John Kassir
John Kassir

Crypt Keeper (voice)

Specials 2021 | 21 Episodes

Specials of Tales from the Crypt premiered on Mar 04, 2021.


Crypt Jam

1 - Crypt Jam 0

Music video from the season three set which features the Crypt Keeper doing a goofy rap parody over clips of the show.
Demon Knight

2 - Demon Knight 01995-01-13

Brayker is a man who carries the last of seven keys, special containers which held the blood of Christ and were scattered across the universe to prevent the forces of evil from taking over. If The Collector gets the last key, the universe will fall into Chaos, and he has been tracking Brayker all the way to a small inn in a nowhere town. And now the final battle for the universe begins
Bordello of Blood

3 - Bordello of Blood 01996-08-16

Private eye Rafe Guttman (Dennis Miller) is hired by repressed, born-again Katherine (Erika Eleniak) to find her missing bad-boy brother. The trail leads him to a whorehouse run by a thousand-year-old vampire (Angie Everhart) and secretly backed by Katherine's boss, televangelist Jimmy Current (Chris Sarandon).

4 - Ritual 02006-05-02

A discredited American doctor begins a job in Jamaica caring for a disturbed man who thinks he is becoming a zombie.
A Virtual Comic Book: The Man Who Was Death

5 - A Virtual Comic Book: The Man Who Was Death 0

A virtual comic book that showcases the first episode of the season, completely voiced, narrated by John Kassir and shows comic panels as the story progresses.
A Virtual Comic Book: Dead Right

6 - A Virtual Comic Book: Dead Right 0

A virtual comic book that showcases the first episode of the season, completely voiced, narrated by John Kassir and shows comic panels as the story progresses.
A Virtual Comic Book: The Trap

7 - A Virtual Comic Book: The Trap 0

A virtual comic book that showcases the first episode of the season, completely voiced, narrated by John Kassir and shows comic panels as the story progresses.
A Virtual Comic Book: None but the Lonely Heart

8 - A Virtual Comic Book: None but the Lonely Heart 0

A virtual comic book that showcases the first episode of the season, completely voiced, narrated by John Kassir and shows comic panels as the story progresses.
A Virtual Comic Book: Death of Some Salesman

9 - A Virtual Comic Book: Death of Some Salesman 0

A virtual comic book that showcases the first episode of the season, completely voiced, narrated by John Kassir and shows comic panels as the story progresses.
A Virtual Comic Book: Whirlpool

10 - A Virtual Comic Book: Whirlpool 0

A virtual comic book that showcases the first episode of the season, completely voiced, narrated by John Kassir and shows comic panels as the story progresses.
A Virtual Comic Book: Fatal Caper

11 - A Virtual Comic Book: Fatal Caper 0

A virtual comic book that showcases the first episode of the season, completely voiced, narrated by John Kassir and shows comic panels as the story progresses.
Cryptkeeper's Intro

12 - Cryptkeeper's Intro 0

Cryptkeeper's Intro from the Season One DVD
Cryptkeeper's Outro

13 - Cryptkeeper's Outro 0

Hidden outro from The Cryptkeeper from the Season One DVD.
From Comic Books to Television

14 - From Comic Books to Television 0

The 50-minute documentary focuses on the history of EC, the publisher of Tales from the Crypt. It is engaging, informative and definitely entertaining, thanks to a nice mix of talking heads and animated recreations of the publisher's comics. If you enjoy the series, the story behind it is potentially even more fascinating, if only because it really happened. As the documentary leads into the creation of the HBO series, it is the perfect in-context extra for this set.
Cryptkeeper's History of Season One

15 - Cryptkeeper's History of Season One 0

A short (5:30) featurette provides an overview of how the series came together and a bit about each episode. Hosted by the Cryptkeeper, this is "his" version of the story, and thus, he was the motivating factor for everything. Again, this is done purely in his punny style, and thus should appeal to fans of his. Oddly, the description of the episodes in terms of their order differs from the order on this DVD and the generally accepted order.

16 - Shockumentary 0

From the Season Two set, covering the production of the second season of the show. Hosted by the Cryptkeeper, the piece looks at the show from all angles, including the influence of the comics, the talent involved and the creation of the Cryptkeeper himself. Interviews with Joel Silver and the Cryptkeeper's voice, John Kassir, among several others, help present an interesting, though brief retrospective of the show.
Fright and Sound: Bringing the Crypt Experience to Radio

17 - Fright and Sound: Bringing the Crypt Experience to Radio 0

A quick look at the creation of an episode of's Seeing Ear Theater short-lived series of "Tales from the Crypt" episodes. Recorded live at the Museum of Television and Radio, with Tim Curry as the narrator. From the season 2 set.

18 - Intro 0

Opening sequence from Tales from the Crypt
A Tales from the Crypt Reunion: A Panel Discussion

19 - A Tales from the Crypt Reunion: A Panel Discussion 0

Panel discussion from the producers of the series from the comic con, unedited and presented in its entirety. From the season 3 set.
A Tall Tales Panel: A Dissected Look at Tales from the Crypt Season 3

20 - A Tall Tales Panel: A Dissected Look at Tales from the Crypt Season 3 0

The creators of the series discuss the show in a seminar attended by some of the show's many fans at the San Diego Comic Con. It starts off with a brief introduction to the series and the comics it's based on and from there Jack Wohl introduces Chip Selby who did the Tales From The Crypt documentary, Todd Masters who did SFX work on the series, John Kassier who voiced the Crypt Keeper, Alan Katz who worked as a writer/producer, and finally, Digby Dehl who wrote a book on the comics. The participants talk about the influence of the original comic book series and talk about their experiences on the third season of the show through some interview clips and then the floor opens up and they answer questions from the crowd. From the season 3 set.
The Stars of Season Four

21 - The Stars of Season Four 0

The Cryptkeeper hosts a short documentary of clips that shows the stars of season 4.
Season 1 1989 | 6 Episodes

Season 1 of Tales from the Crypt premiered on Jun 10, 1989.


The Man Who Was Death

1 - The Man Who Was Death 8.51989-06-10

Niles Talbot moved from the country to the big city to get a job as an electrian but ended up as an executioner. His trouble begins when he's suddenly uemployed and decides to take the law into his own hands.
And All Through the House

2 - And All Through the House 8.51989-06-10

On Christmas Eve a woman slaughters her husband and learns that she's on Santa's naughty list when an escaped maniac dressed as Santa Claus shows up at her doorstep with a special present for her.
Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone

3 - Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone 8.31989-06-10

A bum named Ulric is given the chance of a lifetime when a scientist puts the gland of a cat inside his body. Soon Ulric becomes the main attraction at a sideshow.
Only Sin Deep

4 - Only Sin Deep 71989-06-14

A call girl goes to a pawnshop to rob him of his jewelry. Instead the owner offers her 10,000 dollars for her beauty. She sells her beauty and lands a new job but discovers she is aging very fast.
Lover Come Hack to Me

5 - Lover Come Hack to Me 61989-06-21

Charles marries Peggy but only for her money planning to kill her and make it look like an accident. One night things change when her dead mother pays a visit and Peggy shows Charles her own family tradition.
Collection Completed

6 - Collection Completed 7.31989-06-28

After 47 year of tool sales, Jonas has finally found some time to relax and take a break. Or so he thinks. After he returns from his work, he finds out that his wife has been taking in stray animals. He decides to take up a new hobby ... taxidermy.
Season 2 1990 | 18 Episodes

Season 2 of Tales from the Crypt premiered on Apr 21, 1990.


Dead Right

1 - Dead Right 91990-04-21

A gold digging waitress goes to a fortune teller who predicts that by the end of the day her boss will fire her and she will land a new job. When the prediction becomes reality, she goes back for more. The fortune teller predicts that she will marry a man who will inherit a fortune then die. She gets the money first and when she tells her husband to kiss off, he stabs her to death and ends up in the hot seat.
The Switch

2 - The Switch 81990-04-21

An elderly millionaire asks a plastic surgeon to give him the body of a younger man to win the girl of his dreams.
Cutting Cards

3 - Cutting Cards 01990-04-21

Two rival long time gamblers meet up in a small town to have one last duel.
'Til Death

4 - 'Til Death 6.51990-04-24

An unscrupulous plantation owner looks to raise some cash to develop a worthless plot of inherited land by wooing a beautiful heiress to an island and using voodoo to make her his wife.
Three's a Crowd

5 - Three's a Crowd 81990-05-01

For their tenth anniversary a couple heads down to a cabin owned by their friend. When she and her friend start sneaking around the husband gets jealous and assumes that they are having an affair.
The Thing From The Grave

6 - The Thing From The Grave 61990-05-08

A young photographer falls in love with a super model who is being mistreated by her boyfriend. When the lover finds out about them he kills the photographer and plans to kill her but he finds out that you can't destroy love even when it's dead.
The Sacrifice

7 - The Sacrifice 81990-05-15

Reed is a hotshot insurance agent who decides to kill his stubborn boss and marry his wife. The plan works until Reed's boss who happens to be Gloria's ex-husband arrives with pictures he has taken of the murder and blackmails Reed.
For Cryin' Out Loud

8 - For Cryin' Out Loud 71990-05-22

A rock promoter has been hearing voices inside his head for the past years. His doctor explains it to be too much time in the music biz. But when he tries to steal money at an Iggy Pop concert he learns the voices to be none other than his conscience. His banker shows up one night trying to blackmail him but he bumps her off. His conscience gets on his back so much that he blurts out her murder and goes to the hot seat to shut his conscience up for good.
Four-Sided Triangle

9 - Four-Sided Triangle 6.61990-05-29

Mary Jo is a young slave girl on a farm. One day while escaping to the fields she has a vision that a scarecrow comes to save her from the cruel couple. When her master discovers the identity of her new boyfriend, he decides to disguise himself as the man in straw.
The Ventriloquist's Dummy

10 - The Ventriloquist's Dummy 8.21990-06-05

A ventriloquist seeks out his old hero, Ingels, who he always admired. He soon meets up with his ventriloquist dummy Morty and discovers a shocking secret.
Judy, You're Not Yourself Today

11 - Judy, You're Not Yourself Today 61990-06-12

Donald and Judy are a couple who find themselves in a game of witchcraft. When a mysterious woman convinces Judy to try on a magical necklace, the old woman switches their souls. Soon Donald realizes that something is wrong. He tricks the witch into thinking that Judy has cancer and they switch back. Then Donald kills the witch and buries her. Years later, she comes back and this time she's got a special surprise for him.
Fitting Punishment

12 - Fitting Punishment 6.31990-06-19

Bobby is an orphaned teenager who goes to live with his uncle Ezra. Ezra is a mortuary director who is very grumpy. One day he decides to fill his new casket by killing Bobby. Bobby is too tall to fit in it so he cuts off his feet but he soon regrets it.
Korman's Kalamity

13 - Korman's Kalamity 71990-06-26

Jim Korman is a cartoonist for Tales From The Crypt. He has talent for creating horrible creatures - they are all inspired by his harassing wife. Little does he know that his creations are coming to life and creating havoc. A female detective pursues the creator and suddenly falls for him. Korman decides to finally take his wife out of the picture.
Lower Berth

14 - Lower Berth 81990-07-03

Enouch is a two-faced man at a sideshow carnival. One day a new attraction arrives - a 4 century old mummy. When the owner learns that the mummy is not only ripped off but cursed, he swipes the jewels off the mummy but soon he regrets it. This episode also features the birth of The Cryptkeeper.
Mute Witness to Murder

15 - Mute Witness to Murder 81990-07-10

A woman witnesses a man slaughter his wife. The man lives across the street from her. When her husband calls their doctor, she's even more horrorfied to learn that the doctor is also the killer.
Television Terror

16 - Television Terror 71990-07-17

Horton Rivers is an arrogant television tabloid host. He is trying to get big ratings and decides to take his crew through a haunted house. The house is rumored to be haunted by an old woman who killed a number of men. Soon strange things start happening. Someone or something is stalking Horton and his camera crew. The ratings could take him to the top or to the bottom.
My Brother's Keeper

17 - My Brother's Keeper 81990-07-24

Frank and his brother Eddie are Siamese twins. Frank refuses to sign a contract for an operation that will separate them, but Eddie doesn't want to be with Frank all the time. One day Frank falls in love with a gorgeous woman who then drops him. Eddie is happy that Frank will finally sign the contract, but then Marie realizes that she does love Eddie. Frank goes in a terrible rage and kills her knowing that he and Eddie will both go to prison. Frank finally signs the contract and has a great time as the cops put Eddie in the slammer.
The Secret

18 - The Secret 01990-07-31

Theodore is a 12 year old orphan who gets adopted by an unusual couple who lock him up in the attic. They are always working and he never gets to go and have some fun. Little does he know that his new parents harbor a dark secret. Little do they know he harbors a secret of his own.
Season 3 1991 | 14 Episodes

Season 3 of Tales from the Crypt premiered on Jun 15, 1991.


Loved to Death

1 - Loved to Death 01991-06-15

In Los Angeles, the aspirant screenwriter Edward Foster from Indiana has a crush on his neighbor Miranda Singer. However, the bimbo Miranda is an aspirant actress and gold digger and does not give attention to Edward. His unrequited love calls the attention of his creepy landlord Mr. Stronham that offers Edward a love potion to seduce Miranda. Will the potion work?
Carrion Death

2 - Carrion Death 01991-06-15

A sadistic serial killer has unforeseen complications when pursued by a determined motorcycle cop in a barren desert.
The Trap

3 - The Trap 01991-06-15

Indebted unhappy married couple, Lou and Irene, commit a life insurance fraud. Lou's brother Billy helps him fake his death and leave for Mexico. But Irene and Billy fall in love and when Lou returns, they claim they don't know him.
Abra Cadaver

4 - Abra Cadaver 01991-06-19

Carl and Marty are siblings who work at a hospital. Carl shows Marty his new way of proving that the brain lives after the body dies. The whole thing turns out to be a prank but the shock of the joke gives Marty a heart attack. Years later Marty hasn't forgiven Carl and plans a deadly revenge. Marty then reveals that it was an act of revenge on Carl and the whole thing was a joke ... or was it?
Top Billing

5 - Top Billing 01991-06-26

Barry Blye is a frustrated actor who will do anything to get a part. He's been rejected by every acting company because he doesn't have the right look. Bad luck follows him all over. First his girlfriend breaks up with him. Then he's kicked out of his apartment. Then his old rival Winton Robins, who has ""the look"", gets a part in a weird theater's production of Hamlet. Barry goes into a frustrated rage and strangles him to death to take the part. He is shocked when he learns that the theater is really a mental hospital.
Dead Wait

6 - Dead Wait 01991-07-03

Red is a low life crook who is looking for a black pearl. He finds that it's on a island belonging to an ailing millionaire. He plans with the millionaire's mistress to steal the pearl but she turns on him. Fortunately a voodoo priestess comes to the rescue but she has something special for him that he'll never forget.
The Reluctant Vampire

7 - The Reluctant Vampire 01991-07-10

A vampire is working at a blood bank as a night watchman. However, when the blood seems to be running low the vampire returns to getting blood the old fashion way. When the owner arrives at the vampire's lair he tries to black mail him, but as fate as would have it, the vampire's sexy secretary shows up and knocks him into the vampire's coffin. Some vampire hunters mistake him for the vampire and he gets a wonderful juicy stake.
Easel Kill Ya

8 - Easel Kill Ya 01991-07-17

Jack is an artist who has a strange talent for painting pictures of corpses. One day he falls for a beautiful girl who tempts him into painting more. Jack turns over a new leaf for his love. One day she is the victim of a hit and run. Jack kills a man outside the hospital to pay for her operation but she dies because the man he killed was the man who was going to perform her operation.
Undertaking Palor

9 - Undertaking Palor 01991-07-24

Four boys who have a talent for video taping uncover some weird things at the undertaker's. Soon revenge comes when one the boy's father becomes a victim. They begin video taping the undertaker's evil deeds which he soon discovers in horror.
Mournin' Mess

10 - Mournin' Mess 01991-07-31

A regretful reporter is investigating some murders of homeless people. He meets up with a man who is the prime suspect in the murders but when he fails to deliver a story his boss fires him. He then discovers that the new cemetery by a group called Ghouls is the cause for all the deaths in the neighborhood and guess who's the next victim.
Split Second

11 - Split Second 01991-08-07

Dixon is a lumberjack who marries a sexy barmaid named Liz Kelly. Soon after, he turns from sweet Dr. Jekyll into cruel Mr. Hyde. He is jealous of her when the boys find her attractive. One day a new lumberjack comes to town and Liz finds Ted attractive. When he catches them in the bed together, Dixon goes in a jealous rage and whacks him blinding him. The boys help him seek revenge on Dixon and Liz.

12 - Deadline 01991-08-14

Charlie Mackenzie is an out of work reporter who wants his life back. One night while at his favorite bar hang out, Charlie meets a beautiful women who seems to turn his life around. He gets his job back, but his boss agrees to rehire him only if Charlie can bring in a murder story soon. One night while at Greek diner he overhears the owner strangle his girlfriend. Charlie interviews him and goes to where the body is, but she is not dead. Charlie discovers that it's his girlfriend Vicky. To make sure the paper's got enough evidence, he strangles her to death but the shock of the murder lands him in a mental hospital inside a padded cell.

13 - Spoiled 01991-08-21

Janet is a soap opera loving woman. She likes to watch soaps everyday. She even imitates them. One day she misses the end of her favorite soap opera when the TV goes on the fritz. She decides to get cable soon. Janet finds her self falling for the attractive cable installer. When her Surgeon husband discovers what's going on, he decides to make them part of his experiment.

14 - Yellow 01991-08-28

The general is ashamed when he learns that the rumors of the Lt. (who is also his son) being a coward are true. He offers his son a way out of the army if he can take part in one last mission. The Lt. panics and leaves while his comrades are killed by the enemy. His father sentences him to die by firing squad. Fortunately the guns are loaded with blanks, or so he says.
Season 4 1992 | 14 Episodes

Season 4 of Tales from the Crypt premiered on Jun 27, 1992.


None but the Lonely Heart

1 - None but the Lonely Heart 01992-06-27

A sneaky man is obsessed with wedding rich older women then killing them. His business partner fears that he'll be caught soon. He finds himself in hot water when he starts getting threatening notes. He kills off those he suspects and soon he realizes the meaning of the saying revenge is sweet.
This'll Kill Ya

2 - This'll Kill Ya 01992-06-27

Sophie and Pack are workers at a medicine company. They are furious when their boss tells the papers that they are ready to test their new drug on humans. One day, while he is taking his shots they accidently inject him with the serum. George has only a few hours to live. He starts to have delusions and learns he's been set up and kills Pack. Sophie bursts in and tells him that the whole thing was just a joke.
On a Deadman's Chest

3 - On a Deadman's Chest 01992-06-27

A rocker fights with his manager. His groupie girlfriend shows him a special tattoo and convinces him to get one from where she got it. The tattoo has a picture of a dragon but a cartoon face that looks like Scarlett. He tries to remove the tattoo but no matter how hard he tries it keeps coming back. Eventually it drives him to murder Scarlett. The tattoo comes back to haunt him despite his guilt.

4 - Seance 01992-07-04

Con artists posing as mediums decide to use a man named Chalmers as their next victim. The woman hits on Chalmers and her male partner takes pictures of them in bed. One day Chalmers is killed in an accident. The con artists discover something else - Chalmers' wife is blind. They decide to pull a fake seance on his wife. The plan works but not in the way they expect.
Beauty Rest

5 - Beauty Rest 01992-07-11

An obsessed wannabe model grows bloody red with envy when her roommate lands a part she thought she was going to get. She forces her roommate to overdose and steps in to take her place. She becomes the next victim of another jealous model and kills her rival. Now there's no one standing in her way and she is crowned, but she soon discovers something shocking about the talent show.
What's Cookin'

6 - What's Cookin' 01992-07-22

Fred and Erma are workers at a squid cafe who find themselves in trouble because their business is failing and their landlord will kick them out. That is until one of the employees encourages them to serve meat. Suddenly business is getting better. Gaston decides to double cross Fred and Erma but he ends getting invited for dinner ... but not in the way he expects. (with optional commentary by John Kassir in character as the Cryptkeeper, the episode's writer Alan Katz, and Tales From the Crypt chronicler Digby Diehl).
The New Arrival

7 - The New Arrival 01992-07-25

An arrogant radio child psychologist is obsessed with proving to his manager that he is the best. He gets a new patient, a woman and her daughter. When he goes to her room, he assumes that the daughter is the woman's imaginary friend. He learns that her daughter died years ago but her mother's love keeps her alive.

8 - Showdown 01992-08-01

A gunman being is chased down by another quickdrawing gunslinger in an old abandoned western town. The gunman wins the duel but he soon learns a new meaning to the phrase ""ghost town"" as the spirits of all his victims come back to haunt him.
King of the Road

9 - King of the Road 01992-08-08

A courageous drag racer challenges a cop who used to be a racer. When the cop refuses, the racer decides to make him change his mind and kidnaps his teenage daughter. Iceman proves that he hasn't lost his talent by tricking the racer into changing the course sending him to his doom.
Maniac At Large

10 - Maniac At Large 01992-08-19

A shy library clerk is obsessed with a serial killer fearing that she will be his next victim. She thinks that her boss, the security guard and a patron are they killer. One night, while she is working late, it turns out that she is really the killer and her victims were ones she thought were after her.
Split Personality

11 - Split Personality 01992-08-26

Stetson is a con man who likes to date twins. He finds himself in the arms of twin sisters and creates a twin of his own. He weds both of them and decides to knock them off. Little does he know these twins share alike.
Strung Along

12 - Strung Along 01992-09-02

An aging puppeteer gets a new assistant. When he learns that his wife has a boyfriend, the assistant promises he'll do something about it. The puppeteer spends most of his time with is favorite puppet Koko. When he discovers that his assistant is his wife's lover, the two make him think that Koko has gone on a murderous rampage. Little do they know that Pinocchio isn't the only one with-out strings.
Werewolf Concerto

13 - Werewolf Concerto 01992-09-09

A man is killed outside the woods of a hotel. His death is suspected to be the work of a werewolf. The manager says that there is a werewolf hunter who will deal with the problem. Among the guests is a smooth talking man and an attractive female guest. It turns out that Lokai is the werewolf but much to his surprise he discovers that Janice is also a creature of darkness.
Curiosity Killed

14 - Curiosity Killed 01992-09-16

A man asks his friend to keep a youth potion away from his wife. When she suspects that they are trying to kill her, she kills them first and drinks the potion which she had switched. But she soon regrets it.
Season 5 1993 | 13 Episodes

Season 5 of Tales from the Crypt premiered on Oct 02, 1993.


Death of Some Salesmen

1 - Death of Some Salesmen 01993-10-02

A sneaky con man has a talent for killing people after he sells them phony tombstones. He soon learns that some for his new victims have a fortune buried in their cellar. He marries their daughter and kills the parents but when he goes down in the basement he gets a big surprise.
As Ye Sow

2 - As Ye Sow 01993-10-02

A husband hires a detective to spy on his wife whom he believes is cheating on him with a priest. When he learns that he's been conned, he decides to kill him himself. That day he learns that they're was nothing going on between them and he is relieved. But he is mistaken for his wife's so called boyfriend and killed by the detective he hired.
Forever Ambergris

3 - Forever Ambergris 01993-10-02

Dalton is a seasoned combat photographer who finds himself falling for a beautiful women who just happens to be the wife of his friend. One day Ike sends Dalton into a disease warfare area. Dalton returns, but not the way he used to be. He soon writes a letter about how he was set up and his wife and friend also contract the same disease.
Food for Thought

4 - Food for Thought 01993-10-06

Zambini is a circus mind-controlling psychic who controls his beautiful helper with his telepathic powers. One day he learns that she has a crush on the fire eater. Zambini goes into a terrible rage and kills him. Connie flees in terror never to return. Zambini uses his powers to call her back but it contacts the pet gorilla instead.
People Who Live in Brass Hearses

5 - People Who Live in Brass Hearses 01993-10-13

Billy is a smalltime criminal who is bloody red for vengeance. Years ago, his boss at an icecream warehouse double crossed him by sending him to prison. Now he plans to frame his boss with the help of his disabled brother.
Two for the Show

6 - Two for the Show 01993-10-20

A man slaughters his wife who he believes is having an affair. He drags her body and puts it in the bathtub. The police arrive and he refuses to let them near the bathtub. He chops up the corpse and hops a train with a trunk containing his wife's corpse. The detective follows him. The man switches trunks but when he opens the other one he gets a big surprise.
House of Horror

7 - House of Horror 01993-10-27

Les Whilton is the president of a college fraternity. He decides to scare three pledges by daring them to spend a night in a haunted house. He and some of his friends have set up the place to look like it's haunted. Along for the ride is a group of sorority sisters. When everyone else turns up missing, everyone turns to Whilton. Whilton goes into the house alone and he gets a big surprise.
Well Cooked Hams

8 - Well Cooked Hams 01993-11-03

A frustrated magician comes across a true genius. He decides to kill him and steal his magic, but he finds himself in big trouble and it's going to be the last magic trick he will ever perform.
Creep Course

9 - Creep Course 01993-11-10

Reggie is a college jock who is trying to pass a history test. He asks the class bookworm Stella Bishop to help tutor him. She goes to Finely's house to to get the answer sheet, but when she gets there, Finely and Reggie lock her in a mummy's tomb. Finely double crosses Reggie by poisoning him. Finely goes back to check his work, and gets a big surprise. Stella is not dead. She has been charming the mummy by impersonating his dead girlfriend making the mummy jealous and Reggie and Finely really take the wraps.
Came the Dawn

10 - Came the Dawn 01993-11-17

In this version of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, a young woman who is also a thief is picked up by a man driving by. He takes her up to his place. There she hears a message from his wife, but also learns that there is a killer nearby. When she goes to his room she gets a big surprise.
Oil's Well That Ends Well

11 - Oil's Well That Ends Well 01993-11-24

A con artist and his girlfriend plan their next caper by tricking some southern boys into thinking there is oil underneath a cemetery. Their plans work. She makes them think she has gotten jealous and killed her boyfriend, but when she goes to dig him up, she gets a big surprise. He and the boys have been partners all along. The last laugh is on her when it turns out that there really is oil and she blows them all to kingdom come.
Half-Way Horrible

12 - Half-Way Horrible 01993-12-01

Roger Lassen is a manufacturer who kills his friend by burying him alive in the South American jungle to finish the development of a chemical preservative. He's haunted by the memories of the incident. The earnings will make him rich but he can't get it past the FDA regulations. Soon his past returns and he starts seeing his dead friend everywhere he looks. A voodoo priestess offers to help exorcise his dark side. The spell works but at the most horrible cost.
Till Death Do We Part

13 - Till Death Do We Part 01993-12-08

A male escort is engaged to an aging woman. One day she discovers him flirting with a younger woman. She forces him to kill her in front of her. Instead he kills off her bodyguards, but he is even more surprised when the young lady turns against him. It turns out he's been fantasizing the whole thing and bumps her off himself.
Season 6 1994 | 15 Episodes

Season 6 of Tales from the Crypt premiered on Oct 31, 1994.


Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

1 - Let the Punishment Fit the Crime 01994-10-31

An ambulance-chasing lawyer finds herself in a nightmare court when she is hauled in for having too many digits on her license plate. She finds her self going through the court several times and they have a way of throwing the book at her. Little does she know, that her lawyer has been dismissed for being stuck in the court too long. He treats himself with the chair of doom but she must stay to take his place.
Only Skin Deep

2 - Only Skin Deep 01994-10-31

At a costume party, a young man falls in love with a sexy woman. They have a great time. He promises to keep quiet but the next day he spills the beans. The woman tells him not to be around while she's awake. He finds out that she's wearing that same mask. He tries to remove it only to learn that it's her horrible face. She gives him the most shocking punishment.

3 - Whirlpool 01994-10-31

A comic artist for Tales From The Crypt finds herself trapped inside a repetitious nightmare world. Everyday she lives through the same horrible episodes. First her boss rejects her latest idea then fires her. She goes to her boss and shoots him only to be caught by the police and shot to death. In reality the whole thing turns out to be a comic and she really is his boss and he is her employee.
Operation Friendship

4 - Operation Friendship 01994-11-09

Nelson is a computer genius who is letting his boss take credit for his ideas. Meanwhile his childhood imaginary pal Eddie tries to get Nelson to stand up to his bullying coworker. That is, until Nelson falls in love with a beautiful next door neighbor. Eddie thinks that she will ruin their friendship, but Nelson tosses Eddies' good side out the window leaving Eddie to come back cold-hearted.
Revenge Is the Nuts

5 - Revenge Is the Nuts 01994-11-16

A run-down shelter for the blind is owned by a cruel man. He abuses the patients there and won't give them respect. A new blind girl, Shelly, arrives the owner promises to lighten up if she agrees to sleep with him. Benny and the other patients give the owner from hell a taste of his own medicine.
The Bribe

6 - The Bribe 01994-11-23

Zoeller is a fire marshal who wants a strip club closed down. He wants to get revenge on it's sneaky owner and his pal for letting his offspring dance there. Zoeller bribes an arsonist to burn the place but after he does it, he discovers that she was also in there. Little does he know that his daughter wasn't in the club when the fire happened. She left early to get married with her boyfriend.
The Pit

7 - The Pit 01994-11-30

Two men who are longtime rivals go head to head in a grudge match. But, the real fight isn't between them, it's between their feuding wives. When the two men realize they don't hate each other, they decide to put their wives in the ring. With the help of a Las Vegas showman, they set them up as they watch them in a boxing match on live television.
The Assassin

8 - The Assassin 01994-12-07

Janet is a suburban wife of an ex-CIA assassin. When a group of operatives invade her home, they seem to think her husband is up to his old tricks again. The leader tempts one of her men then kills him, then kills the other guy, then plans to do the same with Janet. But Janet has a nasty surprise for her that she will never forget.
Staired in Horror

9 - Staired in Horror 01994-12-14

Clyde is a fugitive who holes up in a house occupied by an elderly woman. One night he finds an attractive woman upstairs, but he discovers it's the same woman. She tells him that a long time ago her spouse caught her having an affair and put a curse on the house. She must stay up stairs if she wants to be young forever. The same thing will happen to the man if he comes upstairs. The cops arrive and he goes upstairs to change his image but he finds himself getting weak and the woman turns back into a helpless infant unable to do anything but crawl.
In the Groove

10 - In the Groove 01994-12-21

Gary Grover is a frustrated talk radio DJ. His boss, who is also his sister, hired a sexy looker with a talent for talking dirty. One day Gary goes ballistic and his boss fires him. Val suggests that he take matters into his own hands, but he's been set up.
Surprise Party

11 - Surprise Party 01994-12-28

A young man kills his father to inherit an old burned down house. When he arrives, he gets a very unusual surprise. He discovers that there's a party there waiting for him and he is the guest of honor. When one the sexy dancer's boyfriends gets jealous, the man kills him and tries to burn the evidence. The guests stop him and he realizes it's the same place his father burned down years ago and history has a nasty way of repeating it self.
Doctor of Horror

12 - Doctor of Horror 01995-01-04

Richard and Charlie are security guards working in a morgue. They are offered five hundred dollars by a doctor who is trying to capture the soul of each dying person before it goes to heaven. When their boss figures out what's happening Richard is forced to kill him but he kills Charlie too. The doctor succeeds in capturing Charlie's soul. Charlie comes back out for revenge.
Comes the Dawn

13 - Comes the Dawn 01995-01-11

Two poachers are out hunting bear in Alaska. They seek the help of a woman who leads them into a dorm. The men decide that they don't need her anymore but the Colonel double crosses his partner. She's been leading them to a lair full of hibernating vampires. Luckily it's dawn but there's one problem. Alaska is locked in cold darkness.
99 & 44/100% Pure Horror

14 - 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror 01995-01-18

Willa is a married artist who is pushed around by her ad campaign husband. When his company decides to drop her idea, Willa plans to come up with a new idea but nobody's interested. Willa wants revenge when a graffiti artist comes up with an idea and everyone is interested. Willa kills her husband and turns his body into soaps. She decides to shower with them but soon she regrets it.
You, Murderer

15 - You, Murderer 81995-01-25

Lou Spinielli is an ex-criminal who wants to escape from his past. He hires Oscar, a plastic surgeon to sculpt his face in the form of Humphrey Bogart's. When his wife gets the pictures of his past in the mail, Oscar suggests that he kill Vivian. The plan backfires and when Lou returns home and he gets a surprise. Vivian and Oscar have been partners all along. They bump Lou off and take him far into the woods to bury him. Lou's mistress, Erika, shows up and the couple become some murder victims themselves.
Season 7 1996 | 13 Episodes

Season 7 of Tales from the Crypt premiered on Apr 19, 1996.


Fatal Caper

1 - Fatal Caper 71996-04-19

Two adult brothers come to blows over the the fortune of their wealthy father, whose interests are protected by a lovely young woman with questionable loyalties.
Last Respects

2 - Last Respects 41996-04-26

Three bickering sisters left in charge of their late father's struggling curiosity shop come into possession of a cursed monkey's paw, and try to use it to their advantage - with deadly results.
A Slight Case of Murder

3 - A Slight Case of Murder 61996-05-03

A game of cat and mouse ensues between a female mystery novelist and her jealous former husband when he accuses her of having a love affair with her nosy neighbor's son.

4 - Escape 51996-05-17

A traitor in the second World War is restricted to a prison camp and one of the men he betrayed is transported to the camp and promises to reveal his identity.
Horror in the Night

5 - Horror in the Night 61996-05-24

A double-crossing jewel thief is shot and hides out in a hotel where he starts to hallucinate about a mysterious beautiful woman.
Cold War

6 - Cold War 51996-05-31

After losing their friend Cutter in a botched robbery, Ford and Cammy, a wild young Londoner crime couple, split up and Cammy finds a new lover, Jimmy. Jealous, Ford shoots him and the trio discovers something shocking about one another.

7 - Kidnapper 31996-06-07

A young man takes in a pregnant woman and falls in love with her but becomes jealous when her baby is born so he sets out to get rid of the kid forever.
Report from the Grave

8 - Report from the Grave 51996-06-14

A scientist named Elliot invents a way to read memories of the dead. To test the device, Elliot and his girlfriend Arianne break into the crypt of a dead serial killer.
Smoke Wrings

9 - Smoke Wrings 41996-06-21

A young man with a strange device is hired onto an advertising company by an esteemed executive--but what the exec doesn't know is that the young man is in cahoots with her enraged ex-partner who is out for revenge.
About Face

10 - About Face 51996-06-28

A sleazy minister in Victorian England gets a nasty surprise when he discovers he previously fathered twin daughters.

11 - Confession 71996-07-05

Evans, a sly horror screenwriter suspected in a series of grisly murders of women whose heads were taken by the killer as trophies is interrogated by Jack Lynch, a clever hardboiled homicide detective whom every cop idolizes.
Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow

12 - Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow 61996-07-12

A greedy safe cracker with a slight hearing loss gets entangled in a game between a mobster and his beautiful, exotic wife and ends up getting the auditory system he could only dream of. But there's a price.
The Third Pig

13 - The Third Pig 61996-07-19

In this cartoon version of the Three Little Pigs story, Dudly, the smart pig, is framed for the murders of his brothers and sentenced to death. But, his brothers' spirits help him seek revenge on the wolf.







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