Eri Kitamura
Eri Kitamura

Liliana Kranjčar

Sachika Misawa
Sachika Misawa

Arianna Hayama Arialdi

Rina Hidaka
Rina Hidaka

Shizuka Kusanagi

Yuka Saitou
Yuka Saitou

Ena Seishuin

Yui Ogura
Yui Ogura


Nobutoshi Canna
Nobutoshi Canna


Junko Minagawa
Junko Minagawa


Takuya Eguchi
Takuya Eguchi

Salvatore Doni

Yuiko Tatsumi
Yuiko Tatsumi


Yoko Hikasa
Yoko Hikasa

Erica Blandelli

Unsho Ishizuka
Unsho Ishizuka

Sasha Dejanstahl Voban

Shinobu Matsumoto
Shinobu Matsumoto

Touma Amakasu

Kana Hanazawa
Kana Hanazawa

Yuri Mariya

David Golinkin
David Golinkin

Godōu Kusanagi

Atsuko Tanaka
Atsuko Tanaka

Lucretia Zola

Season 1 2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 1 of Campione! premiered on Jul 06, 2012.


The First Story

1 - The First Story 02012-07-06

Kusanagi Godou is entrusted with a stone grimiore by his grandfather to deliver to its former owner, an old friend, in Italy where he encounters supernatural happenings. Meeting the beautiful knight, Erica Blandelli, he is drawn into the battle between rogue gods, and uses the power of the grimiore to defeat the Persian god of victory, Verethragna, gaining his powers, becoming a god slayer, also known as a Campione.
The Landscape with a King

2 - The Landscape with a King 02012-07-13

Godou wakes with an unexpected guest in his bed, a guest that is here to stay.
From Afar, An Enemy Comes

3 - From Afar, An Enemy Comes 02012-07-20

Athena has come to Japan looking for Medusa and for that Godou will have to die, again.
Rogue Athena

4 - Rogue Athena 02012-07-27

Godou will have to set aside his pacifist ways and go full on attack against the newly restored Athena.
Unpleasant Days

5 - Unpleasant Days 02012-08-03

Yuri is growing closer to Godou and sparks of jealousy fly from Erica. But that is the least of problems considering there is a new Campione in Japan.
The Kings Converse

6 - The Kings Converse 02012-08-10

Godou has picked a fight with one of the oldest and strongest Campiones, Voban.
Wind, Rain, Wolf

7 - Wind, Rain, Wolf 02012-08-17

Voban has caught up and Godou is running out of ideas. Mariya makes the ultimate sacrifice, in front of Erica.
A Hero Arrives

8 - A Hero Arrives 02012-08-24

A simple trip to the beach turns into war for Godou's affection, which he only manages to escape with the help of Athena. His troubles are only the beginning...
The Missing King

9 - The Missing King 02012-08-31

Godou is resting at Liliana's home after his fight with Perseus. He does not have the knowledge to fight Perseus on common ground, Athena visits offering a deal.
The Turbulent Demon King, The Sun Hero

10 - The Turbulent Demon King, The Sun Hero 02012-09-07

Without the knowledge, Godou has no chance of defeating Perseus. He could order Liliana to give him the knowledge but that is not his way. How will Godou defeat this ancient hero?
Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword

11 - Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword 02012-09-14

A maiden has come willingly to join Godou's ranks, but his current Knights have other plans.
The Sword of Ama no Murakumo

12 - The Sword of Ama no Murakumo 02012-09-21

In order to save Erica, she must sacrifice herself, body and soul, to Godou.
Tale of the God Slayer

13 - Tale of the God Slayer 02012-09-28

Godou must battle Metis, the snake goddess of death and darkness. A being that's only goal is to bring destruction to the world.

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