Specials 2007 | 33 Episodes

Specials of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premiered on Mar 20, 2007.


Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt

1 - Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt 02007-03-20

Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland

2 - Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland 02009-12-12

Don't be late for a very important date: Daisy's surprise birthday party! Her present is a magical cuckoo clock, and when the cuckoo bird flies away, Mickey and Donald set off through a fairytale wonderland to find him. Will they choose the right mouseketools to locate Cuckoo and get home in time?
The Wizard of Dizz

3 - The Wizard of Dizz 0

Mickey & Donald Have A Farm

4 - Mickey & Donald Have A Farm 0

Big Splash

5 - Big Splash 02009-07-27

Aloha, Everybody! Ready for waves of laughter and adventure? Then put on your floaties, grab your boogie boards and jump in! It's the hottest day of the year -- even Goofy's chicken noodle ice cream cone has melted into soup! So Mickey and his pals are cooling off at Star Lake. Pete's hosting a Hawaiian luau, and it just might be the best beach bash ever, but only if YOU can help the gang pick the right mousketools to get the party started. You'll ride a tide of fun with Mickey as you reel in a big, red Gooey fish, float above the clouds with Pluto in a giant soap bubble and help Donald rescue a flock of lost ducks. Filled with tons of music, excitement and magical surprises, MICKEY'S BIG SPLASH will make you shout, "Mouseka-bunga!"
Storybook Surprises

7 - Storybook Surprises 02008-03-17

Mickey Mouse returns for another fun-filled collection of stories in a volume that's fun for all the family.
Minnie's Bow-Tique

10 - Minnie's Bow-Tique 02010-02-09

Welcome to the grand opening of Minnie's sparkling-new store, packed with the coolest bows and bow ties you've ever seen! Watch as Daisy's amazing mood bow magically changes colors. Say Cheese and smile for Donald's camera bow tie, and help catch a bunch of runaway butterfly bows. It looks like there's something here for everyone...But Pete has a problem: He wants to get a present for his Aunt Mabel, and he's never shopped for ladies' bows before. He'll need a lot of help from Minnie, Toodles and YOU to find the perfect gift. Then, join your Clubhouse pals for a daytime sleepover, a picnic in Mickey Park and more exciting adventures.
A Valentine Surprise For Minnie

11 - A Valentine Surprise For Minnie 02010-02-01

Join Mickey, Minnie and the gang as they enjoy the most romantic day of the year, in this great CLUBHOUSE adventure.
Mickey's Christmas Magic

14 - Mickey's Christmas Magic 0

Mickey's Great Outdoors

21 - Mickey's Great Outdoors 02011-05-24

Join Mickey, Donald and the gang for laughter, surprises and blue skies! Everyone's excited because today is the big Clubhouse Camp Out. Help your pals pick the right Mouseketools so they can pitch their tents, catch gooey fish on Circle Lake and earn their camping badges. Then, set out with Mickey and Minnie on a jungle safari as they seek out a rare flower.
Donald And The Baby Sheep

29 - Donald And The Baby Sheep 02006-08-12

Donald goes for a nice walk down in the lower park and comes across a cute baby sheep.
Choo Choo Express

30 - Choo Choo Express 02009-12-01

Join Mickey, Toodles and the Gang for this magical full-length adventure you ll enjoy year-round! Ride the amazing Clubhouse Train to the top of the mountain, and help load the cars full of incredible, never-melting, Easy-Freezey snow! Share in the excitement when you arrive back at the Clubhouse to ski and make snow angels ...
Mickey's Great Outdoors

31 - Mickey's Great Outdoors 02011-12-26

Join Mickey, Donald and the gang for laughter, surprises and blue skies! Everyone's excited, because today is the big Clubhouse Camp Out. Help your pals pick the right Mouseketools so they can pitch their tents, catch gooey fish on Circle Lake and earn their camping badges. Then, get ready for adventure and exploration as Mickey and Minnie set off on a jungle safari in search of a rare, legendary flower. There's always a world of fun under the sun in "Mickey's Great Outdoors".
El gran de trabajo Mickey

35 - El gran de trabajo Mickey 0

Aye Aye Captain Mickey

40 - Aye Aye Captain Mickey 0

Goofy s thinking cap

42 - Goofy s thinking cap 0

Minnie's and Daisy's Flower Shower

44 - Minnie's and Daisy's Flower Shower 0

Die Freundschaftstags-Party

45 - Die Freundschaftstags-Party 0

Mini is looking for a kitten

46 - Mini is looking for a kitten 0

Murabel's help

47 - Murabel's help 0

Pluto and the bouncy ball

48 - Pluto and the bouncy ball 0

Minnie wants to arrange a parade

49 - Minnie wants to arrange a parade 0

Cowboy Donald

50 - Cowboy Donald 0

Training for Donald

51 - Training for Donald 0

Let's help Pete

52 - Let's help Pete 0

Football training for Goofy

53 - Football training for Goofy 0

Good mood for Minnie

54 - Good mood for Minnie 0

Mickey's Halloween Treat

55 - Mickey's Halloween Treat 0

Mickey's Train Station

56 - Mickey's Train Station 0

Detective Minnie

57 - Detective Minnie 0

Mickey Saves Santa

58 - Mickey Saves Santa 0

Numbers Roundup

59 - Numbers Roundup 02010-11-16

Rustle Up Some Fun! Howdy Mousekeroos! It’s time to put on your cowboy hats, grab your lassos and help Mickey, Goofy and all your Clubhouse pals wrangle a boisterous herd of wild numbers into Mickey Corral. Laugh it up as you count ‘em down from 10 to 1, and rustle up the right Mouseketools to catch those rascally numbers! Then search for Daisy Bo Peep’s lost sheep, decode a secret message, and solve more super fun puzzles.
Mickey's Monster Musical

60 - Mickey's Monster Musical 02015-09-08

Put on your favorite Halloween costume and get set for a spooktacular full-length adventure! Visit the creaky castle of kindly "Count Mickula" and help your Clubhouse pals solve a puzzling riddle: Who, or what, is making a curious clanging, banging noise? With the right Monster Mouseketools and help from YOU, this mystery will soon be history! Then, enjoy two more exciting episodes as you search for pirate treasure with Captain Mickey and don your dungarees for delightful fun down on the farm. Packed with singing, dancing, laughter and surprises, MICKEY'S MONSTER MUSICAL is a high-spirited treat that can't be beat!
Season 1 2006 | 27 Episodes

Season 1 of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premiered on May 05, 2006.


Daisy Bo Peep

1 - Daisy Bo Peep 02006-05-05

We meet the gang again in a brand new educational television show for kids!
A Surprise for Minnie

2 - A Surprise for Minnie 02006-05-06

The gang prepares a special secret surprise for Minnie Mouse which makes her day.
Goofy's Bird

3 - Goofy's Bird 02006-05-07

There is much excitement when Goofy gets a cute pet bird.
Donald's Big Balloon Race

4 - Donald's Big Balloon Race 02006-05-13

The gang is bored so Donald comes up with a creative idea with a big balloon race!
Mickey Goes Fishing

5 - Mickey Goes Fishing 02006-08-05

Goofy leaves his pet kitten, Mr. Pettibone, with Mickey, but Mr. Pettibone only eats big red gooey fish.
Donald and the Beanstalk

6 - Donald and the Beanstalk 02006-05-27

Donald runs in to a beanstalk and some weird thing take place.
Donald the Frog Prince

7 - Donald the Frog Prince 02015-01-08

Donald turns into a frog prince.
Minnie's Birthday

8 - Minnie's Birthday 02006-06-25

The group of friends celebrate Minnie's birthday and there are more surprises coming her way.
Goofy On Mars

9 - Goofy On Mars 02006-06-10

Goofy travels all the way to Mars.
Mickey Go Seek

10 - Mickey Go Seek 02006-06-03

Mickey plays hide and seek with his friends but when Mickey hides really well, everyone gets worried about him.
Daisy's Dance

11 - Daisy's Dance 02006-07-22

While attending a dance, Daisy gets stage fright when it is time for her to perform.
Pluto's Ball

12 - Pluto's Ball 02006-10-28

Pluto is outside playing with his favorite ball, when he bounces it a little too high and it rolls away. Mickey and Pluto set out to save the day and find the lost ball.
Mickey's Treasure Hunt

13 - Mickey's Treasure Hunt 02006-07-08

Mickey believes that there is treasure somewhere and convinces all of his friends to search for it.
Daisy in the Sky

14 - Daisy in the Sky 02006-09-09

Pluto starts baby-sitting Clarabelle Cow's puppies and soon realizes that they aren't as easy to watch as he thought they would be.
Pluto's Puppy-sitting Adventure

15 - Pluto's Puppy-sitting Adventure 02006-08-19

Pluto starts baby-sitting Clarabelle Cow's puppies and soon realizes that they aren't as easy to watch as he thought they would be.
Pluto's Best

16 - Pluto's Best 02006-08-26

Pluto and Butch, Pete's dog, compete for a trophy by playing a variety of games.
Mickey's Treat

17 - Mickey's Treat 02006-11-18

It's Halloween for Mickey and the gang and they get an invitation to go to Pete's Halloween Party located at the Trick-or-Treat Tower.
Minnie Red Riding Hood

18 - Minnie Red Riding Hood 02006-09-02

Minnie picks a magic rose that puts a curse on her that makes her sleep for 100 years if the spell is not broken.
Sleeping Minnie

19 - Sleeping Minnie 02007-01-13

Minnie picks a magic rose that puts a curse on her that makes her sleep for 100 years if the spell is not broken
Mickey Saves Santa

20 - Mickey Saves Santa 02007-02-23

Mickey and Donald dash off to rescue Santa Claus so he can deliver everyone's presents or else there won't be any Christmas.
Goofy the Great

21 - Goofy the Great 02006-11-04

Mickey's special Rainbow Color Machine runs into a problem when it starts to run out of color.
Mickey's Color Adventure

22 - Mickey's Color Adventure 02007-02-16

Goofy gets a job at the local petting zoo and falls asleep allowing the animals to escape. Goofy calls his pal Mickey to help him find the missing animals.
Goofy's Petting Zoo

23 - Goofy's Petting Zoo 02007-01-20

Goofy gets a job at the local petting zoo and falls asleep allowing the animals to escape. Goofy calls his pal Mickey to help him find the missing animals.
Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt

24 - Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt 02006-11-25

Dr. Daisy MD

25 - Dr. Daisy MD 02007-02-09

Daisy acts as the doctor when Donald gets sick.
Donald's Lost Lion

26 - Donald's Lost Lion 02007-03-20

Donald can't find his favorite stuffed lion that he wants before bedtime. Mickey volunteers to help him find it.
Donald's Hiccups

27 - Donald's Hiccups 02007-02-02

Donald gets a bad case of the hiccups. Daisy, Mickey, Goofy and Pluto all try to help him, but end up getting the hiccups themselves.
Season 2 2008 | 40 Episodes

Season 2 of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premiered on Jan 26, 2008.


Fancy Dancin' Goofy

1 - Fancy Dancin' Goofy 02008-01-26

When Clarabelle invites Goofy to go with her to the Fancy Dance, the gang helps him learn gentlemanly ways.
Goofy the Home Maker

2 - Goofy the Home Maker 02008-01-26

Goofy and the gang construct a birdhouse for Baby Red Bird and his family.
Mickey’s Handy Helpers

3 - Mickey’s Handy Helpers 02008-01-27

When the handy Helpers break down, Mickey and the gang work to fix them.
Goofy Baby

4 - Goofy Baby 02008-01-27

When Professor Ludwig Von Drake's Time Machine turns Goofy into a baby, Mickey and the gang must babysit Goofy Baby until the machine is fixed.
Minnie's Picnic

5 - Minnie's Picnic 02008-02-09

Minnie decides to memorialize the new picnic area of the clubhouse by organizing the first picnic with the help of her friends.
Goofy in Training

6 - Goofy in Training 02010-02-20

Goofy tries to run an obstacle course and gets help from his friends. Goofy is practicing for the Mickey Mouse Obstacle Course in hopes of winning a medal
Mickey's Big Band Concert

7 - Mickey's Big Band Concert 02009-01-24

Mickey and friends practice their band's music for the Mickey Park Polka-Palooza Dance Festival where the elephants will dance the Pachyderm Polka. (The Sensational Six: Mickey on ukulele, Donald on tuba, Minnie on piano, Daisy on xylophone, Goofy on trombone and Pluto as metronome), but their instruments need to be repaired (Minnie's Piano has the incorrect pitch, Goofy's trombone slide is stuck, Daisy's xylophone is falling apart, Mickey's ukulele strings are out of tune and Donald's papers keep blowing away).
Goofy's Hat

8 - Goofy's Hat 02008-04-26

Today is the Clubhouse's "Picture Day," where all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends get their picture taken. But it seems that Goofy is too disappointed to take his picture because he lost his hat. Note: This is the first episode where Goofy is seen without his hat since he looked like that in Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie and its sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie.
Donald's Special Delivery

9 - Donald's Special Delivery 02008-06-20

The Clubhouse mail has arrived for all of the Clubhouse friends except Donald. It's up to the Clubhouse friends all make Donald feel better.
Clarabelle's Clubhouse Carnival

10 - Clarabelle's Clubhouse Carnival 02008-08-09

With Mickey and friends' help, Clarabelle sets up a carnival at the Clubhouse grounds. The reason for it is her need to feed the chickens with lots of corn. Guests - Clarabelle Cow, Bella, Chip 'n Dale, Ludwig Von Drake, Willie the Giant, Pete and Humphrey the Bear
Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari

11 - Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari 02008-03-01

Minnie wants to have a picture of a hula hibiscus to complete her flower picture collection, but she has only one day to get it, when it is in full bloom. She will need help from all of her Clubhouse friends to get to where the flower is located. PS: Toodles has another task, besides holding onto the Mouseketools. It has the task of becoming a "Mousekemap" as well.
Mickey's Camp Out

12 - Mickey's Camp Out 02008-04-12

Mickey and the rest of the Clubhouse friends have a "Big Clubhouse Camp Out." They are trying to earn a Clubhouse Camp Out badge for each one of them by doing two tasks at a campsite.
Daisy's Pet Project

13 - Daisy's Pet Project 02008-03-15

Daisy has trouble finding a pet for the Pet Parade. She must find a pet before the Pet Parade starts. She gets three pets, an elephant named Bubbles, a giraffe named Longfellow and a bunny named Captain Jumps-a-Lot.
Mickey's Big Job

14 - Mickey's Big Job 02008-05-10

Mickey and the gang take care of Willie the Giant's farm while he's away.
Mickey's Round Up

15 - Mickey's Round Up 02008-06-21

Ludwig Von Drake's package of wild numbers has arrived at the Clubhouse. However, they are accidentally let out and it is up to Mickey and his Clubhouse friends to don cowboy/cowgirl clothes and gear and round them all up to the "MickeyCorral" on the grounds before the Professor returns from an errand. Note: This is the only time something is alive.
Pluto's Bubble Bath

16 - Pluto's Bubble Bath 02008-08-23

Clarabelle and Bella are coming over for tea and biscuits and dog biscuits and Pluto is all dirty and needs a bubble bath. But when Pluto's bubble bath gets out of hand, Mickey and Pluto each get stuck inside a giant bubble and float away from the clubhouse. Guests - Pete, Butch, Clarabelle Cow and Bella
Mickey's Art Show

17 - Mickey's Art Show 02009-02-07

Goofy learns to sculpt, paint and draw so he can compete in an arts-and-crafts show sponsored by Mickey.
Mickey's Silly Problem

18 - Mickey's Silly Problem 02008-07-12

The clubhouse's "silly switch" gets stuck and makes everyone act in comical ways, such as Mickey only speaking in rhyme and Pluto making every animal sound except barking (such as meowing like a cat and mooing like a cow). Note 1: After the opening sequence, the episode title is first shown as "Rose Smelly Blimp' Icky" before unscrambling itself to reveal the correct title. All of the Mousketools in this episode are 'Mystery Mousketools.' Note 2: Pete does not appear in this episode.
Mickey's Thanks A Bunch Day

19 - Mickey's Thanks A Bunch Day 02008-10-03

Minnie uses a growth spray in her garden to help her fruits and vegetables grow in time to be picked for Thanks A Bunch Day, but it turns them all into gigantic creations. Guests - Ludwig Von Drake, Pete and Willie the Giant
Secret Spy Daisy

20 - Secret Spy Daisy 02009-11-20

Daisy protects Clarabelle's secret recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies from Pete. Guests - Pete, Ludwig Von Drake and Clarabelle Cow
Pluto to the Rescue

21 - Pluto to the Rescue 02008-09-06

Pluto comes to the rescue when Donald and Goofy build a snowman so big, they can't climb around it or over it. Guests - Pete, Twinkle and Sprocket
Sir Goofs-a-Lot

22 - Sir Goofs-a-Lot 02009-11-20

Goofy wants to be knighted by Queen Clarabelle, so he proves his bravery by going on a quest to retrieve three items. Note: This episode originally streamed online at DisneyOnDemand on January 2, 2009. Guests - Clarabelle Cow and Pete
Minnie's Mystery

23 - Minnie's Mystery 02009-03-14

Minnie attempts to find out who took her fresh baked muffins from the clubhouse. Guests - Chip 'n Dale and Baby Bear
Mickey's Comet

24 - Mickey's Comet 02008-11-17

Everyone wants to view Mickey's Comet, but first they have to find Professor Von Drake and his telescope. This was the second episode in the series, following 'Doctor Daisy, M.D.', that the 'Mystery Mousketool' was chosen first. Guests - Ludwig Von Drake, Willie the Giant and Chip 'n Dale
Clarabelle's Clubhouse Mooo-sical

25 - Clarabelle's Clubhouse Mooo-sical 02008-10-11

Clarabelle stages a musical about nursery rhymes starring chickens from the petting zoo, but they practice so much, they lose their voices. Guests - Clarabelle Cow, Pete and Boo-Boo Chicken
Minnie's Rainbow

26 - Minnie's Rainbow 02009-03-07

Minnie searches for a pot of gold and meets a leprechaun after a rainbow appears over the clubhouse.. Note: At one point in the episode, Leprechaun Pete brings out "Sheamus," a leprechaun parody of Toodles, whose "mystery Leprechaun tool" is a fog machine. Guests - Pete
Space Captain Donald

27 - Space Captain Donald 02009-06-20

Donald leads the gang on a mission to the moon to retrieve Pluto's bouncy ball. Guests - Ludwig von Drake, Pete and Chip 'n Dale
The Friendship Team

28 - The Friendship Team 02009-11-14

Help Detective Minnie and Secret Spy Daisy search for missing party hats for the clubhouse's Friendship Day celebration. Note: Minnie and Daisy announce the title of this episode after the opening sequence. This episode also marks the second time Minnie and Daisy's alter egos are shown. Guests - Pete, Clarabelle Cow, Ludwig Von Drake and Chip 'n Dale
Mickey's Message from Mars

29 - Mickey's Message from Mars 02009-01-10

Mickey, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto fly up to Mars and help a Martian Mickey find a secret treasure. Guests - Ludwig Von Drake, Pete, Martian Mickey and Pluto from Pluto
Pete's Beach Blanket Luau

30 - Pete's Beach Blanket Luau 02008-11-08

Mickey and his friends throw a beach party to cool off on the hottest day of the year and Pete invites everyone including the viewer. Note: This episode was released on Mickey's Big Splash DVD on May 5, 2009. Guests - Pete
Donald's Ducks

31 - Donald's Ducks 02009-04-04

Donald helps a group of ducks get to a warm beach for their winter retreat. Note: This episode was released on Mickey's Big Splash DVD on May 5, 2009. Guests - Ludwig Von Drake, Bella and Figaro
Goofy's Coconutty Monkey

32 - Goofy's Coconutty Monkey 02009-10-05

When Goofy's friend Coco the Monkey can't find any coconuts for her "coconutty party," Goofy, Mickey and the clubhouse gang take a trip into the jungle in search of coconuts. Guests - Chip 'n Dale and Coco the Monkey
Choo-Choo Express

33 - Choo-Choo Express 02009-10-25

Mickey and the gang build a train, so they can carry the professor's non-melting snow to the Clubhouse. Note 1: In addition to their two songs (the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" theme song and "Hot Dog!"), They Might Be Giants are also heard during the closing credits with a song specially written for this episode ("Choo-Choo Express"). Note 2: This episode even marks the first (and so far, only) time that the Mouskadoer dispenses two sets of Mousekatools. Note 3: In the UK, the episode was titled as Mickey's Clubhouse Choo Choo in December 2009, the UK airing of the episode was renamed again Choo-Choo Express. Note 4: This episode was dedicated "in loving memory" to Wayne Allwine, who had voiced Mickey Mouse since 1977, as he passed away on May 18, 2009 of complications caused by diabetes. Guests - Ludwig von Drake, Clarabelle Cow, Bella, Chip 'n Dale, Pete, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
Minnie's Bee Story

34 - Minnie's Bee Story 02008-12-13

Mickey and his friends help Minnie's friend, Buzz-Buzz the Bee, find his way back home after a strong wind blows him off a sunflower. Note: Minnie announces the title of this episode after the opening sequence. Guests - Buzz-Buzz the Bee, Ludwig Von Drake and Pete
Pluto's Playmate

35 - Pluto's Playmate 02009-02-21

Mickey and his friends help Salty the Seal do tricks for the circus. Guests - Salty the Seal, Clarabelle Cow, Pete and Chip n' Dale
Mickey and the Enchanted Egg

36 - Mickey and the Enchanted Egg 02009-05-02

A story Mickey plans to read aloud about an enchanted egg, suddenly becomes real. The big purple dragon egg Wizard Pete is taking care of, rolls out of the castle and into Donald and Goofy while they are walking to the Clubhouse. A purple baby dragon pops out of the egg. Mickey and friends name it Zoe and take it to Wizard Pete, while trying to get out of his traps.
Goofy Goes Goofy

37 - Goofy Goes Goofy 02009-09-12

Goofy gets cloned after Professor von Drake's new experimental Gooey-Goo splashes onto him. Mickey and his friends must take care of the clones until the effect wears off. Note: This episode was released to DVD on September 8, 2009. Guests - Clarabelle Cow, Ludwig Von Drake and Pete
Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland

38 - Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland 02009-11-07

A mechanical cuckoo bird that's a birthday gift for Daisy flies away, and the gang embarks on an imaginative Alice in Wonderland-like adventure to retrieve it. Note: This episode was released on DVD on September 8, 2009. Guests - Ludwig Von Drake, Chip 'n Dale, Clarabelle Cow, Pete and Cuckoo The Cuckoo Bird
Goofy's Super Wish

39 - Goofy's Super Wish 02009-12-12

Goofy trains to be a superhero and uses his skills after Clarabelle's moo-muffin maker breaks. Guests - Clarabelle Cow and Pete
Mickey's Big Surprise

40 - Mickey's Big Surprise 02010-01-09

Help Mickey and his friends solve the five Fun Puzzles to get a Big Surprise.
Season 3 2010 | 33 Episodes

Season 3 of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premiered on Feb 27, 2010.


Goofy's Goofbot

1 - Goofy's Goofbot 52010-02-27

Goofy constructs a robot in his own likeness.
Mickey's Springtime Surprise

2 - Mickey's Springtime Surprise 02010-03-27

Mickey and Minnie kick off the first day of spring with an egg hunt.
SuperGoof`s Super Puzzle

3 - SuperGoof`s Super Puzzle 02010-04-10

Goofy becomes Super Goof to solve some puzzles laid out by Pete.
Donald of the Desert

4 - Donald of the Desert 02010-05-08

The Clubhouse's sandbox is empty, so Donald leads the gang into the desert to get more sand. But they stumble across much more than that.
Happy Birthday Toodles

5 - Happy Birthday Toodles 02010-05-22

It is Toodles' birthday and the whole gang is there to celebrate.
Goofy's Magical Mix-Up

6 - Goofy's Magical Mix-Up 02010-06-19

When Goofy The Great makes Pluto's dog house disappear, it's up to Mickey and the gang to find it.
Pluto's Dinosaur Romp

7 - Pluto's Dinosaur Romp 02010-07-03

The Professor accidentally brings back a baby dinosaur while using his time machine.
Minnie's Pajama Party

8 - Minnie's Pajama Party 02010-08-07

Minnie throws a pajama party for all her friends.
Road Rally

9 - Road Rally 02010-09-07

Mickey and his pals participate in a road rally that takes them across sandy deserts, over snow-covered mountains and through lush jungles.
Donald the Genie

10 - Donald the Genie 02010-10-18

Pete The Genie gives Donald genie powers so that he can make his friend's wishes come true.
Daisy's Grasshopper

11 - Daisy's Grasshopper 02010-11-18

Mickey and the gang have to find Daisy's pet grasshopper Wilbur so that the Professor can take his picture for Grasshopper Day.
Mickey's Mousekersize

12 - Mickey's Mousekersize 02010-11-22

Mickey and the gang help Pete get in shape by Mousekersizing.
Mickey's Little Parade

13 - Mickey's Little Parade 02010-12-20

Mickey and his pals search for three wind-up toy musicians after they run about due to being wound too tight just before a parade appearance.
Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar

14 - Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar 02011-01-03

When the pages of Minnie's calendar blow away, it's up to the gang to help her get them back.
Pluto Lends a Paw

15 - Pluto Lends a Paw 02011-02-27

Minnie loses her cat, Figaro, who makes a big mess after she makes a surprise for him. Pluto and Mickey pitch in to help track down Minnie's cat.
Minnie's Bow-tique

16 - Minnie's Bow-tique 02011-02-28

Minnie opens a boutique filled with a variety of bows and bow ties.
Minnie's Masquerade

17 - Minnie's Masquerade 02011-04-11

Minnie decides to have a masquerade ball.
Goofy's Giant Adventure

18 - Goofy's Giant Adventure 02011-05-09

Goofy goes on a quest for a magical elixir to cure Willie The Giant's tummy ache.
Donald's Clubhouse

19 - Donald's Clubhouse 02011-06-09

Mickey leaves Donald in charge of the clubhouse and it quickly turns into a disaster area when he and Goofy make a huge mess just before Mother Goose Clarabelle is to visit.
Mickey's Show and Tell

20 - Mickey's Show and Tell 02011-06-24

Martian Mickey visits the clubhouse for a show-and-tell presentation.
Mickey's Fishy Story

21 - Mickey's Fishy Story 02011-07-29

Minne and Daisy arrive at the clubhouse with Goldie the goldfish. However, Goldie is all alone and has no one to swim with so Daisy and Minnie decide take Goldie to the waterfall in the jungle to find a friend.
Space Adventure

22 - Space Adventure 02011-09-12

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto blast off to outer space.
The Go-Getters

23 - The Go-Getters 02011-09-26

A group of giant baby chicks is running loose in Mickey Park.
Goofys Gone

24 - Goofys Gone 02011-10-10

Goofy has mysteriously disappeared and it's up to The Go-Getters to find him.
Goofy Babysitty

25 - Goofy Babysitty 02011-10-24

Goofy babysits when Mickey and his pals are accidentally turned into toddlers by a time machine.
Pluto's Tale

26 - Pluto's Tale 02012-01-20

Pluto becomes a brave prince in a fairy tale who tries to rescue princess Bella while watching out for Wizard Pete and his magic tricks.
Goofy's Thinking Cap

27 - Goofy's Thinking Cap 02012-03-09

Goofy uses a special Thinking Cap to solve Clarabelle Cow's Scavenger Hunt!
Minnie and Daisy's Flower Shower

28 - Minnie and Daisy's Flower Shower 02012-04-02

Minnie and Daisy host a flower show for their friends.
Prince Pete's Catnap

29 - Prince Pete's Catnap 02012-05-04

Prince Pete needs a nap but cannot fall asleep.
Aye Aye Captain Mickey

30 - Aye Aye Captain Mickey 02012-06-15

The Gang gets on Professor von Drake's new submarine to retrieve Mickey's lucky coin.
Donald Hatches an Egg

31 - Donald Hatches an Egg 02010-10-18

Donald cares for a lost egg, while his friends search for its family.
The Golden Boo Boo

32 - The Golden Boo Boo 02011-04-11

Mickey and Daisy are dressed as detectives and, with the help of Minnie, Donald, Ludwig Von Drake, Goofy and Clarabelle, are on a mission to search for the golden statue of Boo Boo Chicken, before Pete gets to it first.
Mickey's Train Station

33 - Mickey's Train Station 02011-09-11

Season 4 2012 | 26 Episodes

Season 4 of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premiered on Nov 05, 2012.


Mickey and Donald Have a Farm

1 - Mickey and Donald Have a Farm 02012-11-05

Mickey and his pals plan to rescue the missing animals from the Clubhouse Farm.
Quest for the Crystal Mickey

2 - Quest for the Crystal Mickey 02013-03-08

Pete snatches the Crystal Mickey statue from the clubhouse.
Daisy's Pony Tale

3 - Daisy's Pony Tale 02013-04-05

A new invention makes Daisy's ponytail grow long.
Mickey's Farm Fun-Fair

4 - Mickey's Farm Fun-Fair 02013-08-16

MIckey and pals hold a farm fun fair.
The Wizard of Dizz

5 - The Wizard of Dizz 02013-09-20

Minnie and Pluto are swept up in a big wind and end up in the wonderful world of Dizz. And they need to get back to the clubhouse for the "Clubhouse Day" party.
Super Adventure

6 - Super Adventure 02013-10-18

Super Mickey and the Clubhouse Heroes must work as a team.
Mickey's Mystery

7 - Mickey's Mystery 02013-11-04

Kansas City Mickey returns to help the clubhouse team solve a mystery in the Hidden Jungle.
Minnie's Pet Salon

8 - Minnie's Pet Salon 02013-11-22

It's time for Pluto's All-Star Pet Show at Minnie's Pet Salon.

9 - Minnie-rella 02014-02-14

Minnie has a dream that she is Minnierella.
Mickey's Clubhouse Rocks

10 - Mickey's Clubhouse Rocks 02014-04-01

Mickey and the gang are prepared to rock with a battle-of-the-bands showdown filled with epic guitar solos.
Donald Jr.

11 - Donald Jr. 02014-06-06

Donald teaches a duckling a dance for a school talent day.
Sea Captain Mickey

12 - Sea Captain Mickey 02014-07-18

Mickey and the gang search for something at the bottom of Mickey Lake. Mickey and the gang use a submarine to explore Mickey Lake, when Professor Von Drake's sonar-detecting machine discovers that there's something big at the bottom.
Mickey's Pirate Adventure

13 - Mickey's Pirate Adventure 02014-10-10

Mickey and pals are enjoying a day at the beach when Peg Leg Pete delivers a note from Goofy’s long lost Grandpappy, Captain Goof-Beard, asking for the gang’s help in ensuring that Harmony-Chord Island, the musical isle where Goof-Beard lives, doesn’t go completely out of tune and sink.
Mickey's Happy Mousekeday

14 - Mickey's Happy Mousekeday 02014-11-18

It's Mickey's birthday, and for his birthday present, the Clubhouse gang has organized fun activities for the big Mousekeday.
Minnie's Winter Bow Show

15 - Minnie's Winter Bow Show 02014-12-05

While putting together the Winter Bow Show, Minnie and her nieces, Millie and Melody get swept away to the Clubhouse North Pole.
Around the Clubhouse World

16 - Around the Clubhouse World 02015-01-19

Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto travel around the world to collect stamps for their special Clubhouse Passport.
Mickey's Mousekeball

17 - Mickey's Mousekeball 02015-04-03

Professor Von Drake shows the Clubhouse pals a high-tech new game, Floatin' Fun-Time Mousekeball! But when the ball escapes, the game takes to the skies!
Donald's Brand New Clubhouse

18 - Donald's Brand New Clubhouse 02015-06-12

Mickey has birthday and his friends help him at the ceremony.
Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure

19 - Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure 02015-06-26

Mousekedoer malfunctions and needs to be fixed.
Mickey's Monster Musical

20 - Mickey's Monster Musical 02015-10-30

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto stumble upon Count Mikula's castle and help solve the mystery of its creaky noises.
Pop Star Minnie!

21 - Pop Star Minnie! 02015-11-11

When Minnie is invited to sing at Mistletoe Mountain, Mickey discovers that all the instruments are missing.
Chef Goofy on the Go

22 - Chef Goofy on the Go 02016-02-19

Mickey helps Goofy serve up deliveries from his "Chef Goofy On the Go" lunch truck.
Oh, Toodles!

23 - Oh, Toodles! 02016-05-06

Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon

24 - Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon 02016-08-25

Martian Minnie's Tea Party

25 - Martian Minnie's Tea Party 02016-10-14

A Goofy Fairy Tale

26 - A Goofy Fairy Tale 02016-11-06

Season 5 2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 5 of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premiered on Sep 04, 2017.


Episode 1

1 - Episode 1 02017-09-04

Episode 2

2 - Episode 2 02017-09-05

Episode 3

3 - Episode 3 02017-09-06

Episode 4

4 - Episode 4 02017-09-07

Episode 5

5 - Episode 5 02017-09-08

Episode 6

6 - Episode 6 02017-09-11

Episode 7

7 - Episode 7 02017-09-12

Episode 8

8 - Episode 8 02017-09-13

Episode 9

9 - Episode 9 02017-09-14

Episode 10

10 - Episode 10 02017-09-15


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