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Specials 2003 | 1 Episodes

Specials of Baywatch premiered on Feb 28, 2003.

Hawaiian Wedding

1 - Hawaiian Wedding 02003-02-28

Mitch Buchannon didn't die in a boat explosion in the 10th season but has been recovering from amnesia in Los Angeles. Mitch returns to Hawaii to get married again! His new fiancée Allison looks a lot like Lt. Stephanie Holden, a past love. Little does he know, Allison is cooperating with Mason Sato who appeared in the show's 2nd season and now returns for revenge. The Baywatchers are invited to Hawaii by CJ. She's opening CJ's Bar & Grill at the Turtle Bay Resort. Coincidentally, Caroline Holden is already there filming a soap opera. Neely Capshaw (ex-Mrs. Buchannon) comes to Hawaii to stop the wedding. She wants Mitch back!
Season 1 1989 | 22 Episodes

Season 1 of Baywatch premiered on Apr 23, 1989.

Panic at Malibu Pier

1 - Panic at Malibu Pier 01989-04-23

Mitch Buchannon has just been promoted to lieutenant. Mitch and his ex-wife Gayle have an argument about what's best for their son Hobie. Eddie Kramer is the top rookie in the rookie class of '89, and Shauni McClain is one of the last ones to qualify. Shauni starts off as a terrible lifeguard, but the experienced Jill Riley teaches her how to become a good lifeguard.
In Deep

2 - In Deep 01989-09-22

Instead of attending summer school, Hobie decides to go power skiing with two friends, whose recklessness leads to a tragic accident. Eddie's lack of financial resources is revealed when Craig finds him sleeping in one of the lifeguard towers.
Heat Wave

3 - Heat Wave 01989-09-29

Los Angeles is having a heat wave and it's going to be a busy day for the lifeguards.
Second Wave

4 - Second Wave 01989-10-13

An old acquaintance of Eddie's comes to L.A. but it quickly becomes apparent that Eddie does not welcome this visit. Trevor dates a rich woman that is a handful for him to deal with and Mitch worries about upcoming mandatory tests that all lieutenants, including him, must take.
Message in a Bottle

5 - Message in a Bottle 01989-10-20

Mitch's former wife is planning to move to Ohio and wants to take Hobie with her. Upset over the squabbling that ensues, Hobie takes off with a friend and runs into pirates on a nearby island. Eddie and Shauni squabble after Shauni accidentally hurts Eddie.
The Sky is Falling

6 - The Sky is Falling 01989-10-27

Gayle and Mitch continue to fight over Gayle's plan to take Hobie with her. She ultimately changes her mind after Hobie risks his life to save a drowning young girl. A plane crashes into the water near the beach with the occupants, after they are rescued, looking to recover a suitcase of stolen money that they had with them. Captain Thorpe decides to join Eddie and Shauni on their tower in order to teach them.
The Drowning Pool

7 - The Drowning Pool 01989-11-03

A man is found drowned off the beach and Jill suspects foul play is the reason. She begins seeing the son of the victim and during the investigation discovers the man's cousin was responsible for his father's death. A man who helped Jill bring the victim ashore decides he wants to be a lifeguard as well even though he is not qualified.
Rookie School

8 - Rookie School 01989-11-10

A woman steals a book from a powerful man and hides out from him with the help of Eddie. Craig and Gina contemplate having children when they are married but have second thoughts after meeting a couple while on a romantic weekend. Trevor discovers that his hardest competitor among the rookies is doped.
Cruise Ship

9 - Cruise Ship 01989-11-24

Eddie does not like Shauni's new boyfriend or the way he treats her when things do not go the way he wants. Also Hobie gets in trouble with a girl who likes him.
The Cretin of the Shallows

10 - The Cretin of the Shallows 01989-12-01

A new hotel opens near the beach and a string of murders occur around the same time which convinces Craig the two may be connected.
Shelter Me

11 - Shelter Me 01989-12-08

An approaching tropical storm has the Baywatch lifeguards preparing for its effects but the presence of two wanted criminals cause unforeseen events. Eddie and Shauni rest. Hobie and a girl have storm parties.
The Reunion

12 - The Reunion 01989-12-15

Mitch attends his high school reunion and meets a classmate that stirs up old feelings. Eddie, frustrated at having no car, buys one at an extremely low price from a buddy but quickly discovers the reason why the cost was so low.
Armored Car

13 - Armored Car 01990-01-05

A pro-am beach volleyball tournament is being held and Trevor tries to convince Jill to be his partner for the competition. Their main rival in the competition is Jill's ex-partner which cements Jill's resolve to compete.
Home Cort

14 - Home Cort 01990-01-12

A new lifeguard arrives at Baywatch and stirs up different emotions for the current staff. Jill and Shauni go into business selling sandwiches but find competition to be stiffer than expected.
We Need a Vacation

15 - We Need a Vacation 01990-01-26

Craig joins Cort and Eddie on a trip to Mexico for a long overdue vacation but things turn out very differently from their expectations.
Muddy Waters

16 - Muddy Waters 101990-02-02

Cort and Eddie go to a local water theme park to teach teenagers about lifeguard duties but one of them quickly resents Eddie's presence. At Baywatch, Hobie finds out that parents of his fellow students at school have a dim view of the occupation of lifeguarding and Shauni gets into trouble over her pinup magazine pictures.
Snake Eyes

17 - Snake Eyes 01990-02-09

An illegal offshore casino causes problems for Cort and some of his fellow lifeguards. Hobie thinks his English class is going to be a breeze when Mitch starts dating his teacher but soon learns otherwise.

18 - Eclipse 01990-02-23

Eddie believes he sees a ghost by the water and the others believe that he is losing his mind. Hobie learns that a friend's pet is going to be euthanized for an alleged attack and resolves to help both of them.
Shark Derby

19 - Shark Derby 01990-03-02

A local business owner organizes a shark derby but the event quickly spirals out of control and leads Jill to run into the water to save a little boy but then is attacked by the shark. She is saved by Mitch but later dies from a blood embolism.
The Big Race

20 - The Big Race 01990-03-16

Cort enters a race to win the prize money and fulfil a pledge he makes on a yearly basis.
Old Friends

21 - Old Friends 01990-03-30

Mitch, Craig and Garner go on a hang gliding trip that results in a series of accidents for all three.
The End?

22 - The End? 01990-04-06

An earthquake shakes Baywatch headquarters and causes many problems for the lifeguards and for one, a life altering decision is made.
Season 2 1991 | 22 Episodes

Season 2 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 23, 1991.

Nightmare Bay (1)

1 - Nightmare Bay (1) 01991-09-23

An underwater photographer is attacked and more than a few people believe a sea monster is responsible. With the hysteria over the 'sea monster', Mitch and his fellow lifeguards are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Shauni's work as a lifeguard leads to conflict with a bunch of locals and her father but her father has a change of heart after he learns more about what she does.
Nightmare Bay (2)

2 - Nightmare Bay (2) 01991-09-23

Harvey is feeding off the local panic, making a small fortune selling ""Creature in the bay"" T-shirts. Just when things start to calm down, the situation escalates when a fishing boat catches something huge in its net, and is pulled underwater by the mysterious entity below the surface.
The One That Got Away

3 - The One That Got Away 01991-09-30

A fisherman tricks new lifeguard Megan into rescuing him in order to attack her. When he continues to stalk her, Mitch has to find a way to stop him. Meanwhile, when Shauni suffers from lifeguard burnout, Eddie takes her on a romantic weekend getaway, which quickly turns passionate.
Money, Honey

4 - Money, Honey 01991-10-07

Mitch is offered the lead role in an action movie when the star is injured, but risks losing his role when he rejects the amorous advances of the film's producer.
The Fabulous Buchannon Boys

5 - The Fabulous Buchannon Boys 01991-10-14

Mitch's brother Buzzy comes to visit with his estranged son Kyle, who proves to be a bad influence on Hobie. When Kyle illegally surfs near the condemned San Dimas Pier, he collides with a submerged piling, and is sent underwater, unconscious.
Point of Attack

6 - Point of Attack 01991-10-21

Cort returns to Baywatch, helping Eddie in an aquatics program designed for inner-city youths. When Eddie takes a gang leader under his wing, he finds himself in conflict with the boy's father, who has encouraged his son's gang activity.

7 - Sandcastles 01991-11-28

Hobie becomes enamored with a homeless girl whose mother has disappeared.
Thin or Die

8 - Thin or Die 01991-11-04

Eddie teaches an overweight girl who has loved him from afar the importance of self-esteem, while Mitch and Hobie adopt a dog that is the only witness to the owner's kidnapping.
The Trophy (1)

9 - The Trophy (1) 01991-11-11

Eddie's life is torn apart by the accusation of statutory rape from the overprotective father of a lonely teenager trying to make friends lied to a group of other teenage girls about her encounter with Eddie. Mitch deals with the anger of a paraplegic former lifeguard.
The Trophy (2)

10 - The Trophy (2) 01991-11-18

Facing rape charges, Eddie is suspended from Baywatch, but when Shauni confronts the teenager to ask her to tell the truth to exonerate Eddie, the teenager, tired of feeling like an outcast, attempts to kill herself. Mitch saves a paraplegic's life in a daring glider rescue.
If Looks Could Kill

11 - If Looks Could Kill 01991-11-25

Mitch falls for a beautiful woman he has rescued, never dreaming she is actually a murderess.

12 - Reunion 01992-01-27

Mitch attends his high school reunion, rekindling an old flame with former wife Gail, while Eddie plays father for the day.
War of Nerves

13 - War of Nerves 01992-02-03

Ex-con and martial arts master Mason Sato terrorizes Mitch, Kaye, and Hobie.
Big Monday

14 - Big Monday 01992-02-10

Kaye Morgan introduces a deaf girl to sign language, while Mitch confronts a terrifying childhood memory and Hobie a fear of waves.
Sea of Flames

15 - Sea of Flames 01992-02-17

The Baywatch crew crack a seaborne drug ring, and Ben finds love with an aging movie star.
Now, Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale

16 - Now, Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale 01992-02-24

A routine rescue sends Eddie on a madcap adventure to "Gilligan's Island."
The Chamber

17 - The Chamber 01992-03-02

Mitch rescues a diver trapped 90 feet below the ocean surface, but almost dies while experiencing the effects of decompression sickness.
Sharks Cove

18 - Sharks Cove 01992-04-20

A beautiful Olympic hopeful disappears after a savage shark attack and Eddie's brother Bobby arrives for a weekend visit.
The Lost Treasure of Tower 12

19 - The Lost Treasure of Tower 12 01992-04-27

Two thieves lose their loot under a lifeguard tower and Shauni is swept off her feet by an eccentric beach poet.
The Big Spill

20 - The Big Spill 01992-05-04

Toxic waste, corporate greed, and a determined environmental spell trouble for the Baywatch lifeguards.
Game of Chance

21 - Game of Chance 01992-05-11

Harvey and Mitch pursue and capture a disgruntled gambler turned high-seas pirate. Meanwhile, Eddie struggles with the disapproval of Shauni's father. While Eddie is walking away from Shauni's sisters engagement party, Kim gets her hand stuck in the pool pump and luckily Eddie saves her.
The Summer of '85

22 - The Summer of '85 01992-05-18

After seven years, Eddie's first love appears in Los Angeles, complicating his life with Shauni and entangling him in a web of lies and an unsolved murder.
Season 3 1992 | 22 Episodes

Season 3 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 14, 1992.

River of No Return (1)

1 - River of No Return (1) 01992-09-14

Mitch receives news of his uncle's death. He recruits Hobie, Eddie and Shauni to trek to northern California's rugged gold country where he learns his uncle may have found the golden boot. Eddie and Shauni are having problems in their relationship when Eddie is accepted into a year-long lifeguard exchange program in Australia.
River of No Return (2)

2 - River of No Return (2) 01992-09-21

Drew shoots at the raft. Shauni is taken hostage, and pushed off the cliff. After Eddie and Mitch save her, she finds out that she's not pregnant. Eddie proposes to her. Mitch climbs down with the help of a rope and finds the golden boot; Jed arrives at the trailer. Eddie marries Shauni and they move to Australia.
Tequila Bay

3 - Tequila Bay 01992-09-28

A woman from Mitch's past becomes one of his fellow lifeguards and stirs up memories for Mitch; Matt must contend with surfers wanting to take over part of the beach.
Rookie of the Year

4 - Rookie of the Year 01992-10-05

The lifeguards compete against each other to determine who is the best; Stephanie and CJ move in together but things get complicated for both of them.
Pier Pressure

5 - Pier Pressure 01992-10-12

Hobie weaves a web of lies to impress a girl; Summer is humiliated when she mistakes an offhand invitation from Jimmy Slade for a date.
Showdown at Malibu Beach High

6 - Showdown at Malibu Beach High 01992-10-19

The love strings between Courtney, Slade and Summer are pulled tight; C.J. accepts a position at Malibu Beach High; Garner tires of work.
Point Doom

7 - Point Doom 01992-10-26

Matt drives his motorcycle on the cliffs above Malibu and challenges Hudson; Mitch trains to beat Stephanie with Garner as his coach.
Princess of Tides

8 - Princess of Tides 01992-11-02

C.J. is almost run over in a race, causing Mitch and Newmie to finish; Lewiston is engaged to a princess; Catherine's bodyguard Roland kidnaps her.

9 - Masquerade 01992-11-09

Mitch and Stephanie go undercover as two wealthy individuals to stop murderous pirates from taking over Baywatch.
Lifeguards Can't Jump

10 - Lifeguards Can't Jump 01992-11-16

Mitch and Stephanie discover a dead man on some rocks; C.J. meets a couple on their honeymoon named Dennis and Arlene; unfortunately Dennis falls in love with C.J. and ends up deceiving both her and his wife.
Dead of Summer

11 - Dead of Summer 01992-11-23

The governor holds a speech on the pier; three bad guys plan to blow the pier into pieces with a boat. Garner meets his sister's old friend Wendi again.
A Matter of Life and Death

12 - A Matter of Life and Death 01993-01-04

Mitch's parents come to visit; Al, Mitch's father, wants him to take over his architectural firm; Summer must tell Jackie about her horrible nightmares.
Island of Romance

13 - Island of Romance 01993-01-11

C.J. and Stephanie go to Catalina for their women's weekend, but the trip does not go according to plan; Hobie and Mitch agree to hire a housekeeper.
Strangers Among Us

14 - Strangers Among Us 01993-01-18

A diamond smuggler looks for loot he has hidden in one of Slade's surfboards; a group searching for extra-terrestrials drives the lifeguards crazy.
Vacation (1)

15 - Vacation (1) 01993-01-25

Guido tells Mitch that he has started a new business called Windows by Guido; a Captain named Rolf Angstrom visits headquarters; a drug dealer escapes.
Vacation (2)

16 - Vacation (2) 01993-02-01

Stephanie is shot off the cruise boat by a drug dealing women and Mitch jumps in to save her. They struggle to stay afloat in the water; Matt and C.J. win big in the casino; Summer gets worried when she can not find Mitch.
The Tower

17 - The Tower 01993-02-08

A murderer escapes from prison; Kilmer and Stephanie drive to Summer's tower where Kilmer takes them hostage; Hobie makes a periscope for his science class.
Stakeout at Surfrider Beach

18 - Stakeout at Surfrider Beach 01993-02-15

An actress, who is running from two crooks, is saved by Mitch. He decides to help her capture them; Guido attempts to convince his visiting mother that he is a lifeguard.
Shattered (1)

19 - Shattered (1) 01993-04-19

Three teens are trapped on some cliffs with massive waves surrounding them; Mitch is soon paralyzed from the cliffs; Riddick is sent to L.A. to kill Jason.
Shattered (2)

20 - Shattered (2) 01993-04-26

Mitch must contend with gangsters while going through rehabilitation.

21 - Kicks 01993-05-03

Matt competes in kickboxing with Mitch as his coach; Mitch meets Michael Branson again; C.J. has the opportunity to become a model.
Fatal Exchange

22 - Fatal Exchange 01993-05-10

Strange occurrences take place at Baywatch after the arrival of a new lifeguard.
Season 4 1993 | 22 Episodes

Season 4 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 20, 1993.

Race Against Time (1)

1 - Race Against Time (1) 01993-09-20

Hobie, a cold-hearted Gayle and Ken, Gayle's fiance, get trapped inside Ken's plane when it crashes in the ocean.
Race Against Time (2)

2 - Race Against Time (2) 01993-09-20

Hobie, Gayle, and Ken get rescued from the crashed plane; Matt's father takes back Matt's motorcycle; Jackie has problems with the renovation of her Summer Place.
Lover's Cove

3 - Lover's Cove 01993-09-27

Hobie falls in love with a girl in junior lifeguards; Mitch and Jackie have a number of interrupted dates; Matt and Summer discover that they love each other. Thinking he is romantic, Hobie takes the girl on jet ski to a cove near a seaside monastery to kiss her as the bells toll, but they get caught in a dangerous current.

4 - Blindside 01993-10-04

Cort returns to Baywatch, but C.J. is worried there is something wrong with his eyes as evidenced when he bungles a simple rescue by bumping into many beach goers. A beach side attraction where a very tall man works as a "feral man" scares customers is seen by Hobie, who finds the man is a depressed immigrant with no family. Hobie befriends the man, but when he falls in the water by accident his extra large size is a challenge for the Baywatch crew.
Sky Rider

5 - Sky Rider 01993-10-11

Matt and Slade have a confrontation on the waves over Summer and decide to have a huge bungee-jumping contest; Garner and Mitch chase pickpockets.
Tentacles (1)

6 - Tentacles (1) 01993-10-18

Matt and Slade compete for Summer's affections by surfing. Mitch encounters a desperate woman who needs help for her boyfriend.
Tentacles (2)

7 - Tentacles (2) 01993-10-25

Stephanie's sister, Caroline, arrives at Baywatch with exciting news, but her joy is shattered by a cataclysmic event. Mitch finds himself at the mercy of a wounded but dangerous adversary.

8 - Submersion 01993-11-01

Mitch must make a difficult decision when he must choose which boy to rescue from the ocean, and the boy he does not save first ends up in a coma.
Ironman Buchannon

9 - Ironman Buchannon 01993-11-08

Mitch tries to show he can still compete with younger men by taking part in the Ironman competition; Matt's late hours make Summer suspicious. Standing in for a tired Matt, Summer Quinn is knocked unconscious attempting a rescue.
Tower of Power

10 - Tower of Power 01993-11-15

While Mitch, Garner and the rest of the Baywatch team deals with a street gang that have been hanging around at the beach and harassing swimmers, Stephanie falls for Carlos, the new lifeguard trying to get away from the gang he was once in and tries to rescue his sister from the gang's leader.
The Child Inside

11 - The Child Inside 01993-11-22

Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton comes to Baywatch to stage a Special Olympics competition for the mentally disabled. At Mary Lou's urging, Mitch takes under his wing a mentally disabled teen, named Darnell, who tries too hard at winning than on the ethics of the competition. Stephanie befriends Sammy, a shy young girl with Down syndrome who doesn't try at all to believe in herself.
Second Time Around

12 - Second Time Around 01994-01-17

Matt is surprised when his former motorcycle girlfriend Jesse, who is now an aspiring model, arrives to shoot a video for an wave-runner advertisement. At Jesse's urging, Matt helps her discourage the video director's advances towards her and he soon becomes the target for murder by the jealous director, while Summer is struck with jealousy herself after learning of the past Matt had with Jesse.
The Red Knights

13 - The Red Knights 01994-01-24

Ben Edwards doesn't look forward to a lifeguard reunion of his friends, called the Red Knights, over his walking disability when the rest of them are still fit and active. During a night on the town, Mitch, Ben and the other lifeguard trigger a barroom brawl between the retired lifeguards and a old rival team.
Coronado Del Sol (1)

14 - Coronado Del Sol (1) 01994-01-31

Stephanie, C.J., Matt and Summer take a weekend vacation to San Diego to demonstrate water rescue procedures while staying at the famed Hotel Del Coronado. Summer correctly begins to think that her hotel room is haunted, when she's a haunted by the ghost of a wealthy businessman who mistakes Summer for his lost love from a doomed love affair back in 1943.
Coronado Del Sol (2)

15 - Coronado Del Sol (2) 01994-02-07

C.J. thinks about her future as she spends more time with Keith and helps to rescue a stranded dolphin. The ghost who haunts Summer's hotel room takes her to be the love of his life who betrayed him and plots to reenact the tragedy that drove him to suicide 50 years ago.
Mirror, Mirror

16 - Mirror, Mirror 01994-02-14

An attractive wild young woman, named Mattie, and her plain twin sister, Gwen, arrive at the beach and vie for Mitch's affections. But Mitch is unaware that Mattie and Gwen are the same person, a woman with split personalities which soon lands Mitch in danger when Gwen's other personality, Mattie, means him physical harm.
The Falcon Manifesto

17 - The Falcon Manifesto 01994-02-21

Matt has a shot at cheaply buying a small yacht and insists Summer should chip and move in. Mitch falls instantly in love with strangely aloof and secretive Kate McCoy. Only after her sudden death is diagnosed poisoning he learns from his cop mate Garner that Kate was an undercover alias of D.C. investigative reporter Catherine Larsen, who found out about secret arms deals.
Rescue Bay

18 - Rescue Bay 01994-02-28

After witnessing a rescue, a bumbling, ambitious TV producer, named Don Brand, decides to make a pilot movie, titled 'Rescue Bay', based on the life of the Baywatch team which results in chaos from everyone after observing their own "characters" in the show, including Garner's look-alike character, C.J. playing Stephanie's role, and Mitch caught in the middle of it all in playing himself.
Western Exposure

19 - Western Exposure 01994-04-25

A country-western singer, named Jessie Lee Harris, arrives at Baywatch and after C.J. rescues him from a horde of his fans, he asks her to help him find his estranged wife and son living in the area. C.J.'s newest friend, Sadie, hopes to impress Jessie Lee at an amateur night at the local western club in hopes of wining a spot with his band.
The Life You Save

20 - The Life You Save 01994-05-02

After all the beaches are closed down by Los Angeles budget commissioners looking to cut back on funding for the lifeguard squads of Baywatch. Mitch and the team organises a meeting on the beach with the three budget commissioners and some of the people rescued by the Baywatch lifeguards, they try to convince the city budget official not to stop funding for the lifeguards.
Trading Places

21 - Trading Places 01994-05-09

Stephanie goes to work with the Coast Guard to help crack an arms-smuggling ring in the area, and becomes attracted to a warrant officer, Scott Daniels, who tries to persuade her to overcome her fear of helicopters after she begins having nightmares of her father being killed in action in a helicopter crash in Vietnam over 25 years ago.
Guys & Dolls

22 - Guys & Dolls 01994-05-16

Matt rescues a shady teenage girl, calling herself Rachel, who turns out to be a con artist hiding from her mentor and ex-partner in crime who as come after a diamond stuffed doll that is being shipped in from Hong Kong.
Season 5 1994 | 22 Episodes

Season 5 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 26, 1994.

Livin' on the Fault Line (1)

1 - Livin' on the Fault Line (1) 01994-09-26

Matt is openly unamused by Aussie exchange program lifeguard Logan Fowler's hero complex, nearly running over a drowning man on his way to snatch a female from Matt. Mitch is hitting the breaks on Hobie's maternally sanctioned determination to commit to music. Stephanie has the hots for seismologist Riley Ferguson, but her sister returns homeless after a breakup. C.J. keeps turning up, panicking over a a mild tremor Mitch laughed away.
Livin' on the Fault Line (2)

2 - Livin' on the Fault Line (2) 01994-10-03

After Mitch rescues Hobie, he helps Matt commandeer a news helicopter to rescue Jackie from her trailer on the cliff. Hobie also breaks out of his shaken state long enough to help C.J. save the homeless man trapped under wreckage of the pier.

3 - Aftershock 01994-10-10

Three months after the trauma of the massive earthquake, Hobie arrives back home after spending the summer in Ohio with his mother, Gayle, who asks Mitch marry her again in a formal ceremony on the beach. Everyone is delighted, except for Stephanie who still has feelings for Mitch.
Baja Run

4 - Baja Run 01994-10-17

Former Baywatch lifeguard John D. Cort once again arrives back at Baywatch and asks Mitch to enter with him in a dune buggy race in Mexico. But Mitch is unaware that Cort wants to use the race to smuggle rare artifacts into the U.S.
Air Buchannon

5 - Air Buchannon 01994-10-24

Mitch and Stephanie are partnered for a 24-hour shift on a busy day where they help out each other with accident victims and even try to rekindle their lost romance once again. With his father away, Hobie falls for a new girl from his school and throws an ill-advised party at the house just to impress her. The next day, disaster narrowly avoids Hobie when he tries to stop two of his wild friends, J.B. and Connor, from flying Mitch's hand glider off a cliff.
Short Sighted

6 - Short Sighted 01994-10-31

During junior lifeguard training sessions, Matt deals with Hobie's newest friend, Carter, who is ashamed of his father, Simon, who happens to be a dwarf.
Someone to Baywatch Over You

7 - Someone to Baywatch Over You 01994-11-07

Mitch works with an FBI agent, posing as a lifeguard, stake-out a dangerous criminal. After Matt rescues a Dutch woman, she intends to repay him with her servitude, which evokes jealous in C.J.
K-GAS The Groove Yard of Solid Gold

8 - K-GAS The Groove Yard of Solid Gold 01994-11-14

A radio DJ leads a contest for hidden treasure on the beach, which brings a flood of treasure hunters to the beach- including Matt and C.J. who are swept up in the frenzy.
Red Wind

9 - Red Wind 01994-11-21

The Santa Ana Winds usher in some strange times for the lifeguards as Caroline helps an insane man who swears his daughter drowned in the ocean, while Mitch is tormented by a meek man, whose fiance remains infatuated with Mitch from a years-ago rescue.
I Spike

10 - I Spike 01994-11-28

Matt considers fulfilling his dreams of playing professional volleyball when he's given the chance to partner with a pro. Mitch meets the beautiful Tracy, who tries to sell Baywatch a hovercraft. Garner literally chokes when he tries to sing in public. C.J. protests oil drilling in the bay and the lifeguards must rescue the drillers become trapped underwater.
Silent Night, Baywatch Night (1)

11 - Silent Night, Baywatch Night (1) 01994-12-05

As Christmas nears, Mitch and Tracy fall in love. Mitch and Hobie let a lost boy stay with them during the holidays, only to discover he's a con artist. C.J. believes a priest has developed romantic feelings for her. Matt suspects that a group of vacationing little people are really Santa's elves.
Silent Night, Baywatch Night (2)

12 - Silent Night, Baywatch Night (2) 01994-12-12

At Christmas, Mitch tries to reunite Joey with her mother; C.J. worries that a priest is leaving the church for her and Matt investigates whether Santa's elves are really vacationing at Baywatch.
Rubber Ducky

13 - Rubber Ducky 01995-01-30

Logan and his friend Gator are determined to beat Matt and Barnett in a rubber ducky contest so that Logan can win the cash prize and not have to marry a rich widow to stay in the country. Mitch's new relationship with Tracy comes under the scrutiny of his disapproving mother but Tracy hides a secret from Mitch.

14 - Homecoming 01995-02-06

Stephanie returns to Baywatch only to become victim of an ultraradical eco-terrorist trying to destroy an offshore oil platform. Mitch makes waves in Garner's relationship with a new lifeguard.
Seize the Day

15 - Seize the Day 01995-02-13

After learning Tracy's dying, Mitch intends to make their last moments together count but tragedy cuts short their time together. Logan and Caroline try to stop a pair of reckless wave runners from cauing harm on the beach.
A Little Help

16 - A Little Help 01995-02-20

In an homage to the movie Sleepless in Seattle, Hobie tries helping his grieving father deal with Tracy's death by calling a radio station for advice, and a woman listener in another city decides to contact them. Caroline rescues a swimmer with AIDS, causing problems between her and Logan.
Father's Day

17 - Father's Day 01995-02-27

Logan is traumatized by a phobia from his past involving his late father and fire. Mitch discovers that his late father was actually proud of his career as a lifeguard.
Fire with Fire

18 - Fire with Fire 01995-04-24

Mitch's friend, a sheriff and part-time lifeguard, causes trouble when he uses strong-arm tactics on the beach. Logan annuls his marriage of convenience, putting his future at in the U.S. and Baywatch at risk.
Deep Trouble

19 - Deep Trouble 01995-05-01

John D. Cort, returns to Baywatch, homeless and depressed, but finds a purpose for living when the potential donor of a young leukemia victim is reported missing.
Promised Land

20 - Promised Land 01995-05-08

Caroline tries to help a Chinese immigrant woman stay in America after the woman escapes from an illegal refugee boat. Garner and Matt try to stop a beautiful con artist rip off beach goers when she exposes too much.
The Runaways

21 - The Runaways 01995-05-15

Kaye hires a an aspiring English pop singer as a waitress and discovers she's a runaway. A daredevil attempts to set a new world's record water skiing behind a blimp. Stephanie questions Caroline's ability as a lifeguard.
Wet 'n' Wild

22 - Wet 'n' Wild 01995-05-22

When a stunt show lead by Johnny Danger comes to Baywatch, Hobie and his friends are intrigued by Johnny and his motorcycle stunts. But Mitch and Garner are concerned after finding out that Johnny Danger encourages teen-age drinking. Meanwhile, Neely Capshaw, an attractive new lifeguard, arrives at Baywatch and is assisted by Matt. But when Matt discovers that Neely is a alcoholic who drinks while on the job, he reports her to Mitch.
Season 6 1995 | 22 Episodes

Season 6 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 25, 1995.

Trapped Beneath the Sea (1)

1 - Trapped Beneath the Sea (1) 01995-09-25

Neely Capshaw, the unwholesome, psycho lifeguard who tried to frame Matt for sexual harassment, arrives back at Baywatch for a job as the switchboard operator and is greeted with a hostile reception from everyone, especially C.J. who personally holds Neely responsible for Matt's departure from Baywatch.
Trapped Beneath the Sea (2)

2 - Trapped Beneath the Sea (2) 01995-10-02

Neely and Cody try to keep the four people alive on the sunken oil rig until help arrives when Mitch, Stephanie and Logan must find away to get into the structure to rescue them before the air supply runs out. At the end, despite Neely's heroic attempts and proving herself to be a very good lifeguard during the rescue, the Baywatch team still resents her presence and plans to give her a hard time. Logan finally gives into Gator's demands for the credit of the swim wear, and Mitch finally decides to join a detective agency.
Hot Stuff

3 - Hot Stuff 01995-10-09

During a long, hot, drought-ridden summer day, Logan becomes jealous when Cody begins to flirt with Caroline during and after rescues. Also, Neely wants to break away from manning the switchboard and become a tower lifeguard, in which Stephanie seeks to prevent. Kaye asks Hobie to help volunteer a group of four young blind children she is looking after at a blind school. But things take another turn when a huge brush fire, fuelled by toxic chemicals, traps Hobie and his young blind charges in the hills and Mitch is the only one who can save them.
Surf's Up

4 - Surf's Up 01995-10-16

After a number of unusual circumstances occur around the beaches, including Cody and Neely rescuing two surfer boys that come down with a fever, an environmentalist group comes to Baywatch to protest the dumping of chemicals from the storm drains, and Mitch enlists the Beach Boys for a benefit concert to help out raise money for repairing the storm drains.
To Everything There Is a Season

5 - To Everything There Is a Season 01995-10-23

Mitch's mother, Irene, arrives in town for a visit and after a series of unusual circumstances, Mitch forces her to see a doctor where she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. But things take another turn when Mitch's mother wanders off during one of her Alzheimer's phases and is soon missing.
Leap of Faith

6 - Leap of Faith 01995-10-30

C.J. returns to Baywatch after a vacation in Europe and immediately goes on a girls junior lifeguard trip to Catalina with Stephanie, Caroline, and even the devious Neely tags along where they try to teach the girls the values of teamwork after two of them get trapped in an underwater cave.
Face of Fear

7 - Face of Fear 01995-11-06

Hobie's new friend, Isaac, is a frustrated and angry young kid who will do just about anything to get his distant, workaholic father's attention by trying to swim down a dangerous offshore reef cataract called "the shredder."
Hit and Run

8 - Hit and Run 01995-11-13

Logan takes Cody's car without his permission to get to a business dinner, gets into an accident, and claims a hit and run driver was responsible.
Home Is Where the Heat Is

9 - Home Is Where the Heat Is 01995-11-20

Matt Brody returns to Baywatch to try to make up his lost relationship with C.J. But things take an unexpected turn when a group of ruthless modern day pirates take a millionaire couple hostage and place them under water on the wreck of the sunken oil platform with a few hours of air. When Matt and Neely speed by in their Scarab motorboat, the pirates take them hostage as well.
Sweet Dreams

10 - Sweet Dreams 01995-11-27

Logan's problems with Caroline begin when he finds an abandoned baby in his lifeguard tower and mistakenly thinks that it's his that one of his many former girlfriends left for him to care for, and Mitch and Hobie have their hands full after volunteering to watch the infant for a while.
The Incident

11 - The Incident 01996-01-15

Caroline blames herself after a victim drowns after a nighttime rescue. Spurred on by Neely, Caroline takes a walk on the wild side.
Beauty and the Beast

12 - Beauty and the Beast 01996-01-29

After swimmers are attacked by an alligator living in a storm drain, Mitch, Logan and Cody hunt for the creature. C.J., Caroline and Neely compete to become the cover model for Inside Sports magazine.
Desperate Encounter

13 - Desperate Encounter 01996-02-05

While vacationing in Mexico, Mitch and his new girlfriend witness an attempted murder and are then hunted by the killers. Country and Western singer Jesse Lee Harris helps Logan and the Baywatch lifeguards raise money to save a ranch that rescues endangered horses.
Baywatch Angels

14 - Baywatch Angels 01996-02-12

When Logan is terrorized by a mad man, Caroline dreams that the detectives from TV show, Charlie's Angels, arrive at Baywatch to help him. In her dream, Caroline is Kelly Garrett, C.J. is Jill Munroe and Stephanie is Sabrina.
Bash at the Beach

15 - Bash at the Beach 01996-02-19

Hulk Hogan enlists the help of Baywatch to save a youth recreation center from being closed. In a charity match, Hulk challenges fellow wrestler Ric Flair. Stephanie learns she has developed melanoma (skin cancer) from her years of working on the beach.
Free Fall

16 - Free Fall 01996-02-26

Mitch's life flashes before him when his parachute fails while sky-surfing. Tabloids follow CJ's relationship with a football player.
Sail Away

17 - Sail Away 01996-03-18

Stephanie is recruiting lifeguards for the annual Lifeguard Sailing Regatta where they will compete with the lifeguards of South Bay. Stephanie, Caroline, Cody, Newman and Barnett sign on, including Neely who reveals that she has a personal grudge against the lifeguard in charge of the South Bay team, Kurt Daniels, who was her former boyfriend and Neely is determined to win the race to get back at him at any cost.
Lost and Found

18 - Lost and Found 01996-03-25

Mitch and Caroline help reunite an amnesiac Vietnamese refugee with her American GI father. C.J. and Cody help a wheelchair-bound comedian realise his dream of swimming in the ocean.
Forbidden Paradise (1)

19 - Forbidden Paradise (1) 01996-04-22

Mitch, Stephanie, C.J., Matt, Caroline and Cody travel to Hawaii to train with Hawaiian guards. Once there, Stephanie finds romance with a Hawaiian lifeguard, Logan decides to compete in a surfing competition and a fishing trip becomes dangerous for Mitch and Matt.
Forbidden Paradise (2)

20 - Forbidden Paradise (2) 01996-04-29

Mitch and Matt are saved by Hawaiian islanders. Stephanie helps an unlucky camera man find love. Logan proposes to Caroline.
Last Wave

21 - Last Wave 01996-05-06

Kaye is reunited with an old flame, a surfing champion surfer, arrives at Baywatch for a local surfing tournament, however, disaster strikes. Stephanie undergoes surgery for her melanoma as her friends patiently await her fate. Caroline catches Logan with Neely.
Go for the Gold

22 - Go for the Gold 01996-05-13

While in training for underwater Olympic techniques, Cody and Stephanie find a rare Spanish gold medallion on the ocean floor and Cody becomes obsessed to find more gold, much to C.J.'s chagrin. But things take a turn when a couple of drug smugglers happen by to retrieve a package of cocaine they threw overboard and Cody gets the bends after rescuing Stephanie from the smugglers during a scuffle on the ocean floor.
Season 7 1996 | 22 Episodes

Season 7 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 23, 1996.

Shark Fever

1 - Shark Fever 01996-09-23

Logan, wanting a new course in life than being a lifeguard, decides to write and direct a low-budget action flick at the beach using a drugged shark as the villain, with Caroline as the star. But things take a unexpected turn when a very great white shark appears and attacks Cody and a number of other swimmers in the area as Mitch and the rest of the squad try to hunt it down... 'Jaws' style, while Logan sees an opportunity to grab for his movie.
The Contest

2 - The Contest 01996-09-30

Mitch judges a beachside beauty contest, but is tempted by two of the contestants, who both vie for his vote. Caroline's acting teacher puts her relationship with Logan in jeopardy. Logan designs a new rescue vehicle. Donna is blackmailed by a secret from her past.
Liquid Assets

3 - Liquid Assets 01996-10-07

C.J. befriends a homeless man, who then dies and leaves her a fortune in his will. Hobie helps aspiring lifeguard Manny make the Junior Lifeguard.

4 - Windswept 01996-10-14

Mitch is the prize in a bachelor auction, but things go awry when he and his date end up stranded on a deserted island. Cody competes with his roller hockey team to win a championship.

5 - Scorcher 01996-10-21

A heatwave precedes a visit to the beach by the President of the United States, as Mitch encounters a bumbling Secret Service Agent. Cody faces an audit by the IRS. Caroline thinks no one has remembered her birthday.

6 - Beachblast 01996-10-28

Mitch and the Baywatch gang compete against Jenny McCarthy and MTV VJ's in a charity games to raise money for the Special Olympics.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

7 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 01996-11-04

C.J. gets a visit from her eccentric mother, who's being pursued by criminals.
Let the Games Begin

8 - Let the Games Begin 01996-11-11

The International Ironman Competition is held at Baywatch and Neely sets off a battle of the sexes when she decides to enter the competition.

9 - Buried 01996-11-18

En route to a survival training weekend, Mitch and the junior lifeguards are trapped in a tunnel cave-in caused by an earthquake. Donna's Playboy past puts her future at Baywatch in jeopardy.
Search & Rescue

10 - Search & Rescue 01997-01-13

After rescuing a group of fishermen and tourists from a huge pier fire, Samantha and L.A. fire chief Captain Huntingdon form a rescue firefighting team of six life guards and firefighters, called the Search and Rescue Unit, for such conditions and Cody, Neely, Jordan, and Newman try out for the unit and meet their firefighting counterparts. Their skills are put to the real test when the new group of Cody, Neely, Catalina lifeguard Rick Jenner, and firemen Jessica, Clay, and Terry are sent on their first mission to rescue two men in a partially submerged basement of a fire-ravaged building.
Heal the Bay

11 - Heal the Bay 01997-01-27

Mitch unknowingly swims in polluted waters after Baywatch is contaminated by toxic waste. After he falls ill, Neely, C.J. and Cody must come to his rescue and discover the source of the illegal dumping and the nature of the poison.
Bachelor of the Month

12 - Bachelor of the Month 01997-02-03

Mitch is approached by Molly McCoy, the young editor from 'Flash' magazine, who asks to nominate himself as Bachelor of the Month for her magazine, complete with a photo and video shoot. But Mitch has other things on his hands in helping Newman and Donna try to catch a large Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish that is infesting the area after having stung a swimmer.
Chance of a Lifetime

13 - Chance of a Lifetime 01997-02-10

Stephanie and Tom go on their honeymoon on a two-sail schooner with a group of six troubled teenagers. Mitch and Neely also tag along to help keep an eye on the kids and lend a hand on the ship. But hardly when the ship is out of port the radio breaks, leaving them with no warning when a massive hurricane strikes. When the ship begins sinking, Stephanie ends up losing her life after she is struck by a 20-foot section of the sail trying to save one of the kids.
Talk Show

14 - Talk Show 01997-02-17

Mitch rescues the life of a talk show host, who then invites him to appear on her show. C.J. is convinced that a stray dog found by her and Caroline possesses the reincarnated soul of the late Stephanie.
Life Guardian

15 - Life Guardian 01997-02-24

While rescuing three inner city youths, Caroline receives help from a mysterious boy who mysteriously vanishes. Sparks fly when Neely is reunited with her ex-husband when she shows up unexpectedly at Baywatch.
Matters of the Heart

16 - Matters of the Heart 01997-03-03

Manny tries to help a young boy from his old neighbourhood escape gang life. Mitch and Samantha's are forced to reveal their secret romance to the rest of Baywatch, thanks to Neely's big mouth.

17 - Rendezvous 01997-04-07

Two teens form a suicide pact to be together when their disapproving parents try to keep them apart.
Hot Water

18 - Hot Water 01997-04-14

Sam, Neely and Caroline witness a military jet crash into the ocean, then learn it contained a deadly virus. They must use a new deep-water scuba system to retrieve it. Cody, C.J. and Newmie try to shut down an illegal nude beach, which causes danger for its spectators.
Trial by Fire

19 - Trial by Fire 01997-04-21

Caroline is sued by the mother of a victim of a failed rescue. C.J.'s desire for motherhood hits a snag when she realises Cody's not ready for that type of commitment.
Baywatch at Sea World

20 - Baywatch at Sea World 01997-04-28

The gang travels to Sea World in San Diego for the opening of the Baywatch stunt show.
Golden Girls

21 - Golden Girls 01997-05-05

Neely and Mitch try to help a manic-depressive female bodybuilder. Newmie's potential romance with a beautiful woman hits a snag because she doesn't English.

22 - Nevermore 01997-05-12

In this take on 'Darkman' meets 'Phantom of the Opera', a mysterious, disfigured man, whom the public dubs "the phantom lifeguard," is lurking under the Malibu pier and the dunes of Baywatch and who is sending C.J. mysterious gifts wrapped in Edgar Allan Poe poems.
Season 8 1997 | 22 Episodes

Season 8 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 22, 1997.

Rookie Summer

1 - Rookie Summer 01997-09-22

A flood of new recruits arrive at Baywatch to try out for rookie school, who include Hobie, Manny, and newcomers; Lani McKensie, a part-Hawaiian, part-Caucasian wanting to be a professional dancer, April Giminski, a naive, design major college student unfamiliar with swimming in the ocean, and Skylar Bergman, April's roommate who wants to become a paramedic.
Next Generation

2 - Next Generation 01997-09-27

During the second week of rookie school, April is injured by a bump on the head caused by a mysterious wave runner rider which harasses her, Lani and Skylar and nearly causes her to be thrown out of rookie school. After visiting his home neighborhood, Manny becomes more determined to become a lifeguard than anything else.
The Choice

3 - The Choice 01997-10-06

Veteran lifeguard John "J.D." Darius arrives at Bayside and competes with Taylor Walsh, an attractive newcomer, for Mitch's old job as lieutenant and Mitch must make his own decision as to which one will be the most eligible one for his former job. Although J.D. has more experience as a lifeguard than Taylor, he is plagued by haunting memory of failing in a rescue at Daytona Beach where he worked some years ago.
Memorial Day

4 - Memorial Day 01997-10-13

On Memorial Day weekend, Mitch, April, and Skylar find a lot of problems on their hands after discovering the dead body of an elderly Navy veteran whose two elderly Navy buddies of his want to give him a proper burial in the ocean.

5 - Charlie 01997-10-20

April's mother and her 12-year-old younger brother, Charlie, arrive for a visit where Mitch and Hobie try to make the best of the weekend with Charlie who is revealed to be dying from a rare form of cancer that April refuses to accept.
Lifeguard Confidential

6 - Lifeguard Confidential 01997-10-27

A sleazy TV reporter, called Roger Riptide who flies around the beach in a helicopter, starts dishing dirt on the private lives of the Baywatch lifeguards for his TV show much to the irritation of Mitch and Taylor, who suspect someone is leaking information to Riptide.
Out of the Blue

7 - Out of the Blue 01997-11-03

While strange earth tremors plague the area, Mitch tries to get Jordan to meet her real biological mother on a fishing outing, who turns out to be a white woman named Rene, who's dying from a brain disorder and thinks the problem is hereditary. But things take a turn after a massive rouge wave, triggered by an underwater tremor, capsizes the fishing boat and traps Rene below decks in a room with toxic fumes.
Eel Nino

8 - Eel Nino 01997-11-10

The hot Santa Ana desert winds stir up more troubles for the Baywatch lifeguards when a typical day begins with a large hole appearing on the beach, as well as an uncharted sand bar, the lifeguard trucks disappearing and then reappearing buried in the sand. Also, mysterious deaths of sea lions point to a giant electric eel living in the Zuma Beach caves.

9 - Homecoming 01997-11-17

Mitch is reunited with his old Baywatch lifeguard friend, Craig Pomeroy, now a full-time lawyer who's in town trying to honour a Native American's dying wish to die peacefully on sacred Indian grounds at the beach.

10 - Missing 01997-11-24

Cody becomes consumed with guilt when his actions of leaving his post before the end of his shift to go on a date with Lani result in the disappearance of a young Latino woman swimming in the ocean, and the incident results in a hyped media circus that comes to the beach to cover the story.

11 - Hijacked 01997-12-01

Caroline Holden returns to Baywatch during a break for her soap opera role in New York, which takes an unexpected turn when she is taken hostage by an armed robber which fills her with paranoia and fear for days after.
No Way Out

12 - No Way Out 01998-01-26

After learning of Manny's ethnic prejudices originating from the Latino street gang that he used to hang out with, as well as from his mother who also may be prejudice at her son dating a Caucasian girl, an irate April joins Craig on a diving expedition that takes a turn for the worse.

13 - Countdown 01998-02-02

After Mitch saves a young girl on the beach from a live grenade, he and Cody investigate a sunken ship containing a cache of smuggled weapons where Cody is trapped in the hull of the ship 75 feet on the ocean floor after he and Mitch are taken hostage by a pair of arms smugglers looking to retrieve their arms shipment.
Surf City

14 - Surf City 01998-02-09

After breaking up with Manny, April sees romance on her mind with Craig, who is experiencing a mid-life crisis over leaving his wife. April asks a reluctant Craig to attend a formal dinner party with her prompting him to seek out advice from Mitch over the situation he is in.
To the Max

15 - To the Max 01998-02-16

Mitch meets Jenny Wade, a horseback riding instructor who rides on the Malibu beach everyday on her race horse, Max. Struck with love, Mitch engineers a picnic date with Jenny using a variety of circumstances, including encouraging Hobie to take one of Jenny's riding classes.
Night of the Dolphin

16 - Night of the Dolphin 01998-02-23

Mitch's old policeman friend, Garner Ellerbee, returns where he recruits Mitch's help him bust a drug smuggling ring after a lifeless dolphin washes up on shore, and they end up putting Neely in danger when she willing agrees to place a tracer on a yacht of a shady man from the beach club she is life guarding at.
Full Throttle

17 - Full Throttle 01998-03-02

After a grudge motorboat race between April and Jordan, against Cody and Newman, Cody gets trouble when he uses Mitch's boat as the ante in a bet with a pair of local rich snobs in a more powerful motorboat race. When Cody becomes incapacitated after spraining his knee, Mitch steps in and soon discovers the true nature of the game with the men he and Newman are playing with.

18 - Quarantine 01998-04-20

A long bad day begins when after Mitch rescues a struggling swimmer, the local Disease Control Center places the entire Baywatch Headquarters under quarantine after the swimmer shows symptoms of a deadly virus.

19 - Diabolique 01998-04-27

Mitch rescues a troubled young woman, named Sara, from her boat after it catches afire after which she charms Mitch and gets his mother, Irene, to hire her as a nanny for Neely's baby, Ashley. But Mitch gets concerned when Sara quickly develops a dangerous obsession with him and tries to win his affections at any cost. When Mitch lets Sara down, she immediately shows her true colours and plots to make Mitch's life a nightmare.
Bon Voyage

20 - Bon Voyage 01998-05-04

In this three-part season final, Neely, Donna and Lani are chosen by the sports magazine 'Inside Sports' for a week-long trip to Alaska on the cruise ship Dawn Princess, where Neely tells Mitch she is thinking about visiting her ex-husband who lives in Juneau to reconcile with him. But things change when Hobie wins a contest for the same Alaskan cruise for him, Mitch and Cody to travel to Alaska as well.
White Thunder at Glacier Bay (1)

21 - White Thunder at Glacier Bay (1) 01998-05-11

On the Dawn Princess, Mitch and Cody surprise Neely and Lani by showing up where Cody tries to stay close to Lani during her photo shoot aboard the ship.
White Thunder at Glacier Bay (2)

22 - White Thunder at Glacier Bay (2) 01998-05-18

Gavin chases Leslie and Hobie up a mountain and through the skies in para-gliders right to a glacier where a standoff takes place with Leslie and Hobie trapped in a glacier gorge with Gavin above them, while Mitch and Cody follow close behind.
Season 9 1998 | 22 Episodes

Season 9 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 21, 1998.

Crash (1)

1 - Crash (1) 01998-09-21

During the first week of autumn at Baywatch with Hobie gone away to college and heavy rainfall in the area, Mitch discovers that his shipboard marriage to Neely is invalid, which worsens things then Neely's ex-husband suddenly shows up with no knowledge of Neely's baby or anything else making Mitch realise that Neely lied to him all this time and she has fully reverted back to her conniving and devious true self.
Crash (2)

2 - Crash (2) 01998-09-28

Mitch, Craig, Neely, J.D. and Newman co-operate with the Coast Guard in rescuing as many people as possible from the waters of the plane crash and fending off shark attacks as well.
Sharks, Lies & Videotape

3 - Sharks, Lies & Videotape 01998-10-05

Mitch deals with Captain Alexis "Alex" Ryker, the conniving CEO of a private lifeguard company called Bayguard, who wants to take over the Baywatch lifeguard company to expand her company. When Mitch suspects Alex of setting up rescues to appease Chief Johnson, he resorts to having Cody spy on the Bayguard team to uncover any underhandedness.
Dolphin Quest

4 - Dolphin Quest 01998-10-12

Cody accompanies Alex on a vacation to Hawaii where she wants to spend time with her autistic 10-year-old nephew, Timmy, and to show him to swim with dolphins in the local lagoon, which the mute Timmy is afraid to do so.
The Natural

5 - The Natural 01998-10-19

A mysterious figure called "The Phantom Lifeguard," begins making rescues and disappears before being identified by anyone. While Mitch thinks the Phantom Lifeguard is an outsider, Cody and J.D. think the unseen hero of the day is getting his/her information from inside the department.
Drop Zone

6 - Drop Zone 01998-10-26

April mentally falls apart after losing a rescue, while Mitch and the grieving widow refuse to give up searching for the body.
Hot Summer Night

7 - Hot Summer Night 01998-11-02

Hobie takes out his wild and crazy college friends for a boat trip while under the influence of alcohol and they all end up in a boating accident in which Hobie's girlfriend falls into a coma and leads to Hobie being arrested and facing charges of manslaughter.
Swept Away

8 - Swept Away 01998-11-09

Mitch befriends Tanner, an abused nine-year old boy who tries out for the junior lifeguards in order to get away from his ill-tempered, alcoholic, divorced father, Blake. But Mitch feels helpless in helping Tanner when everyone tells Mitch not to get involved in the boy's troubled home life and to mind his own business. Things turn chaotic when a bus falls off a bridge and lands in 20 feet of water.
The Swimmer

9 - The Swimmer 01998-11-16

Mitch, feeling that his life has reached a midpoint from his failed marriage to the absent Neely, goes for a day-long tower swim along the beach and encounters various other problems which include, April and Craig's growing attraction for one another, and reluctant heroes Cody and J.D. refusing to take the credit for saving two girls and a pair of policemen after falling off a pier.
Friends Forever

10 - Friends Forever 01998-11-23

Mitch takes in an orangutan, named Morton, that escapes from it's abusive dwarf owner which complicates Mitch's and Alex's plans for Baywatch's annual Special Olympics program, while Cody and Jessie deal with Morton's owner, Herbert Green. One of the Special Olympics participators, a hearing-impaired girl named Kara, takes a liking to Morton and when she tries to hide Morton from Herbert, they end up trapped in a cave with a rising tide that threatens to drown her and the orangutan.
The Edge

11 - The Edge 01998-12-14

Cody puts his career (and life) on the line when he starts using a performance-enhancing supplement in hopes of making it to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which soon begins affecting his life guarding job as well.
The Big Blue

12 - The Big Blue 01999-01-11

Mitch becomes acquainted with some old armed service friends of an Army parachutist team where he tries to reunite one sky jumper, Tracy McComb, with her estranged Naval officer father who has a terminal illness. Jessie becomes intrigued with skydiving and persuades Mitch to go along with her for a jump, which takes a turn when they are forced to rescue some people from a boat wreck off Catalina.
Come Fly with Me

13 - Come Fly with Me 01999-01-18

Mitch finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he becomes reacquainted with Tanner, the abused nine-year-old boy, whom he snatches away from his abusive father, Blake, and lets the boy stay at his house while Alex becomes Mitch's co-conspirator in helping Tanner.
Boys Will Be Boys

14 - Boys Will Be Boys 01999-02-01

Craig tells Mitch a shocking secret that he has lymphoma when they become caught up in a high-risk adventure at sea starting when they get lost in a fog while paddle boarding and then get attacked by a shark. They manage to reach land only to end up as prisoners on a top secret military test range. Back at Baywatch, April cannot find the right time to tell Manny about her involvement with Craig.
Baywatch Grand Prix

15 - Baywatch Grand Prix 01999-02-08

Mitch gets the need for speed when Tanner's cousin Damon Lusk, a race car driver, visits for a race car competition, and who also has a meeting of the minds with Alex. But when Damon falls ill due to food poisoning, he asks Mitch to take his place for a major grand prix race, where Mitch comes up against an old rival from his own former race car days.
Baywatch Down Under (1)

16 - Baywatch Down Under (1) 01999-02-15

Mitch's Zuma Beach lifeguard friend, Jake Barnes, learns that his Australian ex-wife has suddenly died. So he, Mitch, Alex, April, Cody, and Jessie go on a trip to Australia where Jake is to meet the eight-year-old son, Terry, that he never knew. Upon arrival, Jake with Jessie in tow, travel to the Avalon Beach Resort Club where Jake meets with Terry and his ex-wife's friend Allie Reese, a helicopter pilot and lifeguard at the beach club, where Jake and Terry seem to hit it off.
Baywatch Down Under (2)

17 - Baywatch Down Under (2) 01999-02-22

While Mitch, Alex, Cody, and April prepare for their race against the Australian lifeguards, Jake must choose between staying in Australia with Terry or returning home without him. But when Terry does not want to leave Australia, he goes missing which prompts Jake, Jessie, and Allie to look for him.
Water Dance

18 - Water Dance 01999-03-22

Having received a Dear John-type letter from Lani saying that she has moved on and is now romantically involved with someone else in New York, Cody gets a lesson in love when he and Mitch help out a brilliant, but troubled, violinist named Ariana to get away from Lena, her dangerous and overbearing trainer with a secret agenda.
Double Jeopardy

19 - Double Jeopardy 01999-04-26

While on her way to her grandmother's birthday party, Alex's day gets sidetracked when she tries to save a diamond runner, named Ben, whose partners, Lisa and Jason, want to silence him for good which leads to a standoff in an underwater cave with Alex and Ben trying to avoid the rising tide and the smugglers circling above in their motorboat.
Wave Rage

20 - Wave Rage 01999-05-03

April tries to save Manny from himself after he suffers a life-altering back injury during a rescue. April then decides to take Manny's place with Hobie in a boat race with the other lifeguards from Baywatch.
Galaxy Girls

21 - Galaxy Girls 01999-05-10

April and Jessie search for the perfect celebrity host the Miss Galaxy Beauty contest Baywatch is sponsoring, when they stumble across and get duped by a con artist impersonator, called Earl, who claims to be the real George Hamilton.
Castles in the Sand

22 - Castles in the Sand 01999-05-17

A frantic weekend begins for Alex when she begins tracking down the builder of several elaborate sand castles that appear every day at the beach, while she gets stuck entertaining her life-long childhood friend Sam's fiance, Diana, who falls for Mitch, which prompts Mitch to asks Alex to pose as his girlfriend to keep Diana away.
Season 10 1999 | 22 Episodes

Season 10 of Baywatch premiered on Sep 19, 1999.

Aloha, Baywatch

1 - Aloha, Baywatch 01999-09-20

Mitch Bucannon, on leave in Oahu, Hawaii while he sorts out his thoughts during a mid-life crisis (his failed romance with Neely, his mother's recent death, and Hobie living on the East Coast), decides to form an international team of lifeguards in Hawaii called 'Baywatch Hawaii' for saving lives after a rescue of a family on a remote beach in which a little girl is put in a coma after being submerged.
Mahalo, Hawaii

2 - Mahalo, Hawaii 01999-09-27

During the first week of training for the new lifeguard team of Baywatch Hawaii, competition between Jessie and Kekoa, as well as Jason and J.D. threaten to turn the tryouts into an all-out war. Jason, at Kekoa's advice, visits an old Hawaiian native to look into his true Hawaiian roots, and Allie takes a job as a helicopter tour pilot to make some extra money for herself.
Weak Link

3 - Weak Link 01999-10-04

Dawn Masterson, a lifeguard from Florida and a travelling archaeologist, joins the team and proves almost irresistible to the male lifeguards while she squares off against Sean who tries to find her weakness, while also Dawn seeks her own personal agenda with J.D. whom she used to know.
Shark Island

4 - Shark Island 01999-10-11

Mitch takes Tanner on an overnight camping trip to a small island where a dream encounter with a ghostly Hawaiian drives Tanner to deal with his inner conflicts from his troubled life back in Los Angeles.
Strike Team

5 - Strike Team 01999-10-18

Sean and the rest of the team risk their lives when they help with the local Coast Guard in a daring rescue to save six kaiakers who have gotten stranded on Kauai's Pina Nova coast. After saving four of the kaiakers, including two in an enclosed lagoon, night falls and the search for the remaining two is called off.
Sunday in Kauai

6 - Sunday in Kauai 01999-10-25

The abrasive Sean tries to get the team, on a week-long holiday in Kauai, from giving into the island's sun-and-fun atmosphere and concentrate on a return to training.
Risk to Death

7 - Risk to Death 01999-11-01

After Jason risks his life in a rash attempt to save two scuba divers trapped on a reef, Sean threatens to throw Jason off the team if he doesn't change the way he thinks about the risks and lives of people in need of a rescue in which Jason is confined to a beach for the whole day to learn what the people that are there are confronted, with Sean keeping a close eye on him.
Father of the Groom

8 - Father of the Groom 01999-11-08

Mitch struggles to prevent Hobie from marrying his new girlfriend, Sarah, at a local hotel during a visit, while Mitch also deals with Sarah's overbearing and obnoxious parents seeking to create the perfect wedding.
The Hunt

9 - The Hunt 01999-11-15

Sean, Allie, J.D., Jason and the rest of the team race to help Jessie as she faces the challenge of her career when she rashly attempts to track down a pair of shark hunters who are decimating the animals in the Hawaiian area.
Gold from the Deep

10 - Gold from the Deep 01999-11-22

During a girls swim out in the ocean, Allie discovers a rare gold coin dating back to a ship that was lost in 1941 during World War II which allegedly contains un-circulated gold coins and rare artifacts somewhere off the Hawaiian coast.

11 - Bent 01999-12-06

Allie's relationship with Nick begins to heat up, especially after he suggests a commitment between them. Then things take a turn when Allie, Nick and the rest of the team must cooperate with the Coast Guard to rescue two people trapped on a disabled submarine 200 feet on the ocean floor.
Path of Leist Resistance

12 - Path of Leist Resistance 01999-12-13

A secret from Dawn's past could jeopardise her position on the team when she gets served with a civil suit from the spouse of a diseased lifeguard from when she was involved in a failed rescue while working as a lifeguard years ago in Florida with J.D.
Liquid Visions

13 - Liquid Visions 02000-01-17

After a rescue of a man who survived after more than 20 minutes underwater, Dawn and Sean are drawn to the strange and spiritual power of the mind over matter theory which she tries to prove the theory of the mind controlling the body after its other functions have shut down to sustain life.
Lines in the Sand

14 - Lines in the Sand 02000-01-31

Sean has his hands full in dealing with Jenna Avid, the new head of the Oahu North Shore lifeguards, who issues some stern recommendations to the team, which is overshadowed later that day when a group of nudist activists, lead by a certain Leesa Strickler, choose the beach near the Baywatch Hawaii headquarters as their place of protest against the establishment which Sean, Jason, Allie, and Dawn have also deal with the media circus that arrives too.
The Hero

15 - The Hero 02000-02-07

Sean faces a personal conflict where he tries to resist Kekola's flirting advances which leads her, Dawn and Allie to re-examine their own femininity in themselves.
Thunder Tide

16 - Thunder Tide 02001-02-14

Another long day begins with Sean, Jessie, and Kekola trying to save a woman trapped in an air pocket beneath a coral reef and trying to escape from the dangerous sulphur fumes within the cave. After a rescue of three skydivers whose parachutes open late, Dawn find a number of similarities between one named Jerome, and her ex boyfriend Ryan whom she discovers that they are both the same person.
Breath of Life

17 - Breath of Life 02000-02-21

Sean sends Jason to the big island of Hawaii to meets with Kulu Puno, an elderly Hawaiian and his beautiful young granddaughter where Jason is given a task of building an old fashion Hawaiian canoe as part of a path he must see to redeem himself from his arrogant, immature nature.
Big Island Heat

18 - Big Island Heat 02000-03-13

During a long day when Sean takes Jenna out on a Scarab motorboat when after a rescue of a injured young boy from a offshore reef, Sean reveals a secret to Jenna that could threaten his position when he tells her about his own son, that no one knows about, who drowned years ago which ruined his life and paved his way to becoming a lifeguard.
Maui Xterra

19 - Maui Xterra 02000-04-24

Jessie tries to overcome her physical condition, and Sean's objections, to compete in a Maui triathlon with Dawn as her personal coach while Allie suspects an agenda behind Dawn's motives to train Jessie.
Baywatch O'Hana

20 - Baywatch O'Hana 02000-05-01

Sean tries to keep his blossoming relationship with Jenna a secret to avoid upset and criticism from the rest of the team when he attends a lifeguard conference on Maui to speak about the dangers of drowning where Jenna, Allie, Kekoa, Dawn, and Jason are in attendance.
Last Rescue

21 - Last Rescue 02000-05-08

Mitch helps Jessie try to prevent her World War II veteran grandfather from committing suicide who was a survivor from the USS Utah at Pearl Harbour and who harbours a guilt over surviving when many of his friends didn't on December 7, 1941.
Killing Machine

22 - Killing Machine 02000-05-15

Mitch is asked by a government agent to investigate a certain Zack Martin, a former Navy SEAL who may be part of an environmental terrorist group called "Green Scorpion" who are planing to blow up an unknown target.
Season 11 2000 | 22 Episodes

Season 11 of Baywatch premiered on Oct 02, 2000.

Soul Survivor

1 - Soul Survivor 02000-10-02

During the training sessions for new Baywatch Hawaii lifeguards, Sean deals with Jena and other Hawaiian officials who don't see the training center as a profit making enterprise. During a drive, Sean accidentally hits into Zack McEwen, a new recruit and surfer from Michigan who joins the training team while Jason becomes acquainted with Carrie Sharp, one of the rookies from San Diego who finds him irresistible.
A Knife in the Heart

2 - A Knife in the Heart 02000-10-09

A typical day begins when Kekoa deals with three rescues simultaneously one of which involve a brash and spoiled teenage wave runner who causes accidents in the area in which his equally spoiled and arrogant father threatens to sue the team for not coming to his aid in time.
Bad Boyz

3 - Bad Boyz 02000-10-16

Sean has his hands full in dealing with Jena who wants to close down the training center to make room for a group of crooked investors looking to turn the Oahu North Shore into a hotel chain. So, Leigh tries getting Erica, a British entrepreneur to be the Baywatch Hawaii sponsor in order to keep the training center open, but with complications whom she makes advances to Sean.
Dangerous Games

4 - Dangerous Games 02000-10-23

Sean becomes concerned over Leigh's new boyfriend Sam Parks, an air plane pilot who thrives on living dangerously, and whom takes her out on a hand gliding trip headed for disaster.
Stone Cold

5 - Stone Cold 02000-10-30

Jason becomes smitten with Maya Morgan, a young volleyball player and an old childhood friend of Carrie's and thinks that he's found the girl of his dreams, never imagining that Maya is dying from a heart disorder unless he gets a heart transplant.
Broken Promises

6 - Broken Promises 02000-11-06

After Danny gets into trouble again with the law, Sean gives him a choice of being arrested or joining the training center team. Danny reluctantly joins the rookie team, much to Leigh chagrin who openly admits that she does not trust Danny, while Jenna continues her mind games by trying to recruit Leigh under her wing.
Dream Girl

7 - Dream Girl 02000-11-13

Jenna intensifies her personal war against Sean by confiscating some of the team's equipment, including a Scarab, and trying to get her boss McKenna, a ruthless and greedy local councilman, to close down the Baywatch Hawaii training center.
The Cage

8 - The Cage 02000-11-20

Sean deals with Blake, a nefarious "shark tour" provider who dumps chum bait in order to lure dangerous sharks to the area for tourists to see from underwater shark cages causing the beaches to become dangerous with the sharks in the area.

9 - Ben 02000-11-27

Sean struggles with his inner demons after a teenage friend, named Mike, dies during a surfboarding outing which a frustrated Sean Patle boards out in the ocean, runs into a rain squall where stranded in the ocean he has visions of the people in his life and of his own long dead son Ben.
Ties That Bind

10 - Ties That Bind 02000-12-04

Zack becomes devastated when Sean refuses to promote him to a full-time lifeguard due to his brash and reckless attitude after rashly trying to capture a purse snatcher on the beach, in which Sean gives the promotion to Carrie instead.
Black Widow

11 - Black Widow 02000-12-11

Leigh and Sean become entangled in a dangerous position when he suspects an attractive tourist, named Sasha, of murdering her husband, but cannot prove it to anyone.
The Ex-Files

12 - The Ex-Files 02001-01-29

Sean deals with a series of prank phone calls for non-existent rescues and discover that McKenna's son is one of those responsible in which Jenna uses this to try to heat up the war between McKenna and Sean into a lawsuit hoping McKenna will finally close down the Baywatch Training Center. Zack deals with a slight hearing loss in one of the rescues while dealing with Jenna trying to get his help to bring down McKenna, while Zack is showing around Peggy, a prospective new trainee.
The Stalker

13 - The Stalker 02001-02-05

Carrie's life turns upside down when after she and Leigh save two spear fishermen from drowning, after which one of them asks her out on a date in which he begins stalking her and wanting to control her.
Father Faust

14 - Father Faust 02001-02-12

A bad week begins once again for Sean when two frivolous lawsuits, one by Kekoa's father over nearly drowning at the beach, and another by an equally wealthy man thinking that he lost his gold Rolex wristwatch. The local city council, now with Jenna on the staff, seeks another chance to try to close down the training center, in which an attractive special investigator, named Jackie Love, arrives to check up on Sean's work.
A Good Man in a Storm

15 - A Good Man in a Storm 02001-02-19

A major hurricane hits the Hawaiian islands in which Sean is trapped with Jenna in a underground bunker which rising flood waters threaten to drown both of them unless they put aside their personal conflicts and hatred of each other to survive the day and night.
My Father the Hero

16 - My Father the Hero 02001-02-26

Jenna gets taken in by a fast-talking con man, named Lyle Garrett, who claims to be an investment banker who wants her money for a quick IPO investment, despite Sean's suspicions who sees through Lyle's charade.
Boiling Point

17 - Boiling Point 02001-04-09

A new computer is installed at Baywatch headquarters but could spell disaster if it is not working properly before a sponsor's visit.
The Return of Jessie

18 - The Return of Jessie 02001-04-16

Sean, J.D. and Kekoa travel to the Big Island to help with the extra work caused by the Ironman Triathlon. They soon have a run-in with former lifeguard Jessie Owens, who is also competing in the Triathlon and has new infant son with her. This causes some awkwardness in J.D., and slight jealousy in Kekoa who suspects that J.D. never got over her.

19 - Trapped 02001-04-23

Sean and Leigh land in mortal danger after they rescue two surfers off a reef at Maui where one falls ill, and Sean becomes suspicious to the cause which may be connected to the reef. During their investigation of a local company, they end up as captives by the corrupt department head to cover up them using toxic chemicals to create a man-made reef.
Dead Reckoning

20 - Dead Reckoning 02001-04-30

Sean, Jason, and Zack travel to the Big Island to participate in the Showdown 2001, a 12-mile course of natural obstacles. Leigh will be taking over supervisory duties at Baywatch while Sean is away. J.D. is tending to Kekoa, who has come down with the flu. Fortunately, J.D. has an iron constitution, despite the fact that he didn't have his annual flu shot.
Makapu'u Lighthouse

21 - Makapu'u Lighthouse 02001-05-07

Sean rescues a local TV celebrity who is in trouble with his kayak. This brings the team a lot of media attention, and because Sean turns down the offer of a TV interview, he is offered a week at the Hilton Hotel. Sean, though, does not like to take freebies either so he declines. But Zack gets an idea of his own: he will take advantage of the freebie vacation Sean was offered at the Hilton Hawaiian Village by pretending to be Sean!
Rescue Me

22 - Rescue Me 02001-05-14

Sean faces a major life-changing decision to leave for Australia or stay with Baywatch Hawaii, while Leigh has agreed to marry Sean in a wedding ceremony on the beach.








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