Yuka Iguchi
Yuka Iguchi

Aoi Yukimura

Kana Asumi
Kana Asumi

Hinata Kuraue

Yōko Hikasa
Yōko Hikasa

Kaede Saitō

Yui Ogura
Yui Ogura

Kokona Aoba

Nao Touyama
Nao Touyama

Kurosaki Honoka

Ai Yamamoto
Ai Yamamoto


Ayaka Nanase
Ayaka Nanase


Kanon Takao
Kanon Takao


Yui Makino
Yui Makino

Sasahara Yuuka

Specials 2013 | 5 Episodes

Specials of Encouragement of Climb premiered on May 24, 2013.


(Thirteenth Ascent) Wall Climbing is Scary?

1 - (Thirteenth Ascent) Wall Climbing is Scary? 02013-05-24

Aoi, Hinata and Kokona visit an indoor rock climbing gym. Aoi is scared, but they meet up with Kaede who explains the basics of bouldering. Will Aoi be able to push through her fears and make it to the goal?
Encouragement of Bra?

2 - Encouragement of Bra? 02014-10-24

Kaede has always worn sports bras, but it's time for a change! She heads to the store with the rest of the girls to try something new.
Best 10!

3 - Best 10! 02015-03-27

A special show featuring the top ten scenes from the anime. The scenes are from familiar episodes, but with different viewpoints.
A Present of Memories

4 - A Present of Memories 02017-10-28

Part 1: Kokona takes a stroll through Hanno and uncovers old memories of her mother spending time with her. Part 2: Hinata finds an old treasure she forgot about and remembers how she and Aoi were separated when they were younger.
Episode 5

5 - Episode 5 02017-11-03

Season 1 2013 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of Encouragement of Climb premiered on Jan 03, 2013.


(First Ascent) Anything but Mountains!

1 - (First Ascent) Anything but Mountains! 02013-01-03

Aoi spends most of her time alone, but an old friend from middle school has arrived to make good on an old promise.
(Second Ascent) Let's Go Together!

2 - (Second Ascent) Let's Go Together! 02013-01-10

With the help of Hinata's dad, the girls familiarize themselves with the necessary gear to climb.
(Third Ascent) Mountain Climbing Is Dangerous!?

3 - (Third Ascent) Mountain Climbing Is Dangerous!? 02013-01-17

Hinata convinces Aoi to try climbing a mountain, but Aoi thinks they should start with a small mountain and work their way up to the big ones.
(Fourth Ascent) Showdown! Mountain Cooking!?

4 - (Fourth Ascent) Showdown! Mountain Cooking!? 02013-01-24

Aoi and Hinata have a camping cook-off.
(Fifth Ascend) What's a Schlafsack?

5 - (Fifth Ascend) What's a Schlafsack? 02013-01-31

Aoi meets a girl from her school who is crazy about backpacking.
(Sixth Ascent) I'm The One Deciding!?

6 - (Sixth Ascent) I'm The One Deciding!? 02013-02-07

It's Aoi's turn to pick the mountain, so she calls on her new friend to help.
(Seventh Ascent)  Which Daypack Do You Want?

7 - (Seventh Ascent) Which Daypack Do You Want? 02013-02-14

Aoi picked the mountain but now she needs the right equipment.
(Eight Ascent) Let's Climb Mt. Takao!

8 - (Eight Ascent) Let's Climb Mt. Takao! 02013-02-21

Aoi and Hinata embark on their second climb and meet some interesting people along the way.
(Ninth Ascent) A Forest Girl in the Forest!?

9 - (Ninth Ascent) A Forest Girl in the Forest!? 02013-02-28

Hinata teaches Aoi, mountain manners and learns about giant flying squirrels.
(Tenth Ascent) The Climb Isn't Over Until You Descend!?

10 - (Tenth Ascent) The Climb Isn't Over Until You Descend!? 02013-03-07

Aoi, Hinata, and Kokona help each other down the mountain.
(Eleventh Ascent) Tomorrow Is Outdoors!

11 - (Eleventh Ascent) Tomorrow Is Outdoors! 02013-03-14

(Twelfth Ascent) To The Next Landscape

12 - (Twelfth Ascent) To The Next Landscape 02013-03-21

Season 2 2014 | 24 Episodes

Season 2 of Encouragement of Climb premiered on Jul 09, 2014.


Sleeping in a Tent

1 - Sleeping in a Tent 02014-07-09

Aoi and Hinata put up a real tent in Hinata's yard! Afterwards, Kaede and Kokona join them and they cook a meal outside together. They camp in the tent overnight and get excited about climbing mountains soon.
Let's Go See Mount Fuji!

2 - Let's Go See Mount Fuji! 02014-07-16

Hinata, Kaede and Kokona meet to discuss secret plans to surprise Aoi with a special view of Mt. Fuji, and decide on climbing Mt. Mitsutouge together. They meet up with Aoi and begin the climb, but they are steadfast in keeping the surprise a secret from her until the top!
Climbing the Mountain

3 - Climbing the Mountain 02014-07-23

The girls continue their climb up Mt. Mitsutouge and discover plenty of interesting things. The climb gets more difficult, but Kaede shares some wisdom with Aoi. After a difficult part, Hinata is finally able to surprise Aoi with a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji!
The Fun After the Climb

4 - The Fun After the Climb 02014-07-30

The girls reach the summit of Mt. Mitsutouge and Aoi realizes something about herself. After eating lunch together, they begin their descent. It's a difficult descent, but a reward awaits them at the bottom!
I Won't Forgive You!

5 - I Won't Forgive You! 02014-08-06

Aoi, Hinata and Kokona eat crepes together and talk about the past. On the way home, Hinata really embarrasses Aoi. Later, Hinata tries to make up with her but only makes things worse. In the end, Hinata has to think of a way to truly apologize to Aoi.
In Order to Do What You Enjoy

6 - In Order to Do What You Enjoy 02014-08-13

Aoi meets with Hinata and her father and gets motivated to climb Mt. Fuji. Aoi begins preparations, but her mom is not okay with the idea of climbing the mountain at night. She learns to stand up for herself and pursue something she really wants.
Encouragement of Swim?

7 - Encouragement of Swim? 02014-08-20

You thought it was all about mountain climbing, but no! It's actually about swimming! So obviously you need to buy a swimsuit now.
Make Lovely Memories

8 - Make Lovely Memories 02014-08-27

Aoi makes the plan for climbing Mt. Fuji. She buys snacks and drinks for the climb the next day. Even though she is prepared, she still feels uneasy. Finally, the big day arrives and the girls make their way to Mt. Fuji.
Nice to Meet You, Mt. Fuji!

9 - Nice to Meet You, Mt. Fuji! 02014-09-03

The girls arrive at the fifth station on Mt. Fuji. They have lunch and Aoi and Kokona buy walking sticks to get stamped along the way. The climb starts and they take it easy on the way up to the eighth station.
Mt. Fuji is Not Easy

10 - Mt. Fuji is Not Easy 02014-09-10

The climb up Mt. Fuji starts to become a bit more difficult. Maybe Mt. Fuji isn't easy after all. Aoi starts to push herself to keep going. Will the girls make it to the top to see the sunrise together?
I've Had Enough!

11 - I've Had Enough! 02014-09-17

Having succumbed to altitude sickness, Aoi is forced to stay behind with Kaede. Hinata and Kokona make it and experience the rising sun atop the summit of Mt. Fuji, and walk around the caldera and to the highest point of Japan. Aoi is extremely frustrated and has to descend the mountain with Kaede, where they later meet up with Hinata and Kokona and head home together.
My Dear Friend

12 - My Dear Friend 02014-09-24

Aoi is depressed about not making it to the top of Mt. Fuji. Hinata and Kokona are unsure of how to approach her. How can Aoi recover from such a frustrating defeat?
Episode 13

13 - Episode 13 02014-10-01

Episode 14

14 - Episode 14 02014-10-08

Episode 15

15 - Episode 15 02014-10-15

Episode 16

16 - Episode 16 02014-10-22

Episode 17

17 - Episode 17 02014-10-29

Episode 18

18 - Episode 18 02014-11-05

Episode 19

19 - Episode 19 02014-11-12

Episode 20

20 - Episode 20 02014-11-19

Episode 21

21 - Episode 21 02014-11-26

Episode 22

22 - Episode 22 02014-12-03

Episode 23

23 - Episode 23 02014-12-10

Episode 24

24 - Episode 24 02014-12-17

Season 3 2018 | 13 Episodes

Season 3 of Encouragement of Climb premiered on Jul 02, 2018.


First Date at Mt. Tsukuba!?

1 - First Date at Mt. Tsukuba!? 102018-07-02

Wanting to repay Hinata for the souvenir she got her from Mt. Fuji, Aoi invites her for a late night climb up Mt. Tsukuba to treat her to a night view at the top. Arriving at the top, Aoi resolves to once again take on Mt. Fuji.
Are Hiking Shoes Really Awesome?

2 - Are Hiking Shoes Really Awesome? 02018-07-09

Finding that she won't be able to take on Mt. Fuji again until next summer, Aoi goes with Hinata and Kaede to look at some hiking shoes. Initially sceptical of their price and heaviness, Aoi finds some shoes she likes and climbs up Mt. Tenran to break them in.
Alps in Hanno!?

3 - Alps in Hanno!? 02018-07-16

Aoi decides to tackle the Hanno Alps, inevitably finding the experience pretty tough by herself. She is soon joined by Kokona, who accompanies her to Nenogongen to look at the shrines.
Having Fun with Classmates!

4 - Having Fun with Classmates! 02018-07-23

Aoi is approached by her classmate Mio and invites her and Hinata to karaoke out alongside her friends Kasumi and Yuri. As Aoi worries about what to sing, Hinata encourages her not to overthink things and become more confident around everyone.
Let's Photograph Our Memories!

5 - Let's Photograph Our Memories! 02018-07-30

Aoi, Hinata, Kokona, and Honoka go to Lockheart Castle in Gunma, each bringing their own unique cameras to take pictures of everything.
What Does Coffee Taste Like?

6 - What Does Coffee Taste Like? 02018-08-06

Hearing about "mountain coffee" from Hinata's father, Aoi, feeling provoked by Hinata, becomes determined to try it as well, despite finding coffee bitter in general. After getting some advice from Kaede and Yuka, Aoi goes with Hinata to the Kanhasshu Observation Platform, where she puts her coffee making into practise.
She Who Does Not Work, Neither Shall She Climb?!

7 - She Who Does Not Work, Neither Shall She Climb?! 02018-08-13

With Aoi busy at her part-time job, Hinata goes on an outing by herself, finding herself lonely without Aoi. During closing time, Aoi manages to use what she learned throughout today to help Kokona's mother buy a cake for her daughter.
Two Promises

8 - Two Promises 02018-08-20

Aoi makes plans to go to Gunma with Honoka while Hinata, unable to get in touch with Aoi, ends up making plans to go to Mt. Akagi with Kokona on the same day.
Everyone's Own Views

9 - Everyone's Own Views 02018-08-27

Aoi and Honoka explore Gunma's shrines and go to a hot spring while Hinata and Kokona reach the peak of Mt. Akagi. At the end of the day, Aoi, Hinata, and Kokona ride the same train home, where Hinata becomes jealous of all the time Aoi spent with Honoka.
Season of Misunderstandings

10 - Season of Misunderstandings 02018-09-03

Aoi’s classmates invite her to hang out at Ikebukuro. She knows Hinata has prior arrangements that day, so she hesitates, but decides to go anyway.
A Clumsy Traversal

11 - A Clumsy Traversal 02018-09-10

Aoi buys Hinata a gift, but Hinata’s mind seems to be elsewhere. Meanwhile, Kaede makes plans for the gang to climb Mt. Kinpu on an overnight trip.

12 - Friends 02018-09-17

Hinata hurts her foot, and Aoi decides to stay behind with her while Kokona and Kaede finish the trip to the top of Mt. Kinpu.
It's a Secret

13 - It's a Secret 02018-09-25

It’s November, and Hinata’s birthday is coming up. Aoi tries to choose a gift for her, but nothing seems right.

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