Rachael Louise Miller
Rachael Louise Miller

Specials 2008 | 98 Episodes

Specials of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 01, 2008.

The Great Discovery

1 - The Great Discovery 02008-09-01

The railway is preparing for Sodor Day and Thomas and James are racing to the wharf to be given a special job by Mr. Percival. Thomas wins, and is sent into the hills to collect lumber with Duncan. After Thomas teases Duncan, Duncan pays Thomas out by sending him on an old, disused line which he claims will lead Thomas back to the wharf faster. After avoiding an old, collapsing bridge, Thomas takes another route at the old junction, and as he journeys farther down the line, he comes across an old overgrown town. The news of Thomas' discovery spreads, and eventually reaches the Fat Controller, who tells Thomas that the town is Great Waterton - the largest town on Sodor when steam engines first came to the island. The Fat Controller decides that the restoration of the legendary lost town would be perfect for Sodor Day, and calls the Pack to help. Thomas is told to take charge of the engines working around the town, while a new tank engine named Stanley is brought to do Thomas' regular jobs. All of the engines take to Stanley, who does a good job and has fun as well, but when Thomas sees Stanley doing his jobs and fraternising with his friends, he becomes jealous. Thomas is furious when Stanley takes his place at Tidmouth Sheds, and the final straw comes when Stanley takes his place as the leader of the restoration project after Thomas has an accident. Later, Thomas is shunting stone trucks for Stanley to take away when he decides to make Stanley look foolish by giving him a train too heavy for him to pull, but the plan backfires - as Stanley ascends the hill, a coupling breaks and the trucks race down the hill, veering into a siding and crashing into the newly-finished standpipe. The Fat Controller states that this will likely set back the restoration past Sodor Day, and Thomas is blamed. Stanley, however, realises that Thomas merely missed his friends, and wants to set things right. That night, Thomas decides to clear the rubble out of the way. He is almost finished when he accidentally bumps a truck into an old mine shaft. Racing in after it, Thomas crashes onto a wooden platform and floats down an underground waterway. The engines soon realise that Thomas is missing, and the Fat Controller organizes a search effort. Meanwhile, Thomas continues floating until he reaches an opening to the mine, and is flung across a canyon and down a hill. Stanley decides to make another search effort by himself before he returns to work. Thomas, with the last of his steam, sounds a loud, long whistle. Stanley hears it and hurries to where Thomas is stranded beside the track. The two make up for their quarrel and Stanley pulls Thomas back onto the rails, but the strain is too much for Stanley and a valve bursts. Thomas, using some of Stanley's coal, pushes him back to Great Waterton. The word soon spreads that Thomas has been found. The standpipe is rebuilt, completing the restoration. As a sign of friendship, Thomas offers Stanley his last job - bringing the mayor to the festivities at Great Waterton. The engines gather at the town for the celebration, and Thomas realizes just how important his friends are.
Attention All Trains

2 - Attention All Trains 0

Calling All Engines

3 - Calling All Engines 02005-09-01

The Island of Sodor's railway is to help in the construction of a new airport, but a fierce summer storm and a rivalry between the steam and diesel engines endanger the job.
The Fogman

4 - The Fogman 0

Song-Night Train

5 - Song-Night Train 01998-02-17

Hero of the Rails

6 - Hero of the Rails 02010-06-25

Spencer is staying for the summer to help the Duke and Duchess build their summer house. Needless to say, nobody's pleased by the news, especially when Spencer rushes around with his work, teasing the other engines. Soon Thomas comes to find an old, abandoned engine named Hiro.
Mud Glorious Mud

7 - Mud Glorious Mud 02007-10-19


8 - [unknown] 02008-11-14

Misty Island Rescue

9 - Misty Island Rescue 02010-07-09

A new Search and Rescue Centre is being built on the Island of Sodor as a base of operations for Harold, Rocky, and a new lifeboat named Captain. Special super strong, deep red Jobi wood, from Hiro's homeland, is being used to make the Center. All the engines are very excited and all want to help deliver the Jobi wood to the Rescue Center.
A Big Day for Thomas

10 - A Big Day for Thomas 02010-09-17

It's Thomas the Tank Engine, and he's ready to take you on another journey filled with exciting adventures of the Island of Sodor. Travel with Thomas when he gets to pull his very own train for the first time - - with unexpected results. Find out what really "shocks" Percy and hold your breath when some snow jams one of the Island's signals and leads Henry to disaster. It's your Big Day, so get ready to join Thomas, James, Toby and the rest of your friends for non-stop fun. All Aboard!
The Runaway Kite

11 - The Runaway Kite 0

Thomas and the Runaway Kite (13x13) The Biggest Present of All (13x16) Toby's New Whistle (13x11) Buzzy Bees (13x19) There's a kite on the loose and Thomas needs to catch it before the wind blows it from Sodor! With Gordon, Charlie, and Toby by his side, Thomas learns that a helping hand keeps him right on track when it comes to rescuing kites, saving a swarm of bees, and preventing railway disasters from taking flight.
Splish, Splash, Splosh

12 - Splish, Splash, Splosh 0

Tales from the Tracks

13 - Tales from the Tracks 0

Sing-Along: Be Brave

14 - Sing-Along: Be Brave 0

Sing-Along: Engine Roll Call

15 - Sing-Along: Engine Roll Call 0

Sing-Along: Troublesome Trucks

16 - Sing-Along: Troublesome Trucks 02012-02-17

Thomas & His Friends Help Out

17 - Thomas & His Friends Help Out 02009-01-06

That's why it's so important for Thomas to race to the rescue when one of his friends needs a "helping hand", or in Thomas' case, a"helping buffer". This special collection of stories highlights your Sodor friends proving that sometimes friendship is stronger than fear as they help out those in need. Remember when Trevor was almost scrapped? Cheer on Thomas, Harold, Terence and Percy as theyrescue villagers from a heavy snowfall, and find out what happens down at the mine. All Aboard for non-stop DVD fun and excitment! OUR STORY STOPS ARE: Edward Helps Out; Foolish Freight Cars; Thomas, Percy & The Mail Train; Thomas Breaks The Rules; Down The Mine;Percy's Promise; Trouble In The Shed; Donald & Douglas Saved From Scrap; Bertie's Chase; Thomas & Percy's Mountain Adventure
Mud Glorious Mud

18 - Mud Glorious Mud 02009-01-06

It's stormy weather so hold on tight through mud baths and avalanches.
Creaky Cranky

19 - Creaky Cranky 0

Holiday Express

20 - Holiday Express 0

Merry Winter Wish

21 - Merry Winter Wish 02010-10-12

Next stop, Winter Wonderland! Join Thomas and his friends as they celebrate the holidays in these four enchanting tales. Thomas has a special delivery for the season - the Star of Knapford, a festive light that makes wishes come true! The children are excited for the Snowman Party in the Town Square but it's up to Thomas to find the snowman a special hat before the party can begin. Watch Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand prepare for the first ever Misty Island Christmas party. Then Henry helps Sir Topham Hatt prepare a secret holiday surprise for all of Sodor. The more friends the merrier, so join the fun and see that winter wishes do come true with Thomas and Friends! Released in the US on October 12, 2010. It contains festive episodes 12,13,19 & 20 from the 14th season.
Misty Island Rescue

22 - Misty Island Rescue 0

The Greatest Stories 65 Years Special : Part 1

23 - The Greatest Stories 65 Years Special : Part 1 0

The Greatest Stories 65 Years Special : Part 2

24 - The Greatest Stories 65 Years Special : Part 2 0

The Lion of Sodor

25 - The Lion of Sodor 0

Sing-Along: The Snow Song

26 - Sing-Along: The Snow Song 01998-02-17

Sing-Along: Winter Wonderland

27 - Sing-Along: Winter Wonderland 02012-02-17

Sing-Along: The Red Balloon

28 - Sing-Along: The Red Balloon 02012-02-17

Railway Friends

29 - Railway Friends 0

Down at the Station: Water

30 - Down at the Station: Water 0

Wobbly Wheels & Whistles

31 - Wobbly Wheels & Whistles 0

Chug along with Thomas for a wonderfully wobbly and wheel-spinning good time! Your favorite friend has bridges to cross and tracks to uncover in these exciting adventures. When Victor gets overloaded with too many tasks, can Thomas help him let out the steam? While trying to get Scruff as clean as a whistle, will Thomas have to get his own wheels dirty? Just when things seem to be rolling along, will Ol’ Wheezy make a wobbly mess of Thomas’ special delivery? Hold on for exciting surprises waiting to be delivered just for you!
Team Up With Thomas

32 - Team Up With Thomas 0

Join Thomas & Friends for more heartwarming tales on the tracks filled with all-new adventures, important new lessons and brand- new friends. There is fun around every turn with a welcoming party, an exciting festival, a puppet show and even a surprise snowstorm. But when friends encounter unexpected obstacles, they quickly discover that friendship means choosing cooperation over competition. So get on board for a journey among friends - with Thomas & Friends!
Percy and the Bandstand

33 - Percy and the Bandstand 0

You’re invited to join the celebration of fun and friendship with Thomas as he takes off on a series of exciting adventures! Come along with Thomas and the whole Sodor gang for a hot-air balloon ride, a top secret birthday party, a special surprise at the bandstand and more.
High Speed Adventures

34 - High Speed Adventures 0

Hooray for Thomas

35 - Hooray for Thomas 0

James and the Red Balloon

36 - James and the Red Balloon 0

Peep! Peep! Summer on the Island of Sodor means the engines will be very busy and must do their best to be Really Useful to keep Sir Topham Hatt's railway running smoothly. For James, this means rescuing a hot air balloon that is about to make an unexpected station stop. Find out how this splendid red engine can keep a balloon afloat all by himself. See how Donald and Duncan learn that being cross with each other leads to big trouble and watch how Rusty, Elizabeth, Rheneas and Skarloey learn what amazing things four friends can do when they get on track and work together. So get ready to hop on board and enjoy summer with Thomas and his friends.
Make Someone Happy

37 - Make Someone Happy 0

For Thomas and his friends, doing good deeds means that you're a "Really Useful Engine". Help Thomas and Gordon build a new playground for some special children. Join in the festivities as James learns that making someone happy really cheers you up, and watch Percy bring an important "Good Luck" package to a very special person.
Salty's Secret

38 - Salty's Secret 0

A new, very different cast of friends has just arrived on the island of Sodor. Salty is a distinctive engine who loves the seashore, has a never-ending supply of stories, and can magically transform the normally troublesome trucks into happy, efficient workers. Harvey is an odd-looking fellow who quickly proves himself an indispensable addition to the railway, and Cyril the Fogman demonstrates that technology can never completely replace competent workers. Harold and Percy discover the true value of friendship and even Cranky benefits from a temporarily rosy perspective on the world. Finally, Thomas gets some help from an unexpected source--a dirty, grimy wreck that is somehow connected to Sir Topham Hat's past. Join Thomas and his friends as they discover that, while trains come in very different sizes and shapes, they share certain fundamental similarities that provide the basis of friendship.
Sing-Along: Emily

39 - Sing-Along: Emily 0

Theres no one Quite like Emily
Sing-Along: The Work Song

40 - Sing-Along: The Work Song 0

Sing-Along: Engine Rollcall

41 - Sing-Along: Engine Rollcall 0

Sing-Along: Day and Night

42 - Sing-Along: Day and Night 0

Sing-Along: Accidents Will Happen

43 - Sing-Along: Accidents Will Happen 01998-05-10

Sing-Along: Sir Topham Hat

44 - Sing-Along: Sir Topham Hat 01998-05-10

Songs From Sodor

45 - Songs From Sodor 0

Join Thomas and his friends for Karaoke fun in this collection of fantastic songs from Sodor. Sing along to 18 of your favorite Thomas tracks and enjoy the special bonus Roll Call Rap
Sing-Along:Engine Roll Call

46 - Sing-Along:Engine Roll Call 0

Song: There Once was an Engine who Ran Away

47 - Song: There Once was an Engine who Ran Away 0

Sing-Along: Dream Song

48 - Sing-Along: Dream Song 0

Day of the Diesels

49 - Day of the Diesels 02011-01-05

Out of all The Sir Topham Hatt engines the lucky one selected was Thomas the train to show Belle the tank engine around the Island. Percy the small engine thinks Belle the train is going to take his position as Thomas tank engines best friend. The Sodor Diesels observe this misunderstanding taking Percy the train with them to an old ramshackle of a place in Vicarstown, the fire colored glowing-red Sodor Dieselworks. The Sodor Dieselworks is the Diesel-engines counterpart of the steam-engine Victor and Kevin Sodor Steamworks. Percy the tank engine is next deceived by the engines, Diesel 10 means trouble trickery, getting him to fetch his friend Thomas train and taking him to the Dieselworks, where Thomas the tank engine is held captive.
The Birthday Express

50 - The Birthday Express 0

Unwrap your favorite episodes with this special Thomas & Friends collection. Birthdays always come with surprises when your engine friends are geared up for the celebration. Percy must safely deliver a beautifully wrapped present, while Thomas encounters a mystery as he takes Sir Topham Hatt to the party. Full steam ahead for birthday fun! Episodes: Percy's Parcel Double Trouble The Man In The Hills The Party Surprise
It's Great To Be An Engine

51 - It's Great To Be An Engine 0

1) Too Hot For Thomas 2) Emily's Adventure 3) You Can Do It 4) Toby! 5) Gordon Takes Charge 6) Edward The Great 7) James Goes Too Far 8) Percy And The Magic Carpet
Peep Peep Hurray

52 - Peep Peep Hurray 0

1) Thomas Saves The Day 2) Don't Tell Thomas 3) Fish 4) Halloween 5) Spic and Span 6) Chickens To School 7) Thomas And The Circus
All Aboard With The Steam Team

53 - All Aboard With The Steam Team 0

Heave Ho!

54 - Heave Ho! 02009-07-27

Heave Ho! is a UK/AUS DVD featuring episodes 1 to 7 from season 12. 1 Thomas and the Billboard 2 Steady Eddie 3 Rosie's Funfair Special 4 Mountain Marvel 5 Henry Gets It Wrong 6 Heave Ho, Thomas 7 Toby's Special Surprise Released July 27th, 2009.
Merry Christmas Thomas!

55 - Merry Christmas Thomas! 02011-10-11

Thomas lights up the tracks in a magical Christmas collection! Climb aboard for adventures and cheer as your favorite engines prepare for a festive celebration. Help Thomas find the grandest tree on Sodor and then join the Logging Locos as they sing the Misty Island Snow Song in the hope of a winter wonderland. As the snowflakes fall, Gordon, Mavis, and Percy will take you to the Steamworks for a special surprise party. 'Tis the season for holiday magic with Thomas and Friends! A US DVD featuring 4 episodes from season 15: 10 Let It Snow 11 Surprise, Surprise 18 Percy The Snowman 19 Tree Trouble Released October 11th, 2011
Ultimate Christmas

56 - Ultimate Christmas 02011-12-16

Thomas and his friends would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. In this special collection of seasonal favorites, you'll experience first hand the joy and magic the holiday season brings to the Island of Sodor. See if Percy's snow-covered face tricks James and the rest of the engines into thinking they have seen the very scary Jack Frost. Cheer on Thomas, Harold, Percy, and Terence as they shovel out stranded villagers just in time for Christmas. Happy Holidays! Features the following episodes: 1 Snow-s05e26 2 Thomas' Christmas Party-s01e26 3 Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree-s02e26 4 Terence the Tractor-s01e13 5 Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure-s03e26 6 Special Funnel-s04e11 7 It's Only Snow-s06e09 8 Jack Frost-s06e16 9 Toby Had a Little Lamb-s06e20 Released 2007
Blue Mountain Mystery

57 - Blue Mountain Mystery 0

Thomas the tank engine and his railway friends learn all about how rumors spread and the importance of getting all the facts before leaping to judgment in Blue Mountain Mystery. When Sir Topham Hatt sends Thomas off to help the narrow-gauge engines at Blue Mountain Quarry after Paxton is injured by an unstable bridge, Thomas discovers a little green engine hiding in the tunnels. Some sleuthing reveals that green engine Luke is hiding because he once did something very bad; but what that something is remains a mystery. Thomas decides to find out exactly what happened, but his detective work yields some unintended consequences that just might get Luke thrown off of Sodor Island.
Rescue on the Rails

58 - Rescue on the Rails 0

Ready to Rescue! The Sodor Search and Rescue Team is racing to the rescue -- Bertie's stuck on Shake Shake Bridge, Gordon's derailed and Thomas' firebox is on fire! In these exciting episodes, your favorite engines brave the rails to rescue their friends. Discover that being heroic is more than having speed and strength; it's about teamwork and a big heart – which puts every Really Useful Engine on the right track. Episodes Fiery Flynn James to the Rescue Edward the Hero Stop that Bus!
Thomas the Train and the Magic Railroad

59 - Thomas the Train and the Magic Railroad 0

Schoolhouse Delivery

60 - Schoolhouse Delivery 0

Blue Mountain Mystery

61 - Blue Mountain Mystery 0

Best of Friends

62 - Best of Friends 02009-01-06

For over 50 years, the exciting adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and his Island of Sodor friends have enchanted millions of people around the world. With his endearing grin, light-hearted attitude, and cheeky personality, Thomas has enriched the lives of generations of children.Over the past year, we have received hundreds of thousands of letters, e-mails,and phone calls from fans who wanted to share with us their favorite Thomas stories. From this loyal support, we were proud to produce this first-ever DVD which includes 8 of your favorite Thomas adventures and remarkable bonus features that promote learning and fun for everyone! Join Percy, James, Gordon, and the rest of your Sodor Friends as we celebrate the little blue engine who does really big things!Our Story Stops Are:Thomas & Stepney, A Big Day For Thomas, Thomas Meets The Queen, Really Useful Engine, Thomas Gets Bumped, A New Friend For Thomas, Thomas, Percy And The Dragon, Thomas Saves The Day, Trouble For Thomas
Carnival Capers

63 - Carnival Capers 02007-08-07

Thomas & Friends as a carnival comes to the Island of Sodor! Also, meet new friends, Rocky and Rosie, and follow them as they explore their new surroundings and learn to work as a team with the other engines.
James Learns a Lesson

64 - James Learns a Lesson 02009-01-20

Cheer on Thomas as he and Bertie race across the Island to prove who's the fastest. Cast your line in on the fun as Thomas decides fishing is not exactly what he expected, and learn with James the danger of getting a little too rough with the coaches. Full steam ahead for wonders and surprises on this magical journey.
Percy Saves the Day

65 - Percy Saves the Day 02005-07-26

On the Island of Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt is always stressing to the engines the importance of working together and listening to one another. But sometimes, the engines don't always do as they are told. Hop aboard to see what happens when Thomas ignores Percy's warning of a wobbly track. Cheer Rusty on as he races to save a reckless Duncan. And meet Fergus, the traction engine, and find out how he proves that even new engines can be Really Useful. Get ready for Thomas and Friends, where everyone is Making Tracks to Great Destinations.
Races Rescues and Runaways

66 - Races Rescues and Runaways 02009-01-06

All aboard for all new stories featuring some of the best races, rescues, and runaways with Thomas and his friends! Life on the Island of Sodor is never boring. Sometimes when the engines are in trouble, they rely on their friends to Race to the Rescue. Watch what happens to Percy when some runaway freight cars cause near disaster. Cheer on Harold as he comes to the aid of troubled Toby, and help Henry out of a "fishy" situation. Get ready for nonstop excitement!
Thomas Gets Bumped

67 - Thomas Gets Bumped 01991-12-18

There are many questions floating around the engine shed in Sir Topham Hatt's train yard. "Why is Harold carrying the mail instead of Percy?" "Who is the Famous Visitor and why isn't Gordon excited about it?" "Why is Bertie carrying Thomas' passengers?" Find out the answers to these and many other questions on this video starring everyone's favorite #1 engine, Thomas.
Trouble on the Tracks

68 - Trouble on the Tracks 0

Trust Thomas

69 - Trust Thomas 02009-01-06

Hop aboard Thomas and see how he finds a new way to cross a river. Watch Toby as he trades in his branch line for a tightrope, and help the engines replant Henry's favorite forest after a devastating storm. Join your friend Thomas on what he says will be a fun and exciting trip—and like the title says, you can always "Trust Thomas."
Thomas in Charge!

70 - Thomas in Charge! 0

Clickity-Clack, Thomas is back in exciting, engine-packed adventures! Thomas and his friends are preparing for the Railway Inspector’s visit to Knapford Station.
Pop Goes Thomas

71 - Pop Goes Thomas 0

Tour the bumpy track when Thomas delivers a picnic surprise of bubbling lemony treat to everyone! The fun adventures continue when Thomas and Percy play a fun game of hide-and-seek while trying to get all their work done too! Cheer on the Sodor football team with Emily, and make sure you save room for cake because Mr. Bubbles the clown prepared a showstopper of a picnic. lemon-y treat to everyone! The fun adventures continue when Thomas & Percy play a fun game of hide and seek while trying to get all their work done too! Cheer-on the Sodor football team with Emily, and make sure you save room for cake because Mr. Bubbles the clown prepared a show-stopper of a picnic.
Together on the Tracks

72 - Together on the Tracks 0

Six brand new adventures with the blue-faced locomotive and his vehicular friends.
The Runaway Kite

73 - The Runaway Kite 02012-11-14

t is the day of the Sodor Kite Festival and Thomas must collect the winner's cup from Brendam Docks.
Percy's Ghostly Trick

74 - Percy's Ghostly Trick 0

Percy tells the others of a ghost train said to be warning others of danger on Thomas' Branch Line, but Thomas is dismissive. When Percy later crashes into a load of lime stuck on a crossing, he becomes as white as a sheet and has the idea to pretend to be a ghost to pay back Thomas.
Team Up With Thomas

75 - Team Up With Thomas 0

Join Thomas and Friends for more heartwarming tales on the tracks filled with all-new adventures, important new lessons and brand-new friends. There is fun around every turn with a welcoming party, an exciting festival, a puppet show, and even a surprise snowstorm.
10 Years of Thomas

76 - 10 Years of Thomas 01999-09-14

10 Years of Thomas is a US VHS/DVD released to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the television series in the United States. It features two first season episodes, two second season episodes, five third season episodes, and one fourth season episode narrated by George Carlin and one song. It was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 1999 and 2001. Each song and story was bookended with interviews about Thomas from various people at a Day Out with Thomas event at the Strasburg Rail Road in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.
Cranky Bugs and Other Thomas Stories

77 - Cranky Bugs and Other Thomas Stories 01999-02-02

Join Thomas, Gordon, Sir Topham Hatt, and their friends for exciting adventures on the Island of Sodor. Meet Cranky the Crane and watch as Thomas and Percy come to his rescue after a destructive storm. Help Sir Topham Hatt celebrate Lady Hatt's birthday party after disaster strikes, and see how Toad realizes that going backwards is really useful! Don't miss the fun and magic on the Island of Sodor with all of your favorite friends.
Engine and Escapades

78 - Engine and Escapades 02007-10-22

Engines and Escapades is a DVD focusing on the narrow gauge engines. It was released in the UK on October 2007 and in the US on March 2008. The events take place within the eleventh season. These episodes aired in the US and the UK following the airing of the eleventh season and the release of this DVD.
New Friends for Thomas and Other Adventures

79 - New Friends for Thomas and Other Adventures 02004-03-16

It's so busy on the Island of Sodor that Sir Topham Hatt needs to bring in some new engines to keep the railway running smoothly. That means new friends and adventures for Thomas. Climb aboard and meet them all. There is Spencer, the fastest express engine the Island has ever seen. Meet Emily, the sleek green engine with the beautiful brass dome; and new friend Arthur, whose spotless record gets ruined when Thomas plays a trick on him. Don't forget cheerful tractor Jack and all of his construction crew friends. And come meet the big and mighty Murdoch, who is always looking for some peace and quiet, but finds out what it means to have some Really Useful friends. Join Thomas and his new friends for trainloads of discovery and fun. Peep Peep!
Percy Takes The Plunge

80 - Percy Takes The Plunge 01993-12-19

All Aboard! Come journey on the Island of Sodor and share in the fun-filled adventures of Thomas and Friends. See what happens when Percy is up to his funnel in water and how Edward finds a way to make Trevor feel useful again. Hop on board and join Thomas and Friends for fun and friendship all day long!
Thomas' Sodor Celebration!

81 - Thomas' Sodor Celebration! 02005-03-08

Thomas' Sodor Celebration! is a US VHS/DVD featuring seven eighth season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon and one song. It was released in the UK and Australia as Peep! Peep! Hurray! Three Cheers for Thomas.
Songs from the Station

82 - Songs from the Station 02005-05-03

Songs from the Station is a US VHS/DVD featuring eight songs and two eighth season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.
Steamies vs Diesels and Other Thomas Adventures

83 - Steamies vs Diesels and Other Thomas Adventures 02004-05-18

On the Island of Sodor, two kinds of engines help keep Sir Topham Hatt's railway running smoothly - steamies and Diesels. But is the island big enough for both? It's not always easy for these engines to put aside their differences and work together. See what happens when the diesels tease Thomas. Will Thomas come to their aid when they need this Really Useful steamie's help? And when Gordon develops some very loud squeaks and rattles, will Sir Topham Hatt retire him to the yard for good? That's what the diesels say! Get on board with the steamies and the diesels and see how they finally learn that, from brake pipe to buffer, all engines are more alike than not.
Best of Percy

84 - Best of Percy 02001-07-24

Known as the Junior Member of the railway with #6 on his side and a spunky personality, Percy has been a faithful friend of Thomas from the beginning. Even loyal Thomas & Friends' fans like you have chosen Percy as Thomas' favorite friend. Celebrate all the special characteristics and qualities Percy brings to the Island of Sodor in this commemorative Collector's Edition video. In a poll on www.thomasthetankengine.com, we asked children from around the world to select their favorite classic Percy stories. Remember when Percy pretended to be a ghost and scared Thomas... or when, after an argument with James and Percy ended up in a very "sticky" situation!!!? Join Thomas, James, Sir Topham Hatt, and the rest of your Sodor friends as we honor everyone's favorite little engine who does really big things, Percy.
The Early Years: Disc 1

85 - The Early Years: Disc 1 02004-10-26

For the first time ever, all of the original 26 episodes of Thomas and Friends are together in this must-have 3 DVD disc set! Collectors and new fans of Thomas will love taking a journey back in time to experience Thomas from the very beginning. Join Thomas as he meets Gordon, Percy, Henry, Edward, and all of his favorite friends on the Island of Sodor for the very first time. Disc 1 and Disc 2 are loaded with 13 episodes each. Narrated by Ringo Starr, both parents and kids alike are sure to love every fun-filled minute. All-new features, activites, and educational games await discovery on Disc 3, including commentary from Sir Topham Hatt, a read-along story, and much, much more!
The Early Years: Disc 2

86 - The Early Years: Disc 2 02004-10-26

For the first time ever, all of the original 26 episodes of Thomas and Friends are together in this must-have 3 DVD disc set! Collectors and new fans of Thomas will love taking a journey back in time to experience Thomas from the very beginning. Join Thomas as he meets Gordon, Percy, Henry, Edward, and all of his favorite friends on the Island of Sodor for the very first time. Disc 1 and Disc 2 are loaded with 13 episodes each. Narrated by Ringo Starr, both parents and kids alike are sure to love every fun-filled minute. All-new features, activites, and educational games await discovery on Disc 3, including commentary from Sir Topham Hatt, a read-along story, and much, much more!
Thomas and the Treasure

87 - Thomas and the Treasure 0

ALL ABOARD! When Salty tells a story about a lost pirate treasure on the Island of Sodor, Thomas sets out to discover if it's really true! Meanwhile, Dennis, a new Diesel engine, is playing tricks, and Henry tries to prove he is the strongest engine on the Island of Sodor.
Thomas Gets Tricked and Other Stories

88 - Thomas Gets Tricked and Other Stories 0

All aboard for trainloads of fun with Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. See why Gordon gives Thomas a lesson he won't forget and how Henry comes to the rescue when disaster strikes. Find out what happens when Thomas gets a chance to pull his very own train... with unexpected results. So join in on the fun and magic on the Island of Sodor with all your favorite friends.
Fun Times with our Friends - Edward

89 - Fun Times with our Friends - Edward 0

Fun Times with our Friends - Henry

90 - Fun Times with our Friends - Henry 0

Fun Times with our Friends - James

91 - Fun Times with our Friends - James 0

Fun Times with our Friends - Diesel

92 - Fun Times with our Friends - Diesel 0

Fun Times with our Friends - Percy

93 - Fun Times with our Friends - Percy 0

Fun Times with our Friends - Thomas

94 - Fun Times with our Friends - Thomas 0

Fun Times with our Friends - Toby

95 - Fun Times with our Friends - Toby 0

Fun Times with our Friends - Gordon

96 - Fun Times with our Friends - Gordon 0

Fun Times with our Friends - The Narrow Gauge Engines

97 - Fun Times with our Friends - The Narrow Gauge Engines 0

Fun Times with our Friends - Emily

98 - Fun Times with our Friends - Emily 0

Season 1 1984 | 26 Episodes

Season 1 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Oct 09, 1984.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the first series, which was originally broadcast in 1984. This series was initially narrated by Ringo Starr for the UK audiences, who re-dubbed 25 episodes for the US audiences; which was later re-dubbed again by George Carlin for the US audiences. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath. All episodes from this series can be found on the DVD release Thomas: The Early Years, released by Anchor Bay Entertainment/HIT Entertainment in 2004. It was produced by Clearwater Features Ltd. for Britt Allcroft Ltd.

Thomas & Gordon

1 - Thomas & Gordon 01984-10-09

Thomas the Tank Engine works at the Big Station, fetching coaches for the bigger engines. He keeps teasing Gordon the Big Engine, making him very cross. When the Shunter later accidentally forgets to uncouple Thomas from Gordon's coaches, Gordon decides to be really fast to tire Thomas out.
Edward & Gordon

2 - Edward & Gordon 01984-10-10

Edward is feeling sad, as all the other engines are bigger and younger than him. But when Gordon gets stuck whilst pulling trucks up a hill, it's Edward to the rescue.
The Sad Story Of Henry (Part 1)

3 - The Sad Story Of Henry (Part 1) 01984-10-11

Henry the Green Engine doesn't like getting his paint wet - so refuses to come out of the tunnel. The Fat Controller tries everything, including getting Thomas to push Henry out but the big green engine still does not move. In the end, the Fat Controller orders a brick wall be built to block the tunnel entrance, meaning Henry stays in the tunnel forever...
Edward, Gordon & Henry (Part 2)

4 - Edward, Gordon & Henry (Part 2) 01984-10-12

Henry is sad that he is stuck in the tunnel, and Gordon is having fun teasing him whenever he passes. One day Gordon's safety valve bursts just outside the tunnel. Edward is the only other engine available, but the train is too heavy for him. How could the situation possibly be resolved?
Thomas' Train

5 - Thomas' Train 01984-10-15

Thomas wants to pull a train instead of just shunting coaches for the big engines, who laugh and say he wouldn't be able to do it. One night Henry is ill, and next morning he still isn't better. He is due to pull the morning train, and when no other engine is available, Thomas has to pull the train. He is so excited, he doesn't notice until too late that he has started before being coupled to the train, leaving his coaches and passengers left stranded at the platform!
Thomas & The Trucks

6 - Thomas & The Trucks 01984-10-16

Thomas is bored, and when one night Edward offers to swap duties with him for the next day, Thomas takes up the offer. This involves taking Edward's trucks. However Thomas is not used to trucks...
Thomas & The Breakdown Train

7 - Thomas & The Breakdown Train 01984-10-17

Thomas is in the yard shunting when new engine James rushes past with a goods train yelling for help. James has wooden brakes and the trucks are pushing him down the line. The alarm goes - James has crashed into a field of cows. Thomas has to get the Breakdown Train and help James. Afterwards, the Fat Controller gives Thomas a very special reward.
James & The Coaches

8 - James & The Coaches 01984-10-18

James the new engine has to pull some coaches with the help of Edward. They do very well but James is so excited that he accidentally showers water all over the Fat Controller's new top hat! Later on he is pulling more coaches and bumps them so hard that a brake pipe is damaged. Newspaper and a leather bootlace could temporarily mend the problem, but only a passenger willing enough to hand over their laces will the train be able to continue...
Troublesome Trucks

9 - Troublesome Trucks 01984-10-19

James is feeling sad as he is still staying in his shed for being naughty. Eventually the Fat Controller lets him out to pull a goods train, but the trucks don't want to be pulled by James and misbehave. Whilst pulling them up Gordon's Hill, a coupling breaks and the last few trucks roll back down the hill. James goes to get them (they were stopped by the Guard) and starts on up the hill once more...
James & The Express

10 - James & The Express 01984-10-22

Gordon boasts to James that he is the only engine who can pull the Express. One day he sets off with it, but due to points problems he comes back to the station feeling very sheepish. Another engine will now have to take over the job of pulling the Express for the day, but who will it be?
Thomas & The Guard

11 - Thomas & The Guard 01984-10-23

One day Thomas is late with his train due to Henry being late at the Junction, and when the Guard blows his whistle Thomas zooms off - without giving the Guard enough time to get on the train! Annie & Clarabel try to stop him, but Thomas continues to steam on!
Thomas Goes Fishing

12 - Thomas Goes Fishing 01984-10-24

Thomas has a desire to fish, and the others tell him "Engines don't fish!" When the water tower is out of order, Thomas has to take water from the river via a bucket. When suddenly he feels like he's going to burst, the Driver and Fireman look inside his tank and discover something rather unusual...
Thomas, Terence & The Snow

13 - Thomas, Terence & The Snow 01984-10-25

In Autumn, Thomas stops by a signal. There he meets Terence the Tractor, and teases him about his caterpillar tracks. When winter comes, so does the snow. Thomas refuses to wear his snowplough, and when he does he breaks it. Due to this he ends up getting stuck in the snow...
Thomas & Bertie

14 - Thomas & Bertie 01984-10-26

Bertie the Bus challenges Thomas to a race, to see who can get to the end of the line first. Thomas faces obstacles such as stations, signals and a slow start, Bertie has bus stops and traffic lights - who will win?
Tenders & Turntables (Part 1)

15 - Tenders & Turntables (Part 1) 01984-10-29

Gordon has to pull his train backwards due not trying hard enough to move into the correct position on the turntable, so as to be turned around. And when James gets on the turntable, the strong sea winds spin it round much too fast. The two, plus Henry, are very cross about the the unfortunate events that happened to them and so all formulate on a plan...
Trouble In The Shed (Part 2)

16 - Trouble In The Shed (Part 2) 01984-10-30

Henry, Gordon and James decide to go on strike, declaring that "Tender Engines don't shunt!" The Fat Controller sends Edward to do the work; but when poor Edward is being teased, the Fat Controller then decides to buy a new tank engine called Percy.
Percy Runs Away (Part 3)

17 - Percy Runs Away (Part 3) 01984-10-31

After being shut up for days in the shed, Henry, Gordon and James have been let out to work again. So the Fat Controller sends Thomas, Edward and Percy to play on the Branch Line. But Percy, however, becomes a little too cocky for his own good and suddenly finds himself on the Main Line - and on a collision course with Gordon...
Coal (Part 1)

18 - Coal (Part 1) 01984-11-01

Henry keeps feeling ill, unlike the other engines. It turns out that Henry's firebox is much smaller than the other engines', so the Fat Controller orders special Welsh coal that will allow Henry to work better. The Green Engine is thrilled with the results.
The Flying Kipper (Part 2)

19 - The Flying Kipper (Part 2) 01984-11-02

One winter's evening, Henry is excited to be given the chance to pull the fish train that the men call, "The Flying Kipper". Unfortunately, snow and ice result in an accident. The Fat Controller decides to send Henry off to the Works at Crewe, where Henry will unknowingly be given more than just a repair job...
Whistles & Sneezes (Part 3)

20 - Whistles & Sneezes (Part 3) 01984-11-05

Gordon becomes a little too above himself but learns a lesson when his whistle valve comes out of place causing quite a noise! Meanwhile, some boys also soon learn a lesson after throwing stones at Henry and his coaches from an overhead bridge.
Toby & The Stout Gentleman (Part 1)

21 - Toby & The Stout Gentleman (Part 1) 01984-11-06

We meet Toby the Tram Engine and his coach Henrietta, who both work hard on their little line. One day, a stout gentleman (the Fat Controller), his wife and grandchildren, Stephen and Bridget, come to visit and become very fond of Toby. Some months later, the line is sadly closed, but little does Toby know he has been saved by a letter from a certain personage...
Thomas In Trouble (Part 2)

22 - Thomas In Trouble (Part 2) 01984-11-07

There is a Quarry at the end of Thomas' Branch Line, and he has to take the trucks to and from it. One day a new Policeman starts work and tells Thomas off because he has no cowcatchers and sideplates. It turns out this is the Law, so the Fat Controller will have to build them for Thomas. Thomas says he will look like a tram. But rather than give Thomas a tram overhaul, a much better idea has come into the Fat Controller's mind...
Dirty Objects

23 - Dirty Objects 01984-11-08

Toby and Henrietta are old and shabby looking. James remarks about how dirty they are, and says how he'd never be seen looking like that. James then has to pull a goods train along Gordon's Hill, but the trucks push him down and up ahead, a train of Tar Wagons lies...
Off The Rails

24 - Off The Rails 01984-11-09

One day, Gordon is dozing in a siding when Henry comes by, waking him up with a loud whistle or two! Gordon tells Henry, "Mind you keep on the rails today," in regard to his previous incident with the Flying Kipper. Not long afterwards, Gordon feels most annoyed when he is asked to pull a goods train. So whilst on the turntable, he tries a bit of sabotage - which doesn't go according to plan...
Down The Mine

25 - Down The Mine 01984-11-12

Gordon is in disgrace after falling in the ditch. Thomas teases him about it, saying he has, "A funny, musty, sort of smell!"Later, Thomas has to deliver trucks to an old Lead Mine. The ground beneath the rails running overhead is weak and whilst it can support the weight of trucks, it can't support the weight of an engine. But Thomas ingnores the "Danger" signs.
Thomas' Christmas Party

26 - Thomas' Christmas Party 01984-12-25

It's Christmas on the Island of Sodor, and after Edward reminds the engines of last Christmas when an ill Mrs Kyndley waved her dressing gown out of her window to save Thomas from a landslide, Thomas decides to thank Mrs Kyndley properly by having a Christmas party for her. The Fat Controller agrees. However, on the day of the party, Mrs Kyndley is trapped in her house by snowdrifts, so Thomas, Toby and Terence go to her rescue.
Season 2 1986 | 26 Episodes

Season 2 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 02, 1986.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the second series of the show, which was first broadcast in 1986. This series was initially narrated by Ringo Starr for the UK audiences, who re-dubbed 16 episodes for the US audiences; which was later re-dubbed again by George Carlin for the US audiences. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath. This was the last series to be narrated by Ringo Starr, as well as the last series to be produced by Robert D. Cardona. It was produced by Clearwater Features Ltd. for Britt Allcroft Ltd.

Thomas, Percy & The Coal

1 - Thomas, Percy & The Coal 01986-09-02

Thomas boasts of how his blue paintwork looks splendid. But he doesn't look so splendid when he gets covered in coal dust whilst working at the Coal Hopper! Percy laughs at his friend's accident, but it's not long before he has a mishap with coal too!

2 - Cows 01986-09-05

Old Edward unknowingly loses part of his train due some bothersome cows who break out of their field and cause a coupling to come loose. He feels very cross when Henry and Gordon laugh about it and boast that cows wouldn't bother them. However, they'd reckoned without Bluebell the cow!
Bertie's Chase

3 - Bertie's Chase 01986-09-07

It's not a good day. Thomas' Fireman doesn't come into work, which means that Thomas can't deliver his passengers, which means that he can't make his connection with Edward, which means that this makes everyone late and cross. Bertie offers to take Thomas' passengers; but he has a field day of it when Edward, tired of waiting, steams away. The chase is on!
Saved From Scrap

4 - Saved From Scrap 01986-09-09

In a lonely, rusty Scrapyard is poor Trevor the Traction Engine, who is ready to be broken up. He is feeling sorry for himself because he feels that he's too old-fashioned to be Useful. Edward finds Trevor's situation to be a tremendous shame, and is determined to find someone to buy Trevor and save him, but who would "have room for a Traction Engine at home?"
Old Iron

5 - Old Iron 01986-09-11

Some boys fiddle with James' controls and he trundles off down the line by himself. It is up to Edward to catch up with James and allow James' Fireman jump aboard the runaway engine and stop him.
Thomas & Trevor

6 - Thomas & Trevor 01986-09-14

Trevor is getting bored, but Edward has good news. The Fat Controller wants Trevor to help with his new Harbour. Edward takes Trevor to the Junction, where the Traction Engine meets Thomas. Thomas takes him down to the Harbour, but has his doubts as to how useful Trevor can be since he doesn't run on rails. Thomas is soon pleasantly surprised.
Percy & The Signal

7 - Percy & The Signal 01986-09-17

Percy has been playing tricks on the bigger engines, such as telling Gordon he is late for his train and telling James he mustn't leave the shed because an Inspector is coming to visit. Gordon and James want their revenge, and so come up with a plan to trick Percy, by brainwashing him with the ludicrous idea of "backing signals"...
Duck Takes Charge

8 - Duck Takes Charge 01986-09-18

Percy is ill of the bigger engines around ordering him about. The Fat Controller releases him to work at his new Harbour, and also brings in a new engine called Montague, but who prefers the name of "Duck". The big engines try and order Duck around as well, but Duck won't stand for it and together with Percy, he puts them in their place.
Percy & Harold

9 - Percy & Harold 01986-09-20

Percy is enjoying his new work at the Harbour. The line is near an airfield, where a boastful helicopter called Harold lives. He reckons that, "Railways are slow and quite out of date!" But Percy proves a point when he challenges Harold to a race...
The Runaway

10 - The Runaway 01986-09-22

Thomas is feeling unwell, so Edward takes him to the Works to be repaired. Whilst Thomas is away, Duck fills in for him and is very popular with Annie, Clarabel and the passengers. When Thomas comes back, he resumes his duties. However his handbrake hasn't been fixed properly by the workmen and one day the Fireman forgets to pull it hard enough. As a result, Thomas and the coaches "run away", and only Harold and an Inspector can help stop the runaway train.
Percy Takes The Plunge

11 - Percy Takes The Plunge 01986-09-24

Percy brags that "Water is nothing to an engine with determination!" But he feels very foolish when he learns that you can't trust trucks and takes an unfortunate dip!
Pop Goes The Diesel (Part 1)

12 - Pop Goes The Diesel (Part 1) 01986-09-26

Duck is boasting about being Great Western and how useful he is, much to the annoyance of the others. Later, the Fat Controller introduces Diesel, a shunter who is "on trial". He asks Duck to show Diesel around, but Diesel says he doesn't need Duck. Duck leaves him to it and Diesel has an accident with some trucks. He thinks it's Duck's fault...
Dirty Work (Part 2)

13 - Dirty Work (Part 2) 01986-09-28

Diesel is still angry at Duck, and plans his revenge. He tells the trucks jokes about Gordon, James and Henry, and says Duck told them to him. The trucks start gossiping, and soon enough the big engines find out...
A Close Shave (Part 3)

14 - A Close Shave (Part 3) 01986-10-01

Duck has been sent to work with Edward for a while, and tells Edward that the Fat Controller and the other engines all hate him. Edward says they don't, and asks Duck if he would like to help him work. Duck helps Edward pull a heavy goods train up Gordon's Hill, but the trucks break away and speed down the line. Duck manages to control them but a barber's shop is up ahead...
Better Late Than Never

15 - Better Late Than Never 01986-10-04

The viaduct is being repaired on the Main Line. The Fat Controller doesn't want to close the railway whilst the repairs are being done, and so orders the mainliners to go slowly when crossing it. This delays them with their journey to Thomas, which makes him late to meet with Bertie. Altogether, Thomas becomes very annoyed; until the day comes when he realises that being late isn't such a bad thing after all.
Break Van (Part 1)

16 - Break Van (Part 1) 01986-10-07

Donald & Douglas have arrived from Scotland to help the Fat Controller - but have caused great confusion in that only one engine was expected! Despite all, they try their best but a spiteful brakevan causes trouble between them.
The Deputation (Part 2)

17 - The Deputation (Part 2) 01986-10-09

The engines are worried that Donald & Douglas might be sent away after their accidents. Edward suggests that they hold a Deputation - and poor Percy gets the task to tell the Fat Controller about it!
Thomas Comes To Breakfast (Part 1)

18 - Thomas Comes To Breakfast (Part 1) 01986-10-11

For many years, Thomas the Tank Engine has run his well-known branch line, and knows just where to stop. "You could almost manage it without me!" jokes his Driver. What a surprise Thomas gets when he tries to do so and pays the Stationmaster an unexpected visit!
Daisy (Part 2)

19 - Daisy (Part 2) 01986-10-14

Thomas' recent accident has caused a great deal of trouble. The Fat Controller decides to send for a Diesel Railcar called Daisy to help Percy and Toby "whilt Thomas is...um...indisposed!" But poor Percy and Toby have a hard time when Daisy becomes difficult and bitter.
Percy's Predicament (Part 3)

20 - Percy's Predicament (Part 3) 01986-10-19

Percy grumbles about taking the milk when Daisy doesn't bother to do so. Toby offers him to swap jobs; he takes the milk and Percy fetches his trucks. However, Percy becomes rather cocky and soon finds himself in trouble with runaway trucks and a breakvan in the way...
The Diseasel

21 - The Diseasel 01986-10-24

Bill & Ben are twins who work at the China Clay Pits. One day, they are aghast when they discover that their trucks have gone missing! Down the line, they cause great problems and difficulty with a diesel called Boco, who they believe stole the trucks. Confusion regains until Edward explains everything.
Wrong Road

22 - Wrong Road 01986-11-01

Since the arrival of Boco, Gordon is upset when the Fat Controller allows branch line diesels to pull main line trains. Edward suggests that he should run on the branch for a change. Gordon thinks such an idea "vulgar", but little does he know that a run on the branch is quite unexpectedly in store that night...
Edward's Exploit

23 - Edward's Exploit 01986-11-08

Henry, Gordon and James are teasing poor Edward about being too old and "how he should be preserved before it's too late." Duck and Boco tell them to "Shut up!" as "Edward's better than any of you!"; and during a serious breakdown on an important journey, Edward proves his worth once and for all.
Ghost Train

24 - Ghost Train 01986-11-10

Percy tells Thomas and Toby a story about a ghost train. Thomas doesn't believe it and says Percy is a "silly little engine". Percy's Driver later tells him it wasn't true, it was on television. Later that night, Percy is on his way back from the Harbour when he crashes into a lime cart trapped on a crossing. Now white as a sheet, and with help from Toby, Percy heads off to find and scare Thomas...
Woolly Bear

25 - Woolly Bear 01986-11-16

During the summer, Percy likes to help the harvesters by delivering their bales of hay to Toby, who takes them to the farms, to feed the animals. Unfortunately, Percy makes Thomas very late and cross indeed. Percy doesn't care until a crate of treacle and a hay storm cause some embarrassment...
Thomas & The Missing Christmas Tree

26 - Thomas & The Missing Christmas Tree 01986-11-23

The Fat Controller sends Thomas to fetch the Christmas Tree for the Christmas party, but on the way back he gets stuck under a big snowdrift. No-one knows what has happened to Thomas, so Donald & Douglas go out to look for him. Will Thomas get home in time?
Season 3 1991 | 26 Episodes

Season 3 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 12, 1991.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the third series of the show, which was first broadcast in 1991. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, while George Carlin narrated the episodes for the US audiences. Some episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath.

A Scarf For Percy

1 - A Scarf For Percy 01991-09-12

The Island of Sodor is in the grips of winter. Percy, complaining about his funnel being cold, wishes for a long, woolly scarf to keep it warm. He soon knows why engines never wear scarfs when he has a surprise collision with a baggage trolley...
Percy's Promise

2 - Percy's Promise 01991-09-14

It's holiday time and the Vicar's Sunday School is spending the day at the seaside. Percy promises Thomas that he'll get Annie, Clarabel and the children home safe and sound; but floods spell disaster for the little engine until...
Time For Trouble

3 - Time For Trouble 01991-09-20

The Fat Controller feels that Gordon is being worked too hard and so decides to give him a rest and let James take his place for a while: This makes James feel proud and boastful. However, his bragging soon fades when he has an unexpected run in with Toby, who has run out of water on the Main Line.
Gordon & The Famous Visitor

4 - Gordon & The Famous Visitor 01991-09-24

As a reward for his hard work, Duck is given his own branch line; he starts boasting endlessly about it and Donald teases his that he quacks "as if he laid an egg!" So Duck's driver and fireman decide to play a trick on Donald - with "quacking" results!
Donald's Duck

5 - Donald's Duck 01991-09-29

After helping some children out of a sticky predicament, Thomas gets behind his timetable and is very late. Then things go from bad to worse when his Branch Line gets damaged by hot weather and has to be closed whilst it is being repaired. Bertie the Bus offers to takes Thomas' passengers while he shunts in the yard; and this makes the little engine worry that his passengers will forget about him.
Thomas Gets Bumped

6 - Thomas Gets Bumped 01991-10-02

Everyone is excited at the arrival of the celebrity engine, 'City Of Truro' - all except Gordon, who sniffs at the fact that C.O.T. is a "domeless engine". However, when trying to break C.O.T.'s world record, he receives total humiliation thanks to a teasing wind.
Thomas, Percy & The Dragon

7 - Thomas, Percy & The Dragon 01991-10-07

Percy teases Thomas about the time that he got scared in "Ghost Train". But one afternoon, Percy gets stuck in a siding after a points failure and has to spend the night there, where he encounters a terrifying dragon! But will anyone believe him?
Diesel Does It Again

8 - Diesel Does It Again 01991-10-12

Duck and Percy are exhausted with the extra work in the harbour so the Fat Controller sends for another engine to help them. What a shock they receive when it turns out to be Diesel!
Henry's Forest

9 - Henry's Forest 01991-10-17

Henry's favourite place on Sodor is the forest; he loves the trees, the animals and the peaceful nature sounds. He is heartbroken when storms damage the trees and the broken timber gets cut up and turned into furniture. Luckily, help is at hand...
The Trouble With Mud

10 - The Trouble With Mud 01991-10-21

Gordon is smothered in mud, but refuses to be cleaned. So the Fat Controller, as punishment for disobeying orders, orders him to pull trucks, whilst James looks after the Express. But in the end, after Gordon helps James, he learns that "Having a wash down is essential to every engine."
No Joke For James

11 - No Joke For James 01991-10-30

When Gordon annoys James by saying he's not as important as him, James decides to get revenge by telling Thomas that the Fat Controller wants James to pull the express and that Gordon should pull the trucks. Confusion ensues...
Thomas, Percy & The Post Train

12 - Thomas, Percy & The Post Train 01991-11-02

Thomas and Percy pull the Post Train most nights. When the trains start to run late though, the future of the Post Train is put in jeopardy as the Post Office decide to start using Harold instead. Luckily a special passenger - and some strong winds - save the day.
Trust Thomas

13 - Trust Thomas 01991-11-05

James is groaning because he has to deliver trucks to the quarry. Gordon tells him that he should pretend to be ill so he doesn't have to do the job. Thomas soon pulls in and offers to deliver the trucks instead and so the two big engines slyly agree. Later, Thomas unfortunately doesn't realise that trouble is ahead just down the line and he wouldn't have been put in such a situation if it weren't for Gordon and James...

14 - Mavis 01991-11-11

Mavis is a young diesel engine who is starting work at the quarry. Unfortunately her way of shunting is a lot different from Toby's and he gets annoyed. A bit of false encouragement from Diesel gets Mavis into trouble.
Toby's Tightrope

15 - Toby's Tightrope 01991-11-24

Mavis is told that she is not allowed anywhere near Toby's line, so when the trains get bigger she develops a plan for the trucks to push her there. But Toby accidentally takes those trucks and they decide to push him instead. As Toby speeds down the line, he realises that the bridge ahead is collapsing and he knows that he can't stop in time!
Edward, Trevor & The Really Useful Party

16 - Edward, Trevor & The Really Useful Party 01991-11-29

The Vicar is having a garden party so that he can raise money for a seaside trip for the children. Trevor is the star attraction, but Edward wishes he had something to do to help out too. In the end he helps the vicar with the posters advertising the party. Meanwhile, Bertie is teasing Trevor about being old, but Trevor has the last laugh when Bertie gets into a sticky situation.
Buzz, Buzz

17 - Buzz, Buzz 01992-01-02

James is chatting to Trevor about some bees who Trevor is looking after. Boco warns them to not to annoy the bees, which annoys James. The next day, some bees escape from the station and cling onto James' warm boiler... and refuse to let go!
All At Sea

18 - All At Sea 01992-01-08

Duck wishes he could sail to far away lands but Percy tells Duck he'd rather stay on his dry rails. So, when Duck helps Harold out in an emergency situation, he decides that Percy is right and that he would be much happier on his own rails.
One Good Turn

19 - One Good Turn 01992-01-11

Bill and Ben are sent to the big yard by the Fat Controller to help the other engines with important goods. They work well but when it comes to going onto a turntable for the first time, things get out of hand.
Tender Engines

20 - Tender Engines 01992-01-31

The Fat Controller invites a visitor to Sodor - an engine with 2 tenders! Henry gets jealous of this and thinks he should have more tenders. Duck offers to give Henry his tenders - but they don't quite turn out to be what Henry expected...
Escape! (Part 1)

21 - Escape! (Part 1) 01992-02-07

Douglas attempts to rescue a frightened engine called Oliver, and his brakevan, Toad, from the place all steam engines fear to go - THE OTHER RAILWAY!
Oliver Owns Up (Part 2)

22 - Oliver Owns Up (Part 2) 01992-02-24

The story about Oliver's rescue soon goes around the island, and the other engines compliment Oliver about how clever he is. This gets him rather big-headed until the trucks teach him a lesson...

23 - Bulgy 01992-03-06

A doubledecker bus called Bulgy thinks he knows a shortcut to get to the Big Station quicker but doesn't go far when he ends up becoming stuck beneath a rail bridge.

24 - Heroes 01992-09-10

At the docks, the Troublesome Trucks play tricks on and confuse Bill & Ben which makes them late to deliver the coaches for Gordon's Express, making him very late indeed. The next day, a rockslide threatens the quarry and only Bill & Ben are the ones who can save the workmen in danger...
Percy, James & The Fruitful Day

25 - Percy, James & The Fruitful Day 01992-10-28

Percy and James soon learn that pride comes before a fall when they have a rather bad day that involves fruit.
Thomas & Percy's Christmas Adventure

26 - Thomas & Percy's Christmas Adventure 01992-12-25

It's Christmas time on the Island of Sodor and Thomas is looking forward to delivering letters and parcels to his friends in the towns and villages. But it's been snowing again and one of the villages has been snowed up. It's up to Thomas, Percy, Harold and Terence to help save the day!
Season 4 1994 | 26 Episodes

Season 4 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 10, 1994.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the fourth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 1994. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, with George Carlin narrating the episodes for the US audiences, which was also his last series. Some episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath. It was produced by Britt Allcroft Limited.

Granpuff (Part 1)

1 - Granpuff (Part 1) 01994-09-10

The engines are having trouble getting to sleep, so Thomas tells them the story of Duke... Duke, Stuart and Falcon worked on their own little railway years ago, until hard times came forcing the line to be shut down. Stuart and Falcon are bought by other people but Duke is left alone in the shed...
Sleeping Beauty (Part 2)

2 - Sleeping Beauty (Part 2) 01994-09-12

Thomas tells the engines the rest of his story about Duke and how a group of people set out to save him.

3 - Bulldog 01994-09-14

Percy is feeling rather annoyed because he has a new coat of paint and is longing for everyone and anyone to see it. So Thomas tells him the following story... Before the problems come to their railway, Falcon is doing rather well, and the manager explains to him that he is now ready to take on "The Mountain Road", a difficult part of the line, so Duke is coming along to help. Falcon is not happy about this. Falcon and Duke set off, but Falcon becomes careless and finds himself hanging on the edge of the hillside...
You Can't Win

4 - You Can't Win 01994-09-21

Stuart is being rather cheeky to Duke about his old age but is taught a lesson later on that day thanks to a clever plan...
Four Little Engines

5 - Four Little Engines 01994-09-25

Skarloey feels lonely when Rheneas goes away to be mended; he wishes he could be young and pull coaches again. He finally gets his chance when some stubborn coaches damage Sir Handel and he offers to take over. But he soon realizes that he is not as young as he used to be...
A Bad Day For Sir Handel

6 - A Bad Day For Sir Handel 01994-09-30

Skarloey and Rheneas are two old engines, who tire very easily. So the Manager sends for Sir Handel and Peter Sam to help them; but Sir Handel is cross and rude and gets himself into trouble...
Peter Sam & The Refreshment Lady

7 - Peter Sam & The Refreshment Lady 01994-10-02

Whilst Sir Handel is shut up in the shed, Peter Sam is doing his work as well as his own - and does he love it! However, Henry says that if he is late, he'll leave his passengers behind; this makes Peter Sam worried and impatient and causes him to almost leave a passenger behind...

8 - Trucks 01994-10-07

Trucks - Sir Handel doesn't like them and they don't like him. So, after some 'helpful' tips from Gordon, he tricks Peter Sam into doing his work which leads to a great dilemma...
Home At Last

9 - Home At Last 01994-10-09

Peter Sam is delighted when Skarloey returns home. He tells him about Duncan, who came as a spare engine after his accident. Skarloey would like to meet Duncan but gets to sooner than he expected!
Rock 'N' Roll

10 - Rock 'N' Roll 01994-10-14

Rusty and the men are working hard to mend the line; but there is still one bad bit, before the first station, which they haven't had time for. The little diesel tells Duncan to be careful. But Duncan doesn't like being told what to do, and so he rocks 'n' rolls along the line...with predictable results!
Special Funnel

11 - Special Funnel 01995-01-09

Ever since his accident with the trucks, Peter Sam's funnel is constantly wobbling and clanking as the winter wind ties to blow it away. When the snow and frost comes, an icicle in a tunnel brings disaster for the poor engine; until the Fat Controller presents him with a new special funnel...
Steam Roller

12 - Steam Roller 01995-01-14

Sir Handel brags about his "steamroller wheels" and boasts that he can go faster than the other engines. Tired of this, Skarloey tricks him into having a race with George, the grumpy steamroller.
Passengers & Polish

13 - Passengers & Polish 01995-01-30

Skarloey is delighted to hear the news that Rheneas is coming home from the menders. Nancy, the guard's daughter, is planning a 'welcome home' party for him; and because of this, she hasn't had time to polish Duncan. This makes Duncan very cross indeed and causes a great deal of trouble...
Gallant Old Engine

14 - Gallant Old Engine 01995-02-02

Duncan is still complaining about passengers being a nuisance. But Skarloey tells him just how important passengers are, when he tells the story of how Rheneas saved the railway, even though he was badly damaged.
Rusty To The Rescue

15 - Rusty To The Rescue 01995-02-07

During the springtime, a new line has been opened; it runs through fields of bluebells. Rusty thinks that what they need is a 'Bluebell Engine'. So, with some advice from Douglas, the little diesel ventures off on a journey to rescue one from 'The Other Railway'!
Thomas & Stepney (Part 1)

16 - Thomas & Stepney (Part 1) 01995-02-10

Stepney the 'Bluebell' engine feels sad that his line is so short, and longs for a good run to stretch his wheels; how delighted he is when he is invited to work on the Fat Controller's railway. Meanwhile, Percy and the others are excited themselves. But Thomas gets rather jealous...
Train Stops Play (Part 2)

17 - Train Stops Play (Part 2) 01995-02-16

Stepney is very happy with his visit to the Fat Controller's railway. But one day, whilst waiting at a signal, a cricket team's "one and only ball" accidentally falls into one of his trucks. And when he steams away, Caroline the cranky old car, driven by her Master, gives chase to try and retrieve the ball!
Bowled Out (Part 3)

18 - Bowled Out (Part 3) 01995-02-20

Stepney's visit is coming to an end and Thomas, Percy and the rest are very sorry that he is leaving. But they have other things to worry about when a big-headed Diesel comes to help in the yard and scoffs that steam engines are old fashioned. However, when a bowler hat causes delay, Duck and Stepney show him just what a steam engine can really do!
Henry & The Elephant

19 - Henry & The Elephant 01995-03-12

The engines are very excited with the news that a circus has come to town. But they become bored and grumpy when it is time for it to leave; however, Henry isn't bored for very long when he has to clear a tunnel of a mysterious, moving blockage...
Toad Stands By

20 - Toad Stands By 01995-03-19

Poor Oliver! Ever since his plight in the turntable well, the trucks, and their leader S.C.Ruffey, have been teasing him dreadfully. However, Toad the brakevan has a plan to stop their nonsense once and for all...

21 - Bullseyes 01995-04-02

Daisy snorts about Toby the Tram Engine's cowcatchers and side plates, which prevent animals getting hurt if they stray on the line; she reckons that Toby is afraid himself and boasts that animals ALWAYS run "if you toot and look them in the eye". But she would have proved her point if it hadn't been for Champion the Bull!
Thomas & The Special Letter

22 - Thomas & The Special Letter 01995-04-04

Thomas, Percy and the others are invited to "the big city faraway" by a little girl as well as her friends who would like to meet them. However, Thomas becomes overexcited and has an accident. Will he be mended in time for the visit?
Paint Pots & Queens

23 - Paint Pots & Queens 01995-04-06

All the engines are thrilled when they hear that H.R.H, the Queen, is coming to visit their railway. But Thomas, Edward and Gordon are feeling sorry for themselves; things, however, get turned around for them when Henry accidentally gets covered with paint...

24 - Fish 01995-04-08

One evening, an extra load of fish has been ordered and there are instructions that extra vans must be added to Henry's train "The Flying Kipper". But the vans added are old; and they cause disaster for Duck, when he tries to help Henry up Gordon's Hill.
Special Attraction

25 - Special Attraction 01995-05-01

Toby is excited when he is invited to be the "Special Attraction" for a seaside village's parade. But his excitement turns to disappointment when there isn't anymore room for him. Meanwhile, Percy and the trucks are having a hard time with a disagreeable barge called Bulstrode...
Mind That Bike

26 - Mind That Bike 01995-05-30

Percy loves seeing the cheerful postman Tom Tipper driving about in his old van and helping him with his mail train. But Tom feels very sad when the Postmaster scraps his van and replaces it with a bicycle. Percy's wish to help his friend comes true - well - by accident, at least!
Season 5 1998 | 26 Episodes

Season 5 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Aug 21, 1998.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the fifth Series of the show, which was first broadcast in 1998. This Series is narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Alec Baldwin narrated the episodes for the US audiences. This was the first Series to use the Dolby Surround sound technique. This was the last Series to be produced by Britt Allcroft. It was produced by Britt Allcroft Limited.

Cranky Bugs

1 - Cranky Bugs 01998-08-21

At the docks, Thomas and Percy are working hard, but the new crane, Cranky, thinks little engines are useless - "bugs" he calls them. But that night some rough weather makes a tramper crash into the shed where Gordon, Henry, James and Duck are, trapping them inside. Cranky is then toppled over by the high winds. Who will save them all now?
Horrid Lorry

2 - Horrid Lorry 01998-09-03

The engines are working really hard, and the Fat Controller thinks they need some help. He hires 3 lorries to help them, but the lorries are rude to the engines. The engines have the last laugh though when the lorries get into difficulties.
A Better View For Gordon

3 - A Better View For Gordon 01998-09-05

Gordon is to take important people to the opening of the new station at Kirkronan, but as he comes near his crew find that they can't stop him, and he's heading for the station wall, and fast...
Lady Hatt's Birthday Party

4 - Lady Hatt's Birthday Party 01998-09-09

It's Lady Hatt's birthday, and her husband, Sir Topham Hatt, is throwing a party for her. While driving on his way to Kirkronan where the party is being held, he accidentally runs into a large pothole in the road and this leads to all sorts of unexpected difficulties for the poor chap!
James & The Trouble With Trees

5 - James & The Trouble With Trees 01998-09-13

James has recieved a new coat of paint and becomes too cocky, even to recognise the dangers trees could cause. However, he learns his lesson when his trucks cause trouble for him during wet weather.
Gordon & The Gremlin

6 - Gordon & The Gremlin 01998-09-16

One morning, a special coach is being prepared to be coupled to Gordon to carry a V.I.P but unfortunately the turntable it is on becomes jammed. After Godon finally receives the coach after the turntable's repair, he puffs off to Kirkronan station to pick up the mystery person. But as he is now late, will he make it on time or will "gremlins" strike again?
Bye George!

7 - Bye George! 01998-09-10

George the Steamroller is working around the island and as usual, is causing great problems for the engines. But this time, he just takes things too far. Will he receieve his just desserts?

8 - Baa! 01998-09-22

The stations on the Island of Sodor are entering the "Best Dressed Station" competition. Percy agrees to help Maithwaite try and win by delivering fruit and vegetables to decorate the platform. On the way there with his special load, he has an unexpected run-in with a stray ram - however, the hungry creature later becomes Really Useful when some vandals strike at Maithwaite!
Put Upon Percy

9 - Put Upon Percy 01998-09-24

Percy has been working very hard recently and feels put upon by this. The trucks find out and try to make him work even harder. Percy then takes them to the mine, but they break away and cause the mine to collapse. Will Percy escape the vicinity in time?
Toby & The Flood

10 - Toby & The Flood 01998-09-28

Toby has been sent to check the dam on the river. It has been raining heavily recently and there are worries the dam won't hold. After inspection, the dam starts to break up! Will Toby escape its wrath in time?
Haunted Henry

11 - Haunted Henry 01988-10-03

One evening, Henry has to take some trucks to the other end of the line, and everything is fine until he has to travel through a spooky section before a viaduct, of which Henry becomes convinced is haunted after experiencing quite some oddities...
Double Teething Troubles

12 - Double Teething Troubles 01998-10-05

Bill and Ben need some help at the China Clay Pits, so the Fat Controller sends a diesel, Derek, to help them out. But Derek suffers from mechanical failures, "teething troubles", and as expected, this leads to difficulties...
Stepney Gets Lost

13 - Stepney Gets Lost 01998-10-07

Stepney is bored, so the Fat Controller agrees to allow him to help out Mavis and Toby at the quarry for the day. He works well, but on the way home gets lost and ends up in the scrapyard, where diesels 'Arry and Bert take him for scrap!
Toby's Discovery

14 - Toby's Discovery 01998-10-09

The Fat Controller and his grandchildren, Bridget and Stephen, discover an old castle as well as the mine where "the little engines once worked" whilst out on a trip with Toby and Henrietta. The Fat Controller decides to turn sites into tourist attractions, but Toby hears that the mine is haunted...
Something In The Air

15 - Something In The Air 01998-10-11

Whilst waiting for his fish vans to be loaded up, a crate of fish is accidentally dropped on poor Thomas! On the way to the docks, Thomas notices that the coastal line is damaged, and on his arrival with the "Flying Kipper" trucks which are to be passed on for Henry to pull, Henry teases him about his fishy smell. Then when Henry heads off, the signalman is unaware till too late that he has accidentally switched the train onto the damaged coastal line, which won't be able to take Henry's weight for sure!
Thomas, Percy & Old Slow Coach

16 - Thomas, Percy & Old Slow Coach 01998-10-13

Thomas and Percy discover Old Slow Coach, who is going to be scrapped. They want to save her, but aren't quite sure how. Later, the workmen's hut is burned down and the fire engines have to borrow water from Thomas' and Percy's tanks to put it out. But where will the workmen live now?
Thomas & The Rumours

17 - Thomas & The Rumours 01998-10-15

Harold is seen by the engines suspiciously flying around and think he's scouting the area so he can find ways to replace them. Thomas tries to find out the truth, but what does the children's playground have to do with it?
Oliver's Find

18 - Oliver's Find 01998-10-17

Oliver has to take the Post Train for the first time, and he gets lost on the way home. But what is it that he has found?
Happy Ever After

19 - Happy Ever After 01998-10-20

Percy discovers from Mrs. Kyndley that her daughter is to be married "today" but has forgotten about the good luck package. Percy decides to try and help out with the problem.
Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday

20 - Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday 01998-10-22

The Fat Controller, his wife and grandchildren go on holiday, but various incidents keep affecting their plans!
A Surprise For Percy

21 - A Surprise For Percy 01998-10-24

Percy is pulling some trucks up a hill when the coupling between him and the first truck breaks. This causes the trucks to break away and roll down the line, and at a tremendous pace at that! Will Percy catch them in time before they cause even more of a disaster?
Make Someone Happy

22 - Make Someone Happy 01998-10-26

Mrs Kyndley is upset that her sister, who was coming to visit, isn't able to make it. The Fat Controller decides Mrs Kyndley needs cheering up and asks Harold and James to help out.
Busy Going Backwards

23 - Busy Going Backwards 01998-10-29

Toad the brake van is feeling glum as he is always seeing things sliding away from him and would like to go forward for a change. Oliver wants to help but doesn't know how. That afternoon, Oliver is pulling some trucks up Gordon's Hill, with Toad as his brake van. The trucks break away after a coupling snaps and now Toad is at the front of the train going forwards. Unfortunately he is on the Main Line with various possible disasters up ahead!
Duncan Gets Spooked

24 - Duncan Gets Spooked 01998-10-31

Peter Sam is pulling some trucks, but when he has to stop to take on water, they use the opportunity to break away. The trucks are thrilled to be on their own - until they come to the ravine bridge and fall in. Peter Sam is told off and Duncan has great delight in teasing him. Rusty tries to stop this by telling the story of an engine who tried to cross the Old Iron Bridge but never made it to the other side due to loss of control. Duncan thinks this is a load of nonsense and puffs away, so the Driver and Fireman plan a trick to play on him for when they cross the bridge that night...

25 - Snow 01998-11-02

Thomas and Rusty are both trapped at a tunnel and can't go any further until the the heavy snow is cleared away that has fallen. So to pass the time, Rusty tells Thomas the story of how Skarloey was traveling through a ravine when an avalanche came down on him.
Rusty & The Boulder

26 - Rusty & The Boulder 01998-11-05

The Fat Controller has opened a new mine, and both the normal gauge and narrow gauge railways have tracks to it. An old boulder has had to be moved to make way for the mine, and Rusty is worried about it. Some time later the boulder is shaken loose and falls off the cliff it has been placed on and it chases Rusty down the line! Rusty manages to escape via a siding, but the boulder continues to thunder along! Back at the mine, Percy, with nowhere to run, sees the boulder up ahead, and it's heading straight for him...
Season 6 2003 | 26 Episodes

Season 6 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Jan 06, 2003.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the sixth Series of the show, which was first broadcast in 2002. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, who also re-dubbed only 2 episodes for the US audiences, although Alec Baldwin narrated the episodes for the US audiences, which was also his last series. Eight were re-dubbed by Michael Brandon for the US audiences. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath.

No Sleep For Cranky

1 - No Sleep For Cranky 02003-01-06

Cranky is always feeling, well... cranky! This is because every night he has to stay up late to load and unload important goods being imported and exported at the harbour. Then one day, Salty (unintentionally) gets on the crane's nerves so much that in a fit of rage, Cranky drops some pipes that knock over a shed resulting in blocking the Main Line! Harvey won't be able to clear the shed till morning so how will the time be able to be passed?
Salty's Secret

2 - Salty's Secret 02003-01-07

Salty, an old diesel, arrives on Sodor. He loves working by the sea but is most disappointed to find that the Fat Controller has sent for him to help out with the work at Centre Island Quarry, resulting in him of course not being able to work by the sea as he had hoped for. However, Salty is soon given a pleasant surprise...
Harvey To The Rescue

3 - Harvey To The Rescue 02003-01-08

Harvey the Crane Engine arrives in Sodor on trial. Some of the engines tease him for his strange looks but when Percy has an accident with some trucks, they soon change their minds...
A Bad Day For Harold The Helicopter

4 - A Bad Day For Harold The Helicopter 02003-01-09

Percy likes taking the Post Train but when he is held up at a broken signal one day, Harold decides to deliver the loads instead, but all at once, which turns out to be a very big mistake!
Elizabeth The Vintage Lorry

5 - Elizabeth The Vintage Lorry 02003-01-10

Thomas, by accident, discovers an old sentinel lorry named Elizabeth who has been left in a shed for years.
The Fogman

6 - The Fogman 02003-01-13

Cyril is a fogman and the engines like him a lot. He puts out detonators to warn them when there is fog ahead. However the Fat Controller decides to replace him with a very loud fog horn. The foghorn however causes a rockslide which crushes the foghorn, and Thomas is just down the line...
Jack Jumps In (Part 1)

7 - Jack Jumps In (Part 1) 02003-01-14

Thomas delivers Jack the Front Loader to a construction site where a team of vehicles from the Sodor Construction Company - "The Pack" is working under the supervision of Miss Jenny. But Jack gets too excited about working and runs into a right spot of bother and Miss. Jenny wonders if he is not ready to join.
A Friend In Need (Part 2)

8 - A Friend In Need (Part 2) 02003-01-15

Ned the Steam Shovel accidentally knocks loose the important keystones from an old rail bridge, and Thomas is just down the line. Jack, however, with a bright idea, jumps in...
It's Only Snow

9 - It's Only Snow 02003-01-16

It's Christmas and Thomas and Toby have to deliver a Christmas tree to one of the villages on Thomas' branch line. However the snow is getting deeper and deeper, and when Thomas' snowplough breaks, will the special train make it to the village?
Twin Trouble

10 - Twin Trouble 02003-01-17

Donald and Douglas have an argument and refuse to speak to or work with each other. However when Donald comes off the tracks, only one engine can come and help him...
The World's Strongest Engine

11 - The World's Strongest Engine 02003-01-20

Diesel is back after Henry has an accident, and annoys the other engines by boasting about how he is the world's strongest engine. To prove it, Diesel tries to pull 20 trucks at once, but they all have their brakes on and cause a coupling to break resulting in Diesel being launched down the yard...
Scaredy Engines

12 - Scaredy Engines 02003-01-21

On Halloween, Edward tells the engines spooky ghost stories. The stories make Percy scared and so Thomas teases him about this. On the same night, Thomas, Percy and Duck are sent to the Smelter Yard. But when Thomas says he can manage alone to finish off the job, off Percy and Duck go, but how brave is Thomas when he's on his own?
Percy & The Haunted Mine

13 - Percy & The Haunted Mine 02003-01-22

Percy goes to collect some goods at the Abandoned Mine, and sees an old chimney there sink to the ground. Percy is spooked, and hears from Donald and Douglas the next morning that the "naughty gnomes" are responsible...
Middle Engine

14 - Middle Engine 02003-01-23

Percy hates being a "middle engine" where he has trucks both in front and behind him. 'Arry and Bert, the Smelter Yard diesels, trick him into being a middle engine, and James boasts at the shed to the others that the pair wouldn't be able able to trick him. They do however and James, annoyed at being a middle engine, refuses to move...
James & The Red Balloon

15 - James & The Red Balloon 02003-01-24

A red hot air balloon has arrived on the Island of Sodor and Thomas is sent to fetch it. The balloon becomes a popular tourist attraction, but James worries it will take his passengers away.
Jack Frost

16 - Jack Frost 02003-01-27

The weather is getting colder so the Fat Controller asks James and Percy to make extra coal deliveries. Thomas seemingly warns Percy that he should be careful or else scary Jack Frost will get him. James thinks this is a load of nonsense, but Percy believes him. But when night comes and Percy has to make a delivery of coal to Lower Suddery both he and then later James think differently, but not as you would probably expect!
Gordon Takes A Tumble

17 - Gordon Takes A Tumble 02003-01-28

Gordon says that pulling trucks "wouldn't be dignified" and Salty teases him about this and acting "too big for his buffers". Gordon becomes cross and wants to show Salty a thing or two but ends up in a rather "undignified" situation instead!
Percy's Chocolate Crunch

18 - Percy's Chocolate Crunch 02003-01-29

There is a water shortage on the Island of Sodor and Percy is upset because he can't be washed down as often as he would like. He gets very dirty very quickly and so decides to deliver some sugar to the Chocolate Factory - after all, he can't get dirty doing that, can he? But an oil spillage on the track leading straight to the Chocolate Factory spells disaster - and dirtiness!
Buffer Bother

19 - Buffer Bother 02003-01-30

When Ben gets new buffers fitted, Bill gets jealous. Mavis advises him to forget about it, but Bill becomes so obsessed with it that he loses focus on his own work and has an accident.
Toby Had A Little Lamb

20 - Toby Had A Little Lamb 02003-01-31

Snow has arrived on the Island of Sodor, but for a farmer this has caused trouble. His lambs are trapped on the hills and only Toby can help him rescue them.
Thomas, Percy & The Squeak

21 - Thomas, Percy & The Squeak 02003-02-03

An opera singer, Alicia Botti, has been invited to the Island of Sodor and Thomas is to take her to her concert. He is cleaned up ready for the journey, but when boarding Annie, Alicia discovers a mouse onboard!
Thomas The Jet Engine

22 - Thomas The Jet Engine 02003-02-04

Thomas is sent to the harbour to pick up a jet engine, but when Cranky accidentally turns the switch on with his arm, Thomas finds himself whizzing down the line!
Edward The Really Useful Engine

23 - Edward The Really Useful Engine 02003-02-05

Gordon comments that "Edward is a useless old steam-pot" and that he should retire. The other big engines agree with him but Percy gets upset at this and tells the Fat Controller. In the end, Edward proves to be a Very Useful engine indeed when Duck and Gordon have a spot of bother...
Dunkin' Duncan

24 - Dunkin' Duncan 02003-02-06

Duncan is so hasty that he is not uncoupled and goes up the incline with the trucks, but the coupling on the truck his coupling is tangled up with can't hold his weight. It snaps, and down Duncan goes, and there's a muddy pond waiting beyond...
Rusty Saves The Day

25 - Rusty Saves The Day 02003-02-07

Faced with the threat of forever working in the quarry if their line is not repaired, Skarloey and Rheneas get worried. Rusty though, is onhand, along with the help of Elizabeth, after persuading her that is! Will the line be able to be repaired in the 2 week time limit the Fat Controller has allowed?
Faulty Whistles

26 - Faulty Whistles 02003-02-10

Duncan shows off his whistle, and blows it so hard that it shoots into the sky and lands in a field. Duncan's driver says they don't have time to find it, but they need a whistle for safety reasons though. Luckily a school headmaster has an organ they can use as a whistle, much to Duncan's horror.
Season 7 2003 | 26 Episodes

Season 7 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Nov 03, 2003.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the seventh series of this show, which was first broadcast in 2003. This Series is narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, who re-dubbed only four episodes for the US audiences, although Michael Brandon narrated the episodes for the US audiences. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath.

Emily's New Coaches

1 - Emily's New Coaches 02003-11-03

Emily is a new steam engine who has recently arrived on the Island of Sodor. She accidentally takes Annie and Clarabel, and Thomas gets annoyed by this. Later, Oliver & Toad get stuck and Thomas is fast approaching! Emily, who is closeby, sees this and rushes to the rescue, but will she prevent a possible serious accident from occuring in time?
Percy Gets It Right

2 - Percy Gets It Right 02003-11-03

One day, Percy is travelling along Toby's old branch line and discovers the track is wobbly. He hurries back to the station to warn the other engines but gets frustrated when nobody listens to him. Later on, Thomas goes out onto the old line and gets stuck. Percy starts to worry when Thomas doesn't return home. Where could he be?
Bill, Ben & Fergus

3 - Bill, Ben & Fergus 02003-11-04

Fergus, a blue steam traction engine, goes to work with Bill & Ben in the quarry. But when he tells the twins to do things right, they become fed up and decide to do things wrong. This however gets them into trouble...
The Old Bridge

4 - The Old Bridge 02003-11-04

Skarloey is crossing an old bridge when he notices the track is out of place and can't stop in time, thus leaving him dangling above the river from a long way up. Rheneas comes and rescues him with the breakdown train and the bridge is soon repaired. But Skarloey is terrifed of using the bridge again and has to shunt trucks and coaches in the yard. Rheneas has to do Skarloey's work now as well as his own. But when he runs out of water due to puffing too hard, he ends up stopping over the first quarter of the bridge and now Skarloey has to overcome his fear and must cross the bridge to save him...
Edward's Brass Band

5 - Edward's Brass Band 02003-11-05

Edward is due to take the Brass Band to their annual concert, like he does every year. But he has an accident and has to go to the Works. Bertie fills in for him, but gets stuck. What will happen now?
What's The Matter With Henry?

6 - What's The Matter With Henry? 02003-11-05

Henry, lately, has been feeling sorry for himself as he's feeling dreadfully ill, but Thomas and Percy take no notice and don't believe him and decide to play a rather mean trick on him...
James & The Queen Of Sodor

7 - James & The Queen Of Sodor 02003-10-20

After hearing that the Queen of Sodor is coming, James volunteers to get her - but his happiness is short lived when the Queen turns out to be an old, dirty coal barge. James tries to do his job and stay clean in the process.
The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop

8 - The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop 02003-10-22

It's summer on the island and the refreshment lady wants to open a new tea shop. With the help of Peter Sam she looks all over the island for a suitable location to set up but simply can't decide where. But next day, is she in for a surprise...
The Spotless Record

9 - The Spotless Record 02003-10-24

A new tank engine from the LMS called Arthur arrives on the island. He has a spotless record which means he's never been naughty or left a mess. The Fat Controller puts him to work with Thomas and Percy. Arthur's first job on the island is to take a train of closed vans full of fruit to market. The trucks start to sing rudely and Thomas then plays a trick and tells Arthur that The Fat Controller doesn't like the trucks singing and that Arthur should stop them from doing just that. This soon leads to a terrible accident...
Toby's Windmill

10 - Toby's Windmill 02003-11-05

Toby is very fond of the windmill near the branch line. The windmill needs repairs after a storm and the miller can not afford to do so. Toby wants to help, and when he has to help clean up the lines from debris caused by the storm, he finds the solution to the miller's problems.
Bad Day At Castle Loch

11 - Bad Day At Castle Loch 02003-11-10

The old Scottish castle is reopening, much to Donald and Douglas' delight. Rumours start about there being a monster lurking in the waters near the castle, but the twins dismiss this as rubbish. One night, they get stuck near the castle - and in the water, something is heading towards them...
Rheneas & The Roller Coaster

12 - Rheneas & The Roller Coaster 02003-11-13

Rheneas is not too thrilled when he has to take a class of schoolchildren on a scenic train trip around the line but when he is accidentally diverted on an old branch line with sweeping bends and dips, his view soon changes...
Salty's Stormy Tale

13 - Salty's Stormy Tale 02003-11-09

Salty is hurt when Thomas and Percy tease him about how he talks, but when a lighthouse's light goes out, it's up to Salty and new arrival Fergus to save a ship heading for the rocks.
Snow Engine

14 - Snow Engine 02003-11-19

Oliver does not like snow - at all. When he has to make a delivery to a mountain village, the weather conditions mean he can't get back until morning. And when morning does come, Oliver receives quite an unexpected surprise...
Something Fishy

15 - Something Fishy 02003-11-20

The Fat Controller opens a new fishing route and chooses Thomas to run it; Arthur wanted to do so, but he wasn't chosen and Thomas doesn't even want to run it! However, all is resolved thanks to quite an incident later on...
The Runaway Elephant

16 - The Runaway Elephant 02003-11-23

A new park on the Little Engines' railway is being built. The final thing to add before the opening is a statue of an elephant, hence the name: "Elephant Park". Duncan is being impatient as usual and seeing as he is finished before the other engines, the Fat Controller orders him to take the elephant to the park. However, the foolish little engine realises too late that it's "Better safe than fast" when he leaves without waiting for the brakevan and is dragged down the line with the heavy load. Will he be able to stop in time?
Peace & Quiet

17 - Peace & Quiet 02003-11-10

Murdoch is a new arrival on the Island of Sodor. What he especially likes is a bit of peace and quiet. However, this isn't to be...
Fergus Breaks The Rules

18 - Fergus Breaks The Rules 02003-11-11

Fergus is tricked by Diesel and ends up in the Smelter Yard and when there instantly becomes scared and runs away. Will Thomas find him - or not?
Bulgy Rides Again

19 - Bulgy Rides Again 02003-11-27

Summertime has arrived on Sodor. There are more passengers arriving but less engines to do the work. Thomas calls this a "double decker" problem, which gives the Fat Controller an idea. He goes to see Bulgy (who has been a henhouse for several years) in his field to tell him that he'll be back on the road, helping to deliver passengers. Bulgy is delighted, but when he is cleaned and mended, the hens miss their old home and they creep aboard him one night, where they cause confusion and delay the next morning...
Harold & The Flying Horse

20 - Harold & The Flying Horse 02003-11-13

It is the time of year for the Summer Fete. Harold the Helicopter wishes that he could help too; but he's so busy with his patrol duties that he doesn't have time. This makes him sad. Later, however, his friend, Pegasus the Horse becomes stuck in a ditch and needs help. So Harold flies to the rescue by lifting him out of the mud and Pegasus is flown to the Fete - giving Percy quite a shock as to seeing what he thinks is a flying horse!
The Grand Opening

21 - The Grand Opening 02003-11-14

A new station is being opened and The Fat Controller and Lady Hatt have great difficulty in trying to get there on time. They are, however, grateful when they come across the "late comer" Skarloey.
Best Dressed Engine

22 - Best Dressed Engine 02003-12-09

All the engines are entering a competition to see which engine looks the fanciest and most eye attractive. But Gordon thinks it undignified to enter such a silly competition... until he has a slight mishap with a stray banner!
Gordon & Spencer

23 - Gordon & Spencer 02003-12-19

The Duke and Duchess of Boxford pay a visit to the engines, and bring with them Spencer, their own private engine. He is sleek, shiny, fast and full of pride. Gordon is jealous and feels that he is not the fastest engine anymore. However, disaster strikes when Spencer runs out of water! It is up to Gordon to save him and redeem himself of his stolen title.
Not So Hasty Puddings

24 - Not So Hasty Puddings 02003-12-24

It's Christmas time, and Elizabeth gets sent to collect a shipment of Christmas puddings from the docks. But Thomas is jealous and feels sure he would be better than Elizabeth at traveling through the snow. On her journey, the shipment is so heavy Elizabeth gets stuck in the snow...
Trusty Rusty

25 - Trusty Rusty 02003-12-26

Rusty is pulling a train across the old wooden bridge when he notices that some of the joints are loose. He goes and tells the Fat Controller who closes the bridge until it is mended. Rusty then tells the other engines, but Duncan thinks Rusty is just being a silly little diesel and puffs away without refilling with coal. Later on Duncan needs coal, and the only coal available is across the bridge, so off he goes. But Duncan runs out of steam halfway across and can't move, and then the bridge starts collapsing...
Three Cheers For Thomas

26 - Three Cheers For Thomas 02003-12-31

One day, Thomas takes the schoolchildren to their annual sports day. He sees them having fun and wishes he could have a medal too. Later, he has a race with Bertie and when they arrive at their destination, Thomas discovers the medals to be delivered to the sporting area for the winners have been left behind...
Season 8 2004 | 26 Episodes

Season 8 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Aug 01, 2004.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the eighth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 2004. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrates the episodes for the US audiences.

Thomas & The Tuba

1 - Thomas & The Tuba 02004-08-01

Thomas is to collect the Brass Band to take them to the park as a treat for Lady Hatt's birthday but when he does is in such a hurry that he leaves the Tuba Player standing on the platform. Will the Fat Controller's party plans for his wife be tarnished?
Percy's New Whistle

2 - Percy's New Whistle 02004-08-01

Percy's loud whistle blowing to show that he can make as loud a sound as 'Arry & Bert's horns distracts some of the others and is told by the Fat Controller to only whistle at appropriate times. However, Percy isn't sure to whistle to warn Thomas from crashing some time later. Will he let his friend crash or will he make the right decision by blowing a warning whistle?
Thomas To The Rescue

3 - Thomas To The Rescue 02004-10-04

Some of the diesels receive a dose of contaminated fuel but will Thomas help fix the situation after Diesel calling him a "stinky old steam engine"?
Henry & The Wishing Tree

4 - Henry & The Wishing Tree 02004-09-05

Henry wishes he could pull passenger trains like Gordon instead of log trucks. However, Henry comes upon a Wishing Tree which Sodor's children regulary visit later on that day...
James Gets A New Coat

5 - James Gets A New Coat 02004-08-15

James' new lick of paint makes him concentrate less on his work, but when he's given a very dirty job to do later on, he soon shifts his way of thinking...
Thomas Saves The Day

6 - Thomas Saves The Day 02004-08-15

While a new station is being built, Thomas has to go around a sharp bend though Annie and Clarabel help him. But when they are sent to the works, will Thomas find the courage to go around the bend, or allow the Troublesome Trucks to cause havoc?
Percy's Big Mistake

7 - Percy's Big Mistake 02004-08-22

Following some time being overworked and running late, Percy overhears the Fat Controller talking about sending him to the scrap yard! Two accidents later, this makes him wonder whether he will be sacrificed to the flame...
Thomas, Emily & The Snowplough

8 - Thomas, Emily & The Snowplough 02004-08-22

Emily's bossy attitude is really getting to Thomas. So when a large snowfall arrives, Thomas decides to ignore her advice about wearing a snowplough, forgetting past incidents...
Don't Tell Thomas

9 - Don't Tell Thomas 02004-08-29

The engines are hiding a big secret from their blue tank engine friend, but what could it possibly be?
Emily's New Route

10 - Emily's New Route 02004-08-29

Emily is chosen to do the route running through Black Loch, but on her first run, she sees spooky shapes in the water which appear to be sea monsters!
Thomas & The Firework Display

11 - Thomas & The Firework Display 02004-09-05

Thomas wishes he could collect the fireworks stock to deliver to the Harvest Fireworks Display but feels most disappointed when James is chosen to do the job instead. James, however, breaks down...
Gordon Takes Charge

12 - Gordon Takes Charge 02004-09-05

Gordon shows off to Percy while teaching him how to pull passengers. In doing so, Gordon doesn't notice a dangerous icy section of line...
Spic & Span

13 - Spic & Span 02004-09-12

Thomas and Percy's efforts to be the cleanest engines on Sodor for the Cleanest Engine competition are continuously thwarted. Will luck come to them?
Edward The Great

14 - Edward The Great 02004-09-12

Edward is chosen to compete against Spencer in a race, but is soon left eating Spencer's dust due to his much larger amount of power. Far out in the lead, Spencer grows overconfident and decides to have a little snooze...
Squeak, Rattle & Roll

15 - Squeak, Rattle & Roll 02004-09-19

Gordon is scared that he'll be scrapped due to strange noises inside him that he's making. Will he inform about his problems or will he instead try to hide them?
Thomas & The Circus

16 - Thomas & The Circus 02004-09-19

Thomas stubbornly insists on pulling the entire Circus Train by himself, but soon finds it too heavy to pull on his own.
Thomas Gets It Right

17 - Thomas Gets It Right 02004-09-26

Thomas must go slow to successfully deliver a load of eggs around Sodor but becomes impatient and speeds up, with predictable results...
As Good As Gordon

18 - As Good As Gordon 02004-09-26

Emily has to stand in as the puller of Gordon's Express, and is determined to pull it as fast as him, but ultimately fails. Luck, however, soon greets her...

19 - Fish 02004-10-03

Thomas is hasty and decides to haul all the trucks with loads of fish he has to deliver all at once. He soon finds that in doing so, they are too heavy to pull in one shot...
Emily's Adventure

20 - Emily's Adventure 02004-10-03

Emily finds that being unkind to others is the wrong thing to do when in need of help with a big job.

21 - Halloween 02004-10-10

'Arry & Bert, the naughty diesels, take advantage of the fact that it's Halloween and when Thomas and Emily are sent to do important work at the Smelter, the two diesels decide to give the steamers a fright or two!
You Can Do It, Toby!

22 - You Can Do It, Toby! 02004-10-10

When Gordon becomes stuck on the Hill, Toby comes to help and push but will he have enough confidence in himself after Gordon saying earlier on to him that he's not a proper engine?
James Goes Too Far

23 - James Goes Too Far 02004-10-17

When the other engines ask James for help with some hard jobs, he says he's much too busy with his assigned task of exporting loads of coal around the Island. However, when James breaks down, his attitude soon changes...
Chickens To School

24 - Chickens To School 02004-10-17

Emily offers to help Thomas with his loads, but Thomas refuses any help whatsoever his friend has to offer, or at least at first.
Too Hot For Thomas

25 - Too Hot For Thomas 02004-10-24

Thomas feels sad when he has to deliver ingredients to the Ice Cream Factory instead of taking children to the beach, but later feels much happier thanks to a nice little surprise...
Percy & The Magic Carpet

26 - Percy & The Magic Carpet 02004-10-24

Percy collects a special carpet to deliver, but suddenly the windy weather starts to blow it around. Percy, though, thinks that it's a magic flying carpet!
Season 9 2005 | 26 Episodes

Season 9 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 04, 2005.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the ninth Series of this show, which was first broadcast in 2005. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrated the episodes for the US audiences. Some episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath. Starting in this series, at the beginning of each show, the characters' numbers would appear on each cab starting from Henry to Edward to Thomas as the countdown, the workmen would then get Thomas ready for the new day and Thomas' driver would signal the workmen that Thomas is ready by blowing Thomas' whistle and Thomas would start his adventures. Towards the end of each show, the countdown would begin again, Thomas would return to the station, the workmen would get Thomas ready for tomorrow, and Thomas would go to sleep with a white sleeping cap with blue stripes on his funnel. In later seasons, these sketches would be shortened because the series would be funded by LEGO Duplo.

Percy & The Oil Painting

1 - Percy & The Oil Painting 02005-09-04

A very famous Artist wishes to choose a suitable location to paint for his picture which will be entitled "The Spirit Of Sodor". Percy tries many places which he thinks the Artist may like, but what Artist sees, Artist doesn’t like…
Thomas & The Rainbow

2 - Thomas & The Rainbow 02005-09-04

Thomas sees a glorious rainbow in the Sodor sky, upon the ending of a great storm. After confiding with Edward, who says that rainbows hold something magical at the end, Thomas sets out to find just what that something could be, but neglects the fact he has work to do.
Thomas's Milkshake Muddle

3 - Thomas's Milkshake Muddle 02005-09-11

Milk is used to make ice-cream and butter is used to make cakes. Thomas must collect both of these ingredients so as those two very things can be made for the summer party. However, it would seem all is lost when Thomas travels much too fast with the milk, which shakes it around so much that it turns to half-way butter…
Mighty Mac

4 - Mighty Mac 02005-09-11

Everything is happening on the Narrow Gauge Railway. There is the new Controller, Mr. Percival, and there is the new locomotive, Mighty Mac. But this is no ordinary locomotive; in fact it has not one smokebox but two! At one end there is Mighty and at the other, Mac. On their first job they already start fighting, and in this case, over which way they should go to reach the proposed destination. Will they be able to reach a resolution, to work as one?
Molly's Special Special

5 - Molly's Special Special 02005-09-18

Molly, a lovely new engine with striking yellow paintwork and four, large drive wheels, but Molly doesn’t think pulling empty trucks is lovely. She wants to pull a nice, fully loaded goods train. Thomas makes a suggestion to her, but is it a wise suggestion? Molly, nonetheless, takes heed.
Respect For Gordon

6 - Respect For Gordon 02005-09-17

Pompous as ever Gordon creates a complete set of rules for the engines to strictly adhere to, upon their teasing about the loud rattling that has started to makes itself heard from him.
Thomas & The Birthday Picnic

7 - Thomas & The Birthday Picnic 02005-09-24

It is Sir Topham Hatt's mother’s birthday, and he wants to make it as special a day for her as possible, by taking her on a birthday picnic. But of course, for such a special occasion, an equally special location there should be to compliment – but just where?
Tuneful Toots

8 - Tuneful Toots 02005-09-24

A brass concert is being held, which Rusty the Diesel will be playing in, utilizing his rather musical two-toned diesel horn. But on his way to the venue, overexcited Rusty finds himself clean out of oil. Without him, the concert will surely have to be canceled.
Thomas & The Toy Shop

9 - Thomas & The Toy Shop 02005-10-01

Toys, toys, toys. All children love toys. In fact, a new Toy Shop is opening at Knapford, which will certainly make the local Sodor children very happy indeed. And Thomas is to be taking some lucky children to the big, grand opening. But will they miss the whole event upon Thomas being Thomas?
Rheneas & The Dinosaur

10 - Rheneas & The Dinosaur 02005-10-01

The dinosaurs may be gone, but they still live on in the findings of their remaining bones, and it is such a find that has been made on Sodor. Rheneas & Skarloey both want to collect the bones, which need to be taken to the all new Transfer Yards area that has been constructed. But because of Skarloey’s clumsiness, Rheneas decides he will do the important work on his own, leaving poor Skarloey in the cold. What he fails to realize is dinosaur bones can be more heavy than one may think…
Thomas & The New Engine

11 - Thomas & The New Engine 02005-10-08

Thomas sees a new engine, who seems to be getting along very well with diesels, Iron ‘Arry & Bert, so well in fact that they’re laughing and everything. But the engine is steam powered. A steamie who’s friends with diesels? Certainly this cannot be? But does Thomas have his facts straight? Surely he couldn’t be mistaken?
Toby Feels Left Out

12 - Toby Feels Left Out 02005-10-08

Toby finds out that The Steam Team are receiving brand new coats of paint – except for him. The Sodor Museum is soon to open, and Toby fears that he is not being repainted because the Fat Controller is going to give him to the Museum! Is Toby the Tram Engine destined to become a museum-piece?
Thomas Tries His Best

13 - Thomas Tries His Best 02005-10-22

Thomas has to deliver chickens to Brendam Docks. But Thomas wants so much to go to the carnival that has arrived, that he tries to rush his job through to make it there sooner, which proves not to be the wisest of choices.
The Magic Lamp

14 - The Magic Lamp 02005-10-15

Peter Sam wouldn’t even think of believing in Skarloey’s story about the magic lamp belonging to the legendary engine, Proteus. But before long, Peter Sam starts thinking otherwise about the lamp, so much so that he loses his way on a night shift…
Thomas & The Statue

15 - Thomas & The Statue 02005-10-29

Thomas is to haul a special statue from Brendam Docks, which is in celebration of the railway’s many, fine years of service. When Thomas observes the shape of the soon to be monument beneath the tarpaulin, he is sure that it is of himself. How right or wrong could Thomas be?
Henry & The Flagpole

16 - Henry & The Flagpole 02005-11-04

Henry fears the Fat Controller will use his favourite tree for a new flagpole, due him accidentally causing the one which was going to be used to be destroyed. Henry can’t bare the thought of losing something so precious to him, so sets out to find an alternative replacement.
Emily Knows Best

17 - Emily Knows Best 02005-10-29

Percy and Toby do not approve of Emily’s desire to be Miss. Know-It-All. Emily goes so far in fact that her antics lead to terrible confusion (and delay). Will Emily see any sense?
Thomas' Day Off

18 - Thomas' Day Off 02005-10-29

It’s Thomas’ day off, and new diesel engine, Dennis, is to deliver to the school some new roof tiles for him. But Dennis is as lazy as can be, and tries to trick Thomas into still doing the work by pretending he has broken down. But such a lie comes back to haunt Dennis.
Thomas' New Trucks

19 - Thomas' New Trucks 02005-11-05

Thomas and James have both been given splendid new trucks to pull, from the Fat Controller. The two engines decide they will have a little competition between themselves to see who can keep their train of trucks looking spic ‘n’ span, with quite some results…
Duncan & The Old Mine

20 - Duncan & The Old Mine 02005-11-05

On one day in particular, problem-engine Duncan is feeling rather adventurous. He is supposed to be taking trucks loaded with coal, but decides to head down an old line instead for a bit of fun. But perhaps Duncan should have stuck to what he was supposed to be doing, as he soon finds in one of the worst possible ways.
Bold & Brave

21 - Bold & Brave 02005-11-12

Is there really such thing as a curse? After Diesel tells of the sea cliffs being cursed, Thomas thinks so, and he has to travel along them on this day! It’s his route to take on an important job assigned, but will Thomas dare take it?
Skarloey The Brave

22 - Skarloey The Brave 02005-11-12

Skarloey sets out to try and prove himself to the others by being the bravest locomotive ever – by attaching himself to the Incline winch. Not smart…
Saving Edward

23 - Saving Edward 02005-11-26

Poor Edward isn’t in the best of condition, and fears the Fat Controller will send him to the scrap heap. As a gesture of kindness, Thomas says he will do Edward’s work for him. Later though, both engines find out that Edward’s situation isn’t as dark as it would seem…
Thomas & The Golden Eagle

24 - Thomas & The Golden Eagle 02005-11-26

Best friends, Thomas and Percy, greatly want to see for themselves a golden eagle which has said to have been recently flying in Sodor’s skies. The engines decide to halve one another’s work, so as they have more free time to spare that day to try and spot the wondrous bird, but will their little plan work like the charm they hope?
Keeping Up With James

25 - Keeping Up With James 02005-12-03

James and Edward both want to pull the presents train for Christmas. The Fat Controller declares that whoever finishes their day’s work first shall be able to take it. And so the race for the presents train begins…
Flour Power

26 - Flour Power 02005-12-03

Thomas and Diesel have to collect flour, needed ready for the following day, from the Flour Mill. But tonight is Halloween, so Diesel decides to take advantage of this by trying to frighten little Thomas on their way to the Mill. Thomas, though, comes up with some surprises of his own…
Season 10 2006 | 28 Episodes

Season 10 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Oct 02, 2006.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This was Jocelyn Stevenson's last series as executive producer. This was Sharon Miller's first season as head writer. This article lists episodes from the tenth Series of this show, which was first broadcast in 2006. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrated the episodes for the US audiences. In fact, it was first broadcast in America under Brandon's narration. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath.

Follow That Flour

1 - Follow That Flour 02006-10-02

Thomas is not happy that James is collecting the flour for the cakes to be had at a children’s party. Thomas is so cross that he is stuck shunting trucks instead, he bangs James’ flour truck hard, which causes the door to fly open, resulting in all the flour pouring out! Thomas goes to get a replacement flour truck but by the time he reaches the mill, it is shut. But there is one last hope: There is another truck full of flour – behind a whole lot of empty ones.
A Smooth Ride

2 - A Smooth Ride 02006-10-02

Sir Handel has been away for a long time, on a big job during the summer, but he has now at last returned. Sir Handel’s first task back at home is a job assigned by Mr. Percival to carefully transport a stock of apples. Once Sir Handel is away, everything seems all and well – but then he starts to rattle terribly, upon traveling up hills. To cover up, Sir Handel asks Peter Sam to help him transport the stock of apples. But when Sir Handel has to take Mr. Percival and his wife on a picnic, he may have no choice but to tell of his problem.
Thomas & The Jet Plane

3 - Thomas & The Jet Plane 02006-10-03

Thomas must collect a group of children from the Airport, and take them to the Sodor Summer Picnic. When Thomas arrives at the Airport, he meets a new Jet Plane for the first time, named Jeremy. Jeremy comes off to Thomas as being rather boastful, when he says how splendid it is to fly high in the air, and so Thomas decides he won’t be talking to him again, anytime soon! However, Thomas still wonders what it would be like to be a jet plane, rather than a steam engine for a change. Soon after Jeremy has taken off, he notices a storm is brewing, and descends back down to warn Thomas. Will the picnic have to be canceled?
Percy & The Funfair

4 - Percy & The Funfair 02006-10-03

The carnival has arrived on the Island of Sodor. There are many sights to see, such as the Chinese Dragon. The Steam Team are each given a part of the carnival’s attractions to transport – except for Percy. He is very sad that he is stuck merely pulling coal. Percy attempts to join in the fun by trying to help the other engines out, but forgets about his coal duties…
The Green Controller

5 - The Green Controller 02006-10-04

Lady Hatt assigns Percy to tell the other engines what their jobs are on this day, as the Fat Controller has unfortunately lost his voice. Percy refuses help from Thomas, even though he does have many things to keep in his mind, to tell the engines. Percy soon ends up all befuddled and tells Gordon, James and Toby completely the wrong things! The results prove quite disruptive…
Duncan Drops A Clanger

6 - Duncan Drops A Clanger 02006-10-04

The hill clock tower’s bell needs to be given a good polish off for the country fair. The Foreman tells Duncan to travel slowly with the bell, but Duncan ends up becoming so enraptured by the bell’s sound it makes, going along the bumpy sections of track, that he doesn’t listen. It is only when the bell flies off his flatbed truck, upon hitting a dip, that Duncan realizes he should have listened. Duncan will have to put in quite an effort to retrieve the bell – which has become dangerously stuck in a tree. Any second, it could fall.
Thomas' Tricky Tree

7 - Thomas' Tricky Tree 02006-10-05

When Thomas arrives at the Wharf and explains to Peter Sam and Duncan that he has been sent to collect a Christmas Tree from Sir Handel, the pair tease him, taking it that Thomas does not know what a Christmas Tree looks like. Thomas is absolutely fuming. He very well knows! So cross, Thomas becomes, he decides to accept help from no-one for the rest of the day. Before long, Thomas eyes a flatbed truck, on which a tarpaulin is covering what appears to be in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Thomas hastily hauls it away, but it’s no Christmas Tree under there, as he finds just down the line…
Toby's Afternoon Off

8 - Toby's Afternoon Off 02006-10-05

Toby thinks he has the afternoon off, and so plans to visit the farmyard and see the animals, which he enjoys greatly. But Toby is soon worried upon the Fat Controller assigning him three very important, and very out of the blue special trains. He couldn’t possibly make it in time to the farm now, or at least on his own. To try and still make it, Toby asks the other engines if they are able to help him out at all, but they are simply much too busy for the poor little Tram Engine. But with great luck for Toby, choppy seas delay one of the special deliveries till the next day, which means Toby will now make it to the farm, or so he thinks.
It's Good To Be Gordon

9 - It's Good To Be Gordon 02006-10-06

One more, just one more time is all Gordon needs to break his Express record. When he is given Henry’s special coal by mistake, he speaks not a word of it, thinking it will make him reach greater speeds. But when Henry’s firebox becomes blocked, due having to survive on regular coal, Gordon feels bad. He goes back to Henry, and swaps tenders with him, so Henry can puff along again with no trouble, even it means having to miss out on setting the Express record.
Seeing The Sights

10 - Seeing The Sights 02006-10-06

Thomas puffs wildly from stop to stop, leaving all the holidaymakers behind, to try and prove he can be speedy too, upon Gordon saying he would be able to do the run much quicker. Bertie the Bus observes the stranded passengers, and takes it in his stride to collect them all and get them to Thomas before it’s too late.
Fearless Freddie

11 - Fearless Freddie 02006-10-07

After several years, Fearless Freddie the Warhorse Engine, has come back to the Narrow Gauge Railway on Sodor. Freddie challenges brothers, Skarloey and Rheneas, to a race, boasting he is the fastest in the hills. But Freddie cheats and uses a shortcut route. When Skarloey and Rheneas challenge Freddie to race yet again, he takes another shortcut! But not only that, this time, in Rheneas’ desperation to get ahead of Freddie, he ends up running right off the rails. It will be up to Freddie to help Rheneas get his wheels back on the rails again.
Toby's New Shed

12 - Toby's New Shed 02006-10-07

At Arlesdale End, Toby’s shed roof is leaking. Thomas thinks it would make Toby most happy if the roof was fixed, and so gets down to sorting out a new roof being built for the Tram Engine. But to Thomas’ surprise, upon Toby’s seeing the new roof, he is most distraught. What could possibly be tugging at Toby?
Big Strong Henry

13 - Big Strong Henry 02006-10-08

Sodor is in the grip of winter. Farmer McColl needs an engine to haul some heavy goods for him, and when Gordon ends up being assigned to the task, of which he is most boastful about, Henry is sad he wasn’t given a chance. The engines, not pleased with Gordon’s pompousness, tell him that Henry could do just as good a job, giving him the title: ‘Big Strong Henry’. But Henry is concerned. Will he be able to live up to such a title?
Sticky Toffee Thomas

14 - Sticky Toffee Thomas 02006-10-08

A fancy dress party is being held for some children, where Thomas shall be giving them rides. Thomas wonders deeply about what he could possibly wear as a costume. Upon being given a good clean at the Washdown, Thomas comes up with the idea of going as a giant bubble bath! But his “bubble” is soon burst when he ends up crashing into Toby the Tram Engine, due not being able to see through the soap in his eyes! After two more incidents still, the first involving getting cloaked in toffee apple and the other getting covered in leaves and nasty branches, Thomas is in quite a state. But little does he know that his state will turn out all for the better.
Which Way Now?

15 - Which Way Now? 02006-10-09

Rusty is very hasty, and tells the workmen he is taking around to get their direction sign painting done as quickly as possible at the various locations. Rusty then takes the Fat Controller and his family down the line for a walk around the mountains. They are supposed to meet him back at the tea rooms, but when they do not return, Rusty grows concerned and goes out of his way to look for them. When Rusty finds several people at all the wrong places as he goes along, he realizes that it must be the direction signs that are causing all the bother!
Thomas & The Shooting Star

16 - Thomas & The Shooting Star 02006-10-09

Thomas is taking some engineers to the Power Station, but at the same time really wants to see a special shooting star, which will be showing itself up in the sky anytime now. Not wanting to miss it, Thomas makes sure to only travel down lines which will not block his vision of the sky. But this means not taking the quickest route possible to the Power Station, which is in no way a good thing.
Edward Strikes Out

17 - Edward Strikes Out 02006-10-10

Edward doesn’t think too highly of a new rail crane who has arrived on the Island of Sodor, named Rocky. The crane does not have the ability to drive, due having no engine or the like. When Harvey is later unable to clear some pipes off the line in time that Edward spilled, Gordon ends up running right over them, thus, resulting in a terrible crash. Harvey may be a strong crane engine, but not quite strong enough to lift a big engine such as Gordon. It will now be up to Edward to inform Rocky he is needed.
Topped Off Thomas

18 - Topped Off Thomas 02006-10-10

Upon challenging Spencer the Streamliner to a bit of a race, Thomas ends up whizzing through Kellsthorpe station so fast he causes a strong gust that blows the Fat Controller’s hat clean away. Thomas takes it in his stride to try and get the top hat back, but on each occasion he nears it, the hat decides to blow away! Thomas will have to try another method of attack.
Wharf & Peace

19 - Wharf & Peace 02006-10-11

Poor Skarloey. He absolutely hates the Wharf as it’s so loud and he doesn’t know a soul there. James teases Skarloey even, calling him a ‘scaredy engine’ upon the Troublesome Trucks giving the little chap a start. Skarloey wonders if he really is a ‘scaredy engine’. But after three brave acts throughout the day involving Rusty, Duncan and Rheneas, he soon realizes that perhaps what James said was quite unfair.
Thomas' Frosty Friend

20 - Thomas' Frosty Friend 02006-10-11

High winds cause a giant balloon of a snowman to attach itself to one of Thomas’ buffers. A great deal of folk attempt to tell Thomas how it has managed to get itself stuck on him, but to no avail. Thomas simply won’t listen, as he is much too concerned about getting his job done of bringing timber to Farmer McColl.
Emily & The Special Coaches

21 - Emily & The Special Coaches 02006-10-12

Gordon has finally beaten the Express record, and will be given a special set of coaches at a big ceremony to be held for him. Diesel, though, isn’t exactly overjoyed about Gordon’s achievement, upon hearing from Emily, who is most rude to him indeed. So Diesel decides to go and hide Gordon’s special set of coaches…
Thomas & The Colours

22 - Thomas & The Colours 02006-10-12

James is all decked up in flags and bunting in the colours of the Sodor School football team, as he will be pulling the team train. Jealous Thomas wanted to be given such a job, and so tricks James into puffing down an old, disused line, causing James’ splendid decorations to be torn to pieces! Thomas will have to put in a big effort to put things right once more.
Thomas & The Birthday Mail

23 - Thomas & The Birthday Mail 02006-10-13

On the way to delivering some birthday mail to Alice, who lives at High Farm, Thomas meets Rosie, a young tank engine, who absolutely idolizes him. Thomas becomes very angry when Rosie tries to follow him down the line to High Farm, and so attempts to lose her. But when Thomas ends up in a tremendous landslide, Rosie of course soon catches up with him. Will Thomas accept the young lass’ help?
Duncan's Bluff

24 - Duncan's Bluff 02006-10-13

Villagers, high up in the hills, need plenty of coal as Sodor is in the deep of winter. Duncan is taking coal there from the Wharf, which James delivers. For a lark, Duncan says he will race James. If Duncan delivers the coal first, he wins. If James arrives with more coal first, he wins. So, just who will win? Well, it certainly wouldn’t seem to be James when Duncan resorts to a spot of cheating…
Missing Trucks

25 - Missing Trucks 02006-10-14

In an act of kindness to his brother, Rheneas decides to pull Skarloey’s trucks for him as he is most busy. But Rheneas also has his own load to take, and finds that it’s simply all too much on him, upon attempting to climb a difficult hill. So Rheneas parks Skarloey’s trucks in a siding, and simply delivers his own load first. When he returns for Skarloey’s lot, it has disappeared!
Thomas & The Treasure

26 - Thomas & The Treasure 02006-10-14

A Maritime Museum is to be opened on Sodor, by an Admiral. When Thomas picks him up from Brendam Docks, Salty tells Thomas the story about long lost treasure belonging to pirates, and also gives the clues as to where it has been buried somewhere on the Island. Unfortunately for the Admiral, this means he will be late for the opening, as Thomas becomes simply enraptured by the idea and can’t stop thinking about it for the whole journey! Most annoyed by distracted little Thomas terribly delaying the Admiral, the Fat Controller arranges for him to be transported by Harold the Helicopter instead. Despite this, Thomas decides he will find that treasure.
James The Second Best

27 - James The Second Best 02006-10-15

A Railway Poster is to be produced, and the Fat Controller needs an engine to be the centre of it – and that engine is decided to be Edward. James is most jealous of Edward when he learns of the news. He wanted to be the engine on that poster. So James decides to try and prove to the Fat Controller that it should be him, and not Edward, who gets the gig.
Thomas & Skarloey's Big Day Out

28 - Thomas & Skarloey's Big Day Out 02006-10-15

Skarloey is in dire need of repairs, but the workshop is all the way over on the other side of Sodor. Thomas kindly comes forward, in that he will transport Skarloey there. Once Skarloey is on a flatbed truck, the Thin Controller warns Thomas about its coupling, as it could easily come loose. Skarloey is feeling very miserable, so Thomas tries as hard as he can to make the little chap feel better, by showing him sights around the island. When none of his efforts seem to work, Thomas comes up with the idea of showing Skarloey the view from the peak of Gordon’s Hill, but he has forgotten about that flatbed’s coupling…
Season 11 2007 | 26 Episodes

Season 11 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 03, 2007.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the eleventh series of this show, which was first broadcast in 2007. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrates the episodes for the US audiences. Starting in this Series, the theme song is sung by the kids from the "Thomas and Friends" suite. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath. This was Christopher Skala's first series as executive producer. This is the last Series to be distributed by CPTV.

Thomas & The Storyteller

1 - Thomas & The Storyteller 02007-09-03

Thomas is chosen to show a storyteller around Sodor so she can write a story in time for the new library opening. However, a series of bad incidents for his friends could ruin the story!
Emily's Rubbish

2 - Emily's Rubbish 02007-09-03

Emily has a friend named Whiff, and he likes collecting garbage. But all the engines tease her and she decides to take care of the garbage on her own. But they are too heavy and she asks the other engines for help, but they refuse. She knows only one engine who will help. Whiff.
Dream On

3 - Dream On 02007-09-04

Spencer returns to Sodor and Thomas had to help him out. But the speedy engine gets on his nerves and Thomas tries to prove he is faster, stronger and shinier than him.
Dirty Work

4 - Dirty Work 02007-09-04

When James is chosen to take the Mayor of Sodor to the Festival of Lights at the Scottish Castle, he ignores his friends to get ready. However, will he go on if no one is there to watch him?
Hector The Horrid!

5 - Hector The Horrid! 02007-09-05

Thomas is shocked when a large hopper named Hector arrives at the coaling plant and he is too afraid to fill him up. But when he resorts to violence, will he discover Hector's true colours?
Gordon & The Engineer

6 - Gordon & The Engineer 02007-09-05

Speedy yet impatient, Gordon is sent to collect an engineer to repair a damaged set of points. But his race to get the job done only causes more drama for him and the other engines!
Thomas & The Spaceship

7 - Thomas & The Spaceship 02007-09-06

Percy sees some flashing lights in the sky and is convinced they are a spaceship. Thomas decides to find them for himself and forgets to deliver the mail.
Henry's Lucky Day

8 - Henry's Lucky Day 02007-09-06

After a great day with certain trucks, Henry believes that they are lucky. However, when Edward accidentally takes them, the green engine chases after him, determined to get his luck back.
Thomas & The Lighthouse

9 - Thomas & The Lighthouse 02007-09-07

A fireworks display is to be held but Thomas has to take a new light bulb to the lighthouse. But his hurry to see the fireworks causes trouble when he approaches a damaged line!
Thomas & The Big Bang

10 - Thomas & The Big Bang 02007-09-07

Thomas is given a new whistle and he decides to play jokes on the Narrow Gauge engines with it. Soon, all of the little engines start joining in and playing jokes on each other while not doing their work. Will Mr. Percival find this funny?
Smoke & Mirrors

11 - Smoke & Mirrors 02007-09-08

Thomas is asked to find items for a magic show, but he daydreams about it and he accidentally collects the wrong ones. Will he be a part of the show now?
Thomas Sets Sail

12 - Thomas Sets Sail 02007-09-08

Thomas is asked to collect the Mayor's new sailboat and bring it to the Harbor. But Thomas doubts the strong winds which give him a wild and disastorous ride around the island!
Don't Be Silly, Billy

13 - Don't Be Silly, Billy 02007-09-09

A new engine known as Silly Billy arrives and Thomas has to show him around. But Billy finds him to be bossy and decides to find his own way around, with disastorous consequences.
Edward & The Mail

14 - Edward & The Mail 02007-09-09

Edward is asked to step in and take the mail while Percy was away. However, he has no idea what to do and decides not to ask for help, resulting in disaster.
Hide & Peep

15 - Hide & Peep 02007-09-10

While waiting for a delivery, Thomas and Percy play Hide and Peep. But when Thomas cheats in the first game, Percy ignores Thomas, even when their delivery arrives!
Toby's Triumph

16 - Toby's Triumph 02007-09-10

Toby's wise nature is dropped when he is chosen to take Alicia Botti and worries about causing trouble. How right he is!
Thomas & The Runaway Car

17 - Thomas & The Runaway Car 02007-09-11

Thomas feels proud to take The Fat Controller's new car to a Car Show. However, Gordon challenges Thomas to a race and a loose coupling gives them a whole chase!
Thomas In Trouble

18 - Thomas In Trouble 02007-09-11

James teases Thomas that he'll miss taking the choir as he is having a fitter's check. Indignant, Thomas decides to leave a bit too early...
Thomas & The Stinky Cheese

19 - Thomas & The Stinky Cheese 02007-09-12

Thomas is indignant when the diesels call him a 'stinky steamie'. But his determination to prove them wrong gets him into trouble when he is asked to make a delievery of cheese to the docks.
Percy & The Left Luggage

20 - Percy & The Left Luggage 02007-09-12

Percy has three important jobs to do, but decides to leave delivering Dowager Hatt's luggage for last. However, he runs late and must hurry to save his own bunker!
Duncan Does It All

21 - Duncan Does It All 02007-10-22

Duncan becomes fed up with his straw deliveries so he decides to find a more important job. When he does neither of his new jobs properly, Rusty and Skarloey get the blame.
Sir Handel In Charge

22 - Sir Handel In Charge 02007-10-22

Mr. Percival asks Sir Handel to ensure that a train full of logs is ready for Thomas to collect by getting the very first engines he sees to help him but will Sir Handel listen?
Cool Truckings

23 - Cool Truckings 02007-10-22

Madge learns that slow and careful is the best way to be, when having fun in the snow turns into a hazardous activity.

24 - Ding-A-Ling 02007-10-22

Mr Percival, The Narrow Gauge Controller, has a new bicycle - but it's missing a bell. Freddie becomes determined to find one, trying out a cow bell and some clowns bells until he eventually finds the perfect bell to use.
Skarloey Storms Through

25 - Skarloey Storms Through 02007-10-22

The winter weather causes a huge storm and Skarloey is asked by a farmer to help rescue the sheep. But the lightning frightens Skarloey and he lets his friends do the work, which only leads to disaster.
Wash Behind Your Buffers

26 - Wash Behind Your Buffers 02007-10-22

When the Engine and Car Rally comes around, Madge cares more about making sure the engines are clean than taking the Brass Band. But her mothering causes a lot of trouble!
Season 12 2008 | 20 Episodes

Season 12 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 01, 2008.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the twelfth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 2008. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrates the episodes for the US audiences. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath.

Thomas & The Billboard

1 - Thomas & The Billboard 02008-09-01

It's Knapford Station's birthday and all the engines are preparing for the festivities. When a photographer comes to photograph the engines for a billboard Diesel accidentally obscures Thomas; Thomas thinks this was on purpose and is so distracted he goes the wrong way and knocks the billboard over. This gives an opportunity for all the engines to be in a new photo, but when Diesel isn't told, he has to do all the others' jobs. Everything is soon rectified and the new photo is put up at Knapford.
Steady Eddie

2 - Steady Eddie 02008-09-02

Edward is told to take a brass wheel along the express line to the Waterworks, but opts to take the branch line so the people can see him. Although Edward is warned the line ahead is bumpy, he continues onwards as the school is nearby. When the wheel begins to tear the rope, Edward goes up Gordon's Hill, but then the wheel rolls off to the Smelters. Edward saves it just in time and has it chained on so it won't fall off.
Rosie's Funfair Special

3 - Rosie's Funfair Special 02008-09-03

The carnival is coming to Sodor again, and Rosie wants to pull the train, but she is told to be the back engine for Emily. Rosie decides to take the train so that Emily can do her other jobs, but the couplings keep breaking and crashing- unbeknownst to Rosie
Mountain Marvel

4 - Mountain Marvel 02008-09-04

Peter Sam rushes his jobs in order to hear a tale about Proteus from the famous storyteller, Miss Marvel and crashes into a statue of Proteus! He tries to bring the statue to storytelling and redirects his friends, but his carelessness leads to trouble.
Henry Gets It Wrong

5 - Henry Gets It Wrong 02008-09-05

A storm has hit the wishing tree, so some woodsmen are to be brought to the island to prop up the tree. But Henry thinks that the woodsmen are chopping the tree down. So he takes Toby, Thomas, Percy and Emily's loads to block the lines, leading to the tree. Harold eventually informs Henry that the woodsmen want to save the tree, so Henry delivers the loads to their destinations, and the woodsmen arrive at the forest to save the tree, with some help from Henry.
Heave Ho Thomas!

6 - Heave Ho Thomas! 02008-09-08

When a big, brash engine called Hank offers to help Thomas with his chores, the little engine shrugs off his assistance.
Toby's Special Surprise

7 - Toby's Special Surprise 02008-09-09

Toby wants to make an impression by searching the island for something special. But when Toby is taking workmen to Great Waterton, he spends to much time looking for something special, he eventually runs out of coal. But when he finds a metal piece lying beside the track, Rocky lifts it of the ground and Toby finds the sign of the 'Great Waterton Tram Shed'.
Excellent Emily

8 - Excellent Emily 02008-09-10

Emily is the only one who finishes her jobs on time, and thus is called "Excellent" by the Fat Controller. She is then given a job to take Trevor from Farmer McColl's farm, to the Airport to clear some rubble before Jeremy the Jet Plane lands, who is carrying The Fat Controller's Mother. Murdoch, Thomas and Duck inform Emily that some tracks are not safe, Emily ignores them, which lands her into trouble when he track on a muddy dip, sinks. Murdoch helps her out and Emily, who arrives at Farmer McColl's to take Trevor, now asks Murdoch to use which tracks, and delivers Trevor just in time, as Jeremy descends onto the Airport, with The Fat Controller's Mother.
The Party Surprise

9 - The Party Surprise 02008-09-11

Freddie decides to organize a winter party at the wharf instead of at Mr. Percival's house, so that Colin the Crane can join in, but neglects to tell Mr. Percival and so the equipment is loaded onto a barge. Freddie eventually tells Mr. Percival about the rearranged party, to which Mr. Percival agrees on. Freddie stops the barge just in time and the party is now on the Wharf. Colin thanks Freddie for his help.
Saved You!

10 - Saved You! 02008-09-12

Thomas has to take a fireman to Maithwaite for a medal ceremony and decides to try and help the engines on the way - although all his attempts end in failure, when Rocky drops a water tower, Harvey goes down the wrong line and Gordon can't find Toby. Thomas asks Percy to collect the fireman and sorts out the mistakes that he has made. He finds Bertie, broken down on a muddy road and agrees to take children to the medal ceremony. Thomas feels that he is now a real hero.
Duncan & The Hot Air Balloon

11 - Duncan & The Hot Air Balloon 02008-09-15

It's the Percival twin's birthday, and Duncan is to give them a special birthday ride, just as he always does. Duncan is getting his special birthday flag fitted, just as the Thin Controller, Mr. Percival, arrives with news. He asks Duncan to collect a hot air balloon from the Transfer Yards. The twins will be getting a ride in a hot air balloon for their birthday.
James Works It Out

12 - James Works It Out 02008-09-16

It's winter on the Island of Sodor and James, Thomas and Stanley are shunting trucks at the yard. James shows off that he can shunt Hector to the back of his train. He puffs away with his trucks, which he has to take to Great Waterton. On the way he Harold tells James that he has to take the longer route. But James gets cross and takes the snowy track. He takes the wrong route when he sees Edward who tells James to take the longer route. But James doesn't listen and Hector tells James what to do. He doesn't listen again and his trucks gets stuck in the snow. So this time, James does listen to Hector and make his trucks go through the snow. He, Hector and the Trucks, soon make it to Great Waterton.
Tram Trouble

13 - Tram Trouble 02008-09-17

Toby is the first to lead Great Waterton and Thomas is pleased for his friend. But when he arrives at Great Waterton he is surprised to see a new steam tram, Flora. He feels Toby will be upset so tries to keep her away from Toby. She soon runs out of coal and then Toby reveals he was nervous about leading the parade alone, so Thomas then has to put things right.
Don't Go Back

14 - Don't Go Back 02008-09-18

While working at the Quarry, Diesel challenges Thomas to race backwards around the Quarry, but causes Mavis, Arry and Bert to bump off the rails. Henry arrives to collect his trucks, which Thomas and Diesel were supposed to have loaded with Quarry stone. They eventually finish the job, then have one more race, forwards, as they arrive together at the finishing point.
Gordon Takes a Shortcut

15 - Gordon Takes a Shortcut 02008-09-19

Gordon boasts to Stanley that he never gets lost. He and Stanley must arrive at Great Waterton, whoever arrives first must take important people, and whoever arrives second must take workmen. Gordon wants to take the important people, so he takes some shortcuts, but gets lost while refusing to be helped by Duck, Oliver and Toad. After an accident with Ben's trucks of logs, which make their way down onto a line, he then asks Ben for help to take the right tracks, with the addition of Oliver, Toad and Duck. He arrives on the line to stop Stanley from hitting the logs, he succeeds, and Gordon now wants Stanley to take the important people.
The Man In The Hills

16 - The Man In The Hills 02008-09-22

Thomas and the narrow gauge engines must collect presents for Mr. Percival's birthday. Sir Handel is to tell Mr. Percival and everyone else his 'Man in the Hills' story. He tells the engines that the man is white and has never been found. Thomas believes that he can find him, but fails when presuming that the 'Man in the Hills' is a Baker, or a Miller. He then takes them back to make Mr. Percival's cake and tells Freddie to find the 'Man in the Hills'. Thomas soon finds that he is carved onto a hill for everyone to see. Everyone arrives for the party, as Sir Handel tells everyone his story about the 'Man in the Hills'
Thomas Puts The Brakes On

17 - Thomas Puts The Brakes On 02008-09-23

Thomas is worried about his brakes as they make funny noises. While ordered to deliver bricks for the repairing of the Sodor River Bridge, Thomas goes on a bumpy tracks which makes the bricks fall out of his trucks, Thomas doesn't know this, then while trying to brake on Gordon's hill, hits some emergency buffers, as more bricks fall off. Thomas finally makes his way to the bridge, but his brakes stop working all together and finds himself dangling on top of the gap of the bridge. With the help of Stanley, Rocky and Murdoch, they recover the bricks and Thomas has his brakes fixed at the yards. He comes back to the River Bridge to thank Stanley for his help.
Percy & The Bandstand

18 - Percy & The Bandstand 02008-09-24

A New Bandstand is being built at Great Waterton. Sir Topham orders Percy to collect Lady Hatt, but not tell her where she is going. But Lady Hatt asks Percy to take her to her favourite places.
Push Me, Pull You

19 - Push Me, Pull You 02008-09-25

The puppet show has arrived on Sodor and Skarloey is determined to pull the special train
Best Friends

20 - Best Friends 02008-09-26

Neville informs Thomas and Percy that the brass band is coming for a special concert. Thomas suggests that if Percy wants to collect the band then he should go to the washdown, but while Percy is away the Fat Controller arrives and asks Thomas to take the band. Thomas feels bad and tries to avoid Percy, but when he has to collect the band from Brendam he is found by Percy. Thomas, guilty, asks the Fat Controller to let Percy collect the band afterwards, and leaves to tell Percy of his plan. Percy and Thomas make up, and agree to never keep secrets from each other again.
Season 13 2010 | 20 Episodes

Season 13 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Jan 25, 2010.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the thirteenth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 2010. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrates the episodes for the US audiences. This was Marion Edwards' first series as executive producer. Following the release of feature-length special DVD Hero of the Rails in September 2009 and the theatrical and video releases of select episodes. This series introduces computer-generated imagery as a replacement for the show's long-standing model animation, as well as a voice cast rather than an individual actor's narration.

Creaky Cranky

1 - Creaky Cranky 02010-01-25

After Thomas teases him for creaking, Cranky boasts that he is stronger than the little tank engine. Thomas attempts to prove him wrong by bringing heavy loads for Cranky to lift. When that fails, he suggests that Cranky attempts to lift him, which ends in disaster.
The Lion Of Sodor

2 - The Lion Of Sodor 02010-01-26

Thomas is given the job of transporting a crate containing a very special statue called The Lion of Sodor. However, he thinks his cargo is a real lion, so he decides to take extra care of it. Throughout his journey to Knapford, Thomas decides to make sure that the lion is well fed and comfortable, so he collects syrup from Henry, fish from Edward, and straw from Toby, which are all placed inside the crate. When Thomas arrives at Knapford station, the crate is opened up and everyone is shocked to see the Lion of Sodor in a terrible mess.
Tickled Pink

3 - Tickled Pink 02010-01-27

James is sent to the Steamworks to have a new coat of paint. However, an emergency forces him to take a train before he has been finished, leaving him covered in his pink undercoat. Believing the others will laugh at him, James attempts to hide wherever he can.
Double Trouble

4 - Double Trouble 02010-01-28

It's the Fat Controller's birthday, and Thomas is sent to Maithwaite early to collect the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt to take them to the party. However, when Thomas arrives, he is very surprised to see the Fat Controller already there - and that he has a moustache and a strange change in personality.
Slippy Sodor

5 - Slippy Sodor 02010-01-29

Thomas has a cracked funnel and goes to the Sodor Steamworks for a replacement. The only funnel left is both strangely shaped and brightly coloured and Thomas feels embarrassed. This leads to more problems when he is asked to take some bubble liquid to Mr Bubbles' clown show.
The Early Bird

6 - The Early Bird 02010-02-01

Percy is at the Sodor Steamworks for repairs, so the Fat Controller puts Thomas in charge of the mail run. Thomas is excited about doing it and ignores Gordon's advice to ask Percy how he does it. Attempting on his own, Thomas makes the crucial mistake of whistling loudly, disturbing the sleep of others.
Play Time

7 - Play Time 02010-02-02

Thomas is going to the docks to collect Alicia Botti when Percy tells him about a new engine named Charlie - "The most fun engine ever!" When Thomas meets Charlie, he decides to prove how fun he really is.
Thomas & The Pigs

8 - Thomas & The Pigs 02010-02-03

Farmer Trotter asks Thomas to collect some straw for the piglets, which are soon to be born. But on the way, Thomas sees other things he thinks the piglets will like. He collects so much of them that he runs out of room on his flatbeds to put straw on.
Time For A Story

9 - Time For A Story 02010-02-04

Thomas is taking trucks full of books to the library for the children's storytime, but he is in such a hurry he doesn't see the warnings about trackworks. When the trucks are derailed and the books are scattered in a field, Thomas must come up with an idea to save storytime.
Percy's Parcel

10 - Percy's Parcel 02010-02-05

It is Dowager Hatt's birthday and Percy feels upset when The Fat Controller doesn't give him an important job. After being comforted by Mavis, Percy is given an important job - to deliver a parcel to Knapford Station. Because she told him to do so, however, he goes to show Mavis first.
Toby's New Whistle

11 - Toby's New Whistle 02010-02-08

Toby's bell is broken, and as there are none spare, he has to make do with a whistle instead. Toby is even more put off when James explains that it is a very loud 3-chime steam whistle, as the old tram engine hates loud noises.
A Blooming Mess

12 - A Blooming Mess 02010-02-09

Knapford Station is being redecorated. When Mavis does not say hello, Emily assumes she is sad and chuffs to the quarry to cheer her up with some of the new flowers, only to cause Edward and Thomas to crash.
Thomas & The Runaway Kite

13 - Thomas & The Runaway Kite 02010-02-10

It is the day of the Sodor Kite Festival and Thomas must collect the winner's cup. However, he ends up taking a detour when Stephen and Bridget Hatt lose their kite, which he offers to catch, ignoring his friend's offers to help whilst doing so.
Steamy Sodor

14 - Steamy Sodor 02010-02-11

While Victor is visiting the narrow gauge engines at the Transfer Yards, Thomas is put in charge of the Sodor Steamworks. Thomas feels very excited; so excited in fact that he doesn't listen to Victor's instructions to ask the engines about their problems or to ask for advice from Kevin. As a result, he ignores the engines and confuses Kevin so much, he ends up making a mess of the Steamworks.
Splish, Splash, Splosh!

15 - Splish, Splash, Splosh! 02010-02-12

Thomas has invented a new game called "Splish, Splash, Splosh!", which involves running through puddles and splashing other engines. When he is given an important job, he finds himself unable to resist playing it again, but not every engine he passes finds it fun.
The Biggest Present Of All

16 - The Biggest Present Of All 02010-02-15

All the engines on the Island of Sodor are very excited. Hiro is returning for a visit, and to help with the summer holiday makers. The Fat Controller is throwing a surprise welcome party at Knapford for Hiro, and tells Thomas to tell all the other engines. But Thomas' mind isn't on the party; he wants to get Hiro a wonderful gift to celebrate his visit. Thomas puffs all around the island, trying to find something special for Hiro. Later, Thomas arrives at Knapford, but no one is there, as Thomas hadn't told anybody about the party. Thomas quickly races around the island, and all soon arrive at Knapford. Thomas apologizes for not finding a gift, but Hiro insists that the best present of all, was having all of his friends together.
Snow Tracks

17 - Snow Tracks 02010-02-16

A snowstorm has covered Sodor, and Thomas and Gordon are given important jobs. While doing his job, Gordon decides to take the shorter, hilly route because he thinks he is special and stronger. He slips several times, spraying Spencer (who is there with the Duke & Dutchess Of Boxford on a visit) with snow and crashing into some slate cars. While climbing Gordon's Hill, he inadvertently creates a giant snowball that starts to roll back. It derails Thomas, who had been following him. While he's delivering his load, Gordon collects Rocky to put Thomas back on the rails. Then he helps Thomas do his job. That night, Gordon announces that no engine is special and they're all the best.
Henry's Good Deeds

18 - Henry's Good Deeds 02010-02-17

After Thomas performs a good deed for Farmer McColl, Henry, who is taking a nesting pole for a rare bird called the Sodor Warbler, decides to try and do a good deed too. However, all of his attempts go horribly wrong. In the end, however, he manages to do a good deed without even realising.
Buzzy Bees

19 - Buzzy Bees 02010-02-18

Thomas is given the task of delivering beehives to Farmer Trotter. He decides to take the route past a field of flowers, only for the bees to escape.
Hiro Helps Out

20 - Hiro Helps Out 02010-02-19

Hiro arrives at Knapford station to find the Fat Controller very busy; so busy in fact that the Fat Controller leaves his top-hat inside his office and bumps into the stationmaster and a porter. Edward arrives and, like Hiro, is quite worried about the Fat Controller's unusual behaviour. The Fat Controller has a meeting to attend with the Thin Controller and he doesn't listen to Edward who tries to ask him where to take his visitors from Brendam Docks. Hiro decides to help Edward, so as not to bother the Fat Controller and tells Edward to take his visitors to the hills. Later, Hiro finds Thomas taking tables and chairs, but he doesn't know where to take them; so Hiro tells Thomas to go and visit Farmer Trotter. Finally, Hiro finds Percy taking ducks, who want to go for a swim; so, Hiro tells Percy to take the Fenlan Track so that the ducks can have a swim. Hiro thinks he is doing a good job until he sees the Fat Controller, on his way back from the meeting looking very cross. Edward's visitors are suppose to be at the Town Hall for a concert; Thomas is suppose to be at the Town Hall with the tables and chairs; and Farmer McColl is waiting for his ducks. Hiro feels very bad and rather silly; he's hadn't been the "Master of the Railway" - he'd been the "Master of the Muddle"! Hiro tells the Fat Controller that he didn't want to bother him, and the Fat Controller reminds Hiro that he is in charge of the Railway. Hiro decides to sort out his muddle for the Fat Controller, so he tells Edward and Thomas to go to Knapford station where the Fat Controller will give them his orders. Then, he finds Percy, who can't get the ducks back inside their boxes. Using his whistle to make duck noises, Hiro helps Percy. Once Thomas, Edward and Percy are at Knapford, the Fat Controller tells them where to go, and Hiro promises himself always to be helpful to the Fat Controller - the right way in future.
Season 14 2010 | 20 Episodes

Season 14 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Oct 11, 2010.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the fourteenth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 2010. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrates the episodes for the US audiences.

Thomas' Tall Friend

1 - Thomas' Tall Friend 02010-10-11

Thomas is called upon to deliver a giraffe to the Animal Park, but he can't wait to show the giraffe to the children and leaves without waiting for the giraffe's keeper and soon runs into trouble. The giraffe will not follow Thomas' orders and will not lay down to go under a bridge.
James In The Dark

2 - James In The Dark 02010-10-12

James refuses to be fitted with an old-fashioned-looking lamp to help him see in the dark. However, the stubborn engine begins to regret his short-sighted decision when he is called upon to pick up opera singer Alicia Botti, the Mayor of Sodor, and the Brass Band for an evening concert, but accidentally collects Farmer Trotter, Farmer McColl, and their animals instead!
Pingy Pongy Pick Up

3 - Pingy Pongy Pick Up 02010-10-13

On the day of a special Sodor football tournament, all the engines are given important jobs - except Emily, who is tasked with picking up some dirty washing. Emily decides to ignore her role, until she realises that the washing is the Sodor team's kits!
Charlie & Eddie

4 - Charlie & Eddie 02010-10-14

Edward tries to show his friend Charlie that he is a really fun engine - to the detriment of his job. Edward spends the day larking around, but things go somewhat awry when he accidentally delivers the Fat Controller's car to the steam works instead of the mechanic at Mathwaite...
Toby & The Whistling Woods

5 - Toby & The Whistling Woods 02010-10-15

Toby must visit the summerhouse, which means traveling through the scary Whistling Woods. The brave little engine is determined to get through the woods without being frightened, until all kinds of noises send him steaming off in the opposite direction. Can Thomas and James help Toby conquer his fear?
Henry's Health & Safety

6 - Henry's Health & Safety 02010-10-18

Henry causes chaos on Sodor when he takes a piece of advice from Victor to heart. After a chat about the meaning of health and safety, Henry sets about interfering with everybody's jobs - and the Fat Controller finds little Percy suspended above the tracks for his own safety!
Diesel's Special Delivery

7 - Diesel's Special Delivery 02010-10-19

Diesel swaps his dull load of slate for a haul of shiny red apples in order to please Sodor's school children. But the youngsters are upset to find out that, because of Diesel's swap, their school's roof will leak.
Pop Goes Thomas

8 - Pop Goes Thomas 02010-10-20

Thomas is amused by the popping sounds coming from his fizzy load of lemonade, but when he delivers the cargo to a children's party, he discovers that the bottles are empty because of his antics. Can Thomas save the day?
Victor Says Yes

9 - Victor Says Yes 02010-10-21

Victor bites off more than he can chew when he agrees to fix almost every engine on Sodor in one day, but with Thomas's help, he learns that it is fine to say no sometimes.
Thomas In Charge

10 - Thomas In Charge 02010-10-22

The Island Inspector pays a visit to Sodor, but Thomas's ambitious plans to impress him lead to chaos and flying coal trucks!
Being Percy

11 - Being Percy 02010-10-25

Percy decides to imitate wise old Gordon in order to win the respect of the other engines, but Percy's plan backfires when he forgets to deliver the mail!
Merry Winter Wish

12 - Merry Winter Wish 02010-10-26

Thomas has a special delivery for the season - the Star of Knapford, a festive light that makes wishes come true! But, instead of taking the star straight to Knapford, he tries to grant all of his friend's wishes!
Thomas & The Snowman Party

13 - Thomas & The Snowman Party 02010-10-27

Thomas is anxious to help the children find some hats for their snowmen, so he decides to borrow some from the people of Sodor without asking permission first.
Thomas' Crazy Day

14 - Thomas' Crazy Day 02010-10-28

The Fat Controller enlists Thomas to teach the silly Logging Locos how to be useful, but he has already promised to play a game of hide and seek with Percy.
Jumping Jobi Wood!

15 - Jumping Jobi Wood! 02010-10-29

Thomas and Edward are ordered to collect some precious Jobi wood from Misty Island. Chaos ensues when Old Wheezy starts throwing the logs everywhere, but Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand save the day.
Thomas & Scruff

16 - Thomas & Scruff 02010-11-01

When new engine Scruff flees in terror because he is scared of getting cleaned, Thomas has to find a way to get him out from behind the bushes.
O The Indignity

17 - O The Indignity 02010-11-02

Gordon is horrified to be put in charge of Whiff's Waste Dump for the day. Worst still, engines who would defiantly laugh at him deliver rubbish to the dump. So he hides instead of doing his job.
Jitters & Japes

18 - Jitters & Japes 02010-11-03

Thomas is given the job of taking Dowager Hatt, on a tour of Misty Island but soon Dowager gets bored.
Merry Misty Island

19 - Merry Misty Island 02010-11-04

Dash, Bash and Ferdinand decide to throw a Christmas party, but before long the logging locos have caused chaos on Misty Island.
Henry's Magic Box

20 - Henry's Magic Box 02010-11-08

Henry is very excited when he is asked to deliver a special box to the middle of a field. What could it contain?
Season 15 2011 | 20 Episodes

Season 15 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Mar 01, 2011.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This was Christopher Skala's last series as executive producer. This article lists and details episodes from the fifteenth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 2011. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrates the episodes for the US audiences. Rupert Degas joins the voice cast.

Gordon & Ferdinand

1 - Gordon & Ferdinand 02011-03-01

The Fat Controller gives Ferdinand the honour of helping Gordon take the Lion of Sodor to the summerhouse. Gordon, however, gets very jealous, which causes a nasty accident on the track.
Toby & Bash

2 - Toby & Bash 02011-03-02

Bash is rewarded by the Fat Controller for being a Really Useful Engine. His prize is to spend the day with Toby. Bash enjoys himself so much that Toby thinks his friend would like to live on Sodor. Together, the pair set out to find Dash the perfect new home.
Emily & Dash

3 - Emily & Dash 02011-03-03

Emily is given the job of looking after Dash on a trip to the steam fair. Dash shows Emily how to make special tweeting noises with his whistle, but he does it so often, he runs out of fuel and gets stuck. Emily thoughtlessly goes on to the fair without him. Will she remember her job and come back?
Percy's New Friends

4 - Percy's New Friends 02011-03-04

Percy wants to make friends with the wild animals on Sodor, but they are frightened of him and run away. Percy realises that if he is gentle and quiet rather than fast and loud, he will stop scaring them - and he is soon covered in friendly animals.
Edward The Hero

5 - Edward The Hero 02011-03-07

Edward is given a special job to do, so he decides that he needs to become a hero like Henry. He soon discovers that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
James To The Rescue

6 - James To The Rescue 02011-03-08

James rejects Toby's help and refuses to work as part of a team when Gordon needs rescuing. However, James soon has to swallow his pride and ask Toby to assist him.
Happy Hiro

7 - Happy Hiro 02011-03-09

Thomas tries to cheer Hiro up when he sees that he does not look very happy. Hiro tells Thomas he is sad because he misses his home, so Thomas takes him on a trip to forget his woes.
Up, Up And Away

8 - Up, Up And Away 02011-03-10

Thomas and Percy are chosen to deliver a giant balloon. The wind on the coast track whips the balloon into the sky. Thomas and Percy wait for the balloon, but Gordon tells them it will not fly back, so the engines have to find another way of replacing it.
Henry's Happy Coal

9 - Henry's Happy Coal 02011-03-11

Henry is given the special task of taking a very important visitor around on a tour, but finds himself teased about the special coal he has to use.
Let It Snow

10 - Let It Snow 02011-03-14

Gordon and Thomas collect logs for an animal shelter and sing a song about snow in the hope that they can make snow clouds appear.
Surprise, Surprise

11 - Surprise, Surprise 02011-03-15

Thomas' must help his friends be repaired in time for the Christmas party.
Spencer The Grand

12 - Spencer The Grand 02011-03-16

It is a very foggy day and the engines are asked to stay put until the weather clears. However, Spencer and Percy do not heed the warning.
Stop That Bus!

13 - Stop That Bus! 02011-03-17

Thomas feels sorry for Bertie, so he takes him on a tour. Bertie then realizes that he needs to go and collect a group of people and cannot be late.
Stuck On You

14 - Stuck On You 02011-03-18

Thomas meets Butch, who has a magnet attached to his crane arm. However, he and Butch do not listen to Victor about how to use the magnet.
Big Belle

15 - Big Belle 02011-03-21

A new engine called Belle attempts to befriend Toby when she discovers that they have something in common. However, her bolshy behaviour overwhelms Toby.
Kevin The Steamie

16 - Kevin The Steamie 02011-03-22

When Kevin is left in charge of the Steamworks, he decides to use the space to practise his shunting skills with disastrous results!
Wonky Whistle

17 - Wonky Whistle 02011-03-23

Thomas's whistle is broken, so he goes to the Steamworks to have it repaired. However, he rushes off on a delivery before it is properly fixed.
Percy The Snowman

18 - Percy The Snowman 02011-03-24

Thomas is charged with the important task of transporting the Fat Controller to the town square to switch on the Christmas lights.
Tree Trouble

19 - Tree Trouble 02011-03-25

The steam engines compete against the diesels to find the best Christmas tree in Sodor. Can the trains transport the trees back to town in one piece?
Fiery Flynn

20 - Fiery Flynn 02011-03-28

A new enthusiastic fire truck called Flynn tries to impress the Diesels with his bravado, but his actions have potentially disastrous consequences.
Season 16 2012 | 20 Episodes

Season 16 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Feb 20, 2012.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry. This article lists and details episodes from the sixteenth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 2012. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrates the episodes for the US audiences, which was their last series. This series was the final series to have Sharon Miller and Sam Barlow as head writer and story executive and the final series for Nitrogen Studios. Some episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath.

Race To The Rescue

1 - Race To The Rescue 02012-02-20

Flynn is the Sodor Island fire engine and his wheels have been adapted so that he can roll on the road as well as on the train tracks. As he sets out on the road, he is nervous and his wheels wobble. Charlie chuffs by and makes fun of him leaving Flynn feeling silly. Rocky then tells Flynn that Sir Topham Hatt's shed is on fire. Flynn drives off, but instead of using the road which would be faster, he goes on the tracks so he will not be a "big red wobble on wheels".
Ol' Wheezy Wobbles

2 - Ol' Wheezy Wobbles 02012-02-21

Ol' Wheezy has stopped working. The Logging Locos don't know what to do, which makes Thomas want to help them. First he goes to the diesel works and asks Dart to come with him to help. After Dart's attempt, he gives up and returns to the works. Thomas then asks Den to come and help, but Den says he wouldn't leave without Dart. But Thomas ignores that fact. Back at Misty Island, Dart's attempt also fails. In the end Thomas realises that Den and Dart can manage things when working together.
Express Coming Through

3 - Express Coming Through 02012-02-22

Dowager Hatt is having a party for some important visitors, and Thomas is chosen to pull the express, which is harder than he expected.
Percy & The Monster Of Brendam

4 - Percy & The Monster Of Brendam 02012-02-23

Percy fears a monster may be near when the fog rolls in while he's waiting at Brendam Docks; Thomas is so intent on appearing in every shot of a "Great Railways of Sodor" book that he's unaware when Percy and James become derailed.
Ho Ho Snowman

5 - Ho Ho Snowman 02012-02-24

Charlie hides behind a snowman and as Henry passes Charlie pretends to be the former to help Henry appreciate snow.
Flash Bang Wallop!

6 - Flash Bang Wallop! 02012-02-27

A photographer wants to take some pictures of the engines for a book, and Thomas wants to be in as many photos as he can, but he ends up causing many of his friends to have accidents, and suddenly the photographer's camera drops onto the tracks and gets smashed. Thomas races to the docks to get the spare camera, and helps his friends at the same time. Eventually, everything is put right again.
Thomas & The Rubbish Train

7 - Thomas & The Rubbish Train 02012-02-28

Thomas helps Whiff pull a train to the waste dump, but ends up causing an accident when he tries to get the job done faster.
Thomas Toots The Crows

8 - Thomas Toots The Crows 02012-02-29

Thomas tries to help keep the crows off Farmer McColl's seeds.
Bust My Buffers

9 - Bust My Buffers 02012-03-01

Gordon's bufferbeam is broken and he is given a diesel's bufferbeam, much to his dismay.
Percy & The Calliope

10 - Percy & The Calliope 02012-03-02

Percy tries to save an old calliope from the Smelter's Yard.
Thomas & The Sounds Of Sodor

11 - Thomas & The Sounds Of Sodor 02012-03-05

Thomas helps a famous composer look for inspiration for his new music.
Salty's Surprise

12 - Salty's Surprise 02012-03-06

Edward tries to find Salty a Christmas present after Salty says he has no time for the holidays.
Sodor Surprise Day

13 - Sodor Surprise Day 02012-03-07

Thomas tries to get Gordon to have fun on Sodor Surprise Day, but ruins the fireworks Gordon was supposed to collect instead.
Emily's Winter Party Special

14 - Emily's Winter Party Special 02012-03-08

Sir Topham Hatt tells Emily that she can pull the Winter Special if she finds his top hat.
Muddy Matters

15 - Muddy Matters 02012-03-09

James gets to take Farmer McCole's sheep to a festival, and finds himself needing to make the decision of going onto muddy tracks or risk the chance on old or alternative tracks. When he realises he is running late, he takes the chance and takes the easiest way through muddy tracks. The photographer takes the photo at the festival, stating that "that's a really useful engine" because James worked hard, even though he got muddy.
Whiff's Wish

16 - Whiff's Wish 02012-03-12

Whiff wishes that he was as grand as Spencer, and tries to implement the advice that Spencer gave him.
Welcome Stafford!

17 - Welcome Stafford! 02012-03-13

Spencer shows Stafford, the new electric shunting engine, around Sodor, but ignores a warning that Stafford's batteries could run out.
Don't Bother Victor!

18 - Don't Bother Victor! 02012-03-14

The Thin Controller leaves Peter Sam in charge of the Narrow Gauge Railway, telling him not to bother Victor during his visit.
Happy Birthday Sir!

19 - Happy Birthday Sir! 02012-03-15

Thomas and Winston attempt to restore an open-top carriage for Sir Topham Hatt's birthday.
Christmas Tree Express

20 - Christmas Tree Express 02012-12-25

Toby takes Rheneas to Misty Island to find the perfect Christmas tree.
Season 17 2013 | 26 Episodes

Season 17 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Jun 03, 2013.

The seventeenth season of the television series premiered in the UK on June 3rd, 2013. It then stopped airing after ten episodes and resumed airing on September 30th, 2013. It stopped again after a week of episodes. One episode aired on November 5th and four more aired in December. The remaining six episodes went straight to DVD in the UK and US in March 2014. Four of the final episodes aired on July 5th and 6th in the UK. In the US, the season started airing on October 17th. This season is the first of a new writing style for the series and ran for twenty-six episodes.

Kevin's Cranky Friend

1 - Kevin's Cranky Friend 02013-06-03

Sir Topham Hatt sends Kevin to the docks to help Cranky, but Cranky does not want any help.
Scruff's Makeover

2 - Scruff's Makeover 02013-06-04

After being sent to be cleaned and repainted, Scruff does not want to work at the waste dump because he does not want to get dirty again.
Wayward Winston

3 - Wayward Winston 02013-06-05

After Sir Topham Hatt forgets to put Winston's brake on, Winston begins to roll away without a driver. He enjoys it at first, but he soon realizes why he needs to have a driver.
Gordon Runs Dry

4 - Gordon Runs Dry 02013-06-06

Gordon has a leak in his boiler, making him have to stop for water more frequently.
Calm Down Caitlin

5 - Calm Down Caitlin 02013-06-07

Catlin spends a night on Sodor while the bridge that connects the island with the mainland is being repaired.
Steamie Stafford

6 - Steamie Stafford 02013-06-10

Upset that he doesn't make much noise being an electric engine, Stafford starts imitating a steam engine.
Henry's Hero

7 - Henry's Hero 02013-06-11

Henry and Hiro take on some of the bad coal and start puffing black smoke.
Luke's New Friend

8 - Luke's New Friend 02013-06-12

Up at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Luke finds a scared young deer, so he tries to get the other engines to work quietly. But that is not an easy thing to do.
The Switch

9 - The Switch 02013-06-13

When Luke is sent to Ulfstead Castle to deliver stone, he meets Millie, the Earl's private narrow gauge engine. They decide to switch jobs for the day.
Not Now, Charlie!

10 - Not Now, Charlie! 02013-06-14

Charlie is a small purple engine who likes to tell jokes. One day Charlie discovers an elephant on the line and tries to alert the other engines.
The Lost Puff

11 - The Lost Puff 02013-09-30

Paxton hears Thomas has lost his puff but misunderstands what it means.
The Thomas Way

12 - The Thomas Way 02013-10-01

Duck and Thomas take Harold to the Sodor Search and Rescue but argue which route to take him.
The Phantom Express

13 - The Phantom Express 02013-10-02

James tells Percy a tale to try and scare him about a ghost at Ulfstead Castle.
Percy's Lucky Day

14 - Percy's Lucky Day 02013-10-03

Percy gets the feeling he is having bad luck and tries to change it.
Bill Or Ben?

15 - Bill Or Ben? 02013-10-04

Bill and Ben meet Connor for the first time and decide to trick him.
Too Many Fire Engines

16 - Too Many Fire Engines 02013-11-04

With two fire engines, there is the rumour that there are too many.
No Snow For Thomas

17 - No Snow For Thomas 02013-11-05

Thomas refuses to wear his snowplough and leaves it.
Santa's Little Engine

18 - Santa's Little Engine 02013-12-01

The Fat Controller is to dress up as Santa and ride a sleigh.
The Missing Christmas Decorations

19 - The Missing Christmas Decorations 02013-12-26

Diesel 10 decides to steal the Christmas decorations.
The Frozen Turntable

20 - The Frozen Turntable 02013-12-22

The turntable at Tidmouth Sheds is frozen leaving just one berth available.
Away From The Sea

21 - Away From The Sea 02013-12-23

Salty gets the feeling he is being replaced.
Gone Fishing

22 - Gone Fishing 02013-12-24

Harvey is teased about his hook by Bill and Ben.
The Afternoon Tea Express

23 - The Afternoon Tea Express 02013-12-25

Stephen is collecting ingredients for afternoon tea.
The Smelly Kipper

24 - The Smelly Kipper 02013-12-27

Percy is teased by James for being scared of the dark.
No More Mr Nice Engine

25 - No More Mr Nice Engine 02013-12-28

Hiro is a strong and gentle engine but Diesel tries to teach him other ways.
Thomas' Shortcut

26 - Thomas' Shortcut 02013-12-28

Thomas and Bertie have a race but Bertie takes a shortcut.
Season 18 2014 | 26 Episodes

Season 18 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Aug 25, 2014.

The eighteenth season of the television series began airing on August 25th, 2014 in the UK and on November 4th, 2014 in the US. It contained twenty-six episodes. Like the seventeenth season, five episodes were released on DVD in the US before airing on television. It concluded in the UK on July 31st, 2015.

Old Reliable Edward

1 - Old Reliable Edward 02014-08-25

Gordon is always teasing Edward for being old and unreliable and never thanks him for helping him up the hill. One day, Thomas decides to play a trick on Gordon to give Edward the respect he deserves.
Not So Slow Coaches

2 - Not So Slow Coaches 02014-08-26

Annie and Clarabel are always complaining about Thomas' speed, until one day they are accidentally coupled to Caitlin. Can Thomas stop high-speed Caitlin before she takes his carriages to the Mainland?
Flatbeds Of Fear

3 - Flatbeds Of Fear 02014-08-27

After hearing an eerie noise at the docks, Salty tells Thomas that it's the "Flatbeds of Fear" looking for an engine to couple up to. The word spreads and soon Henry and Emily hear the spooky noise and are running scared.
Disappearing Diesels

4 - Disappearing Diesels 02014-08-28

Diesel gets all the other diesels to hide from Paxton who thinks they've all disappeared. Diesel gets carried away and takes the joke a bit too far, but despite this, Paxton still helps him when he runs out of fuel.
Signals Crossed

5 - Signals Crossed 02014-08-29

Toby is always worried about going through Knapford Junction. With the help of Henrietta and Thomas, Toby conquers his fear and is even responsible for spotting a faulty signal.
Toad's Adventure

6 - Toad's Adventure 02014-09-01

Toad is bored of listening to Oliver's stories and wants an adventure of his own. He gets his wish when some trucks break away on Gordon's Hill. Can Toad stop the trucks before they collide with Thomas?
Duck In The Water

7 - Duck In The Water 02014-09-02

James needs to rescue Duck from a flood. James collects Rocky, but doesn't wait for the crane's arm to be secured. Rocky's arm knocks over a signal which leads to all sorts of trouble.
Duck & The Slip Coaches

8 - Duck & The Slip Coaches 02014-09-03

It is high summer, when many tourists visit Sodor and The Fat Controller is concerned about getting them all to their destinations on time. Duck tells the other engines about the slip coaches they used on the Great Western Railway that can be uncoupled at stations without stopping. James then tells the Fat Controller and claims it as his idea. But James has never used slip coaches before and soon runs into trouble!
Thomas The Quarry Engine

9 - Thomas The Quarry Engine 02014-09-04

When Thomas and Diesel are sent to collect trucks from Farquhar Quarry, they argue about who should be the back engine.
Thomas & The Emergency Cable

10 - Thomas & The Emergency Cable 02014-09-05

Thomas is on his branch line when a passenger pulls the emergency cable and he has to stop quickly. However, it turns out not to be an emergency at all, but a bird watcher who has spotted a rare bird.
Duncan & The Grumpy Passenger

11 - Duncan & The Grumpy Passenger 02014-09-08

Duncan, the grumpiest engine on the narrow gauge railway, gets a taste of his own medicine when he receives a very grumpy passenger.
Marion & The Pipe

12 - Marion & The Pipe 02014-09-09

Marion uncovers what she thinks is the mast of a Viking ship while doing some repairs on an embankment. Thomas suspects that she may have hit a water pipe, but Marion is not so sure.
Missing Gator

13 - Missing Gator 02014-09-10

Percy misses his friend Gator and ends up rushing around as he tries to keep his mind occupied. He is so busy that he loses control of some trucks, which roll into an old mine.
No Steam Without Coal

14 - No Steam Without Coal 02014-09-11

Bill and Ben run out of coal during a shortage at Clay Pits and have to rely on Timothy, who runs on oil, to help them out.
Spencer's VIP

15 - Spencer's VIP 02014-09-12

Spencer brings a VIP back from the mainland, but is so intent on doing a good job that he does not notice that he has been sent down the wrong track.
Toad's Bright Idea

16 - Toad's Bright Idea 02014-09-15

It is a slow day for Gator when he finds himself sitting around with nothing to do. However when Oliver breaks down, Gator is more than happy to help.
Long Lost Friend

17 - Long Lost Friend 02014-12-23

Gator returns to the Island of Sodor after being away for a long time. He is looking forward to seeing his old friend Percy.
Last Train For Christmas

18 - Last Train For Christmas 02014-12-24

It's Christmas Eve and a lot of passengers are coming home to Sodor for the holidays. Connor can't carry all the passengers who are trying to get on his train.
Duncan The Humbug

19 - Duncan The Humbug 02014-12-25

Everyone is happy at Christmas time except for Duncan, the Scottish narrow gauge engine, who seems to be grumbling even more than usual.
The Perfect Gift

20 - The Perfect Gift 02014-12-26

The whole island is celebrating Christmas and there are decorations everywhere. But it doesn't look very Christmassy at the scrap yard. Percy starts to worry that Reg is missing out and he tries to find something to give Reg to cheer him up.
Emily Saves The World

21 - Emily Saves The World 02015-07-27

Emily has to take a giant globe to the animal park.
Timothy & The Rainbow Truck

22 - Timothy & The Rainbow Truck 02015-07-28

Bill & Ben trick Timothy into going on an island-wide search for a multi-colored truck. But when the oil-burning engine realizes he's been duped, Salty helps him find a clever way of making the twins trickery come back to bite them. Also known as "Timothy and the Rainbow Car".
Marion & The Dinosaurs

23 - Marion & The Dinosaurs 02015-07-29

Marion thinks she saw dinosaurs in the middle of the night, but passes it off as a dream. She then gets a real shock when they seem to be real.
Samson At Your Service

24 - Samson At Your Service 02015-07-30

After losing his way on his first day, new engine Samson has become a laughing stock amongst the engines. The strong little tank engine is determined to get through his day without making any mistakes, but has no such luck.
Samson Sent For Scrap

25 - Samson Sent For Scrap 02015-07-31

When Scruff breaks down, Samson is sent to help Harvey collect scrap from the lineside, but Samson takes his instructions a little too literally.
Millie & The Volcano

26 - Millie & The Volcano 02015-07-31

When Millie is startled by the head of a model dinosaur, Samson makes fun of her and the French narrow gauge engine is determined to get her own back.
Season 19 2015 | 26 Episodes

Season 19 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 21, 2015.

Who's Geoffrey?

1 - Who's Geoffrey? 02015-09-21

Thomas gets himself into trouble and blames a made up engine, by the name of Geoffrey. But when people and other engines around the island start asking to meet him, Sir Topham Hatt also wants to meet this so-called Geoffrey.
The Truth About Toby

2 - The Truth About Toby 02015-09-22

Toby accidentally runs out of coal at the scrapyards, leaving the engines to think he's going to be scrapped.
Lost Property

3 - Lost Property 02015-09-23

The Fat Controller is anxious as two grumpy inspectors have come to inspect the railway, starting with Thomas. To prevent an even worse report, Thomas helps return a lost pocket watch to the railway inspector.
Henry Spots Trouble

4 - Henry Spots Trouble 02015-09-24

After he sees the Fat Controller's grandchildren with chickenpox, Henry worries about catching the disease himself.
A Cranky Christmas

5 - A Cranky Christmas 02016-01-04

Thomas is sent to take a special crate to the Town Square from the docks, but Cranky accidentally drops it.
Snow Place Like Home

6 - Snow Place Like Home 02016-01-05

Kevin gets stuck out in the snow, and Victor goes out looking for him, despite his hatred of snow.
The Beast Of Sodor

7 - The Beast Of Sodor 02016-01-06

Henry becomes paranoid of meeting an abominable snowman after Spencer teases him about it.
Toad And The Whale

8 - Toad And The Whale 02016-03-14

Toad spots a stranded whale on the beach, but Oliver does not take him seriously.
Very Important Sheep

9 - Very Important Sheep 02016-03-15

Percy doesn't notice sheep jumping out of his cattle truck.
Salty All At Sea

10 - Salty All At Sea 02016-03-16

Salty's imagination runs away with him as he worries about going to the Mainland by sea.
Den and Dart

11 - Den and Dart 02016-03-17

Mavis has an accident at Anopha Quarry and is sent to the Dieselworks. Den is sent to take her place, while Dart has to stay at the Dieselworks. However, the two always work together and they fear to be without the other.
Helping Hiro

12 - Helping Hiro 02016-03-18

Thomas feels guilty about causing Hiro to have an accident. To make up for it, Thomas ventures into Hiro's old hideout to see if he can try to salvage some left behind parts.
Slow Stephen

13 - Slow Stephen 02016-07-11

Stephen is a slow engine, but one day, when the Sodor Suspension Bridge collapses, he has to stop Gordon from crossing the bridge before it's too late.
Two Wheels Good

14 - Two Wheels Good 02016-07-12

Thomas, Spencer, and Bertie argue over how many wheels are best.
Reds vs Blues

15 - Reds vs Blues 02016-07-13

Thomas and James compete with each other to see who can get their passengers and football teams to Dryaw first.
Best Engine Ever

16 - Best Engine Ever 02016-07-14

Emily idolises Caitlin when she sees how fast Caitlin can go.
The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead

17 - The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead 02016-07-15

A new diesel boxcab named Philip arrives. Loving to race, he thinks he's racing Gordon when in actuality Gordon never took part.
Philip To The Rescue

18 - Philip To The Rescue 02016-07-15

James is determined to prove himself stronger than Philip.
Diesel's Ghostly Christmas (Part 1)

19 - Diesel's Ghostly Christmas (Part 1) 02016-12-26

Diesel starts causing trouble at Christmas time and he gets visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Diesel's Ghostly Christmas (Part 2)

20 - Diesel's Ghostly Christmas (Part 2) 02016-12-26

Diesel now meets up with two other ghostly engines. The Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future, and he later finds the Fat Controller still at Knapford during the Earl's Christmas party at Ulfstead Castle.
Thomas The Babysitter

21 - Thomas The Babysitter 02017-03-06

A mother and her noisy baby want to have a ride on Thomas' train, but the baby keeps crying which irritates Thomas and the passengers.
Rocky Rescue

22 - Rocky Rescue 02017-03-06

Rocky ends up derailing and the Search and Rescue Team have to work together to put him back on the rails again.
The Other Side Of The Mountain

23 - The Other Side Of The Mountain 02017-03-07

Thomas discovers Bertie's been rerouted to behind the other side of the mountain, making Thomas curious as to what's there.
No Help At All

24 - No Help At All 02017-03-08

Bill and Ben say that Timothy is no help at all.
Goodbye Fat Controller

25 - Goodbye Fat Controller 02017-03-09

Percy overhears some workmen talking and thinks the Fat Controller is leaving Sodor. Also known as "Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt".
Wild Water Rescue

26 - Wild Water Rescue 02017-03-10

Diesel is jealous of Percy's job to collect the Mayor of Sodor, so he directs Percy to an old disused quarry while he takes him himself.
Season 20 2016 | 28 Episodes

Season 20 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Oct 21, 2016.

Sidney Sings

1 - Sidney Sings 02016-09-05

Sidney is a very forgetful diesel engine who decides to make up a song to help him remember a very important job.
Toby's New Friend

2 - Toby's New Friend 02016-09-06

Philip tries to befriend Toby the Tram Engine, thinking he is a diesel boxcab like himself. Unfortunately, young Philip and old Toby don't seem to like the same things.
Henry Gets The Express

3 - Henry Gets The Express 02016-09-07

Henry is given the job of pulling the express. Meanwhile, Gordon is reassigned to Henry's goods trains and he doesn't like it one bit.
Diesel & The Ducklings

4 - Diesel & The Ducklings 02016-09-08

Rough and tough Diesel shows that he's really a big softie when it comes to fluffy little ducklings.
Bradford The Brake Van

5 - Bradford The Brake Van 02016-09-09

Bradford is a very strict brakevan who abides by all the railway rules and regulations. As a result, the engines of Sodor find him very difficult to work with.
Saving Time

6 - Saving Time 02016-10-28

Samson takes as many trucks as he can of an important stone train to save time getting to the docks.
Ryan & Daisy

7 - Ryan & Daisy 02016-11-14

Daisy manipulates Ryan to get him to do her extra work, as well as his own.
Pouty James

8 - Pouty James 02016-11-15

James has to learn to change his showy attitude.
Blown Away

9 - Blown Away 02016-11-21

Skiff is helping prepare for a storm, but he himself is blown away down the track.
The Way She Does It

10 - The Way She Does It 02016-11-21

Daisy boasts about transporting an entertainers group.
Letters To Santa

11 - Letters To Santa 02016-10-18

Percy, with some help from Harold , deliver letters to the North Pole.
Love Me Tender

12 - Love Me Tender 02016-10-04

Donald and Douglas are twins and brothers. They sometimes argue, but in the end they end up the best of friends.
The Railcar & The Coaches

13 - The Railcar & The Coaches 02016-10-06

Annie and Clarabel learn that two wrongs don't make a right.
Mucking About

14 - Mucking About 02016-12-05

Thomas questions his friendship with Max and Monty after they repeatedly pull reckless and dangerous stunts.
Cautious Connor

15 - Cautious Connor 02016-12-05

Connor gets damaged when travelling at high speed and decides that he must go more slowly from now on.
All In Vain

16 - All In Vain 02017-01-16

James has to take the Mayor to Callan Castle, but is mortified when he finds a tiny scratch on his paintwork.
Buckled Tracks & Bumpy Trucks

17 - Buckled Tracks & Bumpy Trucks 02017-01-16

Everyone on Sodor struggles in the hot weather, Belle and Flynn were putting out fires while the Fat Controller was forced to wear a safari hat to keep himself cool. Also known as "Buckled Tracks & Bumpy Cars".
Tit For Tat

18 - Tit For Tat 02017-01-23

Bert is splashed by some visitors to the railway and is determined to get back at them.
Mike's Whistle

19 - Mike's Whistle 02017-01-23

After teasing Duck about his whistle, Mike boasts about his own.
Useful Railway

20 - Useful Railway 02017-01-30

Rex thinks pulling wool trains is an easy job, but he quickly discovers otherwise.
Henry In The Dark

21 - Henry In The Dark 02016-11-27

Henry is accidentally given paint that glows in the dark.
Three Steam Engines Gruff

22 - Three Steam Engines Gruff 02016-12-04

Thomas, Percy and Toby are frightened by a sound from under the bridge.
Engine Of The Future

23 - Engine Of The Future 02017-01-30

A different new engine arrives to the island and the other engines think he will replace them.
Hugo & The Airship

24 - Hugo & The Airship 02017-01-31

Hugo wishes he could fly like an airship that has been soaring over Sodor.
The Missing Breakdown Train

25 - The Missing Breakdown Train 02016-12-04

Judy and Jerome get their chance to be really useful again.
Skiff & The Mermaid

26 - Skiff & The Mermaid 02017-02-01

Skiff and the Fat Controller go on a wild adventure around Arlesburgh Harbour in search of a mermaid.
The Christmas Coffeepot

27 - The Christmas Coffeepot 02016-12-20

Marion discovers what she thinks is a talking Christmas tree, but it turns out to be Glynn the Coffeepot Engine who is restored and sent to work at Ulfstead Castle in time for the Earl's Christmas Party.
Over The Hill

28 - Over The Hill 02016-10-10

Stephen becomes jealous of all the attention received by Glynn at the castle.
Season 21 2017 | 18 Episodes

Season 21 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 18, 2017.

Springtime for Diesel

1 - Springtime for Diesel 02017-09-18

Diesel is always bumping into people and laughing, but when he does it to Daisy, her springs need fixing. In the Dieselworks, thinking that she is asleep, Diesel explains why he did it - it's his way of trying to make friends!
A Most Singular Engine

2 - A Most Singular Engine 02017-09-19

Diesel makes mischief between Daisy and Harvey by telling them both that the other is boasting of being unique. However, the two become friends while assisting each other on a job, and Diesel does not understand why.
Dowager Hatt's Busy Day

3 - Dowager Hatt's Busy Day 02017-09-20

While the Fat Controller is sick, his mother runs the railway and creates chaos by getting everyone to do the wrong jobs! Oblivious to all the mayhem, Dowager Hatt supervises the hanging baskets at Knapford Station - until Emily gets involved.
Stuck in Gear

4 - Stuck in Gear 02017-09-21

A branch gets stuck in the open gears of his crane, but Harvey is too shy to ask for help. Instead, he tries to fix it himself and ends up derailing himself inside a tunnel.
Runaway Engine

5 - Runaway Engine 02017-09-22

Millie is given extra work around the estate and gets agitated when Stephen and Glynn forget to clear up the garden waste. When Stephen also manages to hurt her feelings, and can't find her the next day to apologise, he thinks that she must have run away.
P.A. Problems

6 - P.A. Problems 02017-09-25

The Fat Controller splashes out on a new public address system, but the engines and passengers are struggling to hear the announcements. Holidaymakers end up at the quarry, quarry workers end up at the beach and Lord Callan ends up with an unexpected delivery of pigs!
Hasty Hannah

7 - Hasty Hannah 02017-09-26

While Henrietta is getting her seats refurbished, Toby is given a replacement carriage named Hannah. However, she is so headstrong and reckless that Toby gets fed up with her urging him to go faster and faster. But when he abandons her and she joins up with James, she learns to her cost that going too fast for a little carriage is not at all wise.
Cranky at the End of the Line

8 - Cranky at the End of the Line 02017-09-27

After Cranky is teased about his age, he works twice as hard and through the night to impress the Fat Controller. But the harder he works, the more mistakes he makes. When a big, new, shiny crane arrives, he thinks that his days at Brendam Docks are over!
New Crane on the Dock

9 - New Crane on the Dock 02017-09-28

Carly the new crane is so keen that she takes on all the work. After Cranky finds himself with nothing to do, he works harder and faster in a bid to keep up with her. But as the two cranes frantically try to outdo one another, their hooks become entangled and they find themselves stuck fast and unable to move...
Unscheduled Stops

10 - Unscheduled Stops 02017-09-29

When Bertie breaks down while they are racing, Thomas takes on his passengers. One elderly man says that Bertie always drops him off between stops. Soon Thomas is getting requests for lots of other unscheduled stops, which makes him run late and upsets his own passengers and the Fat Controller.
Phillip's Number

11 - Phillip's Number 02017-10-02

When he is teased about having 68 painted on his side, Philip tries to discover why he was given that number. Later, when he manages to avoid an accident after 68 sheep stray onto the line, Philip decides it is his lucky number!
The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor

12 - The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor 02017-10-03

When Rosie is painted red she is challenged to a race by fellow red engine James. A screeching sound leads Rosie to suggest that James should get his brakes checked, but he is too proud to do that, which leads to trouble.
A Shed for Edward

13 - A Shed for Edward 02017-10-04

When Edward's shed is being repaired he is first sent to Philip's shed, then the Steamworks, then Brendam Docks, but they are all too noisy for him to get a good night's sleep!
The Big Freeze

14 - The Big Freeze 02017-12-01

When a big freeze hits the island of Sodor, Diesel finally proves himself to be a hero by bringing the coal for the steam engines.
Emily in the Middle

15 - Emily in the Middle 02017-12-06

Emily gets stuck in the middle while helping Donald and Douglas, until she gets derailed at the bottom of Gordon's Hill.
Terence Breaks the Ice

16 - Terence Breaks the Ice 02017-12-11

Terence takes a shortcut across a frozen lake while collecting Christmas trees for the holiday market and Thomas tries to save him.
Daisy's Perfect Christmas

17 - Daisy's Perfect Christmas 02017-12-18

Daisy is sad when Christmas doesn't go as planned: the Decorating of Vicarstown, the Children, Mike, Rex, and Bert's fake snow show, the electricity problem back at Vicarstown, the Troublesome Trucks singing Christmas Carols, and Harold with the Star. Ryan, Jerome and Judy soon tell her that change is good every year.
Confused Coaches

18 - Confused Coaches 02017-12-22

Spencer and Gordon accidentally upset their passengers when their competitive behavior gets out of hand and their coaches get mixed up before the New Year's celebration begins.
Season 22 2018 | 26 Episodes

Season 22 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 03, 2018.

Number One Engine

1 - Number One Engine 02018-09-03

Thomas is in China taking passenger trains with An An and Lin Yong, where he gets into trouble while racing with Hong-Mei, another blue tank engine, and the number 1 engine in China.
Forever and Ever

2 - Forever and Ever 02018-09-04

With all the changes being made to the railway, such as Edward and now Henry leaving Tidmouth Sheds and Nia staying in Edward's place, Gordon is feeling a little blue, so Nia has to help him get used to it.
Confusion Without Delay

3 - Confusion Without Delay 02018-09-05

A new tender engine named Rebecca comes to work on the North Western Railway, but gets clumsy and blocks the Flying Scotsman's platform at Vicarstown early, makes her passengers late by leaving the stations early, and blocks the engines down at Brendam Docks.
Trusty Trunky

4 - Trusty Trunky 02018-09-06

While working on the Indian Railway, Ashima tells Thomas that elephants used to work in the yards shunting trucks. When Thomas derails in a muddy pond, he is very surprised when an elephant comes to his rescue.
What Rebecca Does

5 - What Rebecca Does 02018-09-07

After admiring Belle's water cannons for putting out fires, Marion's steam shovel for digging holes and playing games, and Harvey's crane hook for lifting crates and putting Bill, Ben, and the Troublesome Trucks back on the tracks, Rebecca is worried that, unlike the other engines, there is nothing special about her.
Thomas Goes To Bollywood

6 - Thomas Goes To Bollywood 02018-09-10

When an action movie is filmed on the Indian railway, Thomas is desperate to be involved.
Thomas in the Wild

7 - Thomas in the Wild 02018-09-11

Yong Bao informs Thomas about Pandas as the national animal in China, so he looks hard for one in the bamboo forests while taking the film crew, An An and Lin Yong to the Nature Reserve.
Thomas and the Monkey Palace

8 - Thomas and the Monkey Palace 02018-09-12

Thomas is pulling a truckload of coconuts to the Indian Railway Station for Charubala and her friends when he encounters some cheeky monkeys at the Monkey palace, despite Rajiv's warnings.
An Engine of Many Colours

9 - An Engine of Many Colours 02018-09-13

After a crash at the back of Tidmouth Sheds for showing off, James is waiting at the Steamworks to be repaired. He hears that there might not be enough red paint to repaint him and gets worried he will be repainted a different colour. He dreams he will be blue like Thomas, Edward, and Gordon, green like Henry and Percy, and silver like Spencer, and gets into a crash while showing off in every dream.
Outback Thomas

10 - Outback Thomas 02018-09-14

Shane shows Thomas the Outbacks of Australia, leading Thomas to take his coaches, Aubrey and Aiden, and some passengers on the Outback tour, only to take a wrong turn and get stuck on a high bridge.
School of Duck

11 - School of Duck 02018-09-17

When a storm destroys a classroom at Harwick School, Duck tries to find a coach to take the children in, but fails when everyone seems unable to spare a coach, with Toby using Hannah while Henrietta is away, Edward using the Slip Coaches, Emily using hers, and Gordon just saying no. When he finds a coach named Dexter, Duck only gets bad news that reveals that Dexter has some bad wheels. He then chooses to take Reg's advice on recycling to take Jerome and Judy to help out Dexter and make him useful again.
Tiger Trouble

12 - Tiger Trouble 02018-09-18

When Ashima tells Thomas that tourists come to India to try to see tigers in Noor Jehan's tiger safari trains, he wants to see the tigers too. After seeing a tiger, Thomas learns from Shankar that Tiger Hunters want to kidnap the tigers, leading the two to save the tigers from some Tiger Hunters in Rajiv's passenger train.
Seeing is Believing

13 - Seeing is Believing 02018-09-19

Thomas' friend Merlin comes to Sodor from the Mainland for the first time, and Percy wants to see him.
Apology Impossible

14 - Apology Impossible 02018-09-20

James starts to bully Philip and not say sorry to him. But when Philip takes the Troublesome Trucks of sardines over the fenland track, James blocks his way and causes Thomas, Paxton, and Rebecca to stop behind them, Philip learns that sometimes even the smallest engine's actions can make them the bigger engine.
The Water Wheel

15 - The Water Wheel 02018-09-21

Thomas thinks he has been given very silly cargo until Hong-Mei explains that it is a very important water wheel, made from bamboo, but Thomas loses it while taking a shortcut and tries to get it back.
Samson and the Fireworks

16 - Samson and the Fireworks 02018-11-05

Samson is terrified of fireworks, as Thomas finds out, and when Samson mistakes the sound of Cyril the Fogman's warning detonator for fireworks, he is so frightened that he races off with Bradford into the fog and gets lost, only for him to follow Sir Robert Norramby's fireworks display at Ulfsted Castle during the night.
Runaway Truck (Runaway Car)

17 - Runaway Truck (Runaway Car) 02018-12-03

Thomas tries to save one of the Troublesome Trucks of China, named Lei, but fails to do so. Yong Bao teaches Thomas all about tai chi, and Thomas soon uses it to rescue Lei, who is racing down the tracks again.
Thomas' Animal Ark

18 - Thomas' Animal Ark 02018-12-10

It's Christmas and the boiler at the Animal Park breaks down, so it's up to Thomas and the Steam Team to find a way to keep the animals warm.
Cyclone Thomas

19 - Cyclone Thomas 02018-12-17

Thomas wants to be just like Isla, a Flying Doctor's plane, who transports Dr. Claire to remote places where it is hard for patients to get to hospitals or doctors for treatment, but fails to do so. When a cyclone come in, Thomas is determined to save the day.
Kangaroo Christmas

20 - Kangaroo Christmas 02018-12-22

Thomas is in Australia for Christmas, and is disappointed that it is different from Sodor due to no snow. But in the meantime, he must help a little girl named Madeleine retrieve her toy kangaroo from a real one.
Thomas and The Dragon

21 - Thomas and The Dragon 02019-02-05

Thomas is terrified when he is given the honor from Yong Bao of bringing a dragon to the Chinese New Year celebrations, thinking it would be a real fire breathing dragon.
Rosie is Red

22 - Rosie is Red 02019-02-14

During Valentine's Day, Thomas and Rosie try to avoid each other after Diesel, Bill and Ben tease them for being "special friends", but they must come through their fears when Sir Topham Hatt asks them both to prepare his Valentine's Day surprise for Lady Hatt at Vicarstown.
The Case of The Puzzling Parts

23 - The Case of The Puzzling Parts 02019-02-18

Sidney is shunting a flatbed of engine parts, but he cannot remember what he is supposed to be doing with them since Diesel jolted his memory. Paxton thinks this sounds like a kind of mystery that can only be solved by a Special Agent.
Banjo and the Bushfire

24 - Banjo and the Bushfire 02019-02-19

Thomas offers a lift to a ranger named Ranger Jill while working in the Australian Rain Forest. Thomas is excited to learn from her about all the animals that live there, but he is too loud and impatient to be very useful.
Counting on Nia

25 - Counting on Nia 02019-02-20

Nia is a really clever engine and knows about all sorts of things, but when the Fat Controller asks her to take Annie and Clarabel and pick up passengers from Knapford Station to Thomas' Branch line, Nia has great trouble reading numbers so Annie and Clarabel teach her.
Hunt the Truck

26 - Hunt the Truck 02019-05-15

Bill and Ben's latest game consists of hiding trucks and making other engines look for them. But when the twins hide a van full of Sir Robert Norramby's Christmas supplies for Edward to collect, they try to return it, but have to travel all over Sodor to look for it.
Season 23 2019 | 20 Episodes

Season 23 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 02, 2019.

Free the Roads

1 - Free the Roads 02019-09-02

Crowning Around

2 - Crowning Around 02019-09-03

Chucklesome Trucks

3 - Chucklesome Trucks 02019-09-04

The Other Big Engine

4 - The Other Big Engine 02019-09-05

Heart of Gold

5 - Heart of Gold 02019-09-06


6 - Batucada 02019-09-09

Gordon Gets the Giggles

7 - Gordon Gets the Giggles 02019-09-10

Thomas Makes a Mistake

8 - Thomas Makes a Mistake 02019-09-11

Diesel Do Right

9 - Diesel Do Right 02019-09-12

Grudge Match

10 - Grudge Match 02019-09-13

Panicky Percy

11 - Panicky Percy 02019-12-16

Laid Back Shane

12 - Laid Back Shane 02020-05-04

Rangers on the Rails

13 - Rangers on the Rails 02020-05-05

Wish You Were Here

14 - Wish You Were Here 02020-05-06

Out of Site

15 - Out of Site 02020-05-07

First Day on Sodor!

16 - First Day on Sodor! 02020-05-11

Lorenzo's Solo

17 - Lorenzo's Solo 02020-05-12

Deep Trouble

18 - Deep Trouble 02020-05-13

Too Loud, Thomas!

19 - Too Loud, Thomas! 02020-05-14

Diesel Glows Away

20 - Diesel Glows Away 02020-05-15

Season 24 2020 | 0 Episodes

Season 24 of Thomas & Friends premiered on Sep 26, 2020.



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