Season 1 2014 | 73 Episodes

Season 1 of World Trigger premiered on Oct 05, 2014.


Visitor from the Other World

1 - Visitor from the Other World 82014-10-05

Approximately four years ago, a gate to another world opened in Mikado City, and invaders called Neighbors appeared.
Neighbor and Trion Soldier

2 - Neighbor and Trion Soldier 92014-10-12

Border sees the Neighbor Yuma as an enemy… but Osamu is unable to view him as someone with hostile intentions, and trust begins to bloom between the two boys. Osamu finds himself caught between his own thoughts and the rules of the organization he belongs to, Border.
Osamu Mikumo's Ability

3 - Osamu Mikumo's Ability 92014-10-19

Combat-use Trion Soldiers attack when a gate opens in Osamu’s school just outside of the Forbidden Zone. Worried he’s not strong enough, Yuma tries to stop Osamu from fighting back, but Osamu’s determination to save the other students is limitless.
Ai Kitora, A-Rank No.5 Agent

4 - Ai Kitora, A-Rank No.5 Agent 92014-11-02

Osamu gets more trouble than credit when he claims to have defeated Trion Soldier Marmod. Really, he’s covering for the Neighbor, Yuma. Kitora, an A-rank Border Agent, is furious with Osamu for stepping out of line… But does she suspect the truth?
Power Elite, Yuichi Jin

5 - Power Elite, Yuichi Jin 92014-11-09

Kitora boldly jumps onto the back of Ilgar, a new type of Trion Soldier, while it’s mid-flight and bent on attacking the city below. Suddenly, Ilgar transforms, enters self-destruct mode and plummets toward its target. How will she escape now?!
Chika Amatori's Side Effect

6 - Chika Amatori's Side Effect 92014-11-16

Yuichi and Osamu's critical mission to investigate the abnormal gate puts a lot of pressure on Osamu. Meanwhile, Yuma follows Replica’s advice and conducts an investigation of his own. The next morning, Osamu and Yuichi have a fateful meeting with Yuma...
Miwa Squad's Assault

7 - Miwa Squad's Assault 92014-11-23

Osamu reaches out to Yuma and Replica. He and Chika learn some critical information about Neighbors from Yuma, but they're soon discovered by two A-Rank agents, Shuji and Yosuke; they're searching for a Neighbor in human form...
Black Trigger

8 - Black Trigger 92014-11-30

A-rank agents Shuji Miwa and Yosuke Yoneya make an assault on Yuma without even asking what happened. Osamu calls Jin to help.
The Organization Known as Border

9 - The Organization Known as Border 92014-12-07

With Shuji's squad singlehandedly defeated, the Border Agency's executives order Yuichi to defeat Yuma and recover the Black Trigger. Osamu worries about Yuichi's impending clash, while a secret hidden by Yuma is slowly exposed.
Tamakoma Branch

10 - Tamakoma Branch 92014-12-14

Jin encourages Yuma to join the Tamakoma branch. Yuma accepts it if he can team up with Osamu and Chika.
The Determination of Each One

11 - The Determination of Each One 92014-12-21

Osamu hears from Replica about why Yuma came to this world, and from Chika about her true feelings.
A-Rank Agents of Tamakoma

12 - A-Rank Agents of Tamakoma 92014-12-28

Osamu, Yuma and Chika decide to join Tamakoma branch to go to Neighbor world as A-rank agents of the expedition force. They go into rigorous training from Tamakoma First Unit in order to become A-rank agents.
Border Top Team

13 - Border Top Team 92015-01-11

Commander Kido fears that Tamakoma branch will become too powerful. He orders A-rank agents who belong to the headquarters to take Yuma's black trigger.
Miwa Corps

14 - Miwa Corps 92015-01-18

The battle between the A-Rank attack unit and Yuichi Jin begins to rage. In the face of top-level agents, Yuichi tries to turn it into a test of endurance. But just as Shiro Kikuchihara gets by him, Yuichi's Black Trigger goes off!
Black Trigger Wind Blade

15 - Black Trigger Wind Blade 92015-01-25

Yuichi finally reveals his "Wind Blade" technique with the Black Trigger. As his battle with A-Rank vets Kei and Soya reaches its climax, the Arashiyama Unit shows up in support and clashes with the Miwa Unit. Who will emerge victorious?!
To the Future

16 - To the Future 92015-02-08

Yuichi Jin and the Arashiyama Unit repel the enemy. Receiving news of their elite squad's defeat, the Border Agency's headquarters starts to get nervous.
Border Official Enlistment

17 - Border Official Enlistment 92015-02-15

The day of Yuma and Chika's initiation into the Border Agency arrives. Osamu nervously stands by in support, while they draw the scrutiny of their new peers. At that time,
Mikumo Shu VS Kazama Souya

18 - Mikumo Shu VS Kazama Souya 92015-02-22

Osamu readies for his practice fight against Soya Kazama. Soya is a symbol of overwhelming strength, while Osamu has yet to land a hit in over twenty battles!
Ranking Battle! Midorikawa Jun's Strategy

19 - Ranking Battle! Midorikawa Jun's Strategy 92015-03-01

Osamu doesn't know how to deal with his new reputation as "the guy who tied with Soya Kazama". He is soon challenged by one of his fellow agents to a Rank War.
Duel! Yuma VS Midorikawa

20 - Duel! Yuma VS Midorikawa 92015-03-08

Yuma and Shun Midorikawa's fight begins. Yuma quietly rages over Shun's humiliating public defeat of Osamu. How will he fight against the A-rank vet? Meanwhile, Commander Kido convenes a meeting to prepare for the forecast massive Neighbor invasion.
Neighbor's World

21 - Neighbor's World 92015-03-15

The Border brass puts together a strategy based on Replica's information about Neighborhood. Meanwhile, Yuichi Jin senses impending danger for Osamu and asks Shuji Miwa for help. A massive battle with the Neighbors is about to begin in Mikado City!
A Large-Scale Invasion Starts

22 - A Large-Scale Invasion Starts 92015-03-22

The Neighbors' large-scale invasion finally begins. The invading army of Trion soldierrs is countered with a defense strategy. Just as the battle seems to turn in Border's favor, a new Trion soldier, Rabbit, emerges from a defeated Bamster!
The Holy Land, AftoKrator

23 - The Holy Land, AftoKrator 92015-03-29

Border seeks a way to counter the new Trion soldier, Rabbit. Yuma prevents Trion soldiers from infiltrating the city, but is mistaken for the enemy and attacked by the B-rank Chano Unit. Meanwhile, an Ilgar Trion Soldier menaces Border headquarters!
Nestling from Mysterious World

24 - Nestling from Mysterious World 92015-04-05

Trion soldiers from Aftokrator appear all over Mikado City. Border is forced to divide its forces to deal with their numbers. Chika's C-rank unit is attacked while organizing the civilian evacuation. What is Aftokrator's true goal?
Best Force in Border

25 - Best Force in Border 92015-04-12

The C-rank units are revealed to be the true target. The battle intensifies as Hyrein sends humanoid Neighbors Enedora and Ranbanein into combat. Osamu fights to give the C-ranks a chance to escape, but Rabbit's merciless attack on Chika continues!
Fierce Fight! Enedora vs. Kazama Squad

26 - Fierce Fight! Enedora vs. Kazama Squad 92015-04-19

Aftokrator's humanoid Neighbors are unveiled. These so-called Horn Triggers overwhelm the Border agents with powerful Triggers! The A-rank Kazama Unit uses Kikuchihara's Side Effect in a skillful combo play against Enedora, but will their luck continue?
Counterattack of Border

27 - Counterattack of Border 92015-04-26

Kizaki, Karauma and Konami fight the sinister Hyuse and Viza so that Osamu and Chika can escape. Meanwhile, Ranbanein easily defeats Chano unit and takes on Yoneya, Izumi, Midorikawa and Azuma's combined forces. Can Jin's worst case scenario be prevented?
Star Wand Master

28 - Star Wand Master 92015-05-03

Kizaki has figured out Hyuse's Trigger, Lambiris. He orders Karasuma and Konami to protect the city while he holds off Hyuse and Viza.
Crossroads of Destiny

29 - Crossroads of Destiny 92015-05-10

Viza and Hyuse continue to pursue Chika, but Yuma and Jin arrive just in time. Yuma faces off against Viza while Jin battles Hyuse. Osamu and Karasuma lead Chika and the C-rank agents to Border HQ. However, Enedora's rampage has the HQ in chaos!
Enemy Commander High Rain

30 - Enemy Commander High Rain 92015-05-17

Suwa unit traps Enedora in a virtual training room. Director Shinoda goes to offer them back-up, and the tides begin to turn for Border. Mira's 7 Rabits block the evacuees led by Osamu, as the Aftokrator leader Hyrein heads out to capture Chika!
Mikumo Osamu's Consciousness

31 - Mikumo Osamu's Consciousness 92015-05-24

Hyrein's attack turns Chika into a cube. Osamu blames himself, but is inspired by his fellow Border agents to race for Border HQ in an attempt to save Chika
Implacable Enedora

32 - Implacable Enedora 92015-05-31

Director Shinoda corners Enedora in the virtual training room. However, Enedora's powerful Black Trigger attack are more than a match for the Border agents' group attacks. Meanwhile, Karasuma faces Hyrein and activates his true power, Geist!
The Terror of Hyrein

33 - The Terror of Hyrein 02015-06-07

Karasuma uses his personal trigger Geist against Hairein. He can gain strength and speed, but he has only 200 seconds left to be able to fight.
A Fierce Showdown! The Fight of the Best

34 - A Fierce Showdown! The Fight of the Best 02015-06-14

Miwa uses a trigger Lead Bullet against Hairein. Meanwhile, Yuma decides to carry out a desperate attack against Viza.
The End of the Battle

35 - The End of the Battle 02015-06-21

Yuma defeated Viza, but he has a few Trion left. Miwa was moved away from Osamu by Mira's trigger. Now there are only seven seconds left until the turning point of the future!
The Have-not

36 - The Have-not 02015-06-28

Aftkrator withdrew from our world and the 2nd large-scale invasion is over. Although Chika was saved, Osamu lost conscious. Osamu remembers why he joined Border in his dream.
A Hero and a Partner

37 - A Hero and a Partner 02015-07-05

Osamu becomes conscious, and talks with Yuma after hearing the situation from his mother and Chika. One of higher-ups Karasawa takes him to the press conference by Border.
B-Rank Wars Begin

38 - B-Rank Wars Begin 02015-07-19

Many journalists ask the higher-ups of Border about responsibility for damage caused by the battle. Osamu hears about Netsuki's plan from Karasawa, and then he steps forward in front of the journalists and speaks his thoughts.
Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad

39 - Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad 02015-07-26

Yuma and Chika won their first Rank Battle as Tamakoma Second Unit in front of injured Osamu. Their next opponents are the 8th place, Suwa Unit, and the 10th place, Arafune Unit. Osamu can't decide what tactics to use against them.
Setting off! Mikumo Squad

40 - Setting off! Mikumo Squad 02015-08-02

Osamu recovered and rejoined his unit. Tamakoma Second had the right to choose the location this time, and they chose an urban stage with difference of elevation that snipers like.
An Impertinent Rookie

41 - An Impertinent Rookie 02015-08-09

The match seemed that it would favor the unit with the most snipers, but Arafune Unit is being driven into a corner by rest of two units. Arafune used to be an attacker, so he launches an attack on Yuma, with a sword type trigger Kogetsu.
Ko Murakami of Suzunari-1

42 - Ko Murakami of Suzunari-1 02015-08-16

Tamakoma Second's next opponents are the 13th place, Nasu Unit, and the 9th place, Suzunari First Unit. Yuma gets a chance to challenge the attacker of Suzunari First, Kou Murakami to a solo match.
Nasu Squad's Choice

43 - Nasu Squad's Choice 02015-08-23

Murakami's side effect is especially troublesome issue. Osamu thinks about how to prepare for the next Rank Battle.
The Battle in the Foul Weather

44 - The Battle in the Foul Weather 02015-08-30

The Rank Battle started. Nasu Unit takes tactical actions as planned in the storm. However, Chika's sniping changes the whole situation.
The Thing That Decides the Battle

45 - The Thing That Decides the Battle 02015-09-06

The agents have been divided into east and west across the river. On the west side, a three-way battle between the attackers begins.
The Ace's Willpower

46 - The Ace's Willpower 02015-09-20

On the east side, Kuruma and Betsuyaku are at the mercy of Nasu's shooting. Osamu doesn't want them to be defeated faster than him, so he support them. On the west side, Yuma enjoys fighting with Murakami.
The Captain's Pride

47 - The Captain's Pride 02015-09-27

Chika breaks the bank of the river by her sniping, and draws the water into the city. Osamu wants Yuma to join him as soon as possible.
And Towards the Future

48 - And Towards the Future 02015-10-04

Mikumo Squad joins the B-rank upper tier. The fight against the top B-rank squads will be a touchstone for promotion to A-rank. Anticipating this, Osamu struggles with his inability to score a single point on his own and comes to a conclusion.
Fugitives from Another World

49 - Fugitives from Another World 02015-10-11

Start of World Trigger new arc, Toubousha-hen. Unknown Trion soldiers show up at Border HQ. Jin and Tachikawa take them on.
Invisible Assailants

50 - Invisible Assailants 02015-10-18

Zeno, a refugee from Elgates, begs Yuma and Osamu to harbor Lilith and him during their stay in this world. With Chika taken hostage, Osamu and Yuma have no choice but to agree. As they return to the Shizuka City retreat, an unseen assassin strikes!
Xeno's Trion Soldiers

51 - Xeno's Trion Soldiers 02015-10-25

Kazama Squad heads into combat as Gojima City is attacked by new Trion soldiers. Osamu tries to befriend Zeno and Lilith. Zeno offers to reveal his past, if Osamu will agree to a one-on-one fight. How far will he go to learn the truth about Elgates?
The Sunset of Meeden

52 - The Sunset of Meeden 02015-11-01

Despite Lilith's best efforts, she can't hide her loneliness. Chika and Osamu work with Kitora and Midorikawa to try and cheer her up. At that moment, Karon and Gieve make their move, commanding Trion soldiers with special abilities.
The One that Shall Be Saved

53 - The One that Shall Be Saved 02015-11-08

While studying with Yoneya and Kodera, Miwa sees young siblings and is reminded of his past. The peace is shattered by an attack from Gieve's Spider-type Trion Soldiers.
Giev's Thrust

54 - Giev's Thrust 02015-11-15

Zeno's devotion to Lilith leads him to treat Yuma and Chika like tools, enraging Osamu. Meanwhile, Gieve and Karon threaten Shizuka City with massive Trion soldiers! As Osamu's team joins Kitora in defending the city, Gieve isolates Osamu and Zeno.
Dead or Alive

55 - Dead or Alive 02015-11-22

Arashiyama Squad gathers Border's aces! Arafune and Murakami join in the battle, destroying Gieve's Trion soldiers. But Gieve's plot to blow up Shizuka City using massive Trion soldiers proceeds. As Osamu comes up with a plan, Zeno takes his own action.
The Secret of Lilith

56 - The Secret of Lilith 02015-11-29

Shiori takes Yuma, Osamu, and Chika on a relaxing trip to Shizuka Marine World with Zeno and Lilith. But the peace is interrupted by an attack by Gieve's powerful Trion soldiers. Lilith's body reaches its limit and begins to change, revealing her secret.
Xeno and Lilith

57 - Xeno and Lilith 02015-12-06

Lilith reveals her true power in order to save Xeno and Yuma.
The Captured Osamu

58 - The Captured Osamu 02015-12-13

Yuma, Chika and Xeno take the fight to the enemy in order to rescue Osamu. However, a cunning trap separates them, forcing Yuma into a one-on-one fight against Giev. A Trion soldier generates a mysterious virtual world where Yuma faces an unexpected foe.
The Two Black Triggers

59 - The Two Black Triggers 02015-12-20

Zeno and Chika find Osamu, while Yuma continues his fight against Giev. He struggles against Giev and Charon's skillful coordination, so similar to what he had with Replica. At the same time, a new Trion soldier threatens Osamu, Chika and Xeno.
The Adventure of Yotaro

60 - The Adventure of Yotaro 02015-12-27

Yotaro heads towards Shizuka City with Raijinmaru, hoping to catch up to Konami. He meets a troubled young girl named Cocoa and befriends her. As a violent fight between Border agents and Trion soldiers breaks out, Yotaro's true battle begins.
Truth and Lies

61 - Truth and Lies 02016-01-10

Gieve and Charon begin their attack on Yuma.
Giev and Charon

62 - Giev and Charon 02016-01-17

Giev's secret is revealed. Just like Lilith, he's a Humanoid Trion Soldier created by Lamia. Meanwhile, all of Shizuka City's citizens become Charon's hostages. Tachikawa, Kazama and other A-Rank Border agents gather in Shizuka City for the coming battle.
A Reversed Future

63 - A Reversed Future 02016-01-24

Xeno's hand cuts thin air, and monster Gieve takes in Lilith and takes on a grotesque form.
A Prisoner from Aftokrator

64 - A Prisoner from Aftokrator 02016-01-31

Soon after meeting and parting with Xeno and Lilith, Yuma, Osamu and Chika begin preparing for their promotion battle.
No.1 Shooter, Masataka Ninomiya

65 - No.1 Shooter, Masataka Ninomiya 02016-02-07

Aftokrator's Black Trigger user, Enedora, is alive! Enedora sheds new light on the Large Scale Invasion and the reason that Chika was targeted. Meanwhile, B-Rank No. 1 team leader Ninomiya approaches Osamu and Chika. Osamu makes a tough decision.
Sharpened Fangs

66 - Sharpened Fangs 02016-02-14

Tamakoma-2 starts individual training in preparation for the B-Rank rank wars. Osamu visits Arashiyama for shooter training. Chika meets a young boy during group sniper training. Yuuma meets Kageura, an agent that No. 4 attacker Murakami has never beaten.
The Battle of the B-Rank Top Teams

67 - The Battle of the B-Rank Top Teams 02016-02-21

During their brief encounter, Yuuma senses Kageura's limitless skill. Osamu receives shooter training from Arashiyama and Izumi, allowing him to truly contribute to the team. If they win, Mikumo Squad's promotion to A-Rank could become a reality.
The Targeted Tamakoma

68 - The Targeted Tamakoma 02016-02-28

Ninomiya Squad, Kageura Squad, Azuma Squad and Mikumo Squad face off! As tensions mount, each team targets Osamu and closes in. Meanwhile, the two strongest B-Rank agents, Ninomiya and Kageura, assess the situation. Can Mikumo Squad survive the onslaught?
A Battle Royal

69 - A Battle Royal 02016-03-06

Osamu is quickly knocked out of combat by Azuma, former leader of an A-Rank No. 1 team. Chika tries to overcome her inability to fire on humans, but her sniping reveals her location. Meanwhile, Yuuma enters a battle royal against 5 Attackers.
A Captain's Duty

70 - A Captain's Duty 02016-03-13

Yuuma faces Kageura. Ninomiya takes advantage of this to attack them both. After the battle, Osamu is devastated by his defeat. Kazama's advice leads him to make a major decision for the sake of the team, just as a new threat approaches Mikado City.
A New Threat

71 - A New Threat 02016-03-20

Shinoda announces an imminent invasion by a new Neighbor country. Tachikawa and Kazama Squad are assigned to deal with the threat, based on Jin's predictions. Osamu follows Jin's suggestion to add a new member to Mikumo Squad.
An Evolving Mikumo Squad

72 - An Evolving Mikumo Squad 02016-03-27

After the Rank Wars against the B-Rank upper tier squads, Mikumo Squad tries to up their game. Yuzuru gives Chika an idea for overcoming her weaknesses, and Osamu gathers information about Hyuse, while an A-Rank Team leader tries to headhunt Yuuma.
To the Future

73 - To the Future 02016-04-03

Osamu continues to try to improve himself, Chika confronts her faults, and Yuuma has faith in them. Mikumo Squad's losses in the B-Rank Rank Wars motivate them further. As a new Neighbor invasion of Border HQ begins, can they open a path to the future?
Season 2 2021 | 12 Episodes

Season 2 of World Trigger premiered on Jan 10, 2021.


The Attack

1 - The Attack 02021-01-10

Aftkrator have ordered Galopoula to make Border stuck, so Galopoula's Expeditionary Force tries to break into Border HQ to destroy the ship for the expedition. Hyuse goes to meet them secretly in order to go back to his homeland.

2 - Collision 02021-01-17

Inside the Border HQ, the battles begin: Gatlin and Ratarikov v. 4 strong attackers near the dock, Wen So v. Nasu and Kumagai in a hall. Outside the HQ, the teams struggle with some drones that move like humans. Meanwhile, Jin is surprised that Yotaro follows Hyuse with Raijinmaru.

3 - Battle 02021-01-24

Border and Galopoula's Expeditionary Force play mind games reading each other's thoughts while fighting. Reghindetz is frustrated that his diversionary plan is not working.

4 - Destiny 02021-01-31

Border fights off the enemy one by one, but Gatlin and Ratarikov have no intention of giving up on completing their mission. Hyuse talks to Reghindetz, and Yotaro finally catches up with him.
New Technique

5 - New Technique 02021-02-07

About the time Jin brought Hyuse into Border HQ, Tamakoma Second started the match against Katori Unit and Kakizaki Unit. Osamu and Chika support Yuma with their new techniques, and try to create momentum.
Strong Will

6 - Strong Will 02021-02-21

Chika starts destroying buildings outside the area where Osamu has set the trap. When Yuma puts Kakizaki Unit in a corner, Kakizaki remembers his past and tries to fight back against Yuma with strong will.

7 - Showdown 02021-02-28

Fumika Teruya prioritizes getting to Chika. Yoko Katori recalls the day her and Hana's fate changed as she fights against Osamu.

8 - Negotiation 02021-03-07

The match was over. A party is held at the Tamakoma branch to celebrate their victory, and then Hyuse offers himself to join their team as the second attacker until he arrives in Aftkrator. Tamakoma Second accepts his proposal and Osamu begins negotiation with the higher-ups of Border.

9 - Captain 02021-03-14

Osamu negotiates with higher-ups to get permission to include Hyuse in his team. Instead of allowing it, Commander Kido tells them that he is going to let Chika join the expedition force, regardless of their rank in the rank battles.
The Upper Rank

10 - The Upper Rank 02021-03-21

Tamakoma Second fights in a match against Oji Unit and Ikoma Unit. They have only three matches left, and need to be in the top two. Meanwhile, Hyuse attends the Border enlistment ceremony.
The strong ones

11 - The strong ones 02021-03-28

Yuma attacks Oji Unit. Besides, Ikoma and Mizukami catch up with them and Ikoma uses his special technique to strike them a hard blow. At a disadvantage, what are Oji unit's next tactics?

12 - Rookie 02021-04-04

Yuma, Oji and Ikoma fight each other fiercely while the battle between the snipers comes to an end. Later, Hyuse shows Border agents that he is highly skilled in the use of sword to be considered a rookie.

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