Shayna Fox
Shayna Fox

Reggie Rocket (voice)

John Kassir
John Kassir

Ray Rocket (voice)

Joseph Ashton
Joseph Ashton

Otto Rocket (voice)

Ray Bumatai
Ray Bumatai

Tito Makani (voice)

Ulysses Cuadra
Ulysses Cuadra

Twister Rodriguez (voice)

Gary LeRoi Gray
Gary LeRoi Gray

Sam Dullard (voice)

Specials 2002 | 3 Episodes

Specials of Rocket Power premiered on Feb 16, 2002.


Race Across New Zealand

1 - Race Across New Zealand 12002-02-16

Rocket Power gang's trip to New Zealand to participate in "The Junior Waikikamukau Games", with Otto Rocket competing against the borderline-delinquent son of an athlete who once beat his father Ray at a race in New Zealand (allegedly by cheating), and his sister Reggie's attempts to get herself noticed by Ray, who is constantly cheering for Otto exclusively.
Island of the Menehune

2 - Island of the Menehune 02002-07-19

The Rocket Power gang accompany paterfamilias Raymundo Rocket and his business partner Tito Makani to O'ahu for a well deserved vacation, the occasion being a reunion of Tito's extended family
Reggie's Big (Beach) Break

3 - Reggie's Big (Beach) Break 02003-07-19

The "Rocket Power" kids are stoked to have their hometown playing host to a seven-day beach-break TV special, featuring extreme sports and a concert by a pink-haired pop star named Shaffika (Stacy Ferguson). However, Otto misses out on much of the action as punishment for breaking a promise to his dad. Reggie, meanwhile, steps into the spotlight after being picked as a roving reporter following the week's events. Skateboard champions Andy Macdonald and Willy Santos have cameos.
Season 1 1999 | 40 Episodes

Season 1 of Rocket Power premiered on Aug 16, 1999.


New Squid on the Block

1 - New Squid on the Block 01999-08-16

When Sam Dullard moves to Ocean Shores, he meets the Rockets, Reggie and Otto, and their friend Twister. Not much of a skater or surfer, Sam fits in with his new pals by showing them how great he is as a street hockey goalie. This episode introduces most of the cast of Rocket Power, including Violet and Merv Stimpleton, Sam's mom, and Lars and his cronies.
Down the Drain

2 - Down the Drain 01999-08-16

When Reggie is left in charge of the Stimpleton's pool, Otto and Twister decide to drain it to make a home-made skate ramp. But when they accidentally flood the Rocket's basement, can they figure out a way to get the water back where it's supposed to be before dad finds out? This episode introduces Ray Rocket and Tito Mackani.
Secret Spot

3 - Secret Spot 01999-08-18

Ocean Shores is being overrun by "Shoobies" (tourists), which prompts Otto and Reggie to ask their dad if they can go to his ""Secret Spot"" for surfing, which has been a family secret for years. Can the Rockets keep the location hush hush, or will Lars and his gang weasel their way into finding it? This episode marks the introduction of Madtown Skatepark.
Ice Queens

4 - Ice Queens 01999-08-18

The Rockets are on their way to a hockey tournament along with Twister's cousin Cleo, who is there for an ice ballet competition. When Reggie and Cleo argue over which sport is more difficult, they decide to change places. Can Cleo help Otto and co. win the match, and can Reggie ice dance her way to a trophy?
Otto 3000

5 - Otto 3000 01999-08-23

Otto qualifies for a snowboarding competition, but breaks his board. He is then approached by Dick Shakely of Sno-Mart, who offers to sponsor Otto if he wears Sno-Mart gear. Reggie is against this, since Otto rides for Rocket Boards, their dad's company. Still, the offer is hard for Rocket-Boy to resist, since they give him his own "Otto 3000" snowboard. Will Otto end up doing the right thing, or will he sell out?
Night Prowlers

6 - Night Prowlers 01999-08-23

When Lars dares the Rocket crew to play a midnight street hockey match, Sam, Otto, Reggie and Twister have to sneak out of their houses to prove they are up to the challenge. But when the kids get busted by Officer Shirley, Lars ends up being the least of their worries. Meanwhile, Merv Stimpleton is on the lookout for prowlers and is surprised at what he ends up finding in his pool.
Happy Luau to You-Au

7 - Happy Luau to You-Au 01999-08-25

When the Rocket kids get booted from Mad Town Skate Park for reckless behavior, Reggie's birthday party is doomed... That is until Mrs. Stimpleton steps in as party planner! Can Otto and company save it from being a disaster complete with clowns, accordians, and pickled chicken feet? Conroy Blanc, Mackenzie, Lame-O The Clown, Trish and Shirley make their debuts in this episode.
Rocket Rescue

8 - Rocket Rescue 01999-08-25

Sam and Twister's parents force them to take a junior lifeguard class on the beach, which prompts Otto, who thinks junior lifeguards are lame, to goof on them. But Rocket-Boy changes his tune later when Sam and Twist rescue Tito from an accident after he falls off the pier.
Twister's Cuz

9 - Twister's Cuz 01999-08-30

The Rocket kids are excited about the new Sky Torpedo ride which has opened on the pier, but Twister can't go with the others since he has to babysit his cousin Little Scottie. When he decides to take Scottie to the pier anyway, things get out of hand when the little kid gets separated from the group. Will Twister find his cousin and get him home safely?
Big Thursday

10 - Big Thursday 01999-08-30

A bad storm has hit Ocean Shores, making the surf conditions extremely perilous. This only entices Otto even more to try riding the waves to be more like his hero "The Rhino", a surf legend known for his ability to take on danger. Will Otto survive the storm, or will he "write a check his tush cannot cash"?
Rocket Girls

11 - Rocket Girls 01999-09-01

When the Rocket kids learn that they could win a new wave rider by winning the events at "Family Fun Day" down at the Rec Center, Reggie pairs off with Mrs. Stimpleton while Otto teams up with his dad. Will Reg regret asking Violet to compete, or will the girls win the day?
Father's Day Off

12 - Father's Day Off 01999-09-01

When Sam's dad Doug Dullard comes to visit Ocean Shores, Sam is looking forward to quality time with his father. Too bad his dad is so caught up with his work and Sam's new friends to pay much attention to him. Even going to water slides, Laser Crater and Sno-Mart doesn't seem to make up for the fact that The Squid feels left out. Will his dad change his tune before he goes back to Kansas?
PowerGirl Surfers

13 - PowerGirl Surfers 01999-09-06

When Otto gets approached by Gnarly Surf Magazine to be on its cover, Reggie gets miffed that the mag doesn't cover women surfers. So to show up her brother and the Gnarly Surf crew, she forms the Power Girl Surfers with Sherry, Trish and a whole group of their friends. Can girls show they can rip at surfing? Oh yeah!
Twisted Cinema

14 - Twisted Cinema 01999-09-06

When Twister shows a video at The Shore Shack of Otto beefing it, he becomes the laughing stock of Ocean Shores. Feeling like Twister ruined his rep, Otto stops being his friend. Can Twist make it up to his best pal, or will Sam take his place as Bro #1?
Blader Bowl

15 - Blader Bowl 01999-09-08

A news crew comes to Madtown to film the new "Blader Bowl" for inline skaters and Otto and Sam do their thing for the cameras. But the TV edits the footage to make it look like Sam did all Otto's moves. When Sam starts to become a local celebrity, will Otto take it badly, or will he help his friend keep his newfound rep as "Sam The Shredder"?
Total Luger

16 - Total Luger 01999-09-08

Twister and Otto take up street luge, but it seems that Twister is better at it than Rocket Boy. Is this the one and only sport Otto will have to accept he's only second best at? Maybe not... if he cheats! Will Otto's conscience let him get away with it? Don't bet on it.
D Is for Dad

17 - D Is for Dad 01999-09-13

When Otto gets a check minus minus in citizenship, he is grounded from going on the Rockets' annual surf trip to Baja. Will Otto have to spend the weekend with the Stimpletons, or will Raymundo take pity on him and let him join in on the fun?
Banned on the Run

18 - Banned on the Run 01999-09-13

When Otto's skating trick breaks Merv's leg, Merv tries to have skating banned for good on the Ocean Shores boardwalk.
Super McVarial 900

19 - Super McVarial 900 01999-09-15

The new move that Otto is planning for the skateboarding competition he is in, according to Sam's computer, is completely impossible; yet when Otto pulls it off by accident, he won't listen to reason that it cannot be repeated. Will Otto Super Beef-It in front of everyone?
Loss of Squid

20 - Loss of Squid 01999-09-15

When Sam gets tired of Otto and Twister making fun of him, he finds a new friend in Oliver Van Rossom, a highly intelligent yet introverted genius. Will Sam give up his life of extreme sports for his new friend's fondness for books and libraries, or can he somehow do both?
Rainy Days & Sundaes

21 - Rainy Days & Sundaes 01999-09-22

Reggie has been practicing hard for the Ocean Shores Junior Triathalon, but when she joins her brother and Twister in a chocolate syrup fight in the Rocket's kitchen, she escapes without getting caught while Otto and Twist get in trouble with Raymundo. Reggie knows she'll be grounded from the Triathalon if she fesses up to being involved. Will her conscience win out over her desire to compete?
Zine Dreams

22 - Zine Dreams 01999-09-22

Hawaii Blues

23 - Hawaii Blues 01999-09-27

Lost and Find

24 - Lost and Find 01999-09-27

The Night Before

25 - The Night Before 01999-10-20

Violet's Violet

26 - Violet's Violet 01999-10-20

Fall & Rise of Sam

27 - Fall & Rise of Sam 01999-10-25

Typhoid Sam

28 - Typhoid Sam 01999-10-25

The Wrath of Don

29 - The Wrath of Don 02000-03-07

Safety Patrol Sam

30 - Safety Patrol Sam 02000-03-07

Reggie and a Net

31 - Reggie and a Net 02000-03-07

The Great Sandcastle Race

32 - The Great Sandcastle Race 02000-03-07

Escape From Lars Mountain

33 - Escape From Lars Mountain 02000-03-14

It Was a Dark and Stormy Day

34 - It Was a Dark and Stormy Day 02000-03-14

The Aloha Kid

35 - The Aloha Kid 02000-03-14

Otto Mobile

36 - Otto Mobile 02000-03-14

Big Air Dare

37 - Big Air Dare 02000-03-21

Otto's Big Break

38 - Otto's Big Break 02000-03-21

Snow Day

39 - Snow Day 02000-03-21

Welcome to the Club

40 - Welcome to the Club 02000-03-21

Season 2 2000 | 36 Episodes

Season 2 of Rocket Power premiered on Oct 23, 2000.


Rocket Repairs

1 - Rocket Repairs 02000-10-23

When Eddie's skateboard breaks, Otto decides to charge him to fix it. As word spreads that Otto is good at repairs, he decides to go into business. But running your own shop is harder than you might expect. Are the Rocket kids up to the challenge?
Say Hello to Cement Head

2 - Say Hello to Cement Head 02000-10-23

When Twister accidentally falls into the wet cement of Madtown Skate Park's newest ramp, Conroy Blanc closes the place until someone comes forward and admits to doing the deed. Will Twister fess up?
Shark Bait

3 - Shark Bait 02000-10-30

Ocean Shores is overrun with Shoobies at the beginning of the summer season, so Otto plans to create a shark hoax to scare them off. Will this clear the waters for the Rocket kids?
A Shot in the Park

4 - A Shot in the Park 02000-10-30

Twister accidentally loses his video camera while sneaking into a closed exhibit at a water park. Can the gang find the camera, or will their video report for school be lost for good?
Radical New Equipment

5 - Radical New Equipment 02000-11-10

It's Otto, Reggie, Twister and Sam vs. Lars and his gang in an endurance test over sea (surfing), air (skateboarding), and land (bike riding and hockey) to see who can win a coveted space on The Shore Shack's "Wall of Fame".
Tito's Lucky Shell

6 - Tito's Lucky Shell 02000-11-10

The Rocket Gang are on a camping trip and decide to go fishing. While Reggie and Sam are catching lots of fish, Otto decides to break his dad's rules and go really far from shore to catch "really big ones". When he hooks a fish that drags their raft way out to sea, can they make it back when they find out the raft is out of gas?
The Longest Day

7 - The Longest Day 02000-11-24

When the Rocket kids run into some handicap snow boarders, Reggie gets intrigued by one of the girls who has a metal leg but can still shred at the sport. Will Reggie put her foot in her mouth trying to treat her new pal differently, or will she learn she just wants to be treated the same as anyone else?
Ottoman and the Sea

8 - Ottoman and the Sea 02000-11-24

Sam finds a tanagella shell (an ancient Hawaiian symbol of good luck, according to Tito). The kids find out that it works: Sammy is all of a sudden a better surfer, and Twister passes his spelling test. When Otto accidentally loses the shell, will it cause Reggie to lose her surf competition?
Mr. B Is in the House

9 - Mr. B Is in the House 02001-01-05

When Conroy Blanc becomes Otto and Twister's new teacher, the kids think they have it made and begin taking advantage of their friendship with ""Mr. B"". Can Conroy get the boys back on track and teach them something?
Earnest Otto

10 - Earnest Otto 02001-01-05

Otto has a problem breaking surf boards by showing off to his friends. When he breaks one too many and expects his dad to give him a new one just because Raymundo owns a surf shop, Rocket Boy has another thing coming. He has to wash dishes at The Shore Shack to earn his new board. Too bad Otto's working on a day with killer waves!
The Good Housekeeping Seal

11 - The Good Housekeeping Seal 02001-01-19

Twister has found a new friend: a seal he names Bruce that follows him all over Ocean Shores. Can Twister find a way to say goodbye to his new pal or will he somehow convince his parents to let the seal stay in his room? Yeah right!
What's That Smell?

12 - What's That Smell? 02001-01-19

When the kids decide to clean up the beach at Ocean Shores in exchange for the lifeguards to start calling it "Rocket Beach", Otto and company may have more responsibility than they bargained for. The beach keeps getting dirtier no matter how much they clean. Can Sam figure out why?
Legends and Their Falls

13 - Legends and Their Falls 02001-02-23

Otto is determined to win a trophy in the annual Fourth of July Family Surf-O-Rama contest, but the competition is fierce. Will he learn that there's much more to contests than winning? This episode marks the return of Tito's cousin Kioni and the debut of Cam the Man and his son Clutch?
Welcome to Ottoworld

14 - Welcome to Ottoworld 02001-02-23

As Conroy Blanc announces the burial of an Ocean Shores time capsule, the kids imagine what life would be like at the beach in 500 years. Will these visions help the kids decide what they are going to put into the container for future generations to see?
Bruised Man's Curve

15 - Bruised Man's Curve 02001-03-05

Lars challenges Otto to a race on "Bruised Man's Curve", a dangerous mountain-board track that doesn't get its name for nothing. Will Otto chicken out after having bad dreams, or will he show Lars a thing or two?
Pool's Out Forever

16 - Pool's Out Forever 02001-03-05

Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld, has a brand new pool that is being filled up with water the same day Otto and the gang discover it. Eddie can't have people over to his house when his parents aren't home, so he tells the Rocket kids they can skate his empty pool if they keep it a secret. Will Otto's big mouth get Eddie in trouble?
The Back Bowl

17 - The Back Bowl 02001-03-06

On a snowboarding trip to Mount Baldy, Otto and Twister decide to beat the crowds by sneaking into an off-limits area of the mountain. They swear Reggie and Sam to keep quiet about it, but when the boys don't show up after dark, will Ray and Tito have to save the day?
Game Day

18 - Game Day 02001-03-06

When Otto tries to create a new variation of street hockey called Rocketball, the other kids begin to lose patience with him when he starts to change the rules during gameplay. Will they allow Otto to win, or beat him at his own game?
It Came From Planet Merv

19 - It Came From Planet Merv 02001-03-07

When Twister reads a comic book about spacemen invading a small town, it convinces him that Mr. Stimpleton is a hostile alien. Otto believes him and they make plans to rescue Sam and Reggie, who entered the Stimpleton house and never came out.
Netherworld Night

20 - Netherworld Night 02001-03-07

Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld, is having a sleep over and he invites the Rocket gang to come. Will the kids survive the night in one piece without freaking out, or will Lars and his gang cause them to unwillingly take part in their own horror movie? This episode marks the first appearance of Eddie's parents.
Here's the Twist

21 - Here's the Twist 02001-03-08

The Rocket gang try to out-do each other with April Fools gags. Otto pretends to have his arm eaten off, and Reggie puts pudding in Otto and Sam's skate helmet. But Twister's gag is more perplexing. Can the gang figure out what he's up to?
Sam: King of Kickball

22 - Sam: King of Kickball 02001-03-08

Conroy Blanc takes over gym class at the kids school and introduces kick ball as the new sport. Sam is the last one to be picked, but becomes the star player. Will Otto's ego allow him to be bested by The Squid?
Tito Time

23 - Tito Time 02001-04-01

Ray and Tito make a bet that Tito can't keep up with the Rocket kids for a week. A day of surfing might be fine, but will Tito overstay his welcome with his favorite little cuzzes?
The Return of Cleo

24 - The Return of Cleo 02001-04-01

When Twister's cousin Cleo returns to Ocean Shores, she begins showing up Otto and doing all his tricks better than he can. Will Otto take this bruise to his ego lightly?
That Old Skateboard

25 - That Old Skateboard 02001-04-02

Otto finds an old skateboard in the trash and gives it to Sam, who fixes it up and makes it into the classic Atlas Groovy Tune Land Cruiser it once was in the 70s. Will Sam go ballistic when Otto accidentally breaks it?
Follow the Leader

26 - Follow the Leader 02001-04-02

After Otto and Twister get in an arguement over who was responsible for losing the street hockey game with Lars, Otto challenges Twister to be team captain for the next game. Will his unconventional methods win the day?
Channel Surfing

27 - Channel Surfing 02001-04-03

When the waves are not to be found at Ocean Shores, the kids go to an area of the beach where boats cause the water to break, creating great surfing conditions. But when they learn the water is not suitable for swimming, will they go for it anyway?
Outta My Pit!

28 - Outta My Pit! 02001-04-03

When the kids build a hang out cabana out of driftwood and call it "The Pit", they allow everyone in but Lars and his pals. But will Lars take lightly to being excluded? Nope! What follows is a series of competitive events to see who gets to claim The Pit as their own.
Capture the Flag

29 - Capture the Flag 02001-04-04

To settle a tie game of Capture The Flag, the kids use the Ocean Shores pier for their game field. Will Otto and Sam's team win by dirty tricks, or will Reggie and Twister's team outsmart them?
The Jinx

30 - The Jinx 02001-04-04

When the gang are invited to go surfing off Catalina, they are reluctant to bring Sam, thinking he's a jinx. Will Sam bring bad luck to their trip, or will Tito figure out an "ancient Hawaiian" method of removing a spell of bad luck from the Squid?
Hurricane Maurice

31 - Hurricane Maurice 02001-04-05

A hurricane has come to Ocean Shores, and Otto and Twister are excited about it. After doing some wind-skating with kites, Twister leaves his video camera on the pier. Will he and Otto brave the storm to get it back?; When Reggie is discovered by a scout for a girls volleyball team, she gets to play with her friends Trish and Sherry. But will her new schedule disrupt her street hockey duties with the gang?
Reggie's Choice

32 - Reggie's Choice 02001-04-05

When Reggie is discovered by a scout for a girls volleyball team, she gets to play with her friends Trish and Sherry. But will her new schedule disrupt her street hockey duties with the gang?
Losers Weepers

33 - Losers Weepers 02004-03-22

When a truck driver for Lightning Sport Sports Equipment accidentally drops a motorized skateboard into the hands of the Rocket gang, will the kids give back what doesn't belong to them?
Reggie the Movie

34 - Reggie the Movie 02004-03-22

When Trish and Sherry invite Reggie to see a scary movie ("Sharkstein's Revenge"), she is nervous about telling them that she is afraid. Will she get over her fear of the movie, or will it prevent her from ever enjoying the surf again?
Double-O Twistervision

35 - Double-O Twistervision 02001-04-07

The Rocket kids decide to shoot a movie and screen it at the Shack. With "Agent Otto" and his friends as super agents out to stop the "evil Dr. Lar". Will their low-budget film go over well with the audience?
Womp Race 2000

36 - Womp Race 2000 02001-04-07

When the "California Incline", the steepest hill in Ocean Shores, gets re-paved, the Rocket kids set up a race with Lars and his pals to see who gets the hill named after them. But without Sammy, they have to forfeit. Will the Squid decide to do it, or will fate intervene?
Season 3 2001 | 39 Episodes

Season 3 of Rocket Power premiered on Sep 10, 2001.


Enter the Hawk-Trix

1 - Enter the Hawk-Trix 02001-09-10

Hearing a rumor that pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk has decided to stop skating, Otto and the gang track down his secret "Hawk's Nest", a multi-level private skate and snowboard obstacle course, to convince him not to give it up. Tony Hawk guest stars!
Street vs. Vert

2 - Street vs. Vert 02001-09-10

When Conroy announces that Madtown will be having an extreme skateboarding competition in both the "vert" (vertical ramp) and "street" (pipes, stairs and road) divisions, Otto and Reggie take sides to try and convince each other which one is better. Which side will win out in the coolness factor?
Home Sweet Home

3 - Home Sweet Home 02002-02-18

When the giant indoor skate rink Skateopia opens and begins to threaten Conroy's business at Mad Town, the Rocket gang pledge they won't forget about their old hang out. But when Otto gets some free passes to check out Skateopia before it opens, how can he resist? Will Rocket Boy trade in Mad Town for the new ramps, or will bigger and better turn out to be bogus?
What a Tangled Web We Ski

4 - What a Tangled Web We Ski 02002-02-18

On their way to a ski resort, Ray exaggerates about how he was a freestyle skiing champion back in the 70s. So when a bratty kid named Ralph bets Otto that his dad can beat Raymundo at freestyle skiing, will Ray be up to the challenge?
Twister's Hat

5 - Twister's Hat 02002-02-18

Twister loses his hat on a rollercoaster at the pier and reminisces with the gang how he got it from his parents when he was a little kid. Will the gang be able to help him find it, or at least convince him that his hat isn't that important?
Tito Thon

6 - Tito Thon 02002-02-18

Tito's friends Co, Hon, Irving and the Rocket Kids old pal Keoni are in town from Hawaii to partake in the Ocean Shores Triathelon. Will they over-do it with the "Aloha Spirit" by entering Tito in the competition when he is not exactly "in shape" for the challenge? Maybe not... with the Rocket kids help!
The Lingos

7 - The Lingos 02002-04-08

When all the Shoobies begin copying the Rocket Kid's lingo, they decide to create some brand new words to throw them off. But when the Shoobies pick up the new words too, will there be any escape from them?
Shack Attack

8 - Shack Attack 02002-04-08

Will Ray actually sell the Shore Shack and move Otto and Reggie into a big house in Ocean Shores Bluffs, or will the Rocket kids figure out a way to convince the new "Happy Hut" owners that The Shack really isn't for them?
To Be, Otto Not to Be

9 - To Be, Otto Not to Be 02002-04-09

When Otto meets up with some "Soul surfers" (or as Reggie calls them "Surf bums"), he begins ignoring his pals and his responsibilities. Will he see the light or trade in the gang for his new older buds?

10 - Reggie/Regina 02002-04-09

Reggie's Pen is Mightier

11 - Reggie's Pen is Mightier 02002-04-10

Reggie decides to write an article in her Zine on the "Top Extreme Athlete" of Ocean Shores, which gets all the local kids competing for the title. Will Reggie's decision be swayed by all the free "perks" she gets from the would-be contestants, or will she figure out a fair way to decide who gets the honor?
Kayaks Amok

12 - Kayaks Amok 02002-04-10

The Rocket Gang finally get invited to the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race with Ray and Tito, but on the condition that they stay in their kayaks just behind the competitors. Will Otto's desire to race his kayak get the kids in trouble? Bet on it!
Tito Sitting

13 - Tito Sitting 02002-04-11

When Ray goes out of town, Tito volunteers to look after Otto and Reggie. Will Tito let the Rocket kids get away with murder, or will his constant cel phone calls, native Hawaiian cuisine and videos, as well as his over-protective nature make the kids long for Raymundo's return?
There's Something About Breezy

14 - There's Something About Breezy 02002-04-11

Ray is smitten by the new Sunset Surf clothing rep named Breezy, who gets everyone's attention with her skating and surfing skills. When Reggie starts feeling like she's being shown up, will Breezy take the hint and figure out a way to become her friend?
Twisting Places

15 - Twisting Places 02002-04-12

Mrs. Rodriguez tells Lars he won't be able to compete in the NHL Breakout with real pro-hockey players unless he doesn't bully his younger brother. This gives the Rocket kids free reign to provoke Lars without fear of being womped. At first Twister takes delight in bullying the bully, but when all of Lars' friends stop hanging out with him when they think he's a push-over, will the Rocket kids make it all right for him to diss his brother again?
Power Play

16 - Power Play 02002-04-12

The Rocket kids make it to the finals of the NHL Breakout, and get to meet pro-hockey players Martin Brodeur, Luc Robitaille, and Jeremy Roenick. But will they be able to defeat the powerful Ocean Bluffs team and win a spot in the exhibition? When Sammy thinks it might serve the team better to have Lars as goalie since he is more aggressive, will they regret his decision or will the Squid find a way to show the Rocket kids he has what it takes?
Sim Sammy

17 - Sim Sammy 02002-05-11

When Sam creates a computer game called Squid Power that involves all his friends as major cyber-dorks, will he be able to make it up to them when they discover it online?
Otto Hangs 11

18 - Otto Hangs 11 02002-05-11

Otto celebrates his 11th birthday and thinks he might be old enough to turn pro. With his resolution to not waste any more time, will his friends get annoyed with his newfound ambitions? Meanwhile, Raymundo tries to re-live his youth.
Less Than Full Otto

19 - Less Than Full Otto 02002-06-01

After Otto beefs on a wave, he becomes scared of doing it again while surfing, skateboarding and roller-blading. Will his friends help him conquer his fear and get his nerve back?
Card Sharked

20 - Card Sharked 02002-06-01

When Otto swindles Twister out of his "Rhino" surf card by giving him a blank piece of cardboard, trouble ensues. But will Reggie and the card shop owner convince Otto he got the bad end of the deal?
Major Scrummage

21 - Major Scrummage 02002-10-14

Trent decides to teach the Rocket kids Rugby, but thinks the sport might be "too rough" for Reggie! Will she show Trent how tough girls can be? Bet on it!
Snow Bounders

22 - Snow Bounders 02002-10-14

When the news warns that a storm front called El Nada is going to hit Ocean Shores, Ray and Tito expect the worst. But when it suddenly starts to snow, Otto and the gang have the time of their lives thanks to Sammy, who shows them cool stuff to do on a snow day he learned back East.
Beach Boyz and Girl

23 - Beach Boyz and Girl 02002-11-30

Reggie and Otto get inspired when they discover a record that Raymundo and Tito did back when they were kids. They decide to form their own rock group "No Worries" and film a video for their song "Surf Town". But will they be ready to play the Beach Fest when they rely so heavily on Sam's remixing skills to make them sound good?
X-Treme Ideas

24 - X-Treme Ideas 02002-11-30

When the Rocket kids' favorite show Extreme Sports Network asks for submissions to find out what the most original "extreme sport" in Ocean Shores is. Will it be Reggie's bouncing bike or Sam's surfing shoes that will win, or will Otto come up with something less original but equally as impressive?
Rad Rover Come Over

25 - Rad Rover Come Over 02003-01-29

Otto finds a dog that can mimic all his tricks and names him Ollie. Will he convince Raymundo to keep the pup when he's freaked by dogs? (Especially poodles!) Maybe if Ollie wins the Ocean Shores Extreme Dog competition...
Extreme Nerd

26 - Extreme Nerd 02003-01-29

Sam enters Robattle, a remote control robot-fighting competition. Will his Zagron robot defeat Oliver's? Maybe with the help of the Rocket kids!
Cinco de Twisto

27 - Cinco de Twisto 02003-05-03

Can Twister convince Otto and the gang that his singing concert on Cinco de Mayo isn't totally lame? Maybe, but it won't be easy when Lars tells him he "permanently cracked his voice." Will Twist end up singing anyway?
Saving Lt. Ryan

28 - Saving Lt. Ryan 02003-05-03

Major Madison comes to inspect Ocean Shores and Lifeguard Lt. Ryan thinks he'll demand major discipline. But when he shows up and demands that everyone call him "Sparkles" and enforces a "No Rules" policy, will the lack of any beach regulations force the Rocket kids to take some action in making him see that some rules need to be set?
A Rocket X-Mas

29 - A Rocket X-Mas 02003-12-15

When Sam creates a computer game called Squid Power that involves all his friends as major cyber-dorks, will he be able to make it up to them when they discover it online?
Summer Breezy

30 - Summer Breezy 02004-03-23

The Rockets head out to Lake Havasu with Breezy to experiment with some of the latest extreme water sports gear. But when the stuff they test accidentaly breaks, will they tell Breezy the truth about what they think of her new stuff?
Sammy's Fortune

31 - Sammy's Fortune 02004-03-23

The Rocket kids meet Patsy, "fortune teller and telepathic wonder chick," who gives all of them fortunes that seem to come true. When she tells Sam he's indestructible, will that fortune come true, or will he be sorry in testing out her vision?
Merv Links to Otto

32 - Merv Links to Otto 02004-03-24

When Mr. Stimpleton fixes Otto's bike for a competition, it's under the condition that he owes him a favor. Instead of going to the Extreme Sports Convention, Merv makes him become his caddy. Can Rocket Boy make it through the day? Meanwhile, Mrs. Stimpleton joins the rest of the kids at the convention!
Big Air

33 - Big Air 02004-03-24

When Sam's asthma lands him in the hospital, the rest of the kids begin treating him like he might get sick again. When the begin "taking it easy" with him, will it ruin everyone's fun, or will Sam be able to convince them having asthma doesn't make him any less extreme?
Missile Crisis

34 - Missile Crisis 02004-03-25

Reggie meets her role model, Missy "The Missile" Giove, a downhill snow-bike racer who wears a pirhanna around her neck for good luck. When her idol gives her the title Reggie "The Rocket", she begin to act more aggro and conceited. Will her attitude win her new fans, or lose her some friends?
Falsely Alarmed

35 - Falsely Alarmed 02004-03-25

When Otto pulls a fire alarm and Lars gets blamed for it, will Otto and Twister fess up to it, or will Sam's investigation lead him to the truth?
Twist of Fate

36 - Twist of Fate 02004-03-26

Trent decides to teach the Rocket kids Rugby, but thinks the sport might be "too rough" for Reggie! Will she show Trent how tough girls can be? Bet on it!
New Girl on the Block

37 - New Girl on the Block 02004-06-16

Reggie makes friends with a new girl named Carla.
After Shocked

38 - After Shocked 02004-06-16

A massive earthquake hits Ocean Shores
The Big Day

39 - The Big Day 02004-07-30

The Rocket Power gang returns to Hawaii, with Noelani and her mother in tow. Now the plans for the wedding begin. But when the wedding date conflicts with the opening of the highly-anticipated Zero Gravity Zone skatepark, will Otto and the gang be able to fix the problem? Or will their attempts have far-reaching consequences?








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