Rumi Ookubo
Rumi Ookubo

Lola (voice)

Miyu Tomita
Miyu Tomita

Emma (voice)

Yui Horie
Yui Horie

Olivia (voice)

Ryota Osaka
Ryota Osaka

Noir (voice)

Akari Kito
Akari Kito

Luna (voice)

Yuki  Nagano
Yuki Nagano

Alice (voice)

Season 1 2021 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter premiered on Jan 08, 2021.


Powerful Skill Set

1 - Powerful Skill Set 72021-01-08

Noir is the 3rd son of a poor noble and his job position is taken away by a more powerful noble. He also sadly lacks enough skills to attend the Hero Academy. He tries to find a way to be able to use his skill [Great Sage] better and stumbles across a hidden dungeon.
The Guild and the Receptionist

2 - The Guild and the Receptionist 72021-01-15

In order to find a way to earn enough money for the enrollment fee to the Hero Academy, Noir visits the Adventurers' Guild. However, the receptionist at the guild, Lola, doubts his skills, so he has to prove himself. Once she finds out he's telling the truth, she's supposed to offer him a reward, and...
The Troubled Classmate

3 - The Troubled Classmate 82021-01-22

Noir finds out the social ladder at the Hero Academy. A duke's daughter named Maria is the only one who gives him a helping hand. But he finds out that she has a curse that will kill her when she turns 16.
The Untainted Cleric

4 - The Untainted Cleric 82021-01-29

Right before his meeting with Luna, Noir goes to visit Olivia. He asks her if there's a more effective way to gain LP and she tells him about a forbidden skill that will make him very lucky in the most unexpected way.
The Future of This Harem

5 - The Future of This Harem 92021-02-05

The Tulip Lion

6 - The Tulip Lion 72021-02-12

Noir successfully cures Maria's curse and receives a mountain of cash and decides to build a shop that sells rare materials, so he goes to the dungeon to gather said materials. He travels further down and meets a lion that apparently speaks human words.
The Receptionist Ranking

7 - The Receptionist Ranking 82021-02-19

Lola gets in an argument with a rival receptionist. Noir visits the Adventurers Guild and ends up getting caught in their fight. Noir decides to take down a dragon both for his test and for Lola, but...
A Little Girl's Wish

8 - A Little Girl's Wish 72021-02-26

Noir arrives at the 7th floor of the dungeon and he runs into a mysterious spirit who happens to look a lot like Emma when she was younger. Apparently, the spirit is having her life sucked away by something creepy and asks Noir to defeat it in exchange for a treasure.
To the Gala

9 - To the Gala 82021-03-05

Noir is invited to a high society party by Emma. The party is in a stir when thieves proclaim to visit it and steal away a few things that are there, but then Noir participates in a dance battle against a noble to win Emma's honor.
Let's Go to the Hot Springs

10 - Let's Go to the Hot Springs 82021-03-12

The day for the Hero Academy tradition, their trip to the hot springs, has finally arrived! The monsters they face on the way to the hot springs are tough, but the boys in the class who can't control their lust are a far bigger threat. What should Noir do to protect Emma and the other girls?
Noir's Decision

11 - Noir's Decision 82021-03-19

Noir opens his shop, Stardian Rarities. In gratitude, Noir tells Olivia he will free her from the Death Chains. Great Sage informs him a solution is on the dungeon's 15th floor, but a new threat shows up and forces them to take action.
A Battle I Can't Lose

12 - A Battle I Can't Lose 92021-03-26

Olivia reminisces about an event from 200 years ago where a young man died because she did not properly tutor him. Noir meanwhile is still in battle against Olivia's clone.








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