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Karen Fukuhara

Kipo (voice)

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Jake Green


Season 1 2020 | 10 Episodes

Season 1 of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts premiered on Jan 14, 2020.

Making her way through a world of mutant animals, a sheltered yet scrappy girl learns how to survive -- and get home -- with help from her ragtag crew.


Burrow Girl

1 - Burrow Girl 4.52020-01-14

Swept from her safe burrow, Kipo emerges in a wild surface world full of weird mutant animals. Will her new friends Wolf and Mandu help her get home?
Explosion Berries

2 - Explosion Berries 02020-01-14

Benson gets a jump on the Mod Frogs to save Kipo, Wolf and his little buddy Dave. But it'll take a hopping mad Mega Bunny to get them out of another jam.
Real Cats Wear Plaid

3 - Real Cats Wear Plaid 02020-01-14

Held captive by the brawling Timbercats, Kipo and pals must find the tough kitties’ leader, Yumyan Hammerpaw, if they want to avoid becoming cat food.
Cactus Town

4 - Cactus Town 02020-01-14

Leading an army of new allies, Kipo argues with Wolf about the best way to avoid a hissy fit on Umlaut Snäke turf. Can she talk it out with a Mega Mute?
The Astronomers in Turtlenecks

5 - The Astronomers in Turtlenecks 02020-01-14

Kipo and the gang act like a pack to cozy up to the nerdy Newton Wolves and use their telescope to find the burrow people. The hunt is on.

6 - Ratland 02020-01-14

The wolves break the news to Scarlemagne as Kipo tries to crack her father’s code. Then Benson gives the burrow girl a 13th birthday surprise -- or two.

7 - Mulholland 02020-01-14

The friends stumble upon tardigrade dream-maker Tad Mulholland, who allows the gang to realize their bliss. But let's get real: It comes at a price.
Twin Beaks

8 - Twin Beaks 02020-01-14

Scarlemagne rallies his troops as Kipo searches for her next clue, which sends her into a trash canyon -- and into a hideaway for Fitness Raccoons.
Mute-Eat-Mute World

9 - Mute-Eat-Mute World 02020-01-14

A big secret’s out, and Wolf can’t deal. Meanwhile, Kipo must resist the urge to pet Mega Bunny babies before escaping from sticky Mod Frog Jamack.
Beyond the Valley of the Dogs

10 - Beyond the Valley of the Dogs 02020-01-14

It’s a high-jumping, thirsty Mega Flea vs. the Mega Dogs as Kipo closes in on the burrow. But has she also brought home disaster?
Season 2 2020 | 10 Episodes

Season 2 of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts premiered on Jun 12, 2020.


Paw of the Jaguar

1 - Paw of the Jaguar 02020-06-12

Kipo flies off to find Scarlemagne and save her father. But first, she’ll have to go through an old friend. Time to learn Timbercat survival skills.
The Goat Cheese Prophecy

2 - The Goat Cheese Prophecy 02020-06-12

Hoping to tap her inner strength, Kipo hitches a ride in search of the wise Chevre Sisters. Scarlemagne turns to Lio for help. The cheese sees all.
The Ballad of Brunchington Beach

3 - The Ballad of Brunchington Beach 02020-06-12

Kipo and the gang embark on a risky mission to Cappuccino’s Mute brunch spot and reconnect with an old frenemy. But will they all end up on the menu?
To Catch a Deathstalker

4 - To Catch a Deathstalker 02020-06-12

The chase continues for the old burrow, but first, Kipo and Wolf must keep their cool among the Deathstalkers. Scarlemagne makes a whopping discovery.
Fun Gus (1)

5 - Fun Gus (1) 02020-06-12

Kipo and company look for answers — and an anchor — in her parents’ old quarters. But are they alone? Above, mysterious forces gather against a ruler.
Fun Gus (2)

6 - Fun Gus (2) 02020-06-12

Fun Gus is among us. The chums frolic with the pushy player till a slippery helper arrives. Time to throw Kipo an anchor as the Mega Monkey moves on.
Benson and the Beast

7 - Benson and the Beast 02020-06-12

The Mega Jaguar rages out of control, but Benson has a knack for handling rowdy Mutes. Can the gang rely on Dr. Emilia — and Kipo herself?
Sympathy for the Mandrill

8 - Sympathy for the Mandrill 02020-06-12

From Hugo to Scarlemagne, from victim to villain, a tyrant tells his tale. Wolf, Benson and Dave hatch a plan that could blow up in their faces.
All That Glitters

9 - All That Glitters 02020-06-12

Game on. Kipo just won't give up hope when it comes to finding the good beneath the savagery. Can the Brunch Bunch flip the odds with flapjacks?
Heroes on Fire

10 - Heroes on Fire 3.52020-06-12

With a little help from friends, Kipo breaks the chains of mind control as chaos comes to the coronation. Will she sacrifice it all to save everyone?
Season 3 2020 | 10 Episodes

Season 3 of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts premiered on Oct 12, 2020.


Everything Is Crabs

1 - Everything Is Crabs 02020-10-12

The hunt is on for Dr. Emilia, and friends start to vanish. It'll take teamwork to make Kipo's dream of a Human Mute Ultimate Friendship Alliance work.
Code Word Milkshake

2 - Code Word Milkshake 02020-10-12

Emilia's kidnapping her way to a cure. Kipo and her pals must keep their cool as they stake out the doc's unexpected hideout. Does K-pop hold the key?
A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

3 - A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing 02020-10-12

Old frenemies are on the comeback. Kipo reaches out to alliance stopper Scarlemagne, and Margot asks Wolf for a favor. Are second chances possible?
Don't You Forget a Meow Me

4 - Don't You Forget a Meow Me 02020-10-12

With Wolf, Benson and Dave in danger, Kipo must use her brain — not her brawn — to outsmart Dr. Emilia. A Mega gets a helping hand from Scarlemagne.
Song ReMix

5 - Song ReMix 02020-10-12

A "cured" chum returns. Later, a dream family reunion becomes a reality. The race for a vaccine begins after a feverish frolic with the Dubstep Bees.
It's a Trap

6 - It's a Trap 02020-10-12

Dr. Emilia and her army work through the death ivy while the alliance creates cunning traps. But can Kipo fight an unstoppable force like destiny?
Requiem for a Dave

7 - Requiem for a Dave 02020-10-12

As everyone regroups, Kipo blames herself for the damage done and springs into action. Enter Dave with a tale about fanatics — and one awesome fan.
Hidden Treasures

8 - Hidden Treasures 02020-10-12

Kipo hopes that Prahm will end the war with killer banjo and dance ... but first she must convince the Mutes to forgive. Dr. Emilia smiles and schemes.

9 - Prahmises 02020-10-12

Dr. Emilia's determination runs deep — and gets dark. Scarlemagne and Wolf set out to end her, and Song reveals a secret. Let's get the party started!
Age of the Wonderbeasts

10 - Age of the Wonderbeasts 02020-10-12

Sabotaged! Everyone must work together to stop Dr. Emilia as an epic Mega Mute battle shuts down a successful bash. Now's the time for real heroes.








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