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Specials 2013 | 1 Episodes

Specials of Log Horizon premiered on Nov 11, 2013.


Recap - Episode 6.5

1 - Recap - Episode 6.5 02013-11-11

Recap of the first six episodes of Season 1.
Season 1 2013 | 25 Episodes

Season 1 of Log Horizon premiered on Oct 05, 2013.

In the blink of an eye, thirty thousand bewildered Japanese gamers are whisked from their everyday lives into the world of the popular MMORPG, Elder Tale, after the game's latest update—unable to log out. Among them is the socially awkward college student Shiroe, whose confusion and shock lasts only a moment as, a veteran of the game, he immediately sets out to explore the limits of his new reality. Shiroe must learn to live in this new world, leading others and negotiating with the NPC "natives" in order to bring stability to the virtual city of Akihabara. He is joined by his unfortunate friend Naotsugu, having logged in for the first time in years only to find himself trapped, and Akatsuki, a petite but fierce assassin who labels Shiroe as her master. A tale of fantasy, adventure, and politics, Log Horizon explores the elements of gaming through the eyes of a master strategist who attempts to make the best of a puzzling situation.


The Apocalypse

1 - The Apocalypse 82013-10-05

Out of nowhere, Shiroe finds himself in the city of Akihabara, inside the game "Elder Tale". Thirty thousand Japanese players have been locked inside the game! The world on the other side of the screen becomes reality, and amidst the chaos Shiroe finds his old friend Naotsugu. And as they relax at finding one another, they meet the powerful assassin "Akatsuki". Akatsuki has a request to make of Shiroe...
The Battle of Loka

2 - The Battle of Loka 82013-10-12

The Apocalypse has locked thirty thousand players inside the game, and no one knows what to do. The larger guilds are taking over Akihabara, and outside the city violent groups are Party Killing other players. A young female member of Marielle's "Crescent Moon Alliance" is trapped in Susukino, far to the north, and needs their help. Shiroe feels somewhat embarrassed, but makes a decision.
The Depths of Palm

3 - The Depths of Palm 82013-10-19

Serara, a young female member of the guild "Crescent Moon Alliance", is trapped by mysterious men in the northern city of Susukino and needs help. Shiroe and his friends travel to reach her. Annoyed by the game's tasteless food, they travel northwards, and go inside "the depths of Palm", a crumbling series of old mining tunnels. There they meet creepy monsters...

4 - Escape 92013-10-26

Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Akatsuki reach the northern city of Susukino, and safely meet Serara. With the help of the mysterious swashbuckler Nyanta, they plot to leave Susukino. But the evil guild Brigantia wants to stop them. The high-level monk Demikas attacks them. Can they overcome the odds?
Return to Akihabara

5 - Return to Akihabara 92013-11-02

Shiroe and his group take Serara southwards. On the way, they stop at the house of one of the "People of the Land". The people of the land were originally only characters in the game, with no personalities or unique traits of their own, but as Naotsugu talks to them, something seems odd... The party gradually realizes that the world isn't the same as it was when it was a game.

6 - Resolve 82013-11-09

Shiroe returns to Akihaba and Marielle tells him what the town is like. The initial chaos has subsided, but the larger guilds are in control, and evil guilds are tricking new players and taking advantage of them. Shiroe is angred by this, and tells Naotsugu, Akatsuki, and Nyanta of his plan. And then he tells the Crescent Moon Alliance that he's going to clean up the city of Akihabara.
Crescent Moon

7 - Crescent Moon 92013-11-16

Nyanta told Shiroe the secret of making real food in this world. With Marielle's help, the Crescent Moon Alliance begins a fast food stand, and their "Crescent Burger" is hugely popular with players who are sick of tasteless food. BUt Shiroe's real goal isn't to sell hamburgers, and with Henrietta he begins to work on the next phase of his plan.
Villain in Glasses

8 - Villain in Glasses 92013-11-23

After the success of their Crescent Burger, Marielle and Henrietta meet with the members of the major crafting guilds of Elder Tale: Karashin of Shopping Street 8, Michikata of the Marine Agency ,and Roderic of the Roderic Merchant Association. They use Shiroe's plan to dangle the secret recipe of the Crescent Burger in front of them, and the talented account Henrietta opens negotiations. What she wants is...
Round Table Conference

9 - Round Table Conference 102013-11-30

To make the city of Akihabara safe, Shiroe calls all the major guild masters to the guild building. His goal is to create a Round Table Conference, which will rule the city. But everyone there wants something different, and his plan is about to go bad. What amazing trick does Shiroe have? Meanwhile, behind the scenes of the conference, the plan to free the younger players from the evil guild Hamelin continues. The strategist SHiroe's quiet battle in Akihabara continues!
Grab It in Your Hand

10 - Grab It in Your Hand 102013-12-07

Shiroe confronts the 10 guild masters who represent Akihabara with the need to revitalize the town and bring peace and order. His calm and forceful manner brings them over, and the government of Akihabara, the "Round Table", is founded. After this work is done, his guild, "Log Horizon", joyously moves to their new location. That night, Nyanta fixes them his special curry.
An Invitation from Eastal

11 - An Invitation from Eastal 92013-12-14

The Free Cities of Eastel are the first to notice the founding of the Round Table. They send a messenger to Akihabara and invite Shiroe and Crusty to their conference. What are the nobles planning at their ice-covered palace? Meanwhile, Minori and Touya and the other new playesr are going on a camping trip at the beach to learn to fight. Marielle forgets her role as leader (?) and enjoys the salt air fun.
The Forest of Lagranda

12 - The Forest of Lagranda 92013-12-21

The young players travel the Xantleaf peninsula at the camp. Minori, Touya and Serara meet up with new players Isuzu the bard and Rundel Haus the sorcerer. They head into the "La Granda Forest" dungeon, where skeletons await them. The easily-spooked Serara, the strong-willed Touya, and the proud Rundel Haus... will the five of them be able to work together in their first party fight?
Shield and Freedom

13 - Shield and Freedom 92013-12-28

Shiroe, Crusty, and Michitaka are invited to the palace by the Free Cities of Eastel. The nobles of the land invite the three of them to various meetings and seem to be trying to find out more about Akihabara and the Round Table. Crusty is attracted to the daughter of Duke Cowen, who is noble, beautiful, but seems somehow lazy...
World Fraction

14 - World Fraction 92014-01-04

Shiroe and Akatsuki are invited to the room of the mysterious mage Reagan. Shiroe is shocked at the revelations he offers about the world of Elder Tale.

15 - Attack 102014-01-11

Touya and Minori and the rest of the players in the training camp are hitting a wall with the way they fight. And Minori's suggestion is that they introduce themselves to one another!
Return of the Goblin King

16 - Return of the Goblin King 102014-01-18

Just as the Sahaugin attack begins on the Zantleaf peninsula, the goblins are seen advancing further inland. Will they attack Laynessia's homeland, Maihama, or Akihabari?
A Lazy, Cowardly Princess

17 - A Lazy, Cowardly Princess 102014-01-25

The lords of the Free Cities of Eastal begin an emergency conference to discuss the goblin invasion. The protectors of the land people, the Izumo Knights, are missing, and they'll have to depend on the adventurers.
Expeditionary Force

18 - Expeditionary Force 102014-02-01

Princess Laynessia Cowen vows to go to the city of Akihabara herself and beg the adventurers for help against the goblins. The members of the Crescent Moon Alliance can't conceal their excitement at meeting a real princess.
Chasing After Them

19 - Chasing After Them 102014-02-08

Zantleaf is attacked by monsters from both the land and the sea, as the adventurers continue to defend it. Inland, Crusty's army launches a raid on the goblin's main force. At the town of Choushi by the sea, the new players are fighting too.

20 - Contract 102014-02-15

Rundelhaus hid from his friends that he was one of the land people, but the price of fighting off the dire wolves was that he took a fatal wound. If they can't save him, he'll die and he won't revive.
The Two of Us Shall Waltz

21 - The Two of Us Shall Waltz 102014-02-22

A victory party is held at the palace of Eternal Ice to celebrate the adventurer's defeat over the monsters. Crusty takes the princess's hand and leads her in a dance signifying the reconciliation between the adventurers and land people.
Swallow and Young Starling

22 - Swallow and Young Starling 102014-03-01

Fall has come to Akihabara. After defeating the monsters, Shiroe is fighting a losing battle against paperwork, but the town is filled with cheer as the first event the Adventurers have ever had, the "Scales Festival", is approaching.
Student of the Mage

23 - Student of the Mage 102014-03-08

The second day of the Scales Festival in Akihabara arrives. Akatsuki has gotten closer to Shiroe, and so is very happy all day, and even seems to be enjoying her fights with Naotsugu. Meanwhile, Minori is uncertain with how to deal with her feelings towards him, and goes to speed to Karashin. Karashin is overloaded with paperwork so she decides to help. It seems like a lot of land people merchants have come to Akihabara...

24 - Chaos 92014-03-15

Akihabara is amazingly busy since the Scales Festival began. There are many land people in town, causing accidents, spreading rumors, and starting couples' fights, and even Shiroe can't deal with them. An influential noble named Marves arrives from Minami to see Laynessia. Laynessia tries her best to deal with him, but he gets closer and closer to her...
The Scale Festival

25 - The Scale Festival 102014-03-22

Marielle and Henrietta put on a fashion show as the town reels from the Minami decoy operation. Akatsuki walks down the runway in her colorful clothes, but Shiroe is nowhere to be seen. That night, Shiroe is met by a beautiful and enchanting "queen of darkness." Shiroe is tempted he reaches the heart of the conspiracy...
Season 2 2014 | 25 Episodes

Season 2 of Log Horizon premiered on Oct 04, 2014.

After being trapped in the world of Elder Tale for six months, Shiroe and the other Adventurers have begun to get the hang of things in their new environment. The Adventurers are starting to gain the trust of the People of the Land, and Akiba has flourished thanks to the law and order established by Shiroe's Round Table Alliance, regaining its everyday liveliness. Despite this success, however, the Alliance faces a new crisis: they are running out of funds to govern Akiba, and spies from the Minami district have infiltrated the city. As formidable forces rise in other districts, there is also a need to discover more about the vast new world they are trapped in—leading Shiroe to decide that the time has come to venture outside the city. Accompanied by his friend Naotsugu and the Sage of Mirror Lake Regan, the calculative Shiroe makes his move, hoping to unravel new possibilities and eventually find a way home.


Shiroe of the Northern Lands

1 - Shiroe of the Northern Lands 92014-10-04

It's been six months since Shiroe and the other adventurers have been trapped in "Elder Tale". As Akihabara moves into late fall, the city is excited for the cultural fair. But Shiroe is ignoring the fun and speaking in secret to a land person, Kinjou, who controls the world's currency flows. When negotiations are over he tells his friend's leaving the city. The long-awaited second series of "Log Horizon" begins a new adventure!
The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes

2 - The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes 92014-10-11

Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Regan head to the northern city of Susukino, which was once run by the evil and violent Briganitia guild. They're looking for high-level adventurer's to help them get the the "Sacrifice Clan's Gold". Shiroe visits an unexpected person. Meanwhile, Naotsugu and Regan walk through the frozen town and find a small but pretty girl named Tetra. She calls herself a "galactic idol", and she's very irritating, but her level is 92...!?
The Abyssal Shaft

3 - The Abyssal Shaft 92014-10-18

Shiroe and his friends have come to the Depths of Palm to reach the Sacrifice Clan's gold. The underground labyrinth is filled with powerful monsters that wear them down in a war of attrition. Meanwhile, Akihabara, Akatsuki hears about the "Teachings". She's very interested to know that by completing a high level raid, she can greatly improve the level of her techniques.
Shattered Wings

4 - Shattered Wings 102014-10-25

It's almost Christmas in Akihabara. At Lenessia's mansion, Marie and Henriette are all visiting. Lenessia is smiling, but she can't open herself up to the adventurers because of how different they are. Akatsuki, who has been tasked with guarding the princess, is the only one who isn't having fun. She thinks of Shiroe and worries about her own powerlessness. Then, in Akihabara in December, a shocking event occurs.
Christmas Eve

5 - Christmas Eve 102014-11-01

A man appears in Akihabara and begins killing adventurers with powerful Royal Guard equipment. Lenessia is shocked to learn that he is one of the Land people, of the Kunie clan. Akatsuki goes to put a stop to him herself, as the West Wind Brigade scouts find him...
A Lost Child at Dawn

6 - A Lost Child at Dawn 92014-11-08

Akatsuki is defeated by the murderer on Christmas Eve. She awakens to find herself in bustling Shibuya station in the real world. She wanders through the city as if escaping from something, and then appears on a quiet beach. Shiroe is there.
The Maidens of Watermaple

7 - The Maidens of Watermaple 102014-11-15

Akatsuki revives at the Cathedral and asks the others for help to defeated the murderer. She trains with teh top members of D.D.D. and the West Wind Brigade in an attempt to learn the Teachings.
Akihabara Raid

8 - Akihabara Raid 102014-11-22

A full raid of 24 party members has been formed to defeat Nerelith! The maidens gather to defend Akihabara! Meanwhile, Lenessia and Henrietta head beneath the Guild Building for a certain mission...
The Changing Battlefield

9 - The Changing Battlefield 102014-11-29

On Christmas Eve, Shiroe and the other members are fighting the level 97 boss monster "Luseat of the Seventh Garden." But two more boss monsters appear in the middle of the battle, and they are overwhelmed. Shiroe is caught in the fires of "Ibrahabra of the Third Garden"...
Guild Master

10 - Guild Master 102014-12-06

William, the leader of the combat guild Silver Sword, faces a great crisis as his guild has been defeated and is thinking of going home and quitting. He gives an inspiring speech to rally them into the fight once more.

11 - Retry 102014-12-13

With honesty and renewed sense of comradery the team has a small chance of winning an unbeatable raid.
The Gold of the Kunie

12 - The Gold of the Kunie 92014-12-20

The final boss, Uru of the Ninth Garden vs the villain in glasses, Shiroe is up against what could be the strongest boss in this new world.
2.14 a Sweet Trap

13 - 2.14 a Sweet Trap 82014-12-27

It's February 14th! Akihabara is filled with excitement as the adventurers enjoy their first Valentine's Day. Marielle and Isuzu try to make cookies out of Kokonia fruits, which are said to make someone fall in love with you. Meanwhile, in the Log Horizon guild house, Tetra puts Akatsuki and Minori up to cooking something for Shiroe.
Kanami, Go East!

14 - Kanami, Go East! 52015-01-10

When Elder Tale was a game, there were talented solo players who would come together whenever they felt like it and defeat difficult raids. Their name was "The Debauchery Tea Party." Now, their leader, the cheerful girl Kanami, is traveling through the vast lands of the Chinese server on her way towards Yamato.
A New Journey

15 - A New Journey 02015-01-17

As spring comes to Akihabara, Shiroe decides to send Minori, Touya, Isuzu, Rundelhaus, and Serara on a quest to get the magic bag, a convenient and critical item for high-level adventurers. The 5 excitedly put together their things and get ready to go on a journey.
The Midday Vampire

16 - The Midday Vampire 02015-01-24

The gang sets out towards the redstone mountains to get their magic bags. On the way, they meet a party of merchants who are being attacked by monsters. They save the merchants but are overwhelmed, when a girl who looks just like Shiroe saves them.
Odyssey Knights

17 - Odyssey Knights 02015-01-31

Continuing on their way to the Redstone mountains, the gang encounters a mysterious group: the Odyssey knights, a group of players who'll do anything to get back home. Their eyes are strangely lifeless, and they're carrying a strange altar that allows its users to ressurect immediately.
When the Concert Ends

18 - When the Concert Ends 02015-02-07

Dareila joins the party at the Boxurt mountains, and the group stops at the town of Saphir. Isuzu learns that the reason the land people enjoy her songs so much is because the world only has 42 songs in total. She gets very sad and stays in her room, but then a giant flock of wyverns descend upon the town.
The Red Night

19 - The Red Night 02015-02-14

A massive flock of wyverns suddenly attacks the town of Saphir! The party tries their best to protect the town, but the Odyssey knights are constantly flinging themselves to their deaths. Meanwhile, Roe-2 looks at the brutal combat and doesn't even blink an eye...
Birthday Song

20 - Birthday Song 02015-02-21

A Minami plot was behind the massive wyvern attack on Saphir. To stop the plot, Nyanta attacks the train carrying the Minami general alone. But he's faced with the sorcerer he defeated long ago, the man who trapped Serara in the far north, Londark.
The Skylarks Take Flight

21 - The Skylarks Take Flight 02015-02-28

Operation "Red Night" is canceled and the kids come home to a joyous reunion. They've gotten their magic bags and succeeded in their quest. But a strange man is going around Akihabara asking all the girls to marry him.

22 - Stranger 02015-03-07

Shiroe receives a letter from his second character on the lunar test server. As the situation in Akihabara deteriorates, it offers him hope.
Isaac and Iselus

23 - Isaac and Iselus 02015-03-14

Isaac and the Black Sword Knights are responsible for training the Maihama army. While he's in Maihama Isaac gets to know the new crown prince of Maihama, a young boy named Iselus. Iselus respect looks up to Isaac and respects him. At a party for the crown prince's birthday, assassin's make an attempt on his life.
Sleep of the Eternal Moth

24 - Sleep of the Eternal Moth 02015-03-21

At moonrise, the player cities of Akihabara, Susukino and Minami are all simultaneously attacked by swarms of Eternal Moth monsters, whose scales rain down and knock people into a state of sleep by draining their magic points. The Brigade of the West Wind soon discover the moths' nest located in a new raid zone in the Shibuya broadcast building and the Round Table postulate that the monsters had been drawn to the broadcasting antenna from the Moon. Filled with uncertainty, Shiroe decides to put together a raiding party and makes the difficult choice of destroying the antenna. The raiding party then fights their way through Shibuya and manage to enter the raid zone in the broadcast building. However Shiroe's uncertainty hinders his strategic insight and allows the sheer volume of monsters to overwhelm the party from all angles, forcing them to make a hasty retreat.
The Pioneers

25 - The Pioneers 02015-03-28

The Shibuya raiding party begins another assault on the Calling Fortress and manage to break through to the roof where they encounter the raid boss, Taliktan, the Genius of Summoning. After failing to establish dialogue with the monster, it summons swarms of moths which engulf Shibuya and the other player cities. This puts a severe strain on the antenna and Shiroe has the party take the battle into the concert hall below. Despite inflicting a great amount of damage to Taliktan, they are still pummeled by its powerful field attacks. Shiroe raises the stakes with his Full-Control Encounter however, and gives the party a significant advantage in pushing Taliktan to the edge and ultimately, their victory. In the aftermath, Regan sets up the radio equipment and much everyone's surprise, Shiroe makes contact with Kanami in the Chinese server. She then tasks him with seeking a way to allow transit between the real and Elder Tale worlds and relieves the Shibuya party about Krusty's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Nureha and Plant Hwyaden decide to establish relations with Eastal and the Round Table to combat the common Genius threat. Finally, Log Horizon make plans to celebrate their victory and with the dawn of a new day, Shiroe and Akatsuki praise each other.
Destruction of the Round Table 2021 | 12 Episodes

Destruction of the Round Table of Log Horizon premiered on Jan 13, 2021.


Rayneshia's Marriage

1 - Rayneshia's Marriage 02021-01-13

Princess Rayneshia has resided in Akiba for a while now, getting along with the people in town. One day, she receives a visit from her mother Sarariya and is told that she will be engaged soon to the head of a powerful noble family.
The Duke of Akiba

2 - The Duke of Akiba 02021-01-20

Touri of the Saiguu Family, Princess Rayneshia's husband-to-be, sends a messenger to let her know the preparations are in place for their marriage. Meanwhile, Eins declares that Honesty will secede from the Round Table Conference.
The Round Table Fractures

3 - The Round Table Fractures 02021-01-27

When Shiroe goes to see Eins to discuss the future of Akiba, he finds the head of the Saiguu Family was also waiting for him. They ask Shiroe to help them with the Akiba Government. The answer Shiroe reaches is…
Akiba General Election

4 - Akiba General Election 02021-02-03

The residents of Akiba are notified of the election. Both parties campaign to gain their support. Meanwhile, Rayneshia needs to face her mother to get permission in order to be part of the New Round Table Conference.

5 - Blessings 02021-02-10

Election day has finally come. Standing in front of Adventurers and the People of the Land, both Eins and Rayneshia give sincere speeches. Votes are cast and starting to be counted. What will the result be?
Immortal in Ethereal Utopia

6 - Immortal in Ethereal Utopia 02021-02-17

Krusty has something to tell Shiroe. In his message, he recounts what happened to him after he disappeared, as well as his encounters with Enchantress Youren and the Ancient hero Elias Hackblade.
Not a Curse

7 - Not a Curse 02021-02-24

Krusty and Kanami's group face their enemies in Sirius Grotto. During the battle, the truth about Enchantress Youren comes to light. Will Krusty be able to overcome his curse?
Episode 8

8 - Episode 8 02021-03-03

Episode 9

9 - Episode 9 02021-03-10

Episode 10

10 - Episode 10 02021-03-17

Episode 11

11 - Episode 11 02021-03-24

Episode 12

12 - Episode 12 02021-03-31


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