the Man just wrote a book to make people aware that the bird needs assistance. But unfortunately, stores don't want to carry the book because, at 1,400 pages, it looks like a boring scientific tome. Fortunately, George runs into Steve who has lots of idea for promoting his lemonade stand. This prompts George to come up with an idea of his own -- paint an empty billboard with a razzle-dazzle picture to help promote the book. Easier said than done and even when done, will it help sell the book and spread the bird word?
The Inside Story

9 - The Inside Story 02009-12-14

George doesn't feel so well. There's a germ lingering inside his body that has him sneezing and coughing, while making very sleepy. In a cold-induced dream, George and Gnocchi travel inside George's body, chasing a blues-singing germ named Toots and his harmonizing Germettes through the monkey's nose, stomach, and lungs as George tries to rid his body of the germ.
Little Fish, Littler Pond

10 - Little Fish, Littler Pond 02009-12-14

A dry spell has lowered the water level of Lake Wanasink Lake, which leaves one of George and Allie's fish friends trapped in a small pond away from its family! George digs a canal with a lock between the lake and the little pond, but he can't get his fish friend to use it. Can a monkey and girl find another way to get the fish back to its family?
Guest Monkey

11 - Guest Monkey 02010-02-15

George is excited to some day go to school, so Allie decides that he should visit her kindergarten class for a day. But, as it turns out, there are lots of rules about what you can and can't do and George is a bad follower. But things change when George and Allie decide to build a castle in the classroom based on a book they read.
Charkie Goes to School

12 - Charkie Goes to School 02010-02-15

Charkie is at a dog obedience class, and the next day is the final test! Since Betsy has a concert, George (and Hundley) must recreate the obstacle course and make sure Charkie can do it in under a minute to pass.

13 - Relax! 02010-02-16

George and the Man with the Yellow Hat convince Professor Wiseman to take a well-deserved break from work. But a stuck pickle jar, a tangled hammock, and a duck floating away with the Man's beloved hat turn their relaxing picnic in the park into one stressful afternoon. Still, could a day of creative problem solving be exactly what the monkey ordered for Professor Wiseman?
The Box and the Hound

14 - The Box and the Hound 02010-02-16

Charkie will do anything to get what's inside of Aunt Margaret's parcel, but George promised he'd keep it safe! After twisting, turning, flipping, and rotating the box, George is able to get it out of sight, but Charkie's keen sense of smell makes it impossible to stay hidden for long. Can George figure out how to distract Charkie's super sense long enough to get the box back to Aunt Margaret?
George Measures Up

15 - George Measures Up 02010-04-22

Chef Pisghetti believes he's broken the world record for the world's longest strand of spaghetti with a strand of spaghetti that measures 30 feet long. So he puts George under the trust to keep it safe from Gnocchi who thinks it is a really long cat toy until a lady from the world record book can come to measure it. But when the chef calls and asks how tall the building next door to the restaurant is and George tries to measure it, he finds that the chef's measuring tape is too short. But he does have a long piece of spaghetti.
Something New Under the Sun

16 - Something New Under the Sun 02010-04-22

It is the hottest day in the city and the city keeps suffering from blackouts. But there is one place left with electricity: the museum which just converted to being entirely powered by solar power. When George learns how the sun's light can be absorbed and turned into electricity, to do things like charge batteries, he tries to charge up several things at home such as his toy UFO or the cordless phone. But then he learns how solar power really works to make electricity. Then, when another blackout makes the Man unable to cook his lasagna for the museum's big power upgarde party, he and George learn that the sun's heat can also be used to cook things.
Movie House Monkey

17 - Movie House Monkey 02010-06-14

The Man with the Yellow Hat is showing George around his old neighborhood when they come across the abandoned and run-down Bijou that The Man used to visit all the time when he was little. Mr. Glass wants to tear the building down but George gets the idea that they should fix it up and reopen it.
Cooking With Monkey

18 - Cooking With Monkey 02010-06-14

Professor Wiseman wants to makes something creative for the bake sale at Betsy's school. But she believes that the key to cooking is to experiment with different amounts of different ingredients and as a result her cakes come out floppy, gross, and VERY sticky. When Professor Wiseman and George visit Chef Pisghetti he says that cooking is not about testing and experimenting like science and you need to follow a recipe exactly for the food to come out right.
Season 5 2010 | 20 Episodes

Season 5 of Curious George premiered on Sep 06, 2010.


George and Marco Sound It Out

1 - George and Marco Sound It Out 02010-09-06

George is a huge fan of the Mexican family band Lobos de la Plata when they play in the park's old bandstand. But when the old bandstand is torn down, George and his new friend Marco must find a new place for the band to play, but every place they try makes the band seem to sound awful. In the process they learn all about acoustics and how things such as a carpeted floor and a high ceiling make things sound different.
A Monkey's Duckling

2 - A Monkey's Duckling 02010-09-06

It is George's first day of spring on the Renkins' farm and he and Bill arrive on the farm just in time to see Dumpling, the Renkins' duck sitting on her eggs to hatch them. But when she leaves and George sits on the eggs in her place, one of the eggs hatches and the duckling thinks George is its mother. George needs to try to get the duckling to see its real mother.
Trader George

3 - Trader George 02010-09-07

George finds a cart in a keep pile when the man is looking for stuff to get rid of. But when George goes to the Renkins' farm for apple cider, he ends up trading the cart and tries to get it back multiple times. But at a swap meet his friend Vicki trades the cart to people from the city. Then George sees an artist who pushes the same cart and trades the cart for some sticks.
One in a Million Chameleon

4 - One in a Million Chameleon 02010-09-07

George gets to meet Mr. Zoobel's newest pet, a chameleon! Mr. Zoobel tells George that the chameleon has a unique ability: she can change her skin color to blend in With her surroundings. After she breaks out and George cannot find her, he thinks she may have changed color to blend into her hiding place.
George's Super Subway Adventure

5 - George's Super Subway Adventure 02010-09-08

George is in for a surprise—he and the Man With the Yellow Hat are going to the zoo to see a Komodo dragon and they are going to ride the subway to get there! Along the way, George and The Man get separated and they have to get back together before they reach the zoo. Meanwhile, George learns all about how the subway operates and how it gets people between places.
Well Done, George

6 - Well Done, George 02010-09-08

George is outside watering the garden when he gets muddy. He tries to take a bath but there's no water. Not even in the sink. Mr. Quint explains that they have a broken pump. And then he explains how to get the water, with a well and a pump. The pump they have is old. Then The Man explains that an electric pump sends it through a pipe to the house. And they go back to the city since it'll take days to get a new pump. When the go to the apartment, they don't see an orange flier. It says the plumber must shut off the water now. This means there's no water here, too. So George tries to get more water with a pipe.
Downhill Racer

7 - Downhill Racer 02011-02-20

George loves cars And when he hears about the annual Soap Box Derby race in the country, he and Allie decide to enter. But first, they need to build a car, and the rules say no help is allowed. So they look at a book that shows them the parts they need to build a soap box derby racer and find out just what is needed to make one go downhill, and stop.
Book Monkey

8 - Book Monkey 02011-02-20

George is off to one of his favorite places in the city, the library. But when Mrs. Dewey the librarian has to run off, she leaves him in charge of the library to stack and sort books. When George has trouble finding a certain book, he decides to rearrange them, first by color, then by size. But then Steve tells him that the proper way to arrange books is by subject.
Monkey Size Me

9 - Monkey Size Me 02011-02-22

It's The Man with the Yellow Hat's birthday and George wants to throw him a surprise party. The Doorman tells him what he needs to throw a good party, which includes cake, decorations, and friends. But George picks the wrong sizes for everything which leads to disaster. Then George has a dream about what the world would be like it if were monkey-size and decides that in a people-sized world, it is simply a matter of measuring to find the right size.
Metal Detective

10 - Metal Detective 02011-02-22

George and the Man are staying at Professor Wiseman's beach house and George has his favorite toy: Yorbo the Robot. But after taking it outside, it gets buried under the sand in a sudden thunderstorm and George wants to find it. He has trouble trying to find it on the huge beach, until a lady comes and shows him a metal detector. But when George cannot use hers anymore, Professor Wiseman shows him how to make one out of an FM Radio and a calculator.

11 - George-O-Matic 02011-02-23

At the museum, George discovers something he has never seen before-a vending machine and becomes curious as to how one works, thinking there is a farmer and an apple tree inside an apple machine. But then someone shows him what is really inside, a series of simple machines. The Man is asked by Professor Wiseman to host a party for two expedition groups at his apartment and leaves George in charge of dessert. So George decides to build his own vending machine to make it.
Curious George, Sheep Herder

12 - Curious George, Sheep Herder 02011-02-23

At the annual Spring fair in the country, George and Allie come across a sheep shearer and a family making yarn out of a sheep's wool. They also come across a sheep herding contest where Mr. Renkins commands his dog, Bo with a special whistle to herd sheep. When they return home to the country house, the scarf George bought from the yarn makers begins to unravel and they need someone to fix it, but Jumpy Squirrel steals the yarn leaving them in search for more. It seems all of the Renkins' sheep were sheared at the fair and they begin to escape the pasture! George sees the whistle Mr. Renkins used to command Bo and uses it to command Bo to stop the sheep from escaping but is not sure how.
George's Home Run

13 - George's Home Run 02011-04-20

George gets to see his very first baseball game! Marco and his team the Cubbie Bears are playing in the city against the Tiger Babies. But when the scorekeeper can not make it to the game, Marco leaves George in charge of keeping score. The only problem is, George does not know how to count! Marco tells him how to count and makes him remember with a simple song. Later, though, George is also left in charge of the baseball park snack bar and he sees numbers higher than 10.
Monkey On Ice

14 - Monkey On Ice 02011-04-20

In a sunny but snowy winter day in the country, George comes across Bill building an igloo in an attempt to earn his newest Sprout Badge. Bill tells him that to earn the badge, he will build an igloo and spend the night in it. George decides he would like to build an igloo of his own but he would like to make it big enough for all of his friends. Bill reminds him that smaller igloos hold more heat in but George remembers several thing Bill had done to make his igloo airtight. George builds a larger igloo but does not make it airtight, and he winds up freezing in the middle of the night. So he decides to build another igloo inside the house.
Go West, Young Monkey

15 - Go West, Young Monkey 02011-04-21

The Doorman orders a western town for his train set and Steve, Betsy, and George offer to help him put it together while he's at work. Hundley supervises. When the group accidentally sends a small pin from the train track into one of the plant pots, they must dump out all of the soil to search for the missing piece. Hundley falls asleep and dreams of himself and the group in a real western town. In his dream, George finds out how to make proper sifters to efficiently search for small objects, but in the end Hundley's sneezing is the secret to finding the pin. Reference: spaghetti western.
Meet the New Neighbors

16 - Meet the New Neighbors 02011-04-21

The Man in the Yellow Hat is busy preparing for dinner with Professor Wiseman, so he sends George to fetch some groceries for him. On the way, George realizes that their usual grocery store isn't open, but a new grocery specializing in Vietnamese food has opened across the street. George finds fruits and vegetables that are similar to the ingredients on his grocery list, but when he takes them home, he finds that they don't work in The Man in the Yellow Hat's recipes. George gets a tour of the store from the store owner's daughter, Mei.
Follow That Boat

17 - Follow That Boat 02011-04-22

George is very impressed by the model papyrus boat that Steve has built for history class. Steve wants to find a way to test the boat out but when he is unable to in the museum he decides to go to Endless Park. But a stray current caused by a rainstorm sends the boat on its way down the river and down a storm drain. Steve and George try to find the boat at the local waste treatment plant but due to the recent storm, the boat has completely bypassed the plant and floated out into the ocean. There, the waste treatment facility uses a skimming boat to collect floatables-trash that people have dumped into the ocean. They decide that Steve's boat may be floating in the ocean somewhere.
Windmill Monkey

18 - Windmill Monkey 02011-04-22

George is busy planting food in the rooftop garden of the apartment building but he has a problem. He can't stop Compass and his pigeon friends from eating all the seeds. He recalls how the Renkins built a scarecrow in their garden to scare away birds so he decides to do the same thing. But his is not scary enough to scare away any birds. Later, he and the Man with the Yellow Hat go to a farm in the country where George comes across a windmill. The farmer tells George that windmills can be used for many different things and they are all done with nothing but the power of the wind. So George decides to build a windmill of his own to make his scarecrow move. Reference: Don Quixote and the windmills.
Mother's Day Surprise

19 - Mother's Day Surprise 02011-05-06

It is nearing Mother's Day in the city and Marco decides that he should throw his mom a fiesta complete with a homemade piñata. He and George try to build one out of papier-mâché but Marco forgets it takes days for it to dry. Then George decides that they can build one out of empty food containers. But Marco and George have trouble trying to get a piñata that is shaped like a donkey.
Jungle Gym

20 - Jungle Gym 02011-05-06

When George sees a cricket at the annual country gymnastics competition he decides to follow it across the gymnastics obstacles because, being a monkey, he is very good at jumping and swinging. When Mrs. Somersault the area gym teacher sees George, she decides to sign George and Allie up for her gym class, which Bill also agrees to join. While they all enjoy her gym class, they are disappointed to find out that it only takes place once a week. So, they decide to build a gym of their own in the back yard of the country house, where they can practice when it is not gym class day.
Season 6 2011 | 20 Episodes

Season 6 of Curious George premiered on Sep 03, 2011.


School of Dance

1 - School of Dance 02011-09-03

Everyone in the country is excited about Allie's big dance party. Everyone, that is except Bill, who wants to avoid going to the party because he can't dance. George sees Mr. and Mrs. Renkins practicing the box step for the dance and that's when he decides that all he needs to do is teach Bill to dance. But George can't seem to figure out how to teach Bill unable to speak. That's when he decides that maybe, if a map can tell you how to get someplace, maybe he can make one to tell Bill and the others who also want to dance. All he has to do is figure out how to design the map to show which foot is left and right, which steps are small and big, and where to move your feet.
Curious George Sounds Off

2 - Curious George Sounds Off 02011-09-03

Chef Pisghetti has some new friends outside the kitchen, the four hens Eeney, Meeney, Miney, and Freckles, so he can have the freshest eggs possible to use for his food. But the only problem is, his new hens don't seem to be making any. George decides to stay with the chickens overnight in their coop to see what is making them unhappy and soon finds out. Being in the middle of the noisy city, the chicken coop can be very noisy at night, keeping the chickens awake and making them tired. George decides to keep the chickens somewhere else less noisy. When he tries the library and they manage to lay a few eggs, he figures out what to do. All he needs to do is soundproof the chicken coop. There are a lot of materials George can use in his apartment building's recycling room, but he just needs to figure out which ones work the best, for the soundproofing and the chickens.
George Buys a Kite

3 - George Buys a Kite 02011-09-04

While flying their kite one day in the country, George and Bill are forced to buy a new kite after it is destroyed in a freak accident. George and Bill find a fancy new kite at Ada and Luke's General Store and decide to place it on layaway until they can get enough money to buy it. Bill and George decide to form a task force to earn enough money to buy the kite. They then have to decide the most efficient order to perform the tasks in and how much time to spend on each. The one thing George later realizes they forgot was to plan their jobs according to the weather, with indoor jobs on rainy or windy days and outdoor jobs on sunny days.
Train of Light

4 - Train of Light 02011-09-04

One of George's favorite things to do in the city is visit Mabel's Department Store, because there are so many things to do. One day while The Man With the Yellow Hat is doing his shopping George sees something he never has before, a moving light in the shape of a train, and soon discovers that a lamp with a rotating shade is making it. Fascinated by the light, George decides to make his own moving light for home, but when he stays at the store too long to find out how he winds up locked in after hours. With nothing else to do, George decides to make his own moving light right in the store.
Auctioneer George

5 - Auctioneer George 02011-09-05

George and Marco are attending their first-ever auction in the city. The Man has to explain to George that in an auction you don't buy the items, you bid on them. And the person with the highest bid at the end wins the item. George has been given a dollar to bid on whatever he wants and he winds up bidding on and winning a pair of red mittens. Unfortunately, George later finds out that the mittens cost $101.00 not $1.00. Without the money to pay for the mittens, he has to re-auction them. Nobody at the auction seems to want the mittens but George remembers that Mr. Glass had his eyes on the same mittens.
Sock Monkey Opera

6 - Sock Monkey Opera 02011-09-05

George, the Man, Aunt Margret, and Steve are going to see one of Betsy's favorite operas, Hansel & Gretel, but Betsy has to stay home because she has the chickenpox. When George sees the opera, he really enjoys it and feels sorry for Betsy having missed it. So, since he had gotten a copy of the music from the opera, he decides to recreate it for Betsy. He soon finds out he has trouble playing all the parts, so he decides to make sock puppets of all the characters and draw the scenery. Now all George has to do is find a way to control the scenery as well as the characters.
Hamster Cam

7 - Hamster Cam 02011-09-06

Steve & George are busy making a map of the city while Betsy is doing a little experimenting with Professor Wismean's new micro-sized camera. After Steve loses his marker under the sofa, he decides to put the camera on his pet hamster, Hoagie. He places Hoagie on the couch but he winds up running out the door of the apartment and outside. George and Steve now have to find him. George takes the map they have made of the city and goes outside on a look for the hamster with Steve watching the cam on the computer and telling George where to go. Only problem is, George can't tell his left from his right-literally.
The Great Monkey Detective

8 - The Great Monkey Detective 02011-09-06

George is too excited to nap! Chef Pisghetti is showing a Basil Know-it-all detective movie! Basil is George's favorite detective of all time. Upon arriving at the restaurant, George discovers a mystery of his own. Chef Pisghetti's recipe book is missing from its usual spot on the shelf. Because of missing his nap, George falls asleep during the movie but remembers a scene where Basil used a vase as a magnifying glass. In his dream, George does not have a vase but he can fill a plastic bag with water and round it up like a balloon. After waking up having missed most of the movie, George tries to solve the mystery of the missing cookbook but he does not have a magnifying glass or a bag that can be filled and twisted without it leaking.
George and the Giant Thumb

9 - George and the Giant Thumb 02011-09-07

It has just rained in the country and Bill is having some trouble throwing newspapers due to a sprained thumb. When Allie and George see an article in the paper about a giant statue of a dog, they decide to make one as a tribute to Bill's thumb. They cannot seem to find the right building materials. George does not have enough clay, shaving cream is too runny, and peanut butter is too sticky. Eventually, with the recent rain, they try to make a statue out of mud. But they can't seem to get the mud to hold its shape.
Shutter Monkey

10 - Shutter Monkey 02011-09-07

George always has the time to stop for a good picture with his friend The Man With the Yellow Hat. When Betsy takes his picture, she says she is entering a children's photography contest. Her pictures all have a basic shape hidden somewhere in them. She takes George to her apartment and shows him how she downloads the pictures on to her computer and prints them out. After a freak accident, Steve winds up destroying all of her pictures. So he sends George to take new ones while he distracts Betsy. George remembers how all of the pictures have a basic shape and must find those shapes to get those pictures.
Wind Symphony

11 - Wind Symphony 02012-02-21

Something unique is coming to the roof of George's Apartment Building-a symphony made out of wind put on by Mr. Zoobel and sponsored by Mr. Glass. The only propblem is that Mr. Zoobel does not know how to put on a wind symphony. Mr. Zoobel wants a loud "Bong!", a long "Whoo", a "Tink-tink-tink", and lastly a nice "Snap!", and George may be just the monkey to help. All he needs are ordinary household objects, and wind.
George and Allie's Automated Car Wash

12 - George and Allie's Automated Car Wash 02012-02-21

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in the country, George and The Man normally wash the cars, The Man's big car and all of George's toy cars. But today they are doing something a little different and getting the car washed, at the country town's new automatic car wash. George and Allie are fascinated by how the car wash works and how it pulls the car through a line of different operations in a set order. When they get home, George and Allie decide to build an automatic car wash of their own to wash George's toy cars.
Feeling Antsy

13 - Feeling Antsy 02012-02-22

One morning in the city, a breakfast mishap leads to a mess of food all over the floor of the apartment. The Man leaves George to clean it up before ants come into the apartment because "Once ants come into an apartment you can never get rid of them." Sure, enough, George finds one ant, then two, then an entire army, and Hundley's quest for a clean hallway leads him into George's apartment. Now George and Hundley have to work together to find how to get rid of the ants without hurting them and stop more ants from coming. Turns out, they discover that ants are scavngers-they will constantly move to find food, no matter where it is.
Maple Monkey Madness

14 - Maple Monkey Madness 02012-02-22

It's a winter morning in the country, the perfect time for pancakes, but George and The Man seem to be out of syrup! The Man tells George that syrup comes from trees, but not growing ON them, growing IN them! You just have to tap the trees. Unfortunately George and Allie cannot get any syrup to come out no matter how hard they tap the trees. Then Mr. Renkins shows them that to tap a tree you need a few tools and a small hole in the tree, and once you do that, a small liquid starts dripping out of the tree. But this liquid is gray and very bitter, not like syrup, because as Mr. Renkins explains, it is sap, and needs to be boiled into syrup.
DJ George

15 - DJ George 02012-04-16

George and The Man With the Yellow Hat are excited because The Man's favorite jazz musician, Bonnie Smooth is coming to town and Howlin' Hal, the DJ at the local radio station is giving out front-row tickets to her concert. George and The Man win the tickets and go to the local radio station to claim them, where Howlin' Hal shows George how the radio station works. In a mishap, George winds up locked inside the DJ room with Howlin' Hal and The Man locked out and Bonnie Smooth about to call in to the station to debut her new song! The two need to find a way for George to take the call and broadcast it.
Curious George Paints the Desert

16 - Curious George Paints the Desert 02012-04-16

George, The Man With the Yellow Hat, and Mr. and Mrs. Quint are going to the desert to dig for fossils. When they arrive, George meets an Indian chief named John, who shows him how he paints out of desert sand colored with natural chemicals. John paints a picture of George in the sand but a few bunnies come and eat his painting! After John leaves to help The Man and Mr. Quint, George decides to make his own sand paint and paint his own picture. George soon finds that all the sand in the desert is the same shade of light brown, but he discovers how fruits and vegetables can be used to color the sand. He also needs to make sure that the sand is dry so it can flow from his hands. Once he figures out the recipe for good colored sand paint, he just needs to find a way to stop it from blowing away in the desert sand, and to make it bunny-proof.
No Knowing Gnocchi

17 - No Knowing Gnocchi 02012-04-18

Chef Pisghetti has a problem and it has stopped him from cooking his pasta al dente, Gnocchi seems to be running away from the restaurant during the day for no reason at all, and it began after the chef did some cleaning up around the place to stop her from scratching a few items, including the restaurant's wooden back door. George decides to follow her around to see where she is going all day and every day. He finds Gnocchi at a shipyard scratching bags of rice, the park scratching a tree, dump scratching cardboard, the construction site scratching a painted canvas and a Mexican restaurant scratching a menu board, which has the chef worried that Gnocchi now prefers Mexican food. George later discovers that all the things she has been scratching feel the same as a few items the chef threw out, so he needs to create a new area of items that feel the same so she can stay around the restaurant.
Here Comes the Tide

18 - Here Comes the Tide 02012-04-18

George and Marco have gone on vacation with Professor Wiseman and The Man with the Yellow Hat to the beach. They have all come for a vacation on the beach as well as to observe the tides and the tidal pools. Professor Wiseman explains to George and Marco that in ancient times, items left on the beach had been buried by the tides almost like buried treasure, leaving George and Marco to try to bury a box of treasure on the beach themselves, including Marco's favorite toy, Silverwolf, a small silver plastic wolf. They later decide to locate and dig up the treasure but they can't seem to find it, and the water is deeper than it was before. They also get distracted by a friendly and playful dolphin in the water. They later see how the tides constantly change the shore and how they are always moving, even surfacing the treasure they couldn't find before.
Junky Monkey

19 - Junky Monkey 02012-04-20

It is Pretty City Day in the Big City. George is a member of Steve's pod, a group of people that will help clean up the city, and his group has been assigned to clean up George's street! The winner gets their face on a poster. George begins his work cleaning the city but a lot of the things he sees being thrown out are amazing, too amazing to put in the trash. When he decides to bring those things home, he winds up with more keepsakes than trash! That's when The Man With the Yellow Hat explains that a collection is made up of things that are related or the same, like his collection of pig sculptures. Now George has to decide what to keep and what kinds of the same things to keep.
Jumpy Warms Up

20 - Jumpy Warms Up 02012-04-20

It is a record-setting winter in the country-one of the coldest in recent years! Even Jumpy, normally an outdoor animal has to find refuge in George and The Man's Country House. The Man himself finds though, that the country house seems to be extra cold. He then finds that the house has several small holes in the walls, and others areas where cold air, and the occasional squirrel can leak in. He decides that he needs to insulate the house, because insulation is designed to keep a house warm, and unfortunately, sealing up all those holes makes Jumpy unwelcome. Feeling sorry for him, George decides to make a fully insulated house for Jumpy that will keep him warm and happy all winter.
Season 7 2012 | 12 Episodes

Season 7 of Curious George premiered on Dec 03, 2012.


Monkey Down Under

1 - Monkey Down Under 02012-12-03

George and the Man With the Yellow Hat enjoy an Australian outback safari adventure.
Bright Lights, Little Monkey

2 - Bright Lights, Little Monkey 02012-12-03

George, Allie and Bill search for a mysterious creature known as the Perseids.
We Otter Be Friends

3 - We Otter Be Friends 02012-12-04

George is stranded when an otter swims away with Mr. Quint's boat keys.
Sir George and the Dragon

4 - Sir George and the Dragon 02012-12-04

George dreams that he's guarding a medieval castle.
Hundley Jr.

5 - Hundley Jr. 02012-12-05

Hundley has to choose between looking after the lobby or caring for a caterpillar.
Curious George Gets Winded

6 - Curious George Gets Winded 02012-12-05

A snowstorm threatens Bill's chances of winning the coveted Golden Pouch newspaper-delivery award.
Where's the Firedog?

7 - Where's the Firedog? 02013-02-04

Blaze ends up at the animal shelter.
Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye

8 - Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye 02013-02-04

George chases away Toots, the blues-singing germ.
Honey of a Monkey

9 - Honey of a Monkey 02013-04-23

George and Steve accidentally eat all of Betsy's honeycomb before her Earth Day presentation.
Curious George's Egg Hunt

10 - Curious George's Egg Hunt 02013-04-23

George and Allie search for the proper nest to place an egg that they found in the grass.
George and Allie's Lawn Service

11 - George and Allie's Lawn Service 02013-04-24

George and Allie try to keep baby goats from escaping their pen.
Curious George's Scavenger Hunt

12 - Curious George's Scavenger Hunt 02013-04-24

George, Marco and Chef Pisghetti take part in a scavenger hunt to raise money for an animal shelter.
Season 8 2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 8 of Curious George premiered on Feb 10, 2014.


Toy Monkey

1 - Toy Monkey 02014-02-10

George, the Man, and their Aunt Sylvia take George broken front loader toy to the toy store. After they find out the toy is defective, they fix their toy at the factory.
George and Allie's Game Plan

2 - George and Allie's Game Plan 02014-02-10

George goes to the annual weekend fair with Allie and The Man with the Yellow Hat. Allie plans to win a teddy bear from a game. When she learns she is poor at the game, George convinces her to practice at home.
Monkey Hoedown

3 - Monkey Hoedown 02014-02-11

George and Allie wash The Man's guitar, but it breaks down, so they build a new one made out of other stuff. It doesn't sound well, but it still is used in a concert. This guitar gave The Man an idea for lyrics for his song.
Curious George Clowns Around

4 - Curious George Clowns Around 02014-02-11

George and the Man with the Yellow Hat visit the Clown College for Pepe El Loco's Big Show. George has to substitute for a messenger clown and has to make pickups. He does not know how to count from any number except one, so every time he makes a delivery, he must start on floor one and count his way up the building.
George's Backwards Flight Plan

5 - George's Backwards Flight Plan 02014-02-12

Professor Wiseman is set to launch B.I.R.D., her bird migration tracking device, but the remote control isn't functioning properly, as everything on it is reversed.
Curious George, Hog Trainer

6 - Curious George, Hog Trainer 02014-02-12

George and Allie are determined to help Howie the Hog win a blue ribbon at the state fair.
Red Planet Monkey

7 - Red Planet Monkey 02014-05-19

George is thrilled to visit Pizza and Einstein's Space Center to help solve a problem with the Mars rover. But a sleepy monkey falls asleep and wakes to discover that he and the Man with the Yellow Hat are going to Mars.
Tortilla Express

8 - Tortilla Express 02014-05-19

When the grocer runs out of masa (cornmeal), George and Marco are worried they won't be able to make Marco's famous tortillas for his abuela's birthday. Thankfully, Uncle Enrique makes it his mission to find the key ingredient. During their ride on the "Tortilla Express," all three learn where masa comes from and how it gets from the farm to Marco's table.
Curious George Goes for 100

9 - Curious George Goes for 100 02014-05-20

It's Lake Wannasink Lake's 100th anniversary and George is in charge of the main attraction - the town's 100-year-old-flag with 10 stripes and 100 stars. When the stripes accidentally blow away, George runs around the countryside to retrieve them.
Fearless George

10 - Fearless George 02014-05-20

Fearless George" and his comrades (aka Steve and Betsy) are playing a make-believe adventure with George's toys. But putting away toys only to set them up again the next day really eats into play time.
Big, Bad Hundley

11 - Big, Bad Hundley 02014-05-21

When Hundley notices a big dog named Goliath helping the Doorman in the lobby, he wishes he were taller. George and Marco try to help the dachshund by giving him stilts, platform shoes, and even a fun house mirror to makes Hundley look big. But nothing cheers Hundley up until he figures out that good things come in all sizes.
George's Simple Siphon

12 - George's Simple Siphon 02014-05-21

On the first hot day of summer, George, Bill and Allie decide to take a dip in Bill's pool only to discover that the pool is filled with algae! Even oars, rubber boots, pots, pans, and yellow rain hats won't empty the green water. Hot and tired, George gets a refreshing idea while sipping lemonade from his super long straw. Simple siphon to the rescue.
Season 9 2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 9 of Curious George premiered on Oct 28, 2014.



1 - Submonkey 02014-10-28

When Professor Pizza's birthday present is dragged away by a strong ocean current, George volunteers to take an undersea adventure in a monkey-sized submarine to retrieve it.
Double-O Monkey Tracks Trouble

2 - Double-O Monkey Tracks Trouble 02014-10-28

Double-Oh-Monkey takes on his most important case yet - to prevent Steve's well-intentioned (but always disastrous) "good luck present" from ruining Betsy's dance recital! Using his super spy skills and all five of his senses, George tracks down Steve and discovers...a bucket of wet paint?
Monkey Goes Batty

3 - Monkey Goes Batty 02014-10-29

A hole in the roof means George and the Man with the Yellow Hat must sleep in the living room while their bedrooms are being repaired. But their adventure quickly turns into a disaster when George's nightly trips to the kitchen keep the Man awake at night.
Curious George and the Balloon Hound

4 - Curious George and the Balloon Hound 02014-10-29

George and Hundley are amazed by all the flying machines at the museum's aviation exhibit. So when Hundley's souvenir airship flies out of reach in the lobby, he dreams he is British flying ace, Leftenant Doxie. Joined by the daring flyboy Chuck Monkey, the dynamic duo use propeller power as they race towards the finish line. When Hundley awakens from his dream, he has a few new ideas on how to get his ceiling bound toy within reach.
George's Photo Finish

5 - George's Photo Finish 02014-10-30

Today is the big unveiling of the Ankylosaurus dinosaur skeleton at the Museum, but it's missing a leg! George and the Man with the Yellow Hat thought they delivered all 4 bones. Where did the 4th bone go? Fortunately, Mr. Quint took pictures on their way to the Museum. Maybe the photos can lead them to the bone...if they can only figure out which order to put them in.
Monkey Mystery Gift

6 - Monkey Mystery Gift 02014-10-30

George and Allie's imaginations run wild as they brainstorm what could be in the large unmarked box on George's doorstep. Based on its weight, sound, smell, and bristly hair, they're certain it's a baby goat! But what's really inside surprises them more than anything they could have ever imagined.
Happy Valentine's Day, George!

7 - Happy Valentine's Day, George! 02015-02-09

George wants to make his friends the best Valentine's Day card ever, but even with four paws, it takes a long time to create homemade cards for everyone. With a little help from sponge shapes, red paint, and a waffle iron, George creates the first ever monkey Valentine's Printing Press!
Oh Deer

8 - Oh Deer 02015-02-09

When a hungry deer keeps nibbling on the flowers in George and Allie's garden, George uses all of his five senses to keep the deer out. But a scarecrow, loud noises, sticky tape, and stinky rotten eggs don't work, leaving George with one last sense -- taste!
George's Curious Dragon Dance

9 - George's Curious Dragon Dance 02015-03-31

George and Marco are excited to help their new friend Lily practice the dragon dance for the Chinese New Year parade! But when they accidentally ruin the nose on the dragon costume, it's a race against the clock to fix it in time.
Bowling for Bobolinks

10 - Bowling for Bobolinks 02015-03-31

Monkeys love bowling, especially when high scores raise money for their favorite songbird - the bobolink! But when George finds himself dodging runaway balls and flying shoes, he worries the charity event will be a bust.
Curious George's Amazon Adventure

11 - Curious George's Amazon Adventure 02015-04-01

To raise awareness for the rainforest, Professor Wiseman enlists George and the Man with the Yellow Hat to help make a movie about the different plants, animals, and insects that call it home. But when a frisky tamarin monkey runs off with their camera, the chase is on!
Monkey Senses

12 - Monkey Senses 02015-04-01

George, Steve, Hundley, and Gnocchi get stuck in the back of a delivery truck after Steve steps inside in order to get out of the sun and see his handheld video game better. When the truck finally stops and George helps them escape, they are lost and must use their senses and memory to figure out how to get back home.




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