Romi Park
Romi Park

Edward Elric

Rie Kugimiya
Rie Kugimiya

Alphonse Elric

Shin-ichiro Miki
Shin-ichiro Miki

Roy Mustang

Kenta Miyake
Kenta Miyake


Fumiko Orikasa
Fumiko Orikasa

Riza Hawkeye

Megumi Takamoto
Megumi Takamoto

Winry Rockbell

Hidekatsu Shibata
Hidekatsu Shibata

King Bradley

Mamoru Miyano
Mamoru Miyano

Ling Yao

Kenji Utsumi
Kenji Utsumi

Louis Armstrong

Biichi Satoh
Biichi Satoh

Heimans Breda

Takashi Hikida
Takashi Hikida


Minami Takayama
Minami Takayama


Yoko Soumi
Yoko Soumi

Olivier Mira Armstrong

Masayuki Omoro
Masayuki Omoro

Tim Marcoh

Masuo Amada
Masuo Amada


Masuo Amada
Masuo Amada


Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hiroyuki Yoshino

Zolf J. Kimblee

Unsho Ishizuka
Unsho Ishizuka


Kazuki Yao
Kazuki Yao


Tomoyuki Shimura
Tomoyuki Shimura


Yuichi Nakamura
Yuichi Nakamura


Yûko Sanpei
Yûko Sanpei

Selim Bradley

Yûko Sanpei
Yûko Sanpei


Kaori Nazuka
Kaori Nazuka

Maria Ross

Kenji Hamada
Kenji Hamada

Vato Falman

Ryuuzaburou Ootomo
Ryuuzaburou Ootomo


Tetsu Shiratori
Tetsu Shiratori


Showko Tsuda
Showko Tsuda

Izumi Curtis

Tetsuya Kakihara
Tetsuya Kakihara

Cain Fury

Nana Mizuki
Nana Mizuki

Lan Fan

Specials 2018 | 24 Episodes

Specials of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood premiered on Feb 19, 2018.

The Blind Alchemist

1 - The Blind Alchemist 02009-08-26

Extra episode included in DVD/BD volume 1. Edward and Alphonse hear of a blind alchemist named Judeau who had supposedly performed a successful human transmutation. Meeting up with him, Jude reveals to Edward that a young girl named Rosalie Harbinger was resurrected through alchemy, with his eyes paid for in equivalent exchange. However, the madame refuses to teach Edward about the techniques used. Rosalie leads Alphonse to a room with a little girl's shriveled corpse inside. She reveals this as the result of the real Rosalie's transmutation, while she herself is a girl named Amy, who was adopted due to her similar appearance to Rosalie. As Edward arrives on the scene, the madame tells him that her late husband kept the truth about the transmutation failure from Judeau, who truly wanted to resurrect Rosalie. The Elric brothers then leave carrying this knowledge with them as well.
Simple People

2 - Simple People 02009-12-23

Extra episode included in DVD/BD volume 5. While on their way back to Resembool to have Edward's automail arm repaired, the Elric brothers buy earrings as souvenirs for Winry to prevent her from getting mad about the broken automail. Later on, Edward fights an assassin and his automail gets broken again, and he buys more earrings for Winry to avoid her wrath. Winry explains that she decided to pierce her ears after meeting Hawkeye on the day Edward decided to become a state alchemist. Meanwhile, Hawkeye explains to Rebecca that she grew her hair long after meeting Winry that same day. Rebecca comments on how simple a reason that is, and Hawkeye says that reasons are always simple. To explain her choice, she remarks that they are all living in a simple world, one where when they pull the trigger and their enemies die.
The Tale of Teacher

3 - The Tale of Teacher 02010-04-21

Extra episode included in DVD/BD volume 9. Back when Izumi was eighteen years old, she had traveled to meet the alchemist Silver Steiner and had requested to be his apprentice. Giving her only a knife, he had told her to survive one month on the summit of Briggs before she can become his apprentice. On the second day, she had been found by some of guards of Briggs Fortress, but had managed to beat them and take their food rations. On the eighth day, she had been close to starving to death, but then had become motivated to survive. As she had learned to defend herself and live off of the wildlife, she had realized the meaning behind alchemy, saying that one is all, and all is one. However, returning after a month, it is revealed she had been talking to Silver's older brother, Gold Steiner, who is not an alchemist but rather a hand-to-hand combat specialist. Annoyed, Izumi beats him and leaves. This ends with an exaggerated look on the first meeting between Izumi and Sig.
Yet Another Man's Battlefield

4 - Yet Another Man's Battlefield 02010-08-25

Extra episode included in DVD/BD volume 13. The story centers around Mustang, at eighteen years of age, in a military boot camp. After encountering a group of seniors being cruel to an Ishvalan recruit named Heathcliff Erbe, Mustang takes interest in Hughes, who is supposedly friends with them. The two soon become rivals, competing in various events. Mustang later catches the seniors picking on Heathcliff again and gets into a fight with them before Hughes backs him up, having the same beliefs as Mustang. The three become friends and discuss their reasons for joining the military. Later, though, during the Ishvalan war, Mustang ends up fighting against Heathcliff, who is killed by Hughes after shooting at Mustang. However, Mustang falls into despair before being confronted by Hughes, who has to hold in the pain of his sins so he can smile in front of his wife. Upon returning home, Mustang sees Hughes reuniting with his wife, and envies Hughes's strength.
Four Panel Comic Theater: Steel and Alchemists

5 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Steel and Alchemists 02009-08-26

Four Panel Comic Theater: Overdoing It

6 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Overdoing It 02009-09-30

Four Panel Comic Theater: God!!

7 - Four Panel Comic Theater: God!! 02009-10-28

Four Panel Comic Theater: Now I Can Relax!!

8 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Now I Can Relax!! 02009-11-25

Four Panel Comic Theater: Identity

9 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Identity 02009-12-23

Four Panel Comic Theater: Bushy

10 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Bushy 02010-01-27

Four Panel Comic Theater: Agar Noodles

11 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Agar Noodles 02010-02-24

Four Panel Comic Theater: You Good Boys and Girls Don't Try This at Home!

12 - Four Panel Comic Theater: You Good Boys and Girls Don't Try This at Home! 02010-03-24

Four Panel Comic Theater: I Can Do It Myself!

13 - Four Panel Comic Theater: I Can Do It Myself! 02010-04-21

Four Panel Comic Theater: Something Warm

14 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Something Warm 02010-05-26

Four Panel Comic Theater: There'll Be No Undoing It!!

15 - Four Panel Comic Theater: There'll Be No Undoing It!! 02010-06-23

Four Panel Comic Theater: Kiss of Death

16 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Kiss of Death 02010-07-21

Four Panel Comic Theater: It's Out!

17 - Four Panel Comic Theater: It's Out! 02010-08-25

Four Panel Comic Theater: Step Forward!!

18 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Step Forward!! 02010-09-22

Four Panel Comic Theater: Come Over to My Place

19 - Four Panel Comic Theater: Come Over to My Place 02010-10-27

Four Panel Comic Theater: The Power of a God

20 - Four Panel Comic Theater: The Power of a God 02010-11-24

English Dub Outtakes

21 - English Dub Outtakes 02011-07-13

Hilarious outtakes for the English voice actors.
Episode 22

22 - Episode 22 02005-07-23

Episode 23

23 - Episode 23 02011-07-02

25 - "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi" Complete Clarification!! 02018-02-19

Season 1 2009 | 64 Episodes

Season 1 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood premiered on Apr 05, 2009.

Fullmetal Alchemist

1 - Fullmetal Alchemist 6.62009-04-05

The Elric brothers adjust to military life and take part in a manhunt for Isaac the Freezer, a former State Alchemist bent on ending the reign of Fuhrer Bradley.
The First Day

2 - The First Day 6.72009-04-12

A glimpse into the past reveals the pain and desperation that drove the Elric boys to break alchemy's greatest taboo - human transmutation - and their reasons for becoming dogs of the military.
City of Heresy

3 - City of Heresy 72009-04-19

Science and faith collide when the Elrics confront Father Cornello. He claims to work miracles, but the brothers suspect him of abusing a Philosopher's Stone to manipulate his flock.
An Alchemist's Anguish

4 - An Alchemist's Anguish 6.32009-04-26

The Elrics meet Shou Tucker, a leading researcher in the field of chimeras. He has much to teach Ed and Al about alchemy - and the horrible cruelty that sometimes accompanies it.
Rain of Sorrows

5 - Rain of Sorrows 52009-05-03

Edward and Alphonse are attacked by Scar, a mysterious killer wanted for a string of gruesome murders. His powers are incredible - and his obsession with slaying State Alchemists might be justified.
Road of Hope

6 - Road of Hope 6.32009-05-10

Before arriving at the Rockbell home for repairs, the Elrics meet Dr. Marcoh, a State Alchemist running from past sins. The information he gives Ed and Al could put the Philosopher's Stone within reach.
Hidden Truths

7 - Hidden Truths 6.82009-05-17

The Elrics discover the horrific ingredient needed to create a Philosopher's Stone. When night falls, they prowl the grounds of a secret laboratory in search of more facts - but the brothers find only danger.
The Fifth Laboratory

8 - The Fifth Laboratory 7.32009-05-24

Ed and Al furiously battle the Fifth Laboratory's psychotic guards. In the chaos, the truth behind the Philosopher's Stone is buried beneath rubble - and disturbing new questions are unearthed.
Created Feelings

9 - Created Feelings 6.52009-05-31

Al is haunted by the notion his entire existence was simply created by his brother. When the youngest Elric angrily reveals these suspicions, only Winry can convince him just how wrong he is about Ed.
Separate Destinations

10 - Separate Destinations 7.52009-06-07

When the conspiracy surrounding the Philosopher's Stone closes in on the highest ranks of the military, one of Mustang's most trusted and cherished allies is murdered.
Miracle at Rush Valley

11 - Miracle at Rush Valley 6.32009-06-14

The Elrics, realizing alchemy has yet to unlock the mysteries of creating life, feel powerless when a new friend goes into labor. Winry, however, jumps into action with a young thief named Paninya.
One is All, All is One

12 - One is All, All is One 6.82009-06-21

While visiting Izumi, their childhood teacher, the Elrics recall the early difficulties of grasping equivalent exchange. They also discover she shares their intimate knowledge of alchemy's greatest taboo.
Beasts of Dublith

13 - Beasts of Dublith 6.52009-06-28

Al is abducted by chimeras led by the seemingly indestructible Homunculus known as Greed. When Ed's rescue attempt falls short, Izumi proves once more that she's got the brothers' best interests in mind.
Those Who Lurk Underground

14 - Those Who Lurk Underground 72009-07-05

In a violent clash with Greed, King Bradley proves to be a brutal opponent. But the man who finally destroys the Ultimate Shield is more powerful than even the Fuhrer himself.
Envoy from the East

15 - Envoy from the East 72009-07-12

The Elrics scuffle with Ling Yao and his attendants, Lan Fan and Fu, visitors from Xing seeking the Philosopher's Stone. Ed may not like him, but Ling Yao's not leaving until he gets what he wants.
Footsteps of a Comrade-in-Arms

16 - Footsteps of a Comrade-in-Arms 72009-07-19

After learning of Hughes's fate, Ed and Al are ravaged by sadness and guilt. Envy still hides in plain sight among the State Alchemists, and another Homunculus is on the verge of infiltrating their ranks as well.
Cold Flame

17 - Cold Flame 72009-07-26

Freed by an unlikely liberator, Ross's escape is interrupted by Mustang. Even those most loyal to the Flame Alchemist are shaken by the controversial action he takes against the accused killer of Maes Hughes.
The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human

18 - The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human 72009-08-02

Ed's journey to a distant land of legend offers surprising new details behind Mustang's alleyway encounter with Ross. After a fateful encounter of his own, Elric learns a stunning secret about Winry's parents.
Death of the Undying

19 - Death of the Undying 72009-08-09

Mustang, Alphonse, Havoc, and Hawkeye split up to search a military laboratory. If Lust has her way, none of them will ever see each other alive again.
Father Before the Grave

20 - Father Before the Grave 72009-08-16

Hohenheim's visit ends with a grave warning to Pinako, but Ed finds hope among the charred ruins of his childhood. Now more than ever, he has confidence that Al can be returned to his body.
Advance of the Fool

21 - Advance of the Fool 72009-08-30

Hoping to learn more about the Homunculi, Ed and Al devise a risky strategy to lure the creatures out of hiding. Step one of the brothers' plan: risk death at the hands of their most dangerous enemy - Scar.
Backs in the Distance

22 - Backs in the Distance 72009-09-06

Scar's mission to destroy those who slaughtered his people is fueled by justifiable rage. Upon learning the role Scar played in her parents' deaths, Winry claims those murderous feelings as her own.
Girl on the Battlefield

23 - Girl on the Battlefield 72009-09-13

Cooperation between Mustang's cabal and Ling Yao's band leads to the capture of a Homunculus. Unfortunately, their actions also capture the eye of the Homunculus hiding atop the military's ranks.
Inside the Belly

24 - Inside the Belly 72009-09-20

Gluttony's twisted powers overwhelm the Elrics - and the creature's appetite is satisfied by battle's end. Meanwhile, Mustang acts on his suspicions of Bradley and finds himself in the belly of the beast.
Doorway of Darkness

25 - Doorway of Darkness 72009-09-27

The Homunculi are winning. Ed and Ling face a horrific enemy within the hellish expanse of Gluttony's gut. In Central, Mustang can only watch as his loyal band of soldiers is divided by Bradley.

26 - Reunion 72009-10-04

Truths are exposed when Al finds the one called Father, and Mustang hears the tale of Bradley's creation - but the most amazing revelation is reserved for Ed after he once again breaks alchemy's greatest taboo.
Interlude Party

27 - Interlude Party 72009-10-11

Visions of the past play out by a warming fire as Hohenheim reflects on the unavoidable follies of man: the pain that comes with a loving family; the hidden truths of alchemy; and the roots and results of war.

28 - Father 72009-10-18

The Elrics come face to face with Father - and his face is familiar indeed. Powerless and amazed, Ed and Al can only watch as Father creates a new Homunculus with alchemy that should be impossible.
Struggle of the Fool

29 - Struggle of the Fool 72009-10-25

The Elrics are at Bradley's mercy; if the brothers make one wrong move, those dearest to them will pay. As Mustang quietly gathers allies at his side, Ed discovers there may be no need to find a Philosopher's Stone.
The Ishvalan War of Extermination

30 - The Ishvalan War of Extermination 72009-11-01

As Edward hears Hawkeye's tale of a time when idealistic young soldiers were tasked with genocide, the horrors of the Ishvalan battlefield are revealed.
The 520 Cenz Promise

31 - The 520 Cenz Promise 72009-11-08

Even as his subordinates are scattered, Mustang finds he still has allies - unfortunately, so do his enemies. The Homunculi unleash one of the Ishvalan War's most notorious killers to deal with Scar and Marcoh.
The Führer's Son

32 - The Führer's Son 4.82009-11-15

A secret encounter allows Mustang to spark new ambition in an old friend - an ally with loyal troops at his command. Meanwhile, Ed and Al share a chance meeting with their biggest fan - young Selim Bradley.
The Northern Wall of Briggs

33 - The Northern Wall of Briggs 72009-11-22

The frigid northern borderlands become a battlefield when Kimblee finally closes in on Scar. Deeper into the frozen wasteland, Ed and Al's fight is against the bitter elements as they struggle to reach Fort Briggs.
Ice Queen

34 - Ice Queen 72009-11-29

The soldiers at Fort Briggs remain ever vigilant against the threat of spies from Drachma. The massive compound may seem impenetrable - but a violent intruder offers destructive proof to the contrary.
The Shape of This Country

35 - The Shape of This Country 72009-12-06

Ed uncovers a conspiracy of staggering scope: a plot that has already claimed countless victims. Clues suggest that Fort Briggs will soon know bloodshed - and an entire nation will suffer.
Family Portrait

36 - Family Portrait 72009-12-13

As Raven tries to corrupt Armstrong, Ed and Al can only wait in their cell. Long ago, their father faced his own captivity, confined to an eternity of regret in an undying body. To escape the pain, he said goodbye.
The First Homunculus

37 - The First Homunculus 72009-12-20

Hawkeye is shocked when the first Homunculus reveals itself. Far away, Edward is surprised by an offer from Kimblee: Fullmetal can have all he has searched for - in exchange for becoming a mass murderer.
Conflict at Baschool

38 - Conflict at Baschool 72009-12-27

When Scar is cornered by a pair of gruesome chimeras, the Elrics enter the fray as his unlikely allies. Later, Winry's attempt to confront Scar over his role in her parent's death ends in disaster.

39 - Daydream 72010-01-10

The ruse of Winry's abduction by Scar is revealed, but a plan of rescue must still be hatched. A brutal storm is coming - one which only Alphonse Elric can brave.
Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask)

40 - Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask) 72010-01-17

Long ago, the blood of a simple slave was used in an experiment which created a strange, shapeless being. In exchange for the gift of existence, the being gave the slave a name - and cursed him with immortality.
The Abyss

41 - The Abyss 72010-01-24

Bound by more than blood, the Elrics have long shared joy and pain. Now, with Al wandering the frigid void - and Ed losing blood by Kimblee's hand - the mystical connection of their souls could prove fatal.
Signs of a Counteroffensive

42 - Signs of a Counteroffensive 72010-01-31

May and Marcoh's efforts to decode the research of Scar's brother yield progress, but it might be too late to prevent catastrophe. Violence is spreading across the land, and it will soon reach the northern border.
Bite of the Ant

43 - Bite of the Ant 72010-02-07

In the snowy north, the soldiers of Fort Briggs engage an invading army, and Marcoh leads an attack against monstrous Envy. In Central, an ominous and shocking secret is revealed to Olivier Armstrong.
Revving at Full Throttle

44 - Revving at Full Throttle 72010-02-14

Hohenheim and Alphonse enjoy a chance to get reacquainted. Their bond is restored with ease, inspiring the father to share his secrets with his sons - but one of them is far away and on the run.
The Promised Day

45 - The Promised Day 72010-02-21

Quiet warnings spread near and far: the Promised Day is at hand. While most will face the coming chaos with their own kind, Edward forms a new cabal comprised of human, chimera - and Homunculus.
Looming Shadows

46 - Looming Shadows 72010-02-28

Those who have prepared to reclaim a nation find their plans exposed. The chaos multiplies after an assassin strikes down a mighty leader in broad daylight, and Alphonse falls prey to monsters in the dark.
Emissary of Darkness

47 - Emissary of Darkness 72010-03-07

A sinister voice rings out from the shell of Al's armor, and Ed and Greed find themselves under attack. As the Homunculi use the darkness to their advantage, a face from the past arrives to join the battle.
The Oath in the Tunnel

48 - The Oath in the Tunnel 72010-03-14

After investigating the twisted roots of the Bradley family tree, Mustang gathers his most loyal troops. Meanwhile, Ed and his allies continue fighting Selim, who shocks everyone by turning on his own kind.
Filial Affection

49 - Filial Affection 72010-03-21

With his father's help, Al takes incredible steps to contain the monstrous Pride. As the sun begins to rise on the Promised Day, the youngest Elric listens while the Homunculus ponders his very human mother.
Upheaval in Central

50 - Upheaval in Central 72010-03-28

Mustang leads a ragtag assault force of hardy northern troops - and welcome faces from the past - against Central's defenses. Victory seems certain until the military's most horrifying secret is revealed.
The Immortal Legion

51 - The Immortal Legion 72010-04-04

Ed's crew faces a horde of ravenous mannequins, abominations powered by human souls. The twisted creatures aren't the only unstoppable force on the battlefield -Pride, Sloth, and Envy are on the move.
Combined Strength

52 - Combined Strength 72010-04-11

With a Philosopher's Stone in his possession, Alphonse fearlessly engages Pride and Kimblee. Elsewhere, the Armstrongs find themselves trapped between Sloth's onslaught and the guns of Central's troops.
Flame of Vengeance

53 - Flame of Vengeance 72010-04-18

After a startling radio broadcast grants Mustang's forces the advantage over Central's troops, the Flame Alchemist unleashes the brutal power of burning hatred in the battle against the killer of Maes Hughes.
Beyond the Inferno

54 - Beyond the Inferno 72010-04-25

As Envy writhes within the firestorm unleashed by Mustang's vengeful rage, Hawkeye must take drastic measures to prevent the Flame Alchemist's hatred from burning out of control.
The Adults' Way of Life

55 - The Adults' Way of Life 72010-05-02

A rebel victory is imminent and hope takes hold among Mustang and Armstrong's troops. Central's forces teeter on the brink of collapse - until their fallen leader returns to take control.
The Return of the Führer

56 - The Return of the Führer 72010-05-09

Central's forces fight with renewed vigor following Bradley's return, and the Fuhrer himself enters the battle. His first opponent is an armored tank. His second foe is even tougher.
Eternal Leave

57 - Eternal Leave 72010-05-16

The battle for a nation's soul descends into chaos. Bradley unleashes death on those who dare engage him. Beneath Central, the one responsible for the Fuhrer's creation unleashes something far, far worse.

58 - Sacrifices 72010-05-23

Mustang must make a difficult choice: will he break alchemy's greatest taboo? Or will he watch the person dearest to him die? Meanwhile, it grows ever more difficult to discern where Ling ends and Greed begins.
Lost Light

59 - Lost Light 72010-05-30

As the light of the sun vanishes, Mustang learns the loss which comes from seeing the other side of the Gateway - and five sacrifices gather in the dark presence of the Father.
Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth

60 - Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth 72010-06-06

The light is gone. Shadows swallow everything. As the planet quakes and the heavens tremble, the souls of heroes and villains alike vanish into darkness. The circle is complete.
He Who Would Swallow God

61 - He Who Would Swallow God 72010-06-13

Millions of lifeless bodies litter the landscape of Amestris, and a being with the power to create suns is unleashed upon the world. Unless Hohenheim has something amazing up his sleeve, all is surely lost.
A Fierce Counterattack

62 - A Fierce Counterattack 72010-06-20

A truly epic battle erupts when Edward, Mustang, Hawkeye, Greed, Izumi, and Armstrong attack the god-like Father. The odds are against the forces of good - until one brave boy makes a shocking sacrifice.
The Other Side of the Gateway

63 - The Other Side of the Gateway 72010-06-27

When the battle ends, the one known as Father meets his final fate beyond the Gateway. When the one known as Fullmetal enters the sacred space, he finds only the promise of a new beginning.
Journey's End

64 - Journey's End 82010-07-04

As one shared journey ends, many journeys begin. Those most touched by the conflict which surrounded the Philosopher's Stone now go their separate ways. One thing is certain: they will meet again.








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