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Henry Rollins


Specials 2021 | 13 Episodes

Specials of Night Visions premiered on Apr 14, 2021.


The Passenger List/Bokor

1 - The Passenger List/Bokor 0

Dead Air/Renovation

2 - Dead Air/Renovation 0

A View Through The Window/Quiet Please

3 - A View Through The Window/Quiet Please 0

He's Coming Up The Stairs/Used Car

4 - He's Coming Up The Stairs/Used Car 0

Rest Stop/Afterlife

5 - Rest Stop/Afterlife 0

If A Tree Falls/The Occupant

6 - If A Tree Falls/The Occupant 0

Reunion/Neighborhood Watch

7 - Reunion/Neighborhood Watch 0

Bitter Harvest/My So Called Life And Deat

8 - Bitter Harvest/My So Called Life And Deat 0

The Dog House/Still Life

9 - The Dog House/Still Life 0

Hate Puppet/Darkness

10 - Hate Puppet/Darkness 0

The Maze/Harmony

11 - The Maze/Harmony 0


12 - Cargo/Switch 0


13 - Patterns/Voices 0

Season 1 2001 | 26 Episodes

Season 1 of Night Visions premiered on Jul 12, 2001.


The Passenger List

1 - The Passenger List 02001-07-12

A transportation safety official investigating the crash of an airplane begins to fear that his daughter was on board the plane when it crashed; he begins to experience increasing events of déjà vu as the unexplained romantic attraction to a woman who lost her family in the crash also increases.
The Bokor

2 - The Bokor 02001-07-12

A medical student identifies a cadaver as a voodoo priest and hesitates to autopsy the body.
Dead Air

3 - Dead Air 02001-07-12

A late-night radio show DJ begins to get strange calls, as events through the night convince him that the caller is up to more than a mere prank.

4 - Renovation 02001-07-12

A man experiences flashbacks to his new home's past as he starts a new life with his wife and baby.
A View Through The Window

5 - A View Through The Window 02001-07-19

A military scientist is compelled to investigate the strange appearance of a lush farm in the middle of a desert.
Quiet, Please

6 - Quiet, Please 02001-07-19

A man tries to escape the din of a city under the threat of a serial killer, only to be harassed in the woods by a strange old man and his dog.
Now He's Coming Up The Stairs

7 - Now He's Coming Up The Stairs 02001-07-26

A psychiatrist with the ability to absorb the illnesses of his patients comes upon a situation that may be more than he can handle.
Used Car

8 - Used Car 02001-07-26

A woman receives a new car as a gift from her husband, only to find that the car and its previous owner have a history, and a vendetta.
Rest Stop

9 - Rest Stop 02001-08-02

A couple picks up a hitchhiker on a quiet country road, and discover that the local rest area is more than meets the eye.
After Life

10 - After Life 02001-08-02

A man returns to life in the middle of his funeral, and attempts to adjust to his newly-reincarnated existence.
If a Tree Falls...

11 - If a Tree Falls... 02001-08-09

Three college students apparently die in a freak car accident, but in order to stay alive they must keep the accident a secret.
The Occupant

12 - The Occupant 02001-08-09

A divorcee becomes increasingly distraught as she notices things in her house are being moved around while she is not home.

13 - Reunion 02001-08-16

On the 10th anniversary of a battle in the first Gulf War, a veteran experiencing flashbacks and hallucinations reunites with the members of his company.
Neighborhood Watch

14 - Neighborhood Watch 02001-08-16

After a community is notified that a sexual predator has been released in their neighborhood, the residents' suburban eden is threatened.
Bitter Harvest

15 - Bitter Harvest 02001-08-23

A farm boy's mistake costs his neighbor both arms, and when he is forced to work for the man a game of cat and mouse ensues.
My So-Called Life & Death

16 - My So-Called Life & Death 02001-08-23

A young girl develops a crush on a handyman working near her family's summer home but when she finds that he can't see or hear her, she begins to suspect that he's a ghost.
The Doghouse

17 - The Doghouse 02001-08-30

A man seeking shelter from a loan shark out to get him finds that there are more dangerous things in this world.
Still Life

18 - Still Life 02001-08-30

A day in the life of a woman becomes the setting for a far more horrific reality.
Hate Puppet

19 - Hate Puppet 02001-09-06

A man investigates the reason why everyone around him seems to instantly respond to him with hatred and anger.

20 - Darkness 02001-09-06

A man inherits a house from his rich uncle, not realizing all that comes with it.
The Maze

21 - The Maze 02001-09-19

A young college student wanders into a hedge maze and comes out in an apparently deserted version of her campus.

22 - Harmony 02001-09-19

In a town where music is outlawed, a stranger appears and attempts to convince the townsfolk they have nothing to fear.

23 - Cargo 02001-09-23

A cargo officer on a freighter discovers that the cargo on board contains more than mere crates and packages.

24 - Switch 02001-09-23

A psychiatrist attempts to help a young woman synergize the multiple personalities she suffers from.

25 - Patterns 02001-09-24

An obsessive-compulsive man confronts a therapist with a stunning claim - his behaviors keep the fabric of reality together.

26 - Voices 02001-09-24

A deaf woman undergoes experimental surgery to restore her hearing, only to find that she can hear more than merely what people are saying.







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