Kengo Kawanishi
Kengo Kawanishi

Rei Kiriyama (voice)

Ai Kayano
Ai Kayano

Akari Kawamoto (voice)

Kana Hanazawa
Kana Hanazawa

Hinata Kawamoto (voice)

Misaki Kuno
Misaki Kuno

Momo Kawamoto (voice)

Subaru Kimura
Subaru Kimura

Matsumoto Issa

Shigeru Chiba
Shigeru Chiba

Kawamoto Someji

Takahiro Sakurai
Takahiro Sakurai

Hayashida Takashi

Toru Okawa
Toru Okawa

Kouda Masachika

Tomokazu Sugita
Tomokazu Sugita

Misumi Tatsuyuki

Marina Inoue
Marina Inoue

Kouda Kyouko

Nobuhiko Okamoto
Nobuhiko Okamoto

Harunobu Nikaidō (voice)

Yoshimasa Hosoya
Yoshimasa Hosoya

Yuusuke Takahashi (voice)

Shin-ichiro Miki
Shin-ichiro Miki

Kai Shimada (voice)

Specials 2016 | 3 Episodes

Specials of March Comes in Like a Lion premiered on Dec 29, 2016.


Omnibus Special Episode

1 - Omnibus Special Episode 02016-12-29

A special omnibus episode reviewing the previous 11 episodes. Many things have happened, yet Rei is determined to continue fighting.
Episode 3

3 - Episode 3 02017-01-12

Episode 11

11 - Episode 11 02016-12-29

Season 1 2016 | 22 Episodes

Season 1 of March Comes in Like a Lion premiered on Oct 08, 2016.


Rei Kiriyama / The Town Along the River

1 - Rei Kiriyama / The Town Along the River 02016-10-08

Rei Kiriyama moves in to town, and his past is slowly revealed. Alongside battling opponents in shogi, he also wants to find that missing something...
Akari / Beyond the Bridge

2 - Akari / Beyond the Bridge 02016-10-15

Who was that mysterious figure who stole his mail? And Akari's job is what?! Tune in as we continue to explore Rei's past.
Harunobu / Beyond the Night Sky

3 - Harunobu / Beyond the Night Sky 02016-10-22

Showdown between Rei and Harunobu in a shogi match! Will Harunobu finally defeat his lifelong rival? Tune in as we celebrate the end of Obon.
Hina / V.S.

4 - Hina / V.S. 02016-10-29

Will Hina be able to give her home made lunch to the person she is concerned about? Tune in as a fateful meeting unfolds in front of our eyes...
Agreement / Over the Cuckoo's Nest

5 - Agreement / Over the Cuckoo's Nest 02016-11-05

Rei must pick up Momo from kindergarten. Nothing can go wrong with doing this errand, right? Unfortunately, this leads Rei to remember more of his past.
Child of God

6 - Child of God 02016-11-12

Does Rei want to go somewhere, or just run away? Let's discover more of the Shogi world as Mr. Hayashida comes to the rescue!
Important Things. Important Matters / Teach Me How to Play Shogi

7 - Important Things. Important Matters / Teach Me How to Play Shogi 02016-11-19

What will Kiriyama and Takahashi talk about? Will it end well? Let's hope the cute kitties can teach us how to play shogi!
Teach Me How to Play Shogi / Image / Distant Thunder

8 - Teach Me How to Play Shogi / Image / Distant Thunder 02016-12-03

Let's continue to learn Shogi! In this episode, we'll also discover a little more about Rei's Father, and not to mention that special guest he has..
Distant Thunder

9 - Distant Thunder 02016-12-10

Rei has a match with the old Mr. Matsunaga. If Mr. Matsunaga loses one more game, he'll have to retire. How will Rei handle the match?
Something Given

10 - Something Given 02016-12-17

Rei's next match is with Mr. Yasui. Mr. Yasui's memories with his daughter are on the line, so will Rei throw the match, or will he bring misery to others by winning?
The Old Year / The New Year

11 - The Old Year / The New Year 02016-12-24

All of Rei's matches are done for the year, but a small tragedy happens as the year comes to a close. Will Rei be able to overcome it?
What Lies on the Opposite Shore / Black River

12 - What Lies on the Opposite Shore / Black River 02017-01-07

Rei runs astray a little bit, but gets right back on track. Can he bear the cold jokes from his latest opponent, Tsujii, and emerge victorious?
Black River / Beyond the Door

13 - Black River / Beyond the Door 02017-01-14

Smith prepares for his battle with the intimidating Gotou, and Rei is determined not to lose against Shimada. How will their matches go?
Blinding Darkness / Just a Little Water

14 - Blinding Darkness / Just a Little Water 02017-01-21

Shimada and Rei's battle continues as Rei begins to drown in his embarassment. Watch as their battle finally comes to a close
Moonlight / Lump of Ego

15 - Moonlight / Lump of Ego 02017-01-28

And now begins two of three matches to determine who will go up against Master Souya in the Lion King Tournament!
Running Through the Night / Middle of the Slope

16 - Running Through the Night / Middle of the Slope 02017-02-04

Master Souya's challenger in the Lion King Tournament has been determined! Also, Rei decides to take a step in the direction that will benefit him in the long run.
Silver Thread / Water's Surface / Base of the Blue Night

17 - Silver Thread / Water's Surface / Base of the Blue Night 02017-02-11

The Lion King Tournament finally begins. Rei continues to grow with his workshop buddies, but also runs into some trouble with his sister.
Torrent / Passing Time

18 - Torrent / Passing Time 02017-02-18

The Lion King Tournament is underway, although things are not looking good for the challenger. Still, he will not give up, and is determined to press forward.
Passing the Night / Kyoto

19 - Passing the Night / Kyoto 02017-02-25

Match Four of the Lion King Tournament begins in Kyoto. We find out a little more about the Challenger, and the reasons he continues to persist.

20 - Kyoto 02017-03-04

The second day of the fourth match for the Lion King Tournament begins. Rei sure does get caught up with strange people.
When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom / Small Murmur

21 - When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom / Small Murmur 02017-03-11

The fourth match of the Lion King Tournament has finally ended. But for some reason, Rei finds himself in a very unfamiliar territory.
New School Term / Fighter

22 - New School Term / Fighter 02017-03-18

Rei begins a new school year, and embarks on new adventures. While looking back at the past, we'll look forward to the future.
Season 2 2017 | 22 Episodes

Season 2 of March Comes in Like a Lion premiered on Oct 14, 2017.


Setting Sun / Ramune

1 - Setting Sun / Ramune 02017-10-14

The After School Science Club merged with a proposed shogi club to become “the Shogi Science Club.” Club activities include Rei teaching the members how to play shogi and Rei being taught various science experiments. Rei realizes that he’s delighted to have a warm place where he belongs at school. With ramune in hand, he heads for the Kawamoto home.
Chaos / Kumakura

2 - Chaos / Kumakura 02017-10-21

Rei is at the Shogi Hall with Nikaidou and other players to watch the live broadcast of the final game for the Meijin Championship between Souya and Kumakura. Meanwhile, veteran player Yanagihara describes the game as “chaos,” but what does that portend for the Meijin Championship?
June / Ladybug Bush

3 - June / Ladybug Bush 02017-10-28

During a lunch break between matches, Nikaidou pressures Rei to win all his matches so they can battle in the finals. Rei looks on coolly until Nikaidou points out feelings Rei never realized he had. Meanwhile, at the Kawamoto house, Someji, Akari, Hinata and Momo have a brainstorming session about Crescent Moon’s new summer sweet creation. Momo proposes novel ideas, but the usually cheerful Hinata seems down...
Ladybug Bush / Feelings

4 - Ladybug Bush / Feelings 02017-11-04

Hinata has been friends with Chiho since elementary school, but now that they’re third-year middle school students, Chiho has become the target of bullying by classmates. While other students pretend they don’t see anything happening, only Hinata calls out to Chiho and still tries to be her friend. However, the situation only gets worse...
Feelings / Confession

5 - Feelings / Confession 02017-11-11

Rei sees his former homeroom teacher, Mr. Hayashida, for advice about bullying. Hayashida offers many examples and concludes with sound advice. After racking his brain, Rei also arrives at his own conclusion about what he can do to help Hina. Meanwhile, Akari has been carrying doubts in her heart about the incident, and opens up to Rei...
Small World / Letter

6 - Small World / Letter 02017-11-18

When Rei visits the Kawamotos, Hinata talks to him about school. Little by little, she confides in Rei about the classroom atmosphere. But one day during lunch, the baseball team’s ace and all-around popular guy, Takahashi, pops in to Hinata’s class?!
Rainy Season / Hachiya

7 - Rainy Season / Hachiya 02017-11-25

Hinata is so enraged by her classmates and homeroom teacher. When Rei arrives for a visit at the Kawamoto home, he treats Hinata with kindness in his own way. On the other hand, the semi-finals of the Newcomer Tournament are here. Rei’s opponent is Subaru Hachiya, the “Irritated Prince of the East.” How will Rei fare against this strong, irritable yet irritating player?
Midday Moon / Adventurers

8 - Midday Moon / Adventurers 02017-12-02

When the struggling Rei tells Mr. Hayashida that he wants to help Hinata and her family, his former homeroom teacher advises him to do what he can, one thing at a time. Taking those words to heart, Rei goes on a smooth winning streak with his matches. On the other hand, Nikaidou has suddenly been hospitalized?!

9 - Kingdom 02017-12-09

On the night before she leaves for a school trip to Kyoto, Hinata has dinner at home with Rei and her family, but can't finish the food on her plate because of a stomachache. Rei also leaves the same day as Hinata, but goes to Osaka to challenge Junkei Yamazaki for the Newcomer Tournament final.
Silver Wings / River Scenery

10 - Silver Wings / River Scenery 02017-12-16

In the world of shogi, one can only continue making an effort, but Yamazaki finds that Nikaidou and Rei never falter and always throw themselves into the “deep end.” Nevertheless, Yamazaki is determined to win and after beating Nikaidou in the Newcomer Tournament semifinals, he faces Rei in the match that will decide the next Newcomer King.
Where the Sun Shines / Small World

11 - Where the Sun Shines / Small World 02017-12-23

Just when Rei thought he found a happy place within school, that place begins to disappear. Meanwhile, Shimada has a match against Gakuto Sakurai 7th-Dan, as they vie for the right to challenge Yanagihara, the venerable reigning Kishou champion.
Black Mist / Light

12 - Black Mist / Light 02018-01-06

After Hinata’s class returns from the trip, the atmosphere in the classroom changes again in a different and strange direction. At long last, Hinata's guardians are being called in for a parent-teacher-student conference.
Small Palm / Sunny Place

13 - Small Palm / Sunny Place 02018-01-13

Mr. Kokubu continues to remedy the class bullying problem. As the situation seems to be winding down, Hinata finally get a letter from Chiho.
Flowing Away / White Storm

14 - Flowing Away / White Storm 02018-01-20

Chairman Jinguuji focuses more on attracting customers to the commemorative match between Souya and Rei, though Shimada warns him that neither Souya nor Rei are comfortable being the center of attention. On the eve of their match in Morioka, Rei and Souya attend a reception in honor of it, even though Rei is extremely nervous about playing against the Meijin for the first time.
White Storm

15 - White Storm 02018-01-27

The commemorative match begins between Rei and Meijin Souya. There’s a clear gap between their levels, but Rei holds on tight to his opponent, which causes a lively discussion among staff members who are watching the match in a waiting room. However, during the middle stage of the match, Rei makes a move that will probably cost him the game. Even so, he doesn’t give up and continues to play, searching for the best possible move each turn. How will the match turn out in the end?
White Storm / Restart

16 - White Storm / Restart 02018-02-03

On the way back home from their commemorative match in Morioka, Rei and Souya are forced to stay in Sendai for a night because of a typhoon. Rei is relieved after they find lodging, but soon gets a phone call from Chairman Jinguuji, who tells him a certain secret. Meanwhile, Nikaidou is out of the hospital and ready to make a comeback in the first qualifying round of the Jeweled King Tournament.
Burnt Field (Part 1) / Burnt Field (Part 2)

17 - Burnt Field (Part 1) / Burnt Field (Part 2) 02018-03-03

Rei and Nikaidou are to be the board commentators for the final Kishou Championship match between Yanagihara and Shimada. All of the reporters and staff members that attend the pre-game reception turn out to be old friends of Yanagihara, who has been the reigning Kishou champion for years. Despite the immense pressure of an “away game” for the challenger, Shimada, he is determined more than ever to win his very first title.
Burnt Field (Part 3) / Burnt Field (Part 4)

18 - Burnt Field (Part 3) / Burnt Field (Part 4) 02018-03-10

It’s the final match of the Kishou Championship and the honorary title of “Eternal Kishou” is on the line for Yanagihara. As the shogi game approaches the final stage, Shimada is dominating. Yanagihara reflects on how he’s been entrusted with metaphorical relay race-like “sashes” from friends who have given up or retired from the professional shogi world. Even while feeling bound by this pressure, Yanagihara continues to play.
Being Here / Summer Vacation (Part 1)

19 - Being Here / Summer Vacation (Part 1) 02018-03-17

Crescent Moon will put up a food stand at the March Town summer festival featuring "sweet chilled rice flour dumpling and syrup," an idea that Akari and Hinata came up with. Hinata also visits Chiho at the beginning of summer vacation. Chiho has gotten her smile back, even though she still bears the emotional scars of bullying.
Summer Vacation (Part 2) / New Year

20 - Summer Vacation (Part 2) / New Year 02018-03-24

Hinata has been coming up with new ideas for sweets one after another all throughout summer vacation, but struggles to focus on her studies and deciding which high schools to apply to. Rei decides to invite the three Kawamoto sisters to some nagashi somen fun at his school. When Hinata meets the members of Noguchi's Shogi Science Club and Hayashida, she begins considering Komahashi High, Rei's high school.
Passing Time / Spring Comes

21 - Passing Time / Spring Comes 02018-03-31

Hinata has been studying intently for the high school entrance exams, when she learns in shock that Takahashi, the classmate she has long admired, will be going to a school far away. People she had assumed will always be with her keep leaving her… Depressed Hinata ends up getting a fever just days before the exam. Nevertheless, Rei comes by on the day of the exam, to walk to school with her.
The Other House / Child of March Town

22 - The Other House / Child of March Town 02018-03-31

Rei finally pays a visit to his adoptive mother's residence, after neglecting to visit ever since he moved out. Afterwards, Rei invites Hina and Takahashi for some monja as a last farewell. But before Hina starts high school, she decides to do something drastic.







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