Takahiro Sakurai
Takahiro Sakurai

Yasaburou Shimogamo (voice)

Junichi Suwabe
Junichi Suwabe

Yaichirou Shimogamo (voice)

Nakahara Mai
Nakahara Mai

Yashirou Shimogamo (voice)

Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hiroyuki Yoshino

Yajirou Shimogamo (voice)

Kikuko Inoue
Kikuko Inoue

Tousen Shimogamo (voice)

Ayane Sakura
Ayane Sakura

Kaisei Ebisugawa (voice)

Hideyuki Umezu
Hideyuki Umezu

Mr. Akadama (voice)

Mamiko Noto
Mamiko Noto

Benten (voice)

Season 1 2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 1 of The Eccentric Family premiered on Jul 07, 2013.


Goddess of the Noryoyuka

1 - Goddess of the Noryoyuka 02013-07-07

Since the Heian era relocation, humans, tanuki, and tengu have maintained a delicate balance. But none of that matter as a young tanuki is tasked by an older tengu to deliver a dangerous letter.
Mom and Raijin, God of Thunder

2 - Mom and Raijin, God of Thunder 02013-07-14

Yasaburou visits Yajirou, who lives in the bottom of a well as a frog and forgot how to transform back into himself. When a storm comes, the three non-frog Shimogamo brothers race to help their mother, who is terrified of thunder.
Yakushibou's Inner Parlor

3 - Yakushibou's Inner Parlor 02013-07-21

In order to uphold a Shimogamo family tradition, Yasaburou needs to do what Yaichirou could not and come up with a leisure cruiser for them to launch. He asks to borrow Yakushibou's flying inner parlor, but ends up having to make a dangerous deal with Benten.
Battle of the Daimonji Leisure Cruisers

4 - Battle of the Daimonji Leisure Cruisers 02013-07-28

During the traditional Daimonji leisure cruise, the Ebisugawas come to pick on the Shimogamo family. Yasaburou fights bravely, but loses the Fujin Raijin folding fan. Fearing Benten's wrath, he goes into hiding after the inner parlor crashes.
The Friday Fellows

5 - The Friday Fellows 02013-08-04

Yasaburou had been hiding from Benten in Osaka, but thanks to Kinkaku and Ginkaku she catches him during a visit to Kyoto and makes him perform tanuki tricks for the Friday Fellows. It is revealed that Yasaburou's mother was saved by a man who gave her onigiri and also that one of the Friday Fellows, Hotei, has loved tanuki ever since he saved one and fed it onigiri...
Taking in Fall Colors

6 - Taking in Fall Colors 02013-08-11

Professor Yodogawa chases down Benten and Yasaburou, and they check out some autumn foliage. When she ditches them, Yodogawa has a lot to say about his philosophy of eating and Yasaburou also gets told a story about a conversation between Yodogawa and Benten's first tanuki hot pot victim, which he promptly reports to Yajirou.
Bathhouse Rules

7 - Bathhouse Rules 02013-08-18

Yasaburou, Yashirou, and Yaichirou convince Prof. Akadama to take a much-needed bath, but they run into the Ebisugawa twins at the bathhouse. After a brief scuffle it is revealed that Yajirou was at least partly responsible for Soichirou Shimogamo's death in the Friday Fellow's hot pot.
The Day of Dad's Departure

8 - The Day of Dad's Departure 02013-08-25

Yajirou tells Yasaburou and Yaichirou his account of the night their father was eaten. Later Yasaburou hears a continuation of the story Yajirou doesn't know: Soichirou bumped into Prof. Akadama on his way to the afterlife.
Kaisei, Daughter of Ebisugawa

9 - Kaisei, Daughter of Ebisugawa 02013-09-01

Yasaburou gets interrupted while warming his butt and sent to convince Prof. Akadama to attend the council where the new Nise-emon will be decided. He later succeeds in his quest for warmth, but over the wall splitting the men's and women's baths, he receives an ominous apology from Kaisei; her brothers are plotting something.
The Behind-the-Scenes Dealings of Souun Ebisugawa

10 - The Behind-the-Scenes Dealings of Souun Ebisugawa 02013-09-08

The meaning of Kaisei's mysterious apology becomes clear as the Ebisugawa plot to boil Yaichirou in a hot pot is revealed on the day of the Nise-emon election. The day is also the anniversary of Soichirou's death, for which it turns out Souun was responsible.
Back in the Game

11 - Back in the Game 02013-09-15

After Yasaburou gets a hand from Benten to escape Soun and his Elite Guard, the Ebisugawas manage to nab him anyway through a clever Kinkaku-Ginkaku plot. Meanwhile, Kaisei helps Yashirou escape the Electric Brandy factory and Yaichirou is handed over to the Friday Fellows as the primary ingredient for their year-end hot pot.
The False Eizan Electric Railway

12 - The False Eizan Electric Railway 02013-09-22

Yashirou comes up with a plan to get Yajirou back in the game, leading to the trouncing of Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Yashirou stalls the Nise-emon decision meeting while Yasaburou saves Yaichirou, but their mom is still in danger of becoming Friday Fellow hot pot.
The Eccentric Family

13 - The Eccentric Family 02013-09-29

Tanuki and human worlds collide as both the Nise-emon ceremony and Friday Fellow year-end bash descend into chaos. The scale of the disturbance increases when Prof. Akadama starts brandishing the Fujin Raijin folding fan, but by New Year’s everything settles down and Yasaburo and co. are able to calmly consider their hopes for the future.
Season 2 2017 | 12 Episodes

Season 2 of The Eccentric Family premiered on Apr 09, 2017.


The Nidaime's Homecoming

1 - The Nidaime's Homecoming 02017-04-09

There are humans, tanuki, and tengu living in Kyoto. The tanuki, Yasaburou, had been going to a rundown apartment every day in order to take care of his master, the great tengu, Akadama-sensei. One day, Yasaburou goes to Nyoigatake with his little brother Yashirou in order to find some tsuchinoko...
The Conjurer Tenmaya

2 - The Conjurer Tenmaya 02017-04-16

The day after the rather chaotic night, Yasaburou was watching over the antique shop when the owner suddenly came in and asked him to do a favor. Yasaburou heads over to the Teramachi Shopping District and a mysterious little ramen stand seems to have popped up on the roof of another shop without permission...
The Scent of Europe

3 - The Scent of Europe 02017-04-23

One early summer day, Yasaburou goes with his mother to Tanukidani Fudouin Temple to see his grandmother to ask for a medicine that could cure Yajirou's inability to turn back into a tanuki. When he arrives, he finds his mother looking at the stone steps nostalgically.
The Tanuki Shogi Tournament

4 - The Tanuki Shogi Tournament 02017-04-30

The tanuki world is abuzz after they hear that Benten had returned and had clashed with the Nidaime. Another thing they were excited about was the Nanzenji Tanuki Shogi Tournament that Yaichirou was trying to bring back. The second brother, Yajirou, had learned shogi from their departed father, and was going to enter the tournament.
Daimonji Luxury Liner Battle Continued

5 - Daimonji Luxury Liner Battle Continued 02017-05-07

Yasaburou manages to get Yaichirou and Gyokuran together, but then a new problem arises. They had still not procured a ship to fly the skies during the Gozan Farewell Bonfire. Yasaburou tells everyone to let him handle it, and heads over to Akadama-sensei's apartment.
Arima Hell

6 - Arima Hell 02017-05-14

Yodogawa was once a member of the Friday Club, but then ends up saving Tousen from becoming a tanuki hot pot. He then creates the Thursday Club to go against the Friday Club. Yasaburou goes to visit him one day and finds out that the Friday Club will be meeting at Arima Hot Springs...
The Friday Club Once More

7 - The Friday Club Once More 02017-05-21

Yasaburou manages to escape Hell and ends up having to participate in a Friday Club banquet along with Benten in Juuroujin's train. Before the banquet, Yasaburou is asked to rid himself of the smell of Hell and he goes to an outdoor bath, where he sees the Friday Club and Professor Yodogawa.
Ebisugawa Kaisei's Secret

8 - Ebisugawa Kaisei's Secret 02017-05-28

After what happened at Arima Onsen, the Ebisugawas have a funeral for Souun at the Trick Denki Bran factory. Most of the tanuki have no idea what happened and start talking, but then Mother starts talking about what happened when Souun married into the Ebisugawa family.
The Various Nidaime

9 - The Various Nidaime 02017-06-04

The Shimogamo brothers and Gyokuran see Yajirou off at Kyoto Station, however their mother was nowhere to be found. Yasaburou is a little disheartened by his brother's departure, but then is met with even more trouble when he finds out that Akadama-sensei refuses to be the observer to see who will be the next Trick Magister.
The Day the Trick Magister Is Chosen

10 - The Day the Trick Magister Is Chosen 02017-06-11

Before choosing the next Trick Magister, the tanuki go and greet Hesoishi-sama. The feud between Benten and the Nidaime ends somewhat peacefully, but Yasaburou incurs Benten's wrath and goes into hiding once again. Meanwhile, Yajirou travels to Shikoku and goes to meet the Kincho clan, but...
The Blood of the Tengu, the Blood of the Fool

11 - The Blood of the Tengu, the Blood of the Fool 02017-06-18

The day that the tanuki in Kyoto pick the Trick Magister has arrived. Yaichirou, Gyoukuran, and the other head tanuki head to Nidaime's mansion. Meanwhile, Tousen gets an emergency message from Yashirou, who's working at the Ebisugawa Trick Denki Brand factory and she quickly heads over to the Ebisugawa power plant.
The Red String of Fate

12 - The Red String of Fate 02017-06-25

Yasaburo fights with Jyurojin over who rules the skies of Kyoto and Benten appears. Benten tells him to stop and once all seemed to be lost, the sight that appeared before Yasaburo’s eyes was a mixture of conspiracy and utter chaos. A fun thing is a good thing.

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