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Soichiro Hoshi

Rygart Arrow

Chiwa Saito
Chiwa Saito

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Marina Inoue


Minoru Shiraishi
Minoru Shiraishi


Tomoya Kawai
Tomoya Kawai


Yuichi Nakamura
Yuichi Nakamura


Specials 2010 | 6 Episodes

Specials of Broken Blade premiered on May 29, 2010.


Picture Drama 1

1 - Picture Drama 1 02010-05-29

Characters from the series at school, spying on the girls swimming.
Picture Drama 2

2 - Picture Drama 2 02010-06-28

Picture Drama 3

3 - Picture Drama 3 02010-09-25

Picture Drama 4

4 - Picture Drama 4 02010-10-30

Picture Drama 5

5 - Picture Drama 5 02011-01-22

Picture Drama 6

6 - Picture Drama 6 02011-03-26

Season 1 2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of Broken Blade premiered on Apr 06, 2014.


Un-Sorceror: One without Power

1 - Un-Sorceror: One without Power 02014-04-06

"Deadhead" Rye who does not have magical power is summoned to Krishna King Hozuru and Queen Sigyn who are friend of the military academy era and is informed of fact of within the territory invasion by neighboring country Athens federation. As for the front commander being close friend, Zesu of three people. When we marched into Kodaiohei [under Gouremu] 1,000 years before estimate excavated in castle town accidentally, fate of Rye begins to greatly move…
Under Golem: The Ancient Giant Soldier

2 - Under Golem: The Ancient Giant Soldier 02014-04-13

Kodaiohei [under Gouremu] awakened to from sleep of 1,000 years by boarding of Rye gut crushes Quartz by overwhelming power; at last; appear. Fierce attack corps of Zesu standing in the way before confused Rye. Ex-close friends who assume fate of the mother country in the middle of intense battle, and meet again. Rye which had huge power that only he can change in its hand is swallowed without mercy to whirlpool of war.
Not Bad: Ceasefire Negotiation

3 - Not Bad: Ceasefire Negotiation 02014-04-20

Zesu Warukiuresu corps to lead approached to castle town binon ten steadily. Rye gut believing that surprise attack is not the real intention of zesu makes a sortie for negotiations alone in derufingu. Two who met as deadhead confront younger brother of the chief secretary in battlefield in military academy after time of four years. Negotiations not to hand over when partner should retire from soldier arrive at unexpected fate before long…
Close Combat: Close Quarters Battle

4 - Close Combat: Close Quarters Battle 02014-04-27

Negotiations broke down, and battle was reopened. Both militaries were rye GATT which barely left mixed and confused confused fight, but meet with subordinate, rii of zesu. We are forced to single combat. rii which becomes rash for the loyalty and military exploit to zesu, and corners rye gut by severe attack. It was reality of too severe 〝 war 〟 that rye gut saw while movable limit of derufingu approached.
Counter-Attack: Violent Retaliation

5 - Counter-Attack: Violent Retaliation 02014-05-04

Rye GATT which did harshness of battlefield in one of eyes, and decided return once. But we know determination of hozuru which does not hesitate to conduct surrender for people either and choose way becoming soldier by oneself. Genius 〟 borukyusu general of 〝 war that begins to move in Athene's while the Krishna military gets powerful power called derufingu. And attack third wave of Creo warukiuresu corps which lost rii flocks in binon ten.
Whirlwind: Storm and Stress

6 - Whirlwind: Storm and Stress 02014-05-11

Multiplex armor and derufingu equipped with wide end crush Aruga's machine and crush body pit of Zesu machine. Creo overwhelmed enemy force by desperate charge, and oneself became the body of prisoner although we achieved zesu rescue. Rye gut which is merely collapsed for first campaign that might kill ex-close friend. And, as boarding person of erutemisu which we requisitioned, mysterious man, jirugu is chosen….
Night-Before: Eve of the Sally

7 - Night-Before: Eve of the Sally 02014-05-18

Special guerilla unit who assumed naruvi captain in the Krishna military is organized. Military unit training received surprise attack of red erutemisu suddenly. Even zesu was man who jirugu which knew how to ride hand kozutta body easily was son of General Bardo, and was imprisoned as 〝 friend homicide 〟. Confrontation with borukyusu approaches every moment while rye gut, hozuru, thought of each Sigyn and others increase.
Wasteland: Calamity in the Jaws of Death

8 - Wasteland: Calamity in the Jaws of Death 02014-05-25

Borukyusu Battalion which broke General turu jukishidan to lead, and exceeded Krishna border. Bardo corps on the other hand meets this in the around 60 wasteland. Smash to fight to a finish of both militaries opened curtain at last. When war situation was full of confusion for curious plan of cold-blooded cruel borukyusu, fireman's standard [wait] tta derufingu and mireniru corps arrive with multilayer armor, and fierce battle deepens degree of confusion more…
Showdown: Declaration of War

9 - Showdown: Declaration of War 02014-06-01

Atenesu Krishna both armies to pay a great deal of sacrifice, is forced to retreat temporary. Within the context of increasing severity, news Borukyusu Battalion of the invasion in towards the home of Raigatto entered. In order to save his brother, Raigatto to Single express shake off restraint. Before the ghastly sight, Ikkiuchi of Delphi and operating Atenesu strongest military Go~uremu-Hyukerion that piloted the Borukyusu has begun!
Lightning-Speed: Divine Rapidity

10 - Lightning-Speed: Divine Rapidity 02014-06-08

Last-Stand: Impregnable Fortification

11 - Last-Stand: Impregnable Fortification 02014-06-15

Endless-Fate: Eternal Recurrance

12 - Endless-Fate: Eternal Recurrance 02014-06-22


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