Jacob Ewaniuk
Jacob Ewaniuk

Conner / Cat Boy (voice)

Kyle Breitkopf
Kyle Breitkopf

Greg / Gekko (voice)

Addison Holley
Addison Holley

Amaya / Owelette (voice)

Season 1 2015 | 52 Episodes

Season 1 of PJ Masks premiered on Sep 18, 2015.


Blame It on the Train, Owlette

1 - Blame It on the Train, Owlette 02015-09-18

When the new Fairground Flyer Train goes missing from the fair, Owlette will need to learn that a little patience goes a long way to get it back.
Catboy's Cloudy Crisis

2 - Catboy's Cloudy Crisis 02015-09-18

Catboy attempts to save summer from Luna Girl.
Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip

3 - Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip 02015-09-18

Romeo erases all the stories from books.
Catboy and the Pogo-Dozer

4 - Catboy and the Pogo-Dozer 02015-09-18

Romeo uses boxing gloves to break into a museum and steal a jet pack.
Gekko and the Super Ninjalinos

5 - Gekko and the Super Ninjalinos 02015-09-25

Night Ninja steals sports equipment.
Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble

6 - Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble 02015-09-25

Romeo takes a pterodactyl model from a dinosaur exhibit and turns it into a flying robot.
Catboy and the Shrinker

7 - Catboy and the Shrinker 42015-10-02

Romeo and Night Ninja try to shrink PJ Masks.
Owlette and the Moonball

8 - Owlette and the Moonball 02015-10-02

Luna Girl's Moon-Ball sucked up all the toys so she can keep them to herself.
Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade

9 - Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade 02015-10-09

Zoo visitors are leaving the butterfly gardens because the butterflies are gone. The PJ Masks try to get the butterflies back home.
Owlette the Winner

10 - Owlette the Winner 02015-10-09

Luna Girl took the whistle for her two moth teams to get every toy in the toy shop.
Speak Up, Gekko!

11 - Speak Up, Gekko! 02015-10-16

Romeo plans to steal all of the PJ Masks' voices so he can blame them for his crimes.
Catboy and Master Fang's Sword

12 - Catboy and Master Fang's Sword 02015-10-16

Night Ninja steals Master Fang's sword.
Catboy VS. Robo-Cat

13 - Catboy VS. Robo-Cat 02015-10-23

Romeo controls robot duplicates of Owlette and Gekko that he calls "Robo-Owl" and "Robo-Gekko" while the real Gregg and Amaya are locked in hanging cages.
Owlette and the Giving Owl

14 - Owlette and the Giving Owl 02015-10-23

Owlette's prized 'Giving Owl' statue is stolen by Luna Girl! Can Owlette learn the gift of giving to save Catboy and Gekko?
Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue

15 - Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue 02015-10-30

Gekko's birthday party is ruined when Night Ninja steals everything.
Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus

16 - Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus 02015-10-30

Luna Girl turns a sleepwalking Cameron into her own private puppet.
Looking After Gekko

17 - Looking After Gekko 02015-11-06

Night Ninja steals the school bus and converts it into his very own super vehicle.
Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino

18 - Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino 02015-11-06

A super small Ninjalino is discovered at headquarters.
Catboy's Tricky Ticket

19 - Catboy's Tricky Ticket 02015-11-13

Catboy must decide which of his two best friends to take to a concert.
Gekko and the Missing Gekko-Mobile

20 - Gekko and the Missing Gekko-Mobile 02015-11-13

Gekko loses the Gekko-Mobile just when it's needed most.
Catboy's Flying Fiasco

21 - Catboy's Flying Fiasco 02015-11-20

Catboy gets a scooter from an unknown aunt.
Gekko's Stay at Home Sneezes

22 - Gekko's Stay at Home Sneezes 02015-11-20

Gekko gets the sneezes and his friends want him to rest inside HQ.
Gekko Saves Christmas

23 - Gekko Saves Christmas 02015-12-04

The Christmas lights and decorations were stolen from the tree on Christmas Eve. Gekko must learn to ride Luna Girl's Luna Board to save Christmas.
Gekko's Nice Ice Plan

24 - Gekko's Nice Ice Plan 02015-12-04

Romeo freezes the whole city with his La-Boggan. Gekko has a plan to save the day.
Gekko and the Mighty Moon Problem

25 - Gekko and the Mighty Moon Problem 02015-12-11

Romeo stole the observatory's telescope for use with his space laser. He wants to carve a picture of himself on the moon.
Clumsy Catboy

26 - Clumsy Catboy 02015-12-11

By day, Greg and Amaya get ready to show their volcano project, but they notice that Connor was very clumsy and almost wreck their project. They notice that Connor wasn't that only one that's clumsy. By night, it was Romeo that was making everyone in the city clumsy. Gekko and Owlette tried to get Catboy to admit that he's clumsy but he won't. Gekko and Owlette got surprised that Romeo said Catboy was the first one to be zapped on the night before. Now, Gekko and Owlette got zapped with Romeo's machine, and both are very clumsy. The PJ Masks think of a plan to stop Romeo by using their clumsiness.
Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage

27 - Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage 02016-01-22

The playground equipment was stolen by Robot because Romeo made a new robot called Robette. Robot was jealous.
Owlette's Feathered Friend

28 - Owlette's Feathered Friend 02016-01-22

A bird invades the HQ. Luna Girl reveals she is going to turn HQ into a giant Luna Magnet.
Owlette and the Battling Headquarters

29 - Owlette and the Battling Headquarters 02016-01-29

PJ Masks see Ninjalinos stealing school buses. Night Ninja makes his HQ out of the stolen school buses.
Gekko and the Mayhem at the Museum

30 - Gekko and the Mayhem at the Museum 02016-01-29

Romeo wants to take over the town with his latest invention - the 'Big Box of Bad'.
Catboy Takes Control

31 - Catboy Takes Control 02016-02-05

Romeo steals the inside of the PJ Masks remote control helicopter for his new remote to control people.
Owlette's Two Wrongs

32 - Owlette's Two Wrongs 02016-02-05

The PJ Masks work to stop Nigh Ninja from destroying the museum.
Gekko Floats

33 - Gekko Floats 02016-02-12

Romeo uses his Anti-Gravity Maching to try to send the HQ to the moon.
Catboy's Two Wheeled Wonder

34 - Catboy's Two Wheeled Wonder 02016-02-12

Romeo steals cars and the PJ Masks Super-Vehicles.
Catboy's Great Gig

35 - Catboy's Great Gig 02016-03-18

Night Ninja steals the school's instruments. He wants to use them for his own concert.
Owlette's New Move

36 - Owlette's New Move 02016-03-18

Romeo wants to take over the world by using his three machines: his Robot, his La-Boggan and his Track-A-Whacker.
Supersonic Owlette

37 - Supersonic Owlette 02016-04-01

Romeo broke into HQ. He says he needs to know how to bring up the PJ Picture Player "in peace", so he teleported the PJ Masks outside of HQ.
Catboy and the Sticky Splat Slingshot

38 - Catboy and the Sticky Splat Slingshot 02016-04-01

The PJ Masks find out that Night Ninja is doing his biggest, baddest night-time villain move ever: the Sticky Splat Slingshot. Catboy, however, wants the mission to be his biggest save yet.
Owlette of a Kind

39 - Owlette of a Kind 02016-04-22

Romeo steals Owlette's powers and turns himself, Catboy and Gekko into fliers.
Beat the Drum, Catboy

40 - Beat the Drum, Catboy 02016-04-22

Night Ninja plans to turn Catboy's daytime parade into the Night Ninja Parade Spectacular.
Catboy Squared

41 - Catboy Squared 02016-06-24

When Greg doesn't take care of Cameron's mini-car, it goes missing!
Gekko's Super Gekko Sense

42 - Gekko's Super Gekko Sense 02016-06-24

Night Ninja challenges the PJ Masks to a game of Capture the Flag with the PJ Mask headquarters as the prize.
Owlette and the Owletteenies

43 - Owlette and the Owletteenies 02016-07-15

Romeo's multiplying machine accidentally makes Catboy copies.
Gekko's Blame Campaign

44 - Gekko's Blame Campaign 02016-07-15

By day, Connor and Amaya were at the Cafe, then Greg showed up, telling Connor and Amaya about the car Cameron let him borrow for the day.
Owlette and the Moonflower

45 - Owlette and the Moonflower 02016-08-19

By day, the trio are working on sunflowers for the sunflower competition. Connor and Greg notice that Amaya's flower isn't so healthy, and they give her advice.
Slowpoke Gekko

46 - Slowpoke Gekko 02016-08-19

In the day, the trio discovers slow moving people and animals. As the PJ Masks, they discover that Romeo invented a slow motion ray so everyone will be too slow to stop him from conquering the world. But Gekko keeps getting distracted, causing him to be hit by the slow motion ray. He comes up with a plan for Catboy and Owlette to distract Romeo, while he slowly makes his way to destroy the slow motion machine.
Catboy and the Lunar Dome

47 - Catboy and the Lunar Dome 02016-10-21

At day, Connor is trying a new dance move called The Tornado except he messed up and ended up being laughed by the kids. Then, while Connor, Amaya, and Greg are walking back to their school, one of Luna Girl's moths gave the kids an invitation to her party, but they soon become suspicious of her plan and the trio transforms later at night. Luna Girl appears with the speakers and streamers for the party. She states that the PJ masks aren't really guests, but they are victims of her Lunar Dome, and traps them. Luckily, the dome doesn't cover the whole HQ since it's only in a half circle so the PJ masks suggest that digging underground is the only way out. Unfortunately, an embarrassed Catboy thinks of other ideas despite Owlette and Gekko telling him that the Super Tornado is the only key to escaping the dome. When Greg, Connor and Amaya were in the library reading books, Greg found a book about the strongest athletes in the world that won many medals and trophies.
Gekko and the Rock of All Power

48 - Gekko and the Rock of All Power 02016-10-21

Greg wondered if he could win at least one medal to declare him being strong. By the time they went out of the library, they saw lamposts being bent. By night, they saw Night Ninja chasing a rock called the Rock of All Power. Amaya heard about the rock in her Kung Fu book that whoever breaks the rock will be awarded with a medal. Gekko was so tempted to break the rock to get the medal since he has the power of strength instead of protecting his friends and their HQ. But while he tries to stop the rock, he breaks it, not meaning to. He says that he felt stronger than ever, and that true strength comes from caring for your friends. That is the best strength.
Super-Sized Gekko!

49 - Super-Sized Gekko! 02016-12-02

Luna Girl steals parade floats!
Take to the Skies, Owlette

50 - Take to the Skies, Owlette 02016-12-02

The three friends are excited for the loop-the-loop airplane show, but two adults tell them it's been cancelled because the planes were stolen.
Slow Down Catboy

51 - Slow Down Catboy 02017-02-17

Connor, Greg, and Amaya are preparing for a school race, but the trophy was stolen. In the night, they find out Night Ninja took the trophy. He proposes a race between himself and Catboy, with Luna Girl as the referee. What she really wants is the trophy for herself. Catboy keeps messing up because he kept going to fast in each competition. Owlette and Gekko try to convince him to take his time, as slow and steady wins the race. Finally, he comes up with a plan and offers one last race with the two villains. This time he slows down and wins the race, with the other two competetants losing. The PJ Masks return the trophy to where it belonged.
Gekko's Special Rock

52 - Gekko's Special Rock 02017-02-17

Greg accidentally leaves his rock at the museum. He and his friends go back to get it, only to discover all the magnetic rocks are gone. By night, they find that Luna Girl stole the rocks for her Luna magnet to pick up bigger things, like vehicles. She uses them to try and destroy things, including the PJ Masks. But instead of trying to get the mission done, Gekko tries to go after his rock, and that causes the heroes to struggle to get the mission to a success. His friends tell him that's it's not important like the mission is, and he sacrifices his rock to stop Luna Girl.
Season 2 2018 | 52 Episodes

Season 2 of PJ Masks premiered on Jan 15, 2018.

PJ Masks follows three 6-year-olds, Connor, Amaya, and Greg, who lead relatively normal lives by day, where they are neighbours, classmates, and friends. However, at night, they become Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, and fight crime as the PJ Masks, a superhero team. Together they go on adventures, defeat criminals, solve mysteries, and learn valuable lessons.


Moonfizzle Balls

1 - Moonfizzle Balls 02018-01-15

Soccer Ninjalinos

2 - Soccer Ninjalinos 02018-01-19

27b "Soccer Ninjalinos" Christian De Vita Tim Bain Christian Kuntz January 15, 2018 1.13[29] At day time, the kids are practicing their soccer skills until they noticed a toy store nearby has sticky splats all over it. At night, Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos are playing their own style of soccer and plan to splat the entire city. When Owlette's feet are stuck in a splat ball, she still wants to play despite her disabled feet but that only makes the mission harder.
Lionel - Saurus

3 - Lionel - Saurus 02018-01-23

28a "Lionel - Saurus" Christian De Vita Jonah Stroh Jean-François Galataud January 19, 2018 0.77[30] The kids are having a picnic in the park while Greg is playing with his pet Lionel until they noticed that Lionel has mysteriously disappeared. At night, it turns out Romeo was feeding Lionel some green pet treats that makes him big and calls him Lionel-Saurus though he also has some red treats that makes him shrink. He also mentions that making the treats took 365 nights which is odd. Unfortunately, Gekko keeps on being defensive on his favorite pet despite Lionel's big size which not only makes the mission harder, but nearly endangered both the PJ masks and the city. Vehicle: Owl-Glider Hero Revelation: What's best for your pet. Don't judge what they look like.
Catboy's Cuddly

4 - Catboy's Cuddly 02018-02-02

28b "Catboy's Cuddly" Christian De Vita Gerard Foster Eric Dragon January 19, 2018 0.77[30] At day time, the kids are going to school with their cuddly pets though Connor knows they're too old already to have those until they noticed that Cameron's sister is upset that she has a talking Romeo doll instead of her own cuddly which makes the kids suspicious. At night, Romeo and Robot were stealing all the cuddly dolls and plan to transform them into cuddly Romeo dolls. But Catboy wasn't the only who feels ashamed for hiding his cuddly from his teammates, even Owlette and Gekko are also ashamed because their cuddly dolls are stolen so they must stop Romeo at all costs despite being kids. Vehicle: Owl-Glider Hero Revelation: Don't feel ashamed for what you have.
Night of the Cat

5 - Night of the Cat 02018-02-09

Catboy Does It Again

6 - Catboy Does It Again 02018-02-23

Terrible Two-Some

7 - Terrible Two-Some 02018-03-09

Owlette’s Luna Trouble

8 - Owlette’s Luna Trouble 02018-04-06

Ninja Moths

9 - Ninja Moths 02018-04-20

Who’s Got the Owl Power?

10 - Who’s Got the Owl Power? 02018-05-11

PJ Pinball

11 - PJ Pinball 02018-06-15


12 - Bounce-a-Tron 02018-06-22

Wacky Floats

13 - Wacky Floats 02018-07-06

Romeo’s Disguise

14 - Romeo’s Disguise 02018-07-27

PJ Robot

15 - PJ Robot 02018-08-03

PJ Power Up

16 - PJ Power Up 02018-08-10

Moonstruck: Race to the Moon

17 - Moonstruck: Race to the Moon 02018-08-17

Moonstruck: Lunar Fortress

18 - Moonstruck: Lunar Fortress 02018-09-19

Robot's Pet Cat

19 - Robot's Pet Cat 02018-10-05

Gekko, Master of the Deep

20 - Gekko, Master of the Deep 02018-10-12

May the Best Power Win

21 - May the Best Power Win 02018-11-02


22 - Moonbreaker 02018-11-16

Race Up to Mystery Mountain

23 - Race Up to Mystery Mountain 02019-01-25

The Mountain Prisoner

24 - The Mountain Prisoner 02019-02-22

The Wolfy Kids

25 - The Wolfy Kids 02019-03-08


26 - Wolf-O-Saurus 02019-03-22

Catboy No More

27 - Catboy No More 02018-07-27

Gekko vs. Splatcano

28 - Gekko vs. Splatcano 02018-07-27

Meet Armadylan

29 - Meet Armadylan 02018-08-03

Invisible Owlette

30 - Invisible Owlette 02018-08-03

Wolfy Mountain

31 - Wolfy Mountain 02018-08-10

The Wolfy Kids take Mystery Mountain from Night Ninja.
Romeo's Crystal Clear Plan

32 - Romeo's Crystal Clear Plan 02018-08-10

Romeo steals the Moon Crystal, but the PJ Masks are convinced Luna Girl is the culprit.
Nobody's Sidekick

33 - Nobody's Sidekick 02018-08-17

Romeo tricks Armadylan into thinking he's turned into a good guy.
Armadylan Menace

34 - Armadylan Menace 02018-08-17

Night Ninja convinces Armadylan that the PJ Masks stole all the new Flossy Flash comics.
Power Pondweed

35 - Power Pondweed 02018-09-19

Gekko's powers increase during an underwater mission.
Owlette Comes Clean

36 - Owlette Comes Clean 02018-09-19

While trying to stop Luna Girl, Owlette breaks an observatory's telescope lens and blames her nemesis.
Halloween Tricksters, part 1

37 - Halloween Tricksters, part 1 02018-10-05

The PJ Masks have to protect the trick-or-treaters and their goodie bags on Halloween.
Halloween Tricksters, part 2

38 - Halloween Tricksters, part 2 02019-10-05

The PJ Masks have to protect the trick-or-treaters and their goodie bags on Halloween.
The Wolfies Take HQ

39 - The Wolfies Take HQ 02018-10-12

The Wolfies get into HQ and transform it into their den.
The Good Wolfy

40 - The Good Wolfy 02018-10-12

While the Wolfies run amok, Gekko doubts he has what it takes to be good, and Kevin isn't sure he wants to be mean.
The Wolfy Plan

41 - The Wolfy Plan 02018-11-02

Rip tries to gather feathers from Owlette's wings to let the Wolfies fly.
The Lizard Theft

42 - The Lizard Theft 02018-11-02

After skeletons are stolen from the museum, the PJ Masks think the Wolfies are the culprits.
PJ Dylan

43 - PJ Dylan 02018-11-16

After stopping an asteroid from crashing into the city, Armadylan thinks he's one of the PJ Masks.
Armadylan'd and Dangerous

44 - Armadylan'd and Dangerous 02018-11-16

Romeo tries to use Armadylan's powers to improve his lab.
Romeo's Action Toys

45 - Romeo's Action Toys 02019-01-25

The dragon gong

46 - The dragon gong 02019-01-25

Flight of the Ninja

47 - Flight of the Ninja 02019-03-08


48 - Romeocoaster 02019-03-08

Gekko and the Opposite Ray

49 - Gekko and the Opposite Ray 02019-03-22

PJ Masks vs. Bad Guys United

50 - PJ Masks vs. Bad Guys United 02019-03-22

Easter Wolfies

51 - Easter Wolfies 02019-02-22

Luna and the Wolfies

52 - Luna and the Wolfies 02019-02-22

Season 3 2019 | 52 Episodes

Season 3 of PJ Masks premiered on Apr 19, 2019.


Moon Madness (1)

1 - Moon Madness (1) 02019-04-19

Luna Girl steals the moon crystal to power up her Luna Fortress' Mega-Magnet, which creates a portal that pulls stuff up from the city.
Moon Madness (2)

2 - Moon Madness (2) 02019-04-19

The PJ Masks go off to the moon to stop Luna Girl.
Armadylan and Robette Rule

3 - Armadylan and Robette Rule 02019-04-26

Armadylan and Robette fight with Romeo over whose sidekick is better.
Armadylan Zen

4 - Armadylan Zen 02019-04-26

After he loses his temper again, the PJ Masks take Armadylan on a Zen trip.
Way of the Woofy

5 - Way of the Woofy 02019-05-03

When the Wolfies steal a dog, the PJ Masks must try to get it back.

6 - Werejalinos 02019-05-03

The PJ Masks team up with Night Ninja to stop the Wolfies from destroying Mystery Mountain.
PJ Comet

7 - PJ Comet 02019-05-17

PJ Robot persuades the PJ Masks to journey towards a comet, because he thinks it'll give HQ extra power.
Glowy Moths

8 - Glowy Moths 02019-05-17

Luna teases Romeo with her newly super-charged moths, and the PJ Masks have to stop her.
Teacher Goes Ninja

9 - Teacher Goes Ninja 02019-05-31

Night Ninja kidnaps the heroes' teacher.
Robot Goes Wrong

10 - Robot Goes Wrong 02019-05-31

After Robot gets damaged in battle, the PJs decide to fix him.
Lionel's Powers

11 - Lionel's Powers 02019-06-07

Lionel gets new powers, and Gekko trains him to be his super pet.
Best Friends Forever

12 - Best Friends Forever 02019-06-07

Owlette becomes best friends with Luna Girl and lets her enter HQ.
Meet An Yu (1)

13 - Meet An Yu (1) 02019-06-21

Night Ninja heads to Mystery Mountain to unleash the mountain's magic.
Meet An Yu (2)

14 - Meet An Yu (2) 02019-06-21

The heroes team up with Dragon Girl to stop Night Ninja.
Moon Prix

15 - Moon Prix 02019-06-05

Catboy is tempted to cheat when he must race to win back his stolen Catcar.
Pirates Ahoy!

16 - Pirates Ahoy! 02019-07-05

When Gekko and Owlette's overconfidence plays right into Ninja's plan, they must learn to work together.
The Secret of the Pagoda

17 - The Secret of the Pagoda 02019-07-12

While Catboy is too busy trying to impress An Yu, Night Ninja enters the pagoda.
Storm of the Ninja

18 - Storm of the Ninja 02019-07-12

An Yu tries to solve an ancient riddle to become a true Mountain Master.

19 - Arma-Leader 02019-07-19

Armadylan trains the Wolfies into becoming heroes.
Owlette Slips Up

20 - Owlette Slips Up 02019-07-19

The Wolfies steal Owlette's things and go on a rampage.
The Splat Monster (1)

21 - The Splat Monster (1) 02019-08-02

Teeny-Weeny Ninjalino turns into the Splat Monster and traps the PJ Masks on Mystery Mountain.
The Splat Monster (2)

22 - The Splat Monster (2) 02019-08-02

While the PJ Masks are trapped, Night Ninja uses the Splat Monster to take over the night!
Moth on the Moon

23 - Moth on the Moon 02019-08-30

A new villain is hatched from a strange crystal on the moon.
Fly Me to the Moon

24 - Fly Me to the Moon 02019-08-30

Gekko is forced to confiscate Luna Girl and Motsuki's powers.
Luna's Cosmic Tantrum

25 - Luna's Cosmic Tantrum 02019-09-06

Motsuki decides to become Owlette's sidekick after a quarrel with Luna Girl.
Motsuki the Best

26 - Motsuki the Best 02019-09-06

Motsuki traps Luna Girl and the PJ Masks on the moon.
Wheels of a Hero

27 - Wheels of a Hero 02019-09-20

Armadylan steals the PJ Masks' vehicles.

28 - Moonwolfy 02019-09-20

Kevin turns full wolfy on a trip to the moon.
Clash on Mystery Mountain

29 - Clash on Mystery Mountain 02019-10-11

Night Ninja tricks Armadylan into stealing An Yu's bo staff and takes control of the Mountain again.
A Teeny Weeny Problem

30 - A Teeny Weeny Problem 02019-10-11

An Yu tries to train Teeny Weeny to be the Mystery Mountain Guardian assistant.
Take Romeo Off the Road

31 - Take Romeo Off the Road 02019-10-18

The team gets locked in the Lab, so the PJ Robot attempts to rescue them.
Mission: PJ Seeker

32 - Mission: PJ Seeker 02019-10-18

Gekko uncovers the reason why animals disappear from the city.
Wolfy Powers

33 - Wolfy Powers 02019-11-08

After their powers are stolen and given to the Woflies, the PJ Masks team up with them to vanquish Romeo.
Do the Gekko

34 - Do the Gekko 02019-11-08

Night Ninja hypnotizes all of the school kids with his special ninja dance.
Armadylan Action Hero

35 - Armadylan Action Hero 02019-11-15

Ninja uses Armadylan's dream of becoming a kung fu movie star to break into a museum.
Super Muscles Show Off

36 - Super Muscles Show Off 02019-11-15

While Gekko and Armadylan guard the city, their watch turns into a contest of strength.
The Prank Wheelz

37 - The Prank Wheelz 02019-11-22

Where's the Wolf Wheelz?

38 - Where's the Wolf Wheelz? 02019-11-22

Villain of the Sky-Protector of the Sky

39 - Villain of the Sky-Protector of the Sky 02019-11-29

Protector of the Sky

40 - Protector of the Sky 02019-12-06

PJ Masks Save Christmas (Part 1)

41 - PJ Masks Save Christmas (Part 1) 02019-12-06

The PJ Masks have to team up with Santa to save Christmas!
PJ Masks Save Christmas (Part 2)

42 - PJ Masks Save Christmas (Part 2) 02019-12-06

Romeo's Melody

43 - Romeo's Melody 02020-01-10

PJ Robot Takes Control

44 - PJ Robot Takes Control 02020-01-10

PJ Sky Pirates

45 - PJ Sky Pirates 02020-01-17

The Disappearing Ninjas

46 - The Disappearing Ninjas 02020-01-17

Gekko Everywhere

47 - Gekko Everywhere 02020-01-24

Gekko Takes Charge

48 - Gekko Takes Charge 02020-01-24

Big Sister Motsuki

49 - Big Sister Motsuki 02020-02-07

PJ Party Crasher

50 - PJ Party Crasher 02020-02-07

Master of the Moat

51 - Master of the Moat 02020-03-13

PJ Robot Vs Romeo

52 - PJ Robot Vs Romeo 02020-03-13

Season 4 2020 | 38 Episodes

Season 4 of PJ Masks premiered on May 15, 2020.


Heroes of the sky (I)

1 - Heroes of the sky (I) 02020-05-15

Heroes of the sky (II)

2 - Heroes of the sky (II) 02020-05-15

Heroes of the sky (III)

3 - Heroes of the sky (III) 02020-05-15

Heroes of the sky (IV)

4 - Heroes of the sky (IV) 02020-05-15

Who Let the Moths In?

5 - Who Let the Moths In? 02020-05-29

Commander Meow

6 - Commander Meow 02020-05-29

Motsuki's Missing Sister

7 - Motsuki's Missing Sister 02020-06-15

Not so Ninja

8 - Not so Ninja 02020-06-15

PJ Party Mountain

9 - PJ Party Mountain 02020-07-06

Wolfies of the Pagoda

10 - Wolfies of the Pagoda 02020-07-06

Master Fang's Secret

11 - Master Fang's Secret 02020-07-20


12 - Aerodylan 02020-07-20

Asteroid Accident

13 - Asteroid Accident 02020-08-03

All About Asteroids

14 - All About Asteroids 02020-08-03

Romeo's Space Machine

15 - Romeo's Space Machine 02020-08-17

Newton and the Ninjas

16 - Newton and the Ninjas 02020-08-17

Missing Space Rock

17 - Missing Space Rock 02020-08-31

Flying Factory Out of Control

18 - Flying Factory Out of Control 02020-08-31


19 - Munki-gu 02020-09-14

Munki-gu in the City

20 - Munki-gu in the City 02020-09-14

Mission Munki-gu

21 - Mission Munki-gu 02020-10-05

Legend of the Wolfy Bone

22 - Legend of the Wolfy Bone 02020-10-05

Gekko VS Armavillain

23 - Gekko VS Armavillain 02020-10-19

Super Super Cat Speed

24 - Super Super Cat Speed 02020-10-19

Munki-gu's Dragon

25 - Munki-gu's Dragon 02020-11-02

Gekko Loves Lionel

26 - Gekko Loves Lionel 02020-11-02


27 - Octobella 02020-11-16


28 - Octo-Trouble 02020-11-16

Star Buddies

29 - Star Buddies 02020-11-30

To the Moon and Back

30 - To the Moon and Back 02020-11-30

Magnet in the Moat

31 - Magnet in the Moat 02020-12-07

Motsuki Bugs Out

32 - Motsuki Bugs Out 02020-12-11

Octobella's Garden

33 - Octobella's Garden 02021-01-11

Sploshy Splash

34 - Sploshy Splash 02021-01-11

Teeny Weeny Returns

35 - Teeny Weeny Returns 02021-01-25


36 - Robo-Wolf 02021-01-25

The Labours of Armadylan

37 - The Labours of Armadylan 02021-02-08

Lost in Space

38 - Lost in Space 02021-02-08



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