Hiroshi Kamiya
Hiroshi Kamiya

Tieria Erde

Shin-ichiro Miki
Shin-ichiro Miki

Lockon Stratos

Mamoru Miyano
Mamoru Miyano

Setsuna F. Seiei

Miyu Irino
Miyu Irino

Saji Crossroad

Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hiroyuki Yoshino

Allelujah Haptism

Haruka Tomatsu
Haruka Tomatsu

Mileina Vashti

Yuichi Nakamura
Yuichi Nakamura

Graham Aker

Arisa Ogasawara
Arisa Ogasawara


Arisa Ogasawara
Arisa Ogasawara

Soma Peries

Arise Satō
Arise Satō

Christina Sierra

Aya Endo
Aya Endo

Kinue Crossroad

Ayahi Takagaki
Ayahi Takagaki

Feldt Grace

Ayumi Tsunematsu
Ayumi Tsunematsu

Marina Ismail

Chikao Ohtsuka
Chikao Ohtsuka

Aeolia Schenberg

Chiwa Saito
Chiwa Saito

Louise Halevy

Daisuke Namikawa
Daisuke Namikawa

Michael Trinity

Hiroki Tōchi
Hiroki Tōchi

Lasse Aeon

Katsuyuki Konishi
Katsuyuki Konishi

Johann Trinity

Kei Shindo
Kei Shindo

Wang Liu Mei

Keiji Fujiwara
Keiji Fujiwara

Ali Al-Saachez

Kenji Hamada
Kenji Hamada

Patrick Colasour

Masataka Azuma
Masataka Azuma

Lichtendahl Tsery

Michiko Neya
Michiko Neya

Shirin Bakhtiar

Minami Takayama
Minami Takayama

Kati Mannequin

Tōru Furuya
Tōru Furuya

Ribbons Almark

Rie Kugimiya
Rie Kugimiya

Nena Trinity

Takaya Hashi
Takaya Hashi

Ralph Eifman

Unsho Ishizuka
Unsho Ishizuka

Sergei Smirnov

Yasunori Matsumoto
Yasunori Matsumoto

Alejandro Corner

Yoko Honna
Yoko Honna

Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Hideyuki Umezu
Hideyuki Umezu

Ian Vashti

Shinya Fukumatsu
Shinya Fukumatsu

Rasa Massoud Rachmadi

Shinya Fukumatsu
Shinya Fukumatsu

Ragna Harvey

Tomohisa Aso
Tomohisa Aso

David Carnegie

Lee Tockar
Lee Tockar

Department Manager

Yuji Ueda
Yuji Ueda

Billy Katagiri

Specials 2008 | 7 Episodes

Specials of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 premiered on Jul 25, 2008.


Celestial Being Character Second Season Preview

1 - Celestial Being Character Second Season Preview 02008-07-25

Included on the final DVD of the first season, a tongue-in-cheek sneak peek at the coming second season.
Celestial Being Character Movie Preview

2 - Celestial Being Character Movie Preview 02009-08-25

Included on the final DVD of the second season, a tongue-in-cheek preview of Gundam 00's upcoming feature film.
Tenshitachi no Kiseki

3 - Tenshitachi no Kiseki 02008-10-02

A recap of the first season, from Setsuna point of view.
Special Edition I: Celestial Being

4 - Special Edition I: Celestial Being 02009-10-27

The first of three special edition OVAs. This episode recaps the first season with new scenes and updated voice acting.
Special Edition II: End of World

5 - Special Edition II: End of World 02009-12-22

Special Edition III: Return of the World

6 - Special Edition III: Return of the World 02010-02-23

Awakening of the Trailblazer

7 - Awakening of the Trailblazer 02010-09-18

The year is 2314 AD, two years after Celestial Being's last great battle and the world faces a new crisis. A derelict Jupiter exploration ship, abandoned 130 years ago, has left its orbit and is approaching Earth. The ESF has also begun to exploit the power of Innovators through Descartes Shaman. The world's exposure to GN Particles has resulted in many people awakening as True Innovators. Realizing the military benefits of such individuals, the Earth Sphere Federation has begun to research Innovation and exploit the emerging Innovators' abilities. As Celestial Being and its Gundam Meisters begin their final mission to save humanity from an unimaginable threat, the Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifters (ELS), Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei is about to discover the true purpose of his evolution as an Innovator and the nature of the "dialogues" for which Aeolia Schenberg's plan had prepared the human race.
Season 1 2007 | 25 Episodes

Season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 premiered on Oct 06, 2007.


Celestial Being

1 - Celestial Being 02007-10-06

At a testing ground, the AEU is demonstrating its new Enact mobile suit. Suddenly, a white mobile suit descends from the sky and swiftly destroys the Enact. This intruder is the Gundam Exia, and this marks the start of Celestial Being's first mission.
Gundam Meisters

2 - Gundam Meisters 02007-10-13

As the world reacts with confusion to Celestial Being's announcement, the Gundam Meisters prepare for a second mission which will clarify their intentions.
The Changing World

3 - The Changing World 02007-10-20

The Union ace pilot Graham Aker confronts Setsuna as he leaves Ceylon. In Tokyo, the news reporter Kinue Crossroad begins her own investigation.
International Negotiation

4 - International Negotiation 02007-10-27

The Human Reform League holds a memorial service for the soldiers whose lives were lost in the recent interventions, and reaffirms its opposition to Celestial Being.
Escape Limit Zone

5 - Escape Limit Zone 02007-11-03

Princess Marina leaves Azadistan and begins a worldwide diplomatic tour to seek help for her impoverished nation.
Seven Swords

6 - Seven Swords 02007-11-10

Celestial Being's activities have reduced the level of conflict in the world, but there are some who do not welcome this change.
Unrewarded Souls

7 - Unrewarded Souls 02007-11-17

During Celestial Being's intervention in Moralia, Setsuna has been reunited with a figure from his past. His opponent is the mercenary soldier Ali al-Saachez.
Indiscriminate Retaliation

8 - Indiscriminate Retaliation 02007-11-24

An international terror network has begun a campaign of bombing attacks in order to force Celestial Being to halt its armed interventions.
The Honor of a Great Power

9 - The Honor of a Great Power 02007-12-01

Four months have now passed since Celestial Being began its armed interventions. The initial chaos has subsided, and life goes on.
Operation Gundam Capture

10 - Operation Gundam Capture 02007-12-08

In Earth orbit, Sergei's mobile suit team continues its attack on the Ptolemaios and the Gundam Meisters. While Setsuna and Lockon defend their mothership, Allelujah and Tieria find themselves caught in the enemy's trap.

11 - Allelujah 02007-12-15

In the aftermath of the orbital battle, the Human Reform League's scientists realize that one of the Gundam Meisters is actually a former test subject of their own Superhuman Institute.
To the Limits of Holy Teachings

12 - To the Limits of Holy Teachings 02007-12-22

Although Princess Marina has secured assistance from the United Nations for her troubled homeland, the Kingdom of Azadistan is still in turmoil.
Return of the Saint

13 - Return of the Saint 02008-01-05

Setsuna's actions have prevented a coup d'etat in the Kingdom of Azadistan, but the conservative leader Massoud Rachmadi remains missing, and the situation continues to worsen.
Dawn of Determination

14 - Dawn of Determination 02008-01-12

The three superpower blocs begin planning a massive joint military exercise which will serve as a challenge to Celestial Being.
Broken Wings

15 - Broken Wings 02008-01-19

The Union, Human Reform League, and AEU begin their joint military exercise in the Taklamakan Desert.

16 - Trinity 02008-01-26

On the brink of defeat, the Gundam Meisters have been rescued by the intervention of Celestial Being's second team. Their rescuers identify themselves as Johann, Michael, and Nena Trinity, the Meisters of the mysterious Gundam Thrones.
Assault of the Thrones

17 - Assault of the Thrones 02008-02-02

The Ptolemaios crew return to space for a rendezvous with Team Trinity. When they finally meet the new Gundam Meisters face to face, Setsuna and his comrades are disturbed by their attitude and behavior.
The Aim of Evil Intents

18 - The Aim of Evil Intents 02008-02-09

Team Trinity continues its campaign of armed intervention. Unlike Setsuna and his comrades, they are targeting military facilities of all kinds and exterminating everyone on the scene, even civilians.

19 - Bonds 02008-02-16

Having determined that Team Trinity itself is promoting conflict, Setsuna confronts the Gundam Thrones. Tieria comes to his assistance, and the two Gundam Meisters fight as a team for the first time.
Blade of Reformation

20 - Blade of Reformation 02008-02-23

A mysterious benefactor has provided the three superpower blocs with a new weapon against the Gundams. Quickly establishing a military alliance, the superpowers organize an elite fighting force under the aegis of the United Nations.
Path of Destruction

21 - Path of Destruction 02008-03-01

The United Nations forces have deployed their new weapon, a mobile suit model known as the GN-X which is powered by a pseudo solar reactor. While Sergei Smirnov and Soma Peries lead a GN-X team in pursuit of the Gundam Thrones.

22 - Trans-Am 02008-03-08

The United Nations reveals the existence of the GN-X to the world, and announces the launch of a Gundam elimination operation with the code name "Fallen Angels." The operation begins with the renewed pursuit of Team Trinity.
Stop the World

23 - Stop the World 02008-03-15

Alejandro Corner and Ribbons Almark have forced their way into the heart of Veda and taken control of Celestial Being's master computer. But their actions have triggered an unexpected programmed response.
Endless Poem

24 - Endless Poem 02008-03-22

Despite the loss of Lockon, the Ptolemaios crew are united in their determination to keep fighting the United Nations forces. The enemy begins another assault, this time spearheaded by the Alvatore, a mobile armor operated by traitor Alejandro Corner.

25 - Setsuna 02008-03-29

The Celestial Being mothership Ptolemaios has been destroyed, and most of the Gundams are beyond repair. Yet Setsuna continues his desperate fight against the overwhelming power of Alejandro Corner's mobile armor and the final weapon hidden within it.
Season 2 2008 | 25 Episodes

Season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 premiered on Oct 05, 2008.


The Angels' Second Advent

1 - The Angels' Second Advent 02008-10-05

The year is 2312 A.D, five years after the first appearance of Celestial Being, and four years after the organization was destroyed by the United Nations forces.
Twin Drive

2 - Twin Drive 02008-10-12

With the reappearance of Celestial Being, the A-LAWS begin gathering personnel who have experience fighting the Gundams.
Allelujah Rescue Operation

3 - Allelujah Rescue Operation 02008-10-19

The A-LAWS prepare a new trap for the reborn Celestial Being at a detention center for anti-government elements.
A Reason to Fight

4 - A Reason to Fight 02008-10-26

Setsuna and his comrades have successfully overpowered the A-LAWS and freed Allelujah and Marina from the Federation's detention center. When Marina asks them to return her to Azadistan, they set a course back to the Middle East.
Homeland Burning

5 - Homeland Burning 02008-11-02

Having been rescued from near defeat by the Katharon resistance group, the Ptolemaios 2 now takes refuge at a Katharon base in the Arabian desert.

6 - Scars 02008-11-09

The Katharon base has been devastated by the A-LAWS attack. The words of a dying soldier remind Sumeragi of a traumatic incident from her past, and she passes out.
Reunion and Separation

7 - Reunion and Separation 02008-11-16

Sumeragi has regained consciousness, and thanks to her tactical plan the Ptolemaios 2 is able to escape the battlefield. However, Allelujah's Gundam has been shot down along with Soma Peries, and his comrades cannot locate him.
Twistedness of Innocence

8 - Twistedness of Innocence 02008-11-23

Tieria is shocked at the sudden appearance of his lookalike Regene Regetta. He is further disturbed by Regene's revelations about the Innovators.
The Indelible Past

9 - The Indelible Past 02008-11-30

Setsuna and Tieria are confronted by Ali al-Saachez and his new Arche Gundam. A furious Tieria tries to avenge Lockon, but is overwhelmed by the enemy's fighting strength.
Light of Heaven

10 - Light of Heaven 02008-12-07

The Federation's plan to forcibly reorganize the Middle East is opposed by the kingdom of Suille, the strongest of the Middle Eastern nations.
00's Voice

11 - 00's Voice 02008-12-14

While Ian Vashti and his fellow Celestial Being mechanics prepare the O Raiser, a support machine for Setsuna's 00 Gundam, the A-LAWS deploy a devastating new weapon of their own.
Wait for Me In Space

12 - Wait for Me In Space 02008-12-21

The Ptolemaios 2 attempts to make a hasty escape from the attacking A-LAWS. But the Gundam Meisters are hard-pressed by Kati Mannequin's tactics and the enemy's new mobile suits.
Assault on Memento Mori

13 - Assault on Memento Mori 02008-12-28

The Katharon space fleet has begun an assault on the satellite weapon Memento Mori, and is now under attack by A-LAWS mobile suits.
I Can Hear a Song

14 - I Can Hear a Song 02009-01-11

The Ptolemaios 2, damaged by the Innovators' attack, descends to Earth. Now separated from his comrades, Setsuna searches for the Ptolemaios 2. But instead, he finds Ali al-Saachez and his Arche Gundam waiting for him.
Victory Song of the Resistance

15 - Victory Song of the Resistance 02009-01-18

The Ptolemaios 2 has received supplies from Katharon, and repairs are now in progress. But it cannot break through the Federation's siege without the fighting strength of the 00, and Setsuna has not yet returned to the ship.
Prelude to Tragedy

16 - Prelude to Tragedy 02009-01-25

The A-LAWS have abruptly retreated after receiving word of a coup d'etat within the Federation. Hoping to reunite with his comrades, Setsuna sets the 00 on a course for Africa.
Within the Scattering Light

17 - Within the Scattering Light 02009-02-01

A crisis is unfolding, but the Ptolemaios 2, which has not yet been fully repaired, is unable to break the deadlock. The wounded Setsuna returns to battle despite his injuries, asking Saji to help him save countless innocent lives.
Entangled Yearnings

18 - Entangled Yearnings 02009-02-08

Four months have passed since the "Break Pillar" incident, the near-collapse of an orbital elevator. The A-LAWS leaders receive word that Celestial Being has resumed activity after months of silence.
Shadow of the Innovators

19 - Shadow of the Innovators 02009-02-15

As Saji Crossroad searches for Louise Halevy amid the chaos of battle, Soma Peries hunts for Andrei Smirnov in order to avenge Sergei's death. Setsuna confronts the Innovator Hiling Care and unleashes the power of the Twin Drive.
Anew Returns

20 - Anew Returns 02009-02-22

The Innovator Revive Revival is now a prisoner aboard the Ptolemaios 2, but he sneers at the questions of its crew, and gives them nothing but evasive replies. Suddenly, the crew receive word that crewmember Mileina Vashti has been taken hostage.
The Door of Change

21 - The Door of Change 02009-03-01

The Ptolemaios 2 has received a message containing coordinates for a point at Lagrange 5. The crew are suspicious, but Setsuna suggests they set course for this mysterious location.
For the Future

22 - For the Future 02009-03-08

The A-LAWS and Federation Forces are gathering a huge fleet to exterminate Celestial Being, and their leaders anticipate a final decisive battle.
Flower of Life

23 - Flower of Life 02009-03-15

The Innovator Regene Regetta finally rebels against Ribbons Almark.

24 - Beyond 02009-03-22

As Tieria enters the enemy ship and learns shocking truths, the Ptolemaios 2 fights a defensive battle against the unrelenting enemy assault. One by one, our heroes fall. Setsuna cries out as if responding to the fading light of their lives.

25 - Rebirth 02009-03-29

Setsuna begins a final decisive duel. Lyle's intentions, Allelujah's hopes, and Tieria's thoughts flow through the darkness of space. The particles from the 00 Raiser envelop the area around them.








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