Eva Green
Eva Green

Vanessa Ives

Josh Hartnett
Josh Hartnett

Ethan Chandler

Timothy Dalton
Timothy Dalton

Sir Malcolm Murray

Harry Treadaway
Harry Treadaway

Dr. Victor Frankenstein

Reeve Carney
Reeve Carney

Dorian Gray

Rory Kinnear
Rory Kinnear

John Clare / The Creature

Billie Piper
Billie Piper

Lily / Brona Croft

Danny Sapani
Danny Sapani


Helen McCrory
Helen McCrory

Madame Kali

Olivia Llewellyn
Olivia Llewellyn

Mina Harker

Simon Russell Beale
Simon Russell Beale

Ferdinand Lyle

Perdita Weeks
Perdita Weeks

Catriona Hartdegan

Jessica Barden
Jessica Barden


Patti LuPone
Patti LuPone

Dr. Seward

Shazad Latif
Shazad Latif

Dr. Henry Jekyll

Brian Cox
Brian Cox

Jared Talbot

Samuel Barnett
Samuel Barnett

Dr. Seward's secretary

Christian Camargo
Christian Camargo

Dr. Alexander Sweet / Dracula

Wes Studi
Wes Studi


Season 1 2014 | 8 Episodes

Season 1 of Penny Dreadful premiered on May 11, 2014.

Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, and others unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London.


Night Work

1 - Night Work 7.42014-05-11

London 1891. Renowned explorer Sir Malcolm Murray and the strangely beautiful Vanessa Ives recruit American sharp-shooter Ethan Chandler and Dr. Victor Frankenstein to help them search for someone who has been lost.

2 - Séance 7.52014-05-18

Vanessa and Sir Malcolm encounter the mysteriously beautiful Dorian Gray at a party. Things take a turn, however, when renowned medium Madame Kali hosts a seance. Meanwhile, Ethan befriends Ms. Brona Croft, a young Irish immigrant.

3 - Resurrection 6.92014-05-25

Dr. Frankenstein is confronted by his past. Vanessa has a vision of Mina, which leads to a strange discovery at the London Zoo.

4 - Demimonde 6.52014-06-01

Vanessa's infatuation with Dorian Gray grows. Professor Van Helsing is hired to work with Dr. Frankenstein. Fenton draws his master to Sir Malcolm's mansion.
Closer Than Sisters

5 - Closer Than Sisters 7.92014-06-08

Vanessa recalls her past and the events that ultimately lead to Mina's disappearance.
What Death Can Join Together

6 - What Death Can Join Together 7.12014-06-15

Vanessa's latest vision leads Sir Malcolm, Ethan and Sembene on a search. Professor Van Helsing reveals more details to Dr. Frankenstein about who has taken Mina.

7 - Possession 7.62014-06-22

Over the course of four harrowing weeks, Sir Malcolm, Ethan, Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene do everything they can to save Vanessa from what's within her.
Grand Guignol

8 - Grand Guignol 7.52014-06-29

After a vision of the Grand Guignol, Vanessa, Sir Malcolm, Ethan, Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene explore an empty theater only to be confronted by their worst nightmares.
Season 2 2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 2 of Penny Dreadful premiered on May 03, 2015.

This season, Vanessa Ives and her allies find themselves locked in epic battle against an unholy evil that will arouse every forbidden instinct, unlock every secret and turn every sin of their past against them. But how do you fight the most wicked enemy, when the price of victory could be your own damnation?


Fresh Hell

1 - Fresh Hell 7.12015-05-03

As Victor struggles to resurrect Brona, Ethan prepares to leave London and Malcolm discovers that Vanessa is plagued by new visions.
Verbis Diablo

2 - Verbis Diablo 7.22015-05-10

Vanessa meets Caliban for the first time, while Victor begins to train the resurrected Brona in the rudiments of language. Meanwhile, the group turns to Ferdinand for help translating the Verbis Diablo.
The Nightcomers

3 - The Nightcomers 8.12015-05-17

Vanessa tells Ethan how she came to harness her abilities thanks to the help of an older witch... and the tragedy that followed.
Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places

4 - Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places 7.22015-05-24

While Ferdinand helps Malcolm decipher Brother Gregory's writings, Vanessa helps Victor pick a dress for his cousin. Meanwhile, Dorian takes Angelique on a date, and Ethan rescues a young woman from a runaway horse.
Above the Vaulted Sky

5 - Above the Vaulted Sky 7.22015-05-31

After sealing the townhouse against further intrusion, the group goes its separate ways for the moment. Rusk starts asking questions of Ethan, Brona and Victor draw closer, Vanessa teaches Caliban how to dance, and Evelyn launches her next steps in her campaign to seduce Malcolm.
Glorious Horrors

6 - Glorious Horrors 7.72015-06-07

Malcolm learns of his wife's death but isn't as upset as Ethan and Vanessa believe he should be. Meanwhile, Ethan asks Sembene for a favor, and Dorian sends out invitations for Angelique's coming-out ball.
Little Scorpion

7 - Little Scorpion 7.52015-06-14

Ethan and Vanessa make their way to the Cut-Wife's cottage to get a weapon against the Nightcomers. Meanwhile, Brona goes out with Dorian.
Memento Mori

8 - Memento Mori 7.62015-06-21

Malcolm fights off Evelyn's enchantment and goes to confront her. Meanwhile, Brona reveals her true colors to the Creature, and Angelique finds Dorian's portrait.
And Hell Itself My Only Foe

9 - And Hell Itself My Only Foe 7.72015-06-28

While Evelyn torments Malcolm, Victor summons Ethan and Vanessa back to London to rescue their friend. Meanwhile, Brona learns Dorian's secret, and Caliban is betrayed.
And They Were Enemies

10 - And They Were Enemies 8.32015-07-05

Vanessa has to use all of her strength to try and defeat the demon.
Season 3 2016 | 9 Episodes

Season 3 of Penny Dreadful premiered on May 01, 2016.


The Day Tennyson Died

1 - The Day Tennyson Died 7.92016-05-01

Ethan, now a prisoner under the watchful eye of Scotland Yard Inspector Rusk, is on a train speeding through the desert of the American West. Meanwhile, Sir Malcolm is confronted by a mysterious Native American man in Zanzibar. Back in London, Dr. Frankenstein seeks out his old friend Dr. Jekyll and Vanessa seeks the help of Dr. Seward to battle a new evil.
Predators Far and Near

2 - Predators Far and Near 7.82016-05-08

Lily and Dorian pay a visit to a most unusual show, and Vanessa invites Sweet to a different show. Rusk sets out to track down Ethan and make sure that he hangs, and Henry demonstrates the efficacy of his potion for Victor.
Good and Evil Braided Be

3 - Good and Evil Braided Be 7.62016-05-15

Vanessa asks Seward to hypnotically regress her after learning that she met the Master sometime in the past. Rusk learns that Ethan has a new ally. Caliban finds his wife and child. Lily and Dorian have Justine pledge her service to them.
A Blade of Grass

4 - A Blade of Grass 8.32016-05-22

Through hypnosis, Vanessa relives what happened to her in the Banning Institute, including the man who befriended her... and the spirits who tormented her.
This World is Our Hell

5 - This World is Our Hell 6.92016-05-29

Hecate and Ethan try to survive in the desert wasteland, as thirst and their unrelenting pursuers take their toll. Meanwhile, Victor and Henry continue with their work in Bedlam.
No Beast So Fierce

6 - No Beast So Fierce 7.12016-06-05

Vanessa turns to old friend Ferdinand Lyle for help, who introduces her to a new ally. Meanwhile, Lily, Dorian and Justine put their plan in motion; and Ethan, Sir Malcolm and Hecate arrive at Jarod Talbot's ranch.
Ebb Tide

7 - Ebb Tide 7.62016-06-12

Kaetenay has a vision of impending doom. Frankenstein and Jekyll get help from an unlikely foe. The Creature finally gains courage. Vanessa learns an awful truth.
Perpetual Night

8 - Perpetual Night 7.22016-06-19

Ethan, Sir Malcolm and Kaetenay return to London, where Ethan searches for Dr. Frankenstein. Dr. Seward discovers Renfield's secret. Lily reveals a heartbreaking story from Brona Croft's past.
The Blessed Dark

9 - The Blessed Dark 7.62016-06-19

Season finale. Ethan learns the shocking truth about Kaetenay. Dr. Seward uses hypnosis on Renfield. Meanwhile, The Creature must make a moral decision as Sir Malcolm, Ethan, Kaetenay, Dr. Seward and Catriona battle to save Vanessa.








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