Sumire Morohoshi
Sumire Morohoshi

Emma (voice)

Maaya Uchida
Maaya Uchida

Norman (voice)

Mariya Ise
Mariya Ise

Ray (voice)


Gilda (voice)

Shinei Ueki
Shinei Ueki

Don (voice)

Yuko Kaida
Yuko Kaida

Isabella (voice)

Nao Fujita
Nao Fujita

Krone (voice)

Hiyori Kouno
Hiyori Kouno

Phil (voice)

Mari Hino
Mari Hino

Thomas (voice)

Shizuka Ishigami
Shizuka Ishigami

Nut (voice)

Yuko Mori
Yuko Mori

Lannion (voice)

Ai Kayano
Ai Kayano

Anna (voice)

Season 1 2019 | 12 Episodes

Season 1 of The Promised Neverland premiered on Jan 09, 2019.



1 - 121045 72019-01-09

Emma, Norman, Ray and the other orphans at Grace Field House live peaceful and happy lives. When one of the orphans is adopted and forgets her favorite toy, Emma and Norman attempt to return it to her only to discover a horrifying truth.

2 - 131045 72019-01-16

Emma and Norman begin making plans to escape the House. As they plan, they become suspicious of Isabella's behavior and actions.

3 - 181045 02019-01-23

Krone arrives at the House to assist Isabella with watching the children. Krone, however, develops her own agenda. Later, Emma, Norman, and Ray begin to "train" the other children to prepare them for escaping the House.

4 - 291045 02019-01-30

Emma, Norman and Ray suspect that there's a traitor among the kids providing information to Isabella. They decide they want to tell Don and Gilda the secret of the House, while suspecting that one of them could possibly be the traitor.

5 - 301045 02019-02-06

Norman discovers Ray is the traitor and Isabella's informant and confronts him about where his loyalties lie.

6 - 311045 02019-02-13

As preparations for escaping the House continue, Emma shares a discovery with Norman and Ray. Meanwhile, Don and Gilda search through Isabella's secret room.

7 - 011145 02019-02-20

Krone discovers which children are aware of the House's secret. But rather than alert Isabella, Krone proposes an alliance with Norman, Emma and the others to help meet each other's goals.

8 - 021145 02019-02-27

Krone receives a letter from the Grace Field headquarters and departs from the House. Later on, Emma and Norman go to inspect the wall surrounding the House while Ray attempts to distract Isabella.

9 - 031145 02019-03-06

As Emma steps down from moving the escape plan forward, a new shipment date is announced earlier than expected, and someone will get shipped before Ray.

10 - 130146 02019-03-12

Emma loses yet another ally and friend, and in the brink of despair, Mom pays her a visit in the infirmary.

11 - 140146 02019-03-19

Ray and Emma haven't spoken to each other for nearly two months. With Ray's shipment approaching, have they really given up? In the midst of despair, Emma finds Ray in the library.

12 - 150146 102019-03-26

As Emma and Norman continue to surprise Ray, the fated night finally arrives. As Phil holds on to Mom, what will he say?
Season 2 2020 | 1 Episodes

Season 2 of The Promised Neverland premiered on Oct 22, 2020.


TBA January 2021

1 - TBA January 2021 0



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