Yany Prado
Yany Prado


Verónica Sánchez
Verónica Sánchez


Lali Espósito
Lali Espósito


Asier Etxeandia
Asier Etxeandia


Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Miguel Ángel Silvestre


Enric Auquer
Enric Auquer


Season 1 2021 | 8 Episodes

Season 1 of Sky Rojo premiered on Mar 19, 2021.


Red Leatherette Sofa

1 - Red Leatherette Sofa 52021-03-19

When Gina gets in a violent brawl with her pimp, Coral and Wendy come to her rescue, sparking an astonishing chain of events.
Alternate Reality

2 - Alternate Reality 02021-03-19

The trio hides out in a place that seems perfect — until it suddenly isn't. Coral gets shocking news. Romeo's men follow Coral's cellphone signal.
A Whore's Love

3 - A Whore's Love 02021-03-19

Coral recalls past events that led to an unexpected affair. Gina confesses to being in a relationship with a man, whom she seeks out.
Sex and Blood

4 - Sex and Blood 02021-03-19

When Moisés and Christian catch up to the trio and corner them, Coral decides to turn the tables on the brothers. Wendy's backstory is revealed.
The Escape

5 - The Escape 02021-03-19

Christian and Moisés follow Wendy into a warehouse, where a surprise awaits. Coral admits she came to the club voluntarily, and explains why.
Foxy and Hare

6 - Foxy and Hare 02021-03-19

The trio make a discovery that complicates their plans to escape for good. In a flashback, Romeo asks Coral to work for him in another capacity.
Thinking with your D**k

7 - Thinking with your D**k 02021-03-19

The three women seek the vet's help again. Coral opens up about her past. Romeo returns to the club, where Fernando asks to speak to him.
Bear Trap

8 - Bear Trap 02021-03-19

Wendy runs into a man who won't take no for an answer. Romeo demands that Moisés prove his loyalty. The trio launch a plan to reclaim what's theirs.
Season 2 2021 | 8 Episodes

Season 2 of Sky Rojo premiered on Jul 23, 2021.


Episode 1

1 - Episode 1 02021-07-23

Episode 2

2 - Episode 2 02021-07-23

Episode 3

3 - Episode 3 02021-07-23

Episode 4

4 - Episode 4 02021-07-23

Episode 5

5 - Episode 5 02021-07-23

Episode 6

6 - Episode 6 02021-07-23

Episode 7

7 - Episode 7 02021-07-23

Episode 8

8 - Episode 8 02021-07-23




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