Season 1 2006 | 8 Episodes

Season 1 of Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King premiered on Jul 12, 2006.



1 - Battleground 8.52006-07-12

A professional hitman, Renshaw, finds himself the target when he kills a toymaker and the victim’s mother sends Renshaw a present: a toy foot locker filled with toy soldiers equipped to kill.
Crouch End

2 - Crouch End 52006-07-12

Lonnie and Doris Freeman, an American couple honeymooning in London, go to a friend's house for dinner but end up stranded in the mysterious Crouch End district. The area is strangely abandoned except for some bikers and children, and the couple soon realize they are trapped in a place where the barriers between dimensions are weak... and they may be the next to be sucked in to somewhere else.
Umney's Last Case

3 - Umney's Last Case 82006-07-19

In 1938, private eye Clyde Umney has it all – a successful career, adoring clients, and a beautiful secretary. But the arrival of the building owner, Sam Landry, throws his life into chaos when he arrives and tells Clyde that he’s evicting Clyde... permanently.
The End of the Whole Mess

4 - The End of the Whole Mess 62006-07-19

A young genius, Bobby Fornoy, comes up with a chemical cure for human violence. With the aid of his brother Howie, he comes up with a way to implement it worldwide. But the “cure” comes with a horrible side effect.
The Road Virus Heads North

5 - The Road Virus Heads North 02006-07-26

Writer Richard Kinnell is on a way back from a check-up where he's found out he may soon be facing death. On his way home he stops off at a garage sale and is intrigued by a painting of a vicious killer driving a car. Kinnell buys the picture, but as he heads home he realizes that the painting is...changing. The car in the picture is following his route, and getting closer with every minute...
The Fifth Quarter

6 - The Fifth Quarter 02006-07-26

A con gets out of prison to find his former partner in crime was involved in a new scheme, one that got him shot and killed. Now Willy has to collect four quarters of a map leading to the hidden loot...but the other three men have ideas of their own.
Autopsy Room Four

7 - Autopsy Room Four 02006-08-02

A businessman on vacation, Howard Cottrell, plays a game of golf and is bit by a snake. He is taken to the nearby hospital's autopsy room, but the staff is unaware that he is in a deathlike coma but not dead. Now Howard will have to be a silent but fully conscious witness to his own autopsy unless he can somehow manage to communciate with the doctors.
You Know They Got a Hell of a Band

8 - You Know They Got a Hell of a Band 02006-08-02

A wrong turn on a lonely road turns frightening for Clark and Mary Willingham as they stumble upon a town not on any map - Rock and Roll Heaven, Oregon. There is a free concert every night, but the price of admission is high - once the audience enters, it can never leave.








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