Yuichi Nakamura
Yuichi Nakamura

Shiranui Kazuki

Daisuke Ono
Daisuke Ono

Suzuya Tohzuki

Season 1 2010 | 26 Episodes

Season 1 of Starry Sky premiered on Dec 23, 2010.


Capricorn I

1 - Capricorn I 02010-12-23

Yoh meets Tsukiko as a small child when he drops his telescope. In the present, he no longer is living in Japan. His father, an astronomer, is pitching a lecture series to an American college, and plans to travel there with his wife and son. Yoh asks if, before the lecture circuit is approved, if he can spend time back in Japan. His father realizes that this about the girl that Yoh had met long ago, and grants his approval and support to find his own "first evening star." Yoh goes to a school focusing on astronomy, where he quickly meets Tsukiko again, who is the only female student at the school
Capricorn II

2 - Capricorn II 02010-12-30

After a time skip of one month, Yoh is seen, having become friends (and rivals for Tsukiko's affections) with Kanata Nanami and Suzuya Tohzuki. He talks to his father on the phone, who tells him that the lecture circuit has been approved, and they will be going to America in a few weeks, where Yoh is expected to join them. Yoh is a little sad, but decides that his time in Japan has been well spent, kissing Tsukiko on the cheek, and playfully fighting with Kanata.
Aquarius I

3 - Aquarius I 02011-01-06

We are introduced to Tsubasa, the "Aquarius," who has a unique laugh that made him self-conscious when he was a boy. He was taken in by his grandpa when he was a child, but everyone around him always called him a nuisance, which left emotional scars. A skilled inventor, he has been making machines since a very young age. When he arrives at school, he meets up with his first friend and gets forcibly drafted onto the Student Body Council by the eccentric President Kazuka. (Tsukiko is secretary.), and pretty soon they become friends.
Aquarius II

4 - Aquarius II 02011-01-13

Tsubasa is banned from inventing in the student council room after one of his inventions explode. He is unhappy, and the tensions grow thicker when the other members of the student council decide to implement a surprise lab in the student council room.
Pisces I

5 - Pisces I 02011-01-20

This episode reflects on Kanata's past with Tsukiko & Suzuya. Kanata has always been friends with them since he was little. As he grows up with them he developed feelings for Tsukiko. He has always had a weak body and feels that he can not protect them. He continues to fight because it makes him feel alive and not weak. Tsukiko and Suzuya dislike when he over does his fighting habits, even though they are unsure of his reason.
Pisces II

6 - Pisces II 02011-01-27

Kanata reflects on Tsukiko and how she never lets anyone see her struggles. He and Suzuya vow to always be by her side and to protect her, because that's all they can do. It is revealed that Kanata's greatest wish is that others will see him as a "natural person."
Aries I

7 - Aries I 02010-02-04

Aries II

8 - Aries II 02010-02-11

Taurus I

9 - Taurus I 02011-02-18

It begins with Homare and Kazuki in the office of the student council drinking tea and talking about how they are going to graduate that year, later Oushirou appears and join them. After that it shows Homare in his first year practising archery but having bad results because of the pressure. He was about to quit but Kazuki appeared and cheered him up.
Taurus II

10 - Taurus II 02011-02-25

Again in the student council room it is Kazuki, Homare and Oushirou talking about how is Tsukiko doing in the archery club, then a flashback begins showing when Tsukiko entered the club and how hard-working she is. After a hard day she falls at sleep and Homare finds her, when she wakes up he tells her that she shouldn´t force herself so much, what he said made her start to cry and confess that she was feeling bad because she was treating different because of her gender that made Homare see that she was really trying to improve and in the end her consoled her. There ends the flashback. After that the three of them went to see where was Tsukiko. At the end of the episode it shows Homare Azusa and Tsukiko showing up late at the archery room and Miyaji scolding Azusa.
Gemini I

11 - Gemini I 02011-03-04

Gemini II

12 - Gemini II 02011-03-11

Cancer I

13 - Cancer I 02011-03-18

Cancer II

14 - Cancer II 02011-03-25

Leo I

15 - Leo I 02011-04-01

Leo II

16 - Leo II 02011-04-08

Virgo I

17 - Virgo I 02011-04-15

Virgo II

18 - Virgo II 02011-04-22

Libra I

19 - Libra I 02011-04-29

Libra II

20 - Libra II 02011-05-06

Scorpio I

21 - Scorpio I 02011-05-13

Scorpio II

22 - Scorpio II 02011-05-20

Sagittarius I

23 - Sagittarius I 02011-05-27

Sagittarius II

24 - Sagittarius II 02011-06-03

Ophiuchus I

25 - Ophiuchus I 02011-06-10

Ophiuchus II

26 - Ophiuchus II 02011-06-17







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