Edie Falco
Edie Falco

Jackie Peyton

Paul Schulze
Paul Schulze

Eddie Walzer

Peter Facinelli
Peter Facinelli

Dr. Fitch Cooper

Merritt Wever
Merritt Wever

Zoey Barkow

Stephen Wallem
Stephen Wallem

Thor Lundgren

Dominic Fumusa
Dominic Fumusa

Kevin Peyton

Ruby Jerins
Ruby Jerins

Grace Peyton

Anna Deavere Smith
Anna Deavere Smith

Gloria Akalitus

Mackenzie Aladjem
Mackenzie Aladjem

Fiona Peyton

Betty Gilpin
Betty Gilpin

Dr. Carrie Roman

Specials 2021 | 18 Episodes

Specials of Nurse Jackie premiered on Jan 16, 2021.


Prepping Nurse Jackie

1 - Prepping Nurse Jackie 0

All About Edie

2 - All About Edie 0

Unsung Heroes

3 - Unsung Heroes 0

Real Nurse Stories: A 2-Year Old

4 - Real Nurse Stories: A 2-Year Old 0

Perfecting an Inappropriate Touch

5 - Perfecting an Inappropriate Touch 0

Season 2 Gag Reel

6 - Season 2 Gag Reel 0

All About Eve

7 - All About Eve 0

Cast and Crew Commentaries

8 - Cast and Crew Commentaries 0

Real Nurse Stories: The Testicle Story

9 - Real Nurse Stories: The Testicle Story 0

Real Nurse Stories: Big, Tall, Cheerful Blonde

10 - Real Nurse Stories: Big, Tall, Cheerful Blonde 0

Real Nurse Stories: Love at First Boob

11 - Real Nurse Stories: Love at First Boob 0

Real Nurse Stories: The Noisy Sleeper

12 - Real Nurse Stories: The Noisy Sleeper 0

Inside Akalitus

13 - Inside Akalitus 0

Jackie's Guys: Paul Schulze & Dominic Fumosa

14 - Jackie's Guys: Paul Schulze & Dominic Fumosa 0

Season 3 Gag Reel

15 - Season 3 Gag Reel 0

Season 4 Gag Reel

16 - Season 4 Gag Reel 0

On the Floor at All Saints

17 - On the Floor at All Saints 0

Cruz Control: Bobby & Jake Cannavale Rock Season 4

18 - Cruz Control: Bobby & Jake Cannavale Rock Season 4 0

Season 1 2009 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of Nurse Jackie premiered on Jun 08, 2009.



1 - Pilot 7.72009-06-08

Longtime ER nurse Jackie Peyton bends the rules to bring some good from a patient's senseless death, while concealing her addiction to a pain killer she gets from her boyfriend, the hospital pharmacist.
Sweet 'n All

2 - Sweet 'n All 7.52009-06-15

Jackie and her husband, Kevin, become concerned that their older daughter Grace is suffering from anxiety disorder; hospital administrator Mrs. Akalitus drinks Jackie's Percoset-laced coffee.
Chicken Soup

3 - Chicken Soup 72009-06-22

An elderly patient checks in who has been treating his heart disease with chicken soup; Jackie discusses her daughter's anxiety with Dr. O'Hara; Eddie learns that he is to be replaced by a pill-dispensing machine.
School Nurse

4 - School Nurse 62009-06-29

Jackie and Kevin consider enrolling Grace in private school; the stoic Dr. O'Hara must endure the emotional thanks of a boy whose twin brother she saved; Zoey loses a patient for the first time.

5 - Daffodil 7.52009-07-06

Jackie breaks several rules and regulations to help a 10-year-old girl caring for her lupus-stricken mother; Mrs. Akalitus accidentally tasers herself; O'Hara treats Zoey to a meal at a four-star restaurant.
Tiny Bubbles

6 - Tiny Bubbles 82009-07-13

Jackie is caught off-guard when a nurse (Judith Ivey) she used to work with, who is dying of lung cancer, asks Jackie to help end her life. Meanwhile, Coop’s mother (Blythe Danner) is admitted with a gall bladder attack. We learn that he is the only son of lesbians…a fact that delights Jackie and O’Hara.
Steak Knife

7 - Steak Knife 8.52009-07-20

A man is admitted with a steak knife sticking out of his chest. Eddie gives Jackie a Cartier bracelet for their one-year anniversary, but she rejects the gift. A baby is left in the nurses’ station and Akalitus takes the infant to her office.

8 - Pupil 7.52009-07-27

Jackie discovers that a new temp nurse is abusing drugs, but when she confronts him, he calls her on hypocrisy; Mrs. Akalitus still has the foundling infant left at the hospital; Coop reveals to Eddie that Jackie has a child.
Nose Bleed

9 - Nose Bleed 7.52009-08-03

Jackie admits a patient she has treated before. As his condition worsens, Zoey questions whether Jackie did enough to help him on his previous visit. Jackie’s drug use starts to cause spontaneous nose bleeds.
Ring Finger

10 - Ring Finger 7.52009-08-10

Jackie and Grace begin mother-daughter tap class. Coop threatens to expose Jackie for falsifying a donor’s record. Jackie has forgotten to remove her wedding ring, and needs to get it off before meeting Eddie for a quickie.

11 - Pill-O-Matix 7.52009-08-17

Kevin decides to buy Jackie a new wedding ring. At work, the automated pill machine replaces Eddie. A movie critic is admitted with a broken elbow.
Health Care And Cinema

12 - Health Care And Cinema 7.52009-08-24

Kevin invites Jackie to a midnight rendezvous in order to give her a new wedding ring; the comatose movie critic wakes up but his tastes have radically changed.
Season 2 2010 | 12 Episodes

Season 2 of Nurse Jackie premiered on Mar 22, 2010.


Comfort Food

1 - Comfort Food 7.32010-03-22

After the confrontation with Eddie at the end of season one, it’s now a few months later. Jackie has cut ties with Eddie and is determined to dive back in and spend more time with her family. Back at All Saints, she deflects blame about the narcotic shortage and endures Sam, the altered nurse and his newfound sobriety.

2 - Twitter 7.52010-03-29

Jackie covers for a hung-over O'Hara, while Eddie befriends Kevin and Dr. Coop gets hooked on microblogging.

3 - Candyland 7.52010-04-05

O'Hara offers financial help, but Jackie and Kevin refuse to take it. Eddie and Kevin's secret friendship is revealed.
Apple Bong

4 - Apple Bong 82010-04-12

When a patient is suffering, Jackie supplies the patient with illegal marijuana to ease the pain. Meanwhile, Kevin prefers going out with Eddie rather than spend the night with Jackie and Zoey believes she is pregnant.

5 - Caregiver 62010-04-19

Jackie's life gets a little more complicated because of a security guard and O'Hara's longtime affair comes to light.

6 - Bleeding 72010-04-26

Unhappy about Eddie and Kevin's friendship, Jackie asks Eddie to stop spending time with Kevin. A pharmaceutical company rep provides Jackie with drugs.
Silly String

7 - Silly String 72010-05-03

Coop insults the biggest donor of the hospital while Jackie revisits her affair with Eddie.
Monkey Bits

8 - Monkey Bits 72010-05-10

Coop arranges a date for Georgia and Eddie while Jackie's daughter Grace starts therapy.
P. O. Box

9 - P. O. Box 72010-05-17

In order to keep her secret credit card a secret, Jackie sets up a P.O. box for the credit card bills. In the meantime, Mrs. Akalitus offers Eddie to come back as the hospital's pharmacist.
Sleeping Dogs

10 - Sleeping Dogs 82010-05-24

In order to get a phony prescription, Jackie falsifies an MRI. In the meantime the campaign's end has its effects on Coop and Eddie is back as the hospital's pharmacist.
What The Day Brings

11 - What The Day Brings 7.52010-05-31

Jackie has to confess that she used O'Hara's loan when her stash gets lost.
Years of Service

12 - Years of Service 82010-06-07

In the season finale, Jackie returns to All Saints where she must confront everyone.
Season 3 2011 | 12 Episodes

Season 3 of Nurse Jackie premiered on Mar 28, 2011.


Game On

1 - Game On 8.52011-03-28

In the Season 3 premiere, Jackie's marriage is strained, as is her relationship with O'Hara after the intervention; Akalitus warns the staff that nearby hospitals have closed down, straining the staff and resources; Zoey publicly confesses her affair with Lenny.
Enough Rope

2 - Enough Rope 82011-04-04

Eddie tells Jackie that he now considers Kevin a real friend and can no longer lie to him; Jackie is remorseful when she learns that O'Hara is looking for a new employer; Akalitus announces that All Saints may get a visit from the First Lady.
Play Me

3 - Play Me 82011-04-11

Kevin's younger sister Tunie visits after a breakup with her boyfriend; Lenny prepares a surprise romantic picnic for Zoey; two street vendors are brought in after a turf war turns violent; Akalitus fights Catholic bureaucrats over the hospital's chapel.

4 - Mitten 82011-04-18

Jackie finds a new hiding place for her pills and buries the hatchet with O'Hara, who becomes ER chief; Zoey works her first double shift; Kevin invites Eddie to a backyard barbecue; Jackie must tell more lies to retrieve her misplaced stash.
Rat Falls

5 - Rat Falls 92011-04-25

Jackie runs out of drugs and Dr. Cooper decides to compete with Dr. O'Hara for the E.R. chief position.
When The Saints Go

6 - When The Saints Go 92011-05-02

Mrs. Akalitus is in a holy uproar as workers from the archdiocese remove her religious statues. Meanwhile, a new temp nurse makes his presence known in the ER, and some people don't appreciate it; Coop deals with personal, professional and podiatric problems; and Jackie tries to deal with Kevin playing matchmaker between Eddie and his sister.
Orchids and Salami

7 - Orchids and Salami 02011-05-09

Kelly wins over the All Saints staff; Kevin finds pills in a dental floss dispenser; a patient soothes Coop's depression; Jackie pockets drugs.
The Astonishing

8 - The Astonishing 92011-05-16

Jackie accuses Kelly of being inappropriate with two flirty high school girls; Coop begins to let go of childish things; Thor counsels Akalitus on her new phone system and some deeper matters; Jackie is unexpectedly delayed getting to Grace's pageant.
Have You Met Ms. Jones?

9 - Have You Met Ms. Jones? 92011-05-23

Just when Jackie has run out of pills, she runs into a confrontation about the drugs from Oncology that disappeared. Coop tracks down an old girlfriend on Facebook when he decides to start his own family. Heart problems make Zoey revisit her relationship with Lenny.
Fuck The Lemurs

10 - Fuck The Lemurs 92011-06-06

Following HR's inquiry of the missing drugs, Mrs. Akalitus puts Jackie on probation. Meanwhile, Coop plans his wedding and Jackie's daughter Grace wants to be put on medication for her anxiety disorder.
Batting Practice

11 - Batting Practice 92011-06-13

Jackie tries to stay sober and get through probation until Dr. O'Hara has a tempting offer for her. Meanwhile Eddie believes Kevin found out about the affair and Zoey throws a party for her colleagues.
…Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test

12 - …Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test 92011-06-20

When HR demands urine samples from all the nurses, Jackie tries to avoid it as long as possible as well as her husband, who seems to have found out about her affair with Eddie.
Season 4 2012 | 10 Episodes

Season 4 of Nurse Jackie premiered on Apr 08, 2012.



1 - Kettle-Kettle-Black-Black 102012-04-08

After breaking up with Kevin, Jackie has to realize she needs professional help. Meanwhile, a new director at the hospital makes some personnel changes and Kevin finds out about Jackie and Eddie's affair.
Disneyland Sucks

2 - Disneyland Sucks 92012-04-15

Going through rehab, Jackie opens up about the beginning of her addiction. Meanwhile, Coop is the only one being excited about Cruz's ideas.
The Wall

3 - The Wall 82012-04-22

Worried about her daughter, Jackie leaves rehab early against her therapist's advice and finds that returning to work greatly rattles her nerves, forcing her to struggle to maintain her sobriety; Zoey has second thoughts about her relationship with Lenny; Eddie tells Jackie that he confessed their affair to Kevin.
Slow Growing Monsters

4 - Slow Growing Monsters 82012-04-29

Jackie catches Grace with a boy at a carnival and takes her, not before deleting the number from the boys phone. While at the carnival, Grace announces to Fiona and Zoey that Jackie went to rehab. Jackie goes to an AA meeting with Charlie only to find out that he is using again. Kevin forced Eddie to tell him what Jackie took, when they were having the affair, before telling Eddie to tell Jackie to "Kiss her kids goodbye". Jackie almost relapses when a patient gives her their medications. She throws them in a dumpster and then tries to retrieve them and falls in. She then gets out and walks away pill free. Charlie is revealed to be Dr.Cruz"s son.
One-Armed Jacks

5 - One-Armed Jacks 82012-05-06

Missing her family and adjusting poorly to single life, Jackie invites Kevin to meet her at a cafe but finds herself served with divorce papers instead of lunch; an attempted double suicide trauma case comes into the E.R.; Cruz institutes a draconian new dress code that is not a hit with his staff; Zoey looks for a new roommate and finds one in the lonely Jackie.

6 - No-Kimono-Zone 82012-05-13

Jackie has a disturbing dream about using; Zoey loses her ring.
Day of the Iguana

7 - Day of the Iguana 92012-05-20

Jackie covers for Cruz when he has a panic attack; Zoey surveys her coworkers for the best ways to conduct a breakup; Akalitus enlists the staff in an elaborate charade when her mentor is admitted with dementia.
Chaud & Froid

8 - Chaud & Froid 82012-06-03

When Cruz learns about Jackie's rehab, he takes revenge on coworkers who have been covering up her drug problems. Meanwhile, Eddie is deposed by Kevin's lawyer; a dumped Lenny decides to take off for Europe; and Coop accompanies O'Hara to her ob-gyn appointment.
Are Those Feathers?

9 - Are Those Feathers? 92012-06-10

Things get out of control in the emergency room due to the recent firings and an overflow of patients who have been diverted from another hospital, causing Cruz to suffer a pulmonary episode and Jackie to step in. At home, a rebellious Grace refuses to go to class unless Jackie transfers her to public school.
Handle Your Scandal

10 - Handle Your Scandal 102012-06-17

While Cruz is in care, Jackie goes over his head to get the ER under control, resulting in her dismissal from All Saints for insubordination. Jackie pulls Grace out of Catholic school. O'Hara goes into labour and Jackie returns to All Saints in spite of Cruz. Charlie arrives at the ER and Cruz asks Jackie to help him save Charlie's life.
Season 5 2013 | 10 Episodes

Season 5 of Nurse Jackie premiered on Apr 14, 2013.


Happy Fucking Birthday

1 - Happy Fucking Birthday 7.52013-04-14

Victims of a bus accident are treated; two doctors join the rotation; O'Hara is happy spending time with her son; Akalitus gives Eddie his job back.
Luck of the Drawing

2 - Luck of the Drawing 92013-04-21

Kevin demands full custody. A bus crash patient returns after contracting sepsis. Coop threatens to quit.

3 - Smile 82013-04-28

After their custody meeting, Jackie rear-ends Kevin and wakes up as a patient in her own ER. Kevin accuses her of using. Coop begins covering for Carrie and taking on a lot more work. When Carrie checks on Jackie, she writes her a prescription for Oxy, unaware she's an addict. The most unlikely person asks Jackie out on a date.
Lost Girls

4 - Lost Girls 82013-05-05

A heavily medicated Jane Doe is brought into the ER and Jackie tasks Zoey with finding out who she is. Coop invites Carrie to dinner. Jackie faces conflict with both her daughters - Fiona has been acting out in class while Grace sneaks around the city with her older boyfriend.
Good Thing

5 - Good Thing 82013-05-12

Jackie is nervous about her date with Frank, so Zoey and Thor help her get ready and Eddie offers some friendly pointers. Prentiss misdiagnoses an injured dancer, but Akalitus and Coop catch his mistake before the patient leaves. Mike Cruz calls Jackie in a moment of need.
Walk of Shame

6 - Walk of Shame 92013-05-19

Jackie and Grace recover from their nights of indiscretion; Carrie uses flashcards to strengthen her skills.
Teachable Moments

7 - Teachable Moments 102013-05-26

Akalitus forgets to hire an escort for a psych patient who then lays waste to the pharmacy; Frank cancels a lunch date with Jackie; Zoey hears Coop and Carrie having sex; Jackie worries about Frank when she learns that a cop has been shot.
Forget It

8 - Forget It 92013-06-02

Kevin interrupts Jackie and Frank's night. Akalitus' blood results are in and her memory loss is a result of a medication she's been taking. Zoey helps Prentiss organize his disaster of an office. Meanwhile, Jackie is convinced that Grace is sneaking behind her back to see Danny, but Grace assures her they broke up. Frank urges Jackie to work on her issues - so she attends an AA meeting.

9 - Heart 92013-06-09

Jackie and Frank have sex for the first time and he tells her he loves her. Akalitus has an extra spring in her step. Coop wants to take his mentoring of Carrie to the next level. Kevin and Grace show up at the hospital after Kevin finds a bag of pills in Grace's bag.

10 - Soul 102013-06-16

It's Jackie's one year anniversary of sobriety and she and Frank fight about their relationship. Zoey acts very professional and rigid around Prentiss after their intimate evening. Carrie's peer review does not go well. Grace has a breakdown about Jackie. Jackie takes something she shouldn't have.
Season 6 2014 | 12 Episodes

Season 6 of Nurse Jackie premiered on Apr 13, 2014.


Sink or Swim

1 - Sink or Swim 62014-04-13

Jackie's back to using again, but she's doing it differently this time: maintaining a clean and sober cover, going to 12-step meetings - even finding herself a sponsor - all the while getting her drugs from the towel girl at the gym. Meanwhile at All Saints, Zoey finds out that everyone knows about her 'secret' relationship with Prentiss. Season premiere.

2 - Pillgrimage 62014-04-20

Jackie steals Dr. Roman's DEA number. Coop is recruited by a 'sperm scout.'
Super Greens

3 - Super Greens 72014-04-27

Coop learns his sperm count is too low for donation; Carrie gets a lucky break; Akalitus' poker habit pays off; Grace drops a bomb on Jackie.
Love Jungle

4 - Love Jungle 82014-05-04

Jackie goes off the deep end; Frank discloses a secret about his past.
Rag and Bone

5 - Rag and Bone 02014-05-11

Frank searches Jackie's house for drugs, but she removes them in time and hides her stash in a ladies room at the hospital. Later, Jackie bonds with a homeless, alcoholic nun; and finds comfort in the arms of a fellow drug user. Meanwhile, Zoey confronts Prentiss about his dissatisfaction and encourages him to do what he loves.
Nancy Wood

6 - Nancy Wood 82014-05-18

Jackie's fake identity is compromised when it's learned that Carrie's DEA number has been stolen by a woman named Nancy Wood. Meanwhile, Jackie worries about her dwindling bank account and lack of pills; and Prentiss gives Zoey a shocking message.
Rat on a Cheeto

7 - Rat on a Cheeto 82014-05-25

Jackie is ambushed by Antoinette. Coop's dream finally comes true.
The Lady with the Lamp

8 - The Lady with the Lamp 02014-06-01

Jackie detoxes at home - with help. Frank raises an objection about Grace.

9 - Candyman 82014-06-08

Jackie learns about a DEA investigation at the hospital that will require her to take a urine test, so she plots to get around it. Meanwhile, Kevin and Mia plan their wedding; the homeless nun returns in worse shape than ever; and Coop and Carrie find a way to skirt their no sex in the hospital rule.
Sidecars and Spermicide

10 - Sidecars and Spermicide 02014-06-15

Jackie breaks up with Frank and tries to separate herself from the people closest to her so she can keep using drugs. Meanwhile, Carrie forgets Coop's 40th birthday; the DEA investigation intensifies; and Zoey decides to become a nurse practitioner.

11 - Sisterhood 82014-06-22

Jackie reluctantly attends Kevin's wedding. Carrie makes demands on Coop.

12 - Flight 92014-06-29

Coop gets a surprise. Jackie hits the road. Season finale.
Season 7 2015 | 12 Episodes

Season 7 of Nurse Jackie premiered on Apr 12, 2015.



1 - Clean 02015-04-12

Picking up with her arrest, Jackie suffers through detox.

2 - Deal 02015-04-19

Jackie gets inventive, setting her sights on returning to All Saints.

3 - Godfathering 02015-04-26

Jackie's back at All Saints - but back to square one in a new role.
Nice Ladies

4 - Nice Ladies 02015-05-03

Still strapped for cash, Jackie's dealing takes a surprising turn.
Coop Out

5 - Coop Out 02015-05-10

Jackie stirs up trouble for the developers. Coop preps for his last day.
High Noon

6 - High Noon 02015-05-17

Zoey leads the ER nurses on a walkout. Jackie battles her cravings.
Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?

7 - Are You With Me, Doctor Wu? 02015-05-24

Jackie and Eddie make a purge their stash. Dr. Prince and Akalitus bond.
Managed Care

8 - Managed Care 02015-05-31

Dr. Prince enlists Jackie's help with a patient. Thor reveals a secret.
Serviam in Caritate

9 - Serviam in Caritate 02015-06-07

Zoey finally confronts Jackie. Dr. Prince attracts a mob to All Saints.
Jackie and the Wolf

10 - Jackie and the Wolf 02015-06-14

An unexpected knock at the door puts Jackie and Eddie in jeopardy.
Vigilante Jones

11 - Vigilante Jones 02015-06-21

Jackie is forced to perform a procedure on her own. Zoey learns a secret.
I Say a Little Prayer

12 - I Say a Little Prayer 02015-06-28

Jackie gets offered a job - and wants Zoey to come with her. Series finale.







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